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Into the Prince's Bedchamber

A young Egyptian prince sleeps with a beautiful house slave during a banquet.
The palace dining hall was filled with Egypt's wealthiest, brightest, and most powerful individuals as the country's mighty ruler; Pharaoh Aknadin held a celebratory banquet in honor of his birthday. At his left hand sat his and queen, Tia while at his right hand was his son and successor, prince Karim. It was joyous occasion comprised with various food, drink, and entertainment. The Pharaoh's jovial mood was infectious this night and made the festivities even grander. At the moment in an effort to appease his son, Aknadin summoned the harem girls to dance. Now normally, the young prince would have thoroughly enjoyed watching the women dance. It was an enticing sight to behold. It was amazing the way they moved their bodies along with the music, their elaborate movements with the long ribbons they carried, and not to mention their clothes left nothing to the imagination...but this night as enticing as the performance was Karim's brown eyes strayed away. They were stuck on a young woman that was moving through the room serving many a guest. She was a stunning beauty and even though he could have had any number of females for his bed...Karim wanted her, just her. The crown prince's eyes narrowed in on his manly prey that dressed her very best for the feast.


The light blue dress Meela wore to cover her honey colored skin was basic in shade and wear. It was snugger around her ample chest with quarter length sleeves. It belled out slightly at the waist and ended mid-calf. Her long black hair was pushed back by a matching light blue headband and brushed gently across her back as she stooped down gathering a tray of drinks. She could feel Lord Prince, Karim's stare upon her. His eye followed her like a falcon as she moved all over the hall preforming her duties as a house slave. She presented the drinks to some foreign wise men and in her opinion they had had enough for the evening. Turning to gather food for the wise men she gave a quick sweep of her eyes to everyone before they met the young majesty’s staring ones. Cocking his head slightly, the prince allowed his eyes to reveal a small glimpse of his inner thoughts. A veil of heat immersed her as moistness spawned between her thighs. Embarrassed, Meela’s cheeks ran hot in crimson and Karim smirked at his effect on the girl. Her face flamed harder and immediately looked away, gathering up the food the scholars asked for. As she turned her back to him, Karim signaled for a messenger.

The messenger came and knelt beside him, "Yes, Lord Prince?"

"Alert the servant girl, Meela that I request her presence in my bedchamber." Karim replied before sending the man away.

He turned to his father, "Great Pharaoh, there’s a small matter I must attend to."

Aknadin smiled at his son’s words having witnessed the entire speechless conversation between his son and the slave girl. The king of Egypt turned to his queen for the answer whether or not to let Karim leave. Tia just smiled and gave her husband a gentle nod as if to say, let him go.

Pharaoh turned back to Karim, "What you must quickly, my son."

Having the Pharaoh and queen’s permission the crown prince stood, gave his parents a solemn bow, and headed for his private quarters.

Meela turned and came face to face with Karim’s emissary. He nearly scared the Ba (spirit) out of her and almost made her drop the trays she held. Not really caring about her he approached her, the envoy relayed Karim’s words.

"Prince Karim requests you in his bedchamber as soon as possible."

Meela nodded, "Understood, I’ll tend to his Highness hurriedly."

On her way out of the dining hall Meela knelt before the Pharaoh. Unbeknownst to the girl though as Pharaoh signaled her to rise, the king and the queen shared a sly glance knowing full well what Meela was in store for.


Meela’s legs were like jelly as she made her way to Karim’s quarters. She was a bit nervous about being summoned to him. Her nervousness was mostly because she knew what to expect (after the look he gave her earlier, how could she not), but she doubted whether or not she could deliver. She wasn’t a virgin, but at the same time she wasn’t a harem girl. Plus she was infatuated with the prince of Egypt. The moistness between her legs was a common occurrence around Karim. Being a female house slave, Meela served the prince daily as she would deliver him his breakfast and lunch along with washing his clothes. Every single time they were around one another, Karim would stare at her the exactly same way he did tonight. Karim’s stare caused her womanly juices to flow, but on top of that were his looks. Karim was absolutely handsome with semi-long black hair and a bronze skin tone that accentuated his amazing physique. Just thinking about him forced the parts that made Meela a woman throb and stir.

She finally made it to Karim’s bedroom and took a calming breath while thanking the gods she was there. The slave had worked up quite a sweat running back and forth through the dining hall around the many lights illuminating the room and thanked Ra she was able to wash up a bit before coming to her Highness’ room. Standing in front of two golden doors Meela gave them her strongest knock possible. Almost instantly, the doors opened and after walking past Karim’s guards she entered the inner sanctum of the bedchamber. Meela now stood before a white curtain and looking through it she could see Karim lying comfortably on his bed.

"Sire," Meela said in a questioning tone.

Karim sat up in bed and replied, "Yes, you may enter."

Meela walked through the curtain, "You requested my presence, Sire?"

Karim stood up and smiled, "You look radiant, Meela."

"What would you have of me tonight? I can..."

Karim raised his hand silencing her, "All in due time, girl."

This caught the slave girl off guard and she began to doubt what her instincts told her she was there for.

"I take it you were bored with the feast,"

"Not at all, I just needed some privacy. I like to alone with myself sometimes," Karim explained.

"It's not truly privacy if I'm here with you, Majesty. I can leave if you like,"

"You have every right to be here though, Meela." Karim replied and as each word came out he gently pulled her close to him. "I called you here to formally thank you for great service to me and the royal family."

"No need...I faithfully serve you all, Sire." Meela countered blushing at his kind words.

"No, you're more than a servant. You carry yourself with respect and work harder than most of the others. I truly appreciate all you do for me,"

Meela dropped her head, "I'm humbled by your praise."

Karim lifted her head up, "Now that I’ve thanked you...let's cut the pleasantries."

He licked his lips at her, "I know I arouse you, Meela."

The reddening of her cheeks told him his choice of words was correct.

He waited for a response, but when she stayed silent he continued on, "You wish to know me don’t you, Meela?"

Meela's cheeks blazed with crimson, "I-I am a woman, Sire."

Karim grabbed her hand and cupped his own around it, "Then venture me."

He guided Meela's hand across his face, neck, and slowly down his chest making sure she felt the softness of his skin. Caressing the prince, the slave girl's legs shook and despite herself, she bit the inside of her cheek. Meela's hand travel to the six bricks that was Karim's abdomen and began to experience the same warmth she'd felt in the dining hall as she felt the heat of his skin on her palm. The sensation of his abdomen flexing against her hand had her juices flowing wanting to pull away (but not doing so) and biting the inside of her cheek harder.

"Y-You feel so good…" She breathed out with a stutter.

A mischievous glint shone in his eyes, "Doesn't this seem unfair, Meela? I've allowed you to thoroughly touch me yet I haven't even grazed your arm in close quarters."

Karim's lips then curved into a sly smile, "May I?"

Wordlessly Meela nodded and she watched in great fascination when he moved forward. Karim blew warm breath against her lips. He titled his head up slightly and pressed a gentle kiss to hers. Meela gasped as he pulled away and just stared at her. She saw the unbridled lust in his eyes that he'd shown at the banquet . It didn't fade or waver as her face blushed with something besides embarrassment.

"How long have you wished to kiss me?" She whispered before she could stop herself.

"Too long, Meela, but when I saw you tonight...I just had to finally have you." He quietly returned. "I know you're apprehensive about what happens next, but allow me to fully know you."

The girl shivered at the prince's sensual baritone request, "Who am I to deny you, Lord Prince?"

Karim didn't waste any more time with words. He leaned forward once more and both of their eyes shut as the future Pharaoh captured the servant’s lips in a passionate lip-lock. His hand trailed along the soft material covering her thigh. Meela gasped at her prince’s touch and he took advantage of the girl's open mouth. His little pink muscle darted into orifice and he drowned in the flavor of her mouth. He hadn't yearned for a female like he did for Meela tonight. It had been a chore just holding in his desire during their conversation; however now he planned to thoroughly handle his lust. The kiss became more heated as Karim took his time mapping out every nook and crevice her mouth had to offer. Dancing the tip of his tongue across its neighbor, he was finally able to coax it to play. His hands raised and tangled in her hair, titling her head slightly to mirror his own. The new angle caused the dance between their tongues to become more heated with the new sensation. Meela gave a small noise of approval as he explored the entire inside of her mouth with his tongue. Oxygen was slowly leaving their lungs and ultimately they were panting against one another, blowing hot puffs of need across one another's faces.

After a seemingly endless kiss their lips finally left one another's with a soft smack and Karim's eyes were the first to open. He found Meela's still closed and her lips still puckered, slightly swollen from the treatment. He smoothed his thumb across her lips and she opened her eyes. He clenched his teeth at the soft brown eyes he had grown to admire. Even though her lips didn't move he heard her need loud and clear. She just licked her lips for emphasis. The suppressed craving showed itself when Karim grabbed her arm and slung her around, sending her swiftly to his bed. Meela landed on her back and tried to sit up, but Karim’s bodyweight gently pressing against her as he lay on top of her held Meela there. He ground his growing erection into her bottom and reached his hand low making it disappear under her dress. It smoothed along her thigh while his mouth found her neck. Meela whimpered when he found a certain spot near her ear that made her body tremble as he sucked on it. Distracted by the sucking she didn't feel a set of sneaky appendages until they were tickling across her moistening lower lips. The first finger slid deep into her and her hips twitched at the feeling.

"Ahh, Sire!" She moaned as his finger stroked her insides. "Mmm…more…"

The crown prince chuckled against her neck before adding another finger, enjoying the feeling of her wetness. He continued to thrust his fingers deep within her before curling them and pushing up. Meela's back arched and he had to put his hand over her mouth as she nearly screamed. If the guards had heard her, they would’ve stormed in and ruin the carnal moment. He then began a strong stroke with his fingers keeping pressure heavy on the area. Meela squealed and whimpered helplessly against him not sure what to say or do.

"There are so many things I want to do to you Meela," Karim said in a low growl. "Though it seems time and fate doesn't permit me to fulfill all of my fantasies."

Quickly he took his fingers out much to her disappointment, but he needed to in order to peel her dress away and reveal her fully nude form. She was a gorgeous sight and he smiled at it. Having savored the image her nudeness, Karim continued in his assault. The prince had no problems with this as he begun to have his way with her breasts. Rolling around a brown teat between his teeth, he palmed at her breasts, rubbing and nudging them any way he saw fit. He lifted his head from the right breast, which was now lathered in his saliva and began to blow gently on it. He watched in fascination as the soft peak started to harden from his warm breath. Not wanting to leave the other unattended he gave the other teat the same treatment as its twin. Meela was arching so high off the bed; she thought she'd break her back. Gripping the sheets tightly, she tried to stifle the moan that was rising in her throat. Her body was on fire by this point and carved for the Lord Prince to cease in his torturous actions and take her fully.

"Mmm...ahh…" She mumbled out.

Karim bit her left breast, leaving a red mark causing her to gasp in pain and pleasure, "Does your prince please you, Meela?"

"Yes, my Lord Prince pleases me greatly." The slave girl assured him in a strained voice.

His fingers played in her womanhood a bit more, "Do you desire release?"

Meela was slowly getting closer to her climax and if the prince’s fingers didn't make her lose it, his rich voice soaked in sex would.

"Please…oh please, Majesty !" She pleaded.

He smirked at her begging and decided to give her what she desired.

He kissed her forehead, "No need to beg, Meela. I shall grant your request."

Standing up, Karim undid his pants and slid them down. At the first sight of the prince’s member, Meela’s eyes widened as she discovered he was well endowed. He bit his bottom lip when she moaned quietly as he rubbed himself against her. Meela’s eyes fluttered closed and he hissed when she was impaled by just the head of his engorged penis.

Meela let out another hiss of her own, "Yes…"

"Mmm…" Karim drawled as her depths took the rest of his manhood within. "Oooh…Meela!"

She was so tight, so warm, and so wet that the prince realized this had been worth the wait. Slowly he moved his hips allowing her inner muscles to get used to him. The pace started off slow, but soon became hard and fast to as desire overtook him and lust controlled his movements. As Karim deeply stroked her middle, Meela’s legs spread wider for him. Gripping her waist strongly, he proceeded to pound a bit rougher (which the servant was fully enjoying) causing bed’s headboard to strike the back wall it rested against thunderously. The prince was rubbing against places inside Meela that she could truly feel as she gripped the bed sheets once more her orgasm scorching through her. Surprisingly though, Karim drew himself from her.

"Don't fret, Meela. It's not over," He told as he flipped over and positioned her on all fours, vehemently reentering her.

"Take all of me, Meela." He lustfully said as he punctuated each word with an extra hard thrust.

Karim held her waist steady and allowed resolve to leave him. Angling himself just right, he took her hard and fast. She babbled incoherently and he didn't let up for anything, caught up in his own mind numbing pleasure and her desperate cries. He forced his eyes to stay open so he could watch her back bow; her teeth dig into her lips, and caused her hazy brown eyes tear up with ecstasy. Meela's climax burned through her and a large amount of clear wet heat squirted from her womanliness. Karim continued to give her more of himself and soon their reproductive juices merged together as he climaxed as well with high groan. The prince kissed the servant hard as she screamed in bliss. Meela reached back and dug her nails into Karim's frontal flesh as her loins gripped tight around him making the prince gasp at the sensation. Meela's strong climax made her body shake harshly, so Karim held her close, cradling her tight in his arms. When she wasn't shaking as bad he removed himself from her, but kept her secure in his arms. Each came down from their orgasmic high and shared tender caresses. They lay there reveling in each other's sex though all the while Karim knew they both had to get back to the banquet, but the atmosphere of moment too good to leave.
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Posted 25 Sep 2012 05:48
Piquet is correct. Evocative it is. I do also love the historical setting and you're imagery is outstanding. I can almost see her darting quickly down the hall on her way to his chamber. The mood is perfect and the young prince has just the right amount of quiet superiority. The sex was good, but I rather enjoyed the overall setting more. I have thought of trying something of this nature and perhaps this will inspire me to try. Well done.
Posted 24 Sep 2012 15:50
Great setting, entourage & dialogues! Mesmerizing & erotic I loved it!!
Posted 24 Sep 2012 13:32
Very evocative and nicely told, I liked how you set the stage for this sensual encounter and, I loved the dialogue. Well Done.
Posted 24 Sep 2012 08:15
This is possibly the first erotic story that I have read that took place in Egypt and I enjoyed it a lot. I liked the characters, the dialogue, and the sex between Karim and Meela. The flow and tone of the story reminds me of a play, which makes it unique!

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