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Is That My Mail in Your Pocket, or are You Just Glad to See Me?

Interesting to know how friendly you can get to be with your neighbors just by acting friendly.
Hearing the chime, Robert went to the door, pausing briefly to look out the peephole - a veteran city dweller wanting to see who was outside his door. He recognized his neighbor, Sue, for whom he often held packages and mail that had been left at her door. He also recognized the long, red silk dressing gown from the lingerie catalogues often included in her mail. He had often wondered what other items from those catalogues might be also found in her wardrobe. As these stray thoughts flashed through his mind, he was suddenly struck dumb as looking through the peephole he saw Sue fumbling at the robe that had suddenly fell open. Before she finished struggling with the garment that seemed to have a mind of its own - he realized she was wearing only a pair of bright red panties, barely a g-string, underneath that robe. There had been the briefest flash of a one breast but it was enough for him to realize that she was not wearing a bra or top – just those panties and her robe.

Having paused as he savored the image in his mind’s eye for a moment, Robert finally opened the door. Smiling rather shyly he thought - or was it coyly – Sue said, “Hi, Robert, your message said you had some packages? I really appreciate your holding them for me.” As she entered his apartment, her robe again seemed ready to declare its independence and Robert was treated to a further brief flash of her naked flesh hidden beneath it. He started ever so slightly at the glimpse, but managed to close the door behind her. Sue seemed oblivious to the robe’s actions as she continued into the room and allowing him to notice how well the robe was molded to a very attractive, tight ass - especially attractive when in motion.

She saw her packages on the table in front of the apartment’s windows. He had of course recognized the name of the lingerie manufacturer on the return address, but the other sender was unknown. He realized that darkened by the night outside his windows were catching Sue’s reflection as her robe again fell open as she reached for the mail. Fumbling for the robe, she again flashed a bare breast at Robert now via the reflection in the window. Recovering, Sue asked if she could use his bathroom. “Of course,” he said without thought or hesitation. Sue went in the indicated direction through his bedroom, taking her packages with her.

The bathroom of Robert’s one bedroom apartment opened off of his bedroom at the far end of the room. Sue went on through the room, only partly closing the bedroom door behind her. It was only a instant later that Robert remembered that he had left lying open on his bed one of his favorite magazines - showing in this instance a detailed pictorial involving several nude to scantily clad women and a couple of healthy and obviously interested men. He moved quietly to his bedroom door - and stopped - as he saw reflected in the mirror in his bedroom that Sue was at the bed already although not apparently yet aware of the open magazine..

In the mirror’s reflection, Sue had dropped the robe to the floor and was bent over removing those red panties. Robert watched as she then produced from the now open box and put on, first a low-cut very lacy black bra, a barely there lace g-string panty, a lacy black suspender belt with garters, and finally sat on the bed to pull a pair of lacy black stockings up her legs. The effect was amazing upon Robert amazed him, as she stood reflected in the mirror adjusting the stockings. But now he realized that she was looking up - not at his own reflection in the mirror - but rather at the magazine lying open on the bed. He closed his eyes with a shudder as she glanced at the door standing slightly ajar, but apparently without seeing him or his reflection. She picked up the magazine and she sat on the edge of his bed. He could not see the magazine illustration as she reclined back on the bed, but his memory of it went straight to his cock.

In the center of the picture was a naked brunette, on her back, with a slender figure but ample breasts and a shaven pussy. She had her hands on the cock and the cheek of the ass of an amply endowed and aroused “young stud” and her lips were parted in apparent anticipation. Behind her was a slender blonde (clearly natural) with her long hair hanging down as she reached toward the brunette’s naked. Behind the blonde, and also on her knees, was a beautiful redhead, leaning slightly forward with her hands on the blonde’s waist above the garter belt and stockings that were all the blonde wore. The redhead was almost wearing a now undone and dangling white lace bra, exposing her breasts, and a large rubber phallus strapped around her waist. She was clearly trying to introduce the latter - doggy style - into the blonde’s upraised pussy.

And very close behind the redhead was another young stud, who apparently had already buried his own, very real cock deep inside her pussy or possibly her ass given how close he was. His hands were reaching for her breasts, apparently responsible for their recently won freedom. In the background, lying on her back with her legs splayed wide was another woman watching this tableau, with a vibrator in one hand aimed at her own glistening pussy. Her other hand was outstretched, fingers entwined in the black hair of the thatch of hair above her pussy where they teased at her clit. All in all, and sometimes in the all and all, Robert found the picture almost artistic.

Apparently so did Sue for she studied it for some time, flipping quickly through the rest of the magazine, occasionally pausing at a photo or an ad - but she kept returning to that photo. In fact, she moved farther onto the bed and lay to study it more closely. Robert could still see her reflection as one of her hands almost absently brushed at her nipples, barely concealed under the black lace bra she now wore. He watched her reflection as the seconds turned to a minute and then another. He watched so hard that it finally came as a shock when she produced - apparently from her other package - a large cock shaped vibrator. Sue began by teasing the edges of her pussy. Then she suddenly looked up straight into his reflection in the mirror, “You seem to really enjoy the view, come in and get a better look.”

Startled, he took a step or two into the room and paused. Sue sat up slightly, smiling at him, “So, you like this magazine, do you? Just read the articles, I bet. How come I never see it in your mail? Oh, of course, you buy it down the street - with cash.” She looked at him, speculatively, “I wonder if your cock is as big as this one. Why don’t you just drop your pants right now, and let me judge for myself - not that I think you would lie about it, of course.” As he hesitated, she added, “I’ll show you mine, if you’ll show me yours.” He paused only for a second more and then began loosening his belt. “Gently,” she said, “you might frighten it away and spoil the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Sue sat up to see better without abandoning her repose on the pillows. Robert could see her breasts, only barely covered by the black lace of her bra, her nipples clearly swollen and pressing against the fabric, as well as the curly brown hair that had escaped around the edges of her panties. What fabric was there was also damp. By now his trousers were on the floor and he was easing his briefs around his swollen dick before letting them fall as well.

“Lovely,” said Sue, as one hand idly played around her breasts and one caressed a thigh. “Do you ever play with it?’ she asked, “I’m sure I would if I had one, after all I do play with mine,” she added wickedly. Sue picked up the vibrator from the bed and began teasing the edges of her pussy now more visible between her widening legs. Robert’s cock leapt as he took it in hand upon her invitation and they watched each other at play for a moment.

Sue began to ease the tip of the vibrator beneath the slip of fabric that barely covered her pussy, teasing at the lips and near her clit. Her other hand freed first one and then the other breast from the cups that almost covered them and, licking her fingers, she began to tease their nipples. Looking up at Robert, as his cock hardened in his hand, Sue started to pull off her g-string, and told him to come over and do something with this.

First he finished moving the now very damp material down her legs. Then Robert gently nudged her to the edge of the bed so that as he knelt on the floor his face was at her pussy. And that was where he started, first with his tongue, then lips, a finger, and then more. Sue removed her bra completely and her hands now kneaded her breasts as her breathing came faster and faster. She began to cry out, and finally gasped at him, “Fuck me from behind, fuck me now!” He stood and turned her again, raising her ass and then plunging his cock deep into her. So wet and hot was it that he almost came, but the two of them halted at the abyss and just managed to hold back. Robert began moving his cock back and forth, in and out, as her ass moved to the same rhythm. He found her pussy tight and the sensation unbelievable as she squeezed herself arousing his cock. He soon felt her hand caressing his dick as well, as Sue reached down to teasing her clit as he fucked her - the she was teasing his balls! The vision of his cock pumping in and out of her dripping pussy was at last too much and he exploded, and Sue came soon afterwards.

They lay together, holding one another and lightly petting, until his limp cock slipped out of her pussy. She rolled on to her back and joined him in an intense kiss. When they came up for air, she was smiled wickedly at him and handed him the vibrator. As she did so Sue said, “That was great, now do it again – this time though I want you to fuck my ass” And she turned and offered it to him. He reached out with his hands caressing the smooth skin, at first avoiding the cleft between her legs. Then he leaned forward and planted a kiss gently on one cheek, her body shivering slightly as he did so. Encouraged, he began to explore with his lips and tongue, finally circling ever closer to that warm moist cleft. He lingered for a moment over the still engorged lips of her pussy, occasionally teasing at her clit. Then he started lengthening his licks towards the tight opening she had demanded he take as well. As his tongue circled it, the shivering started again and she thrust herself towards him. He lapped at the mixture of her juices still gently leaking from her pussy and then spread them generously around the new target. Finally, he began to tease at the opening with his tongue, pressing in just the tip.

Robert dipped a finger into her pussy to moisten it and then teased at her anus with that as well, intruding just with the tip at first but exploring the tightness and pushing gently against it. Finally, he rose up behind her to bring his cock into position, but at first he just teased her with it by rubbing its tip and the shaft against the wet lips of her pussy. Again she pushed back against him, begging him to fuck her, to put his cock in her ass – saying she was on fire.

He pressed just the tip of his cock against the tight opening and slowly leaned forward – he could feel the tightness clutching at him as his cock slowly went in. She started making more noise – moaning, whimpering, and begging him all at the same time. He continued to slowly enter his full shaft into her ass – watching it harden as the vision of his cock disappearing into her ass struck him. At last he was fully inside her and they both paused at the fullness she felt and the tightness he felt. He realized that she had the vibrator again and was working it against her pussy – his cock could feel the vibrations passed through the narrow distance between her pussy and her ass. He could feel her loosen enough around his cock to start slowly fucking her ass – his cock moving back out and in again, slowly at first. He could feel the vibrator entering her pussy and she called out again and again, fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck my ass with that hard cock of yours. His body responded even before his mind could catch up and he began to fuck her ass fast and hard. Soon she was screaming that she was cumming again. They both exploded as he filled her ass with his cum before they collapsed together in a tangle on the bed. He watched as the strain of her climax on her face eased away to be replaced by a slight distant smile.

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