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Interesting Car Journey

Friend cheats on his girlfriend in his car.
This story is based on true experiences. Any constructive criticism is welcomed. Thanks and enjoy :)

My phone beeped. 

“I’m outside” the message read. 

We had been planning this for weeks, he had to wait until his girlfriend was away for the night to work.

My heart was pounding and even in my tiny lace dress, I became extremely flushed.

We had agreed I would wear nothing but this see-through black dress on my curvy size 12 frame under a long jacket with high heels. 

I’m 5’6 with long dark hair, dark eyes, and a curvy hourglass frame. 

I got my things together and made my way outside. I could see him sitting in his car under the street light. I strutted up to the car and got into the passenger side. 

I could see him eying up my legs out of the corner of his eye as he pulled away. His hand moved from the gear stick up my leg and his fingers just brushed my shaved pussy ever so lightly. I felt my breath catch in my chest. We glanced at each other and smiled. As he continued to drive I removed my seatbelt and slowly began taking off my jacket. The dress had ridden up slightly as I’d sat down so my pussy was just visible. 

I shifted in my seat and reached over to undo his jeans button and pull his zip down. God he was rock hard already. I pulled his dick out from his jeans and slowly started massaging it with my hands, leaning over to tease his neck with my lips at the same time. I could hear his breath quickening and his erection hardened even more in my grip. I moved myself down his body and licked the pre-cum off the end off his dick. He tasted so sweet. I ran my tongue up and down the length of his shaft, moistening it ready to take into my mouth. I teased the tip of his dick with my warm lips before placing my tongue over it and taking it deep into my throat. I heard him moan as he grabbed my hair with one hand. This sent shivers to my pussy and I felt it become wetter. I slowly moved my mouth up and down his dick, massaging with one hand at the same time. I felt myself gagging against the length of it but didn’t stop. I wanted him to enjoy this experience as much as possible. I quickened my pace and teased his balls with my free hand, gently running fingers over them, feeling them tighten to his body. I could hear him moaning above me and his grip tightened on my hair. I could tell he was getting close. I stopped before letting him cum in my mouth, I didn’t want the fun to end there.

He pulled up into a car park by some local woods. He glanced at me for a moment, sheer desire in his eyes, then pulled me to him and started kissing me passionately, his hands in my hair holding me tight. His tongue was caressing mine in the most seductive way. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter with the anticipation. He then moved his hands down my body, teasing my nipples through my dress, making them erect and sending shivers down my spine. I moaned with pleasure into his mouth as he continued down, bypassing my pussy and stroking my legs. I couldn’t bare the teasing any longer and asked him to feel how wet he’d made me. He slowly started running his fingers up my thigh, I opened my legs wider, inviting them to touch me. He traced his fingers around the outside first, feeling the smoothness of my skin. He brushed his fingers against my exposed clit and I felt like I had melted into the seat. I pulled him closer to me, our kiss becoming more and more passionate. I could tell he wanted to fuck right then and there but refrained. He wanted to pleasure me as much as I had pleasured him so far. He started nibbling and kissing my ear as he pushed two fingers inside me. His thumb rubbed my clit as he pushed his fingers in then out. I could barely control myself. I was rubbing his dick faster almost making him cum in my hands. His breath was quick and my moans were loud. The windows were opaque with steam. I begged him to lick me dry, I wanted to feel that tongue that had kissed me so seductively running up and down my slit with his fingers deep inside me.

He moved onto the floor at my feet and raised my legs over his shoulders, I lay back on the now reclined seat and anticipated the feel of his tongue. He began by teasing me. Licking intermittently, not giving me the full pleasure I desired. I glanced down at him to see him grin up at me playfully. I groaned and grabbed his head pulling it to my clit. He allowed me to do this and started licking my clit in the most sensuous way I had ever felt. I lifted myself up to him, wanting him more and more. I could feel an orgasm building as he fucked me hard with his fingers while licking and sucking my clit. My moans became louder as I gripped onto the side of the seat in complete ecstasy. I begged him not to stop as my orgasm reached its peak. It went through me wave after wave, heightened by the feel of his tongue on my clit. 

He held onto my waist kissing my pussy as my orgasm subsided. I lay on the seat still feeling the sensation coursing through my body. He pushed my dress up my body and worked his way up my tummy with his lips and tongue tickling my sides. I pushed his jeans down with my feet and as he reached my mouth to kiss me and share my sweet juices, I felt his dick press against my pussy. I lifted myself up and pulled him into me. I watched his face as his dick went into me so deep. He looked me into my eyes as he slowly started moving in me. I ran my hands through his hair and down his back, my nails leaving red marks. He began kissing my neck again and I wrapped my legs around his waist. We moved in sync together gradually building up the pace. 

He was breathing hard, slamming me with his dick, holding himself over me, the sweat forming on his brow. I could tell he was close. I moved my hand down between my legs as he fucked me, rubbing my clit. He pounded harder and harder, groaning with every thrust. I could feel another orgasm building as I felt his dick swell inside me. I felt him release as my orgasm peaked once again. I held onto him as he moaned in my ear, pumping the last of his cum deep into my pussy. 

He pushed himself up over me to look into my eyes. We said nothing, just merely looked at each other for a few seconds while catching our breath. He leaned down to kiss me gently, sighing against my lips,

“That was amazing”.

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Posted 05 Oct 2013 05:46
awesome story anytime you need a lift just call lol!
Posted 16 Jan 2012 11:33
Nice story! Very hot!
Posted 16 Jan 2012 11:12
The exact amount of words, no more no less than what was needed. Really enjoyed your story, I almost fealt jealous of the guy. I hope you keep writing.
Posted 16 Jan 2012 04:20
Great story and sexy
Posted 16 Jan 2012 03:10
great story love car sex well done
Posted 15 Jan 2012 16:33
good story
Posted 15 Jan 2012 15:19
I bee shifting in my seat too,as i read...wishin a bit longer, but your first a well done tale. TY.
Posted 15 Jan 2012 15:10
Nice one there but it seems too short
Posted 15 Jan 2012 12:43
MMM nice story
Posted 15 Jan 2012 11:44
You write well and the description of the sex in the car was vivid and evocative; however, it might have been more developed. Who were the charaters, other than saying they got together when his girlfriend was away, we don't know enough to care about the characters. If we knew more about the situation, the sneaking would be more dramatic and the sex more powerful.
Posted 15 Jan 2012 08:40
Love the car and the cheating. Brings back a memory or two.
Posted 15 Jan 2012 08:25
Great sex, to have it on the car seat in reclining position. I can feel the urgency darling. 5
Posted 15 Jan 2012 07:12
Nice story. I love the car scenario.
Posted 15 Jan 2012 06:48
HOt horny and arousing!!
Posted 15 Jan 2012 04:45
Great story! Brought back some great memories!!!!

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