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Jerrell and Candace: Sexing Study Buddies

A study session for mid-terms became a sex session between me and Candace.
Author’s Note : Giving you all the realness once again with a true story from my junior year of high school.

It’s been said that one’s junior year of high school is the most important year of their high school tenure…and it’s true. Eleventh grade is when colleges start looking at your grades, so when I told it by academic advisor, I took it to heart and in fact grade-wise my junior was my best year, but let me get onto my story.

Like I said before, I took the words of my advisor with seriousness. Every test or quiz I studied hard for, but never studied alone. I always studied with Candace. Candace and I had met the year prior and became fast friends. We had a lot in common, but the thing that stood out most was that we were the two biggest nerds at Hope Charter high school. While I was considered handsome or cute by some of the females in school; Candace was deemed by all the guys (me included) as one of the sexiest girls in school. She was a cinnamon-colored beauty with long light brown hair, hazel eyes that were usually covered by a cute pair of glasses, but on top of that was that banging body of hers. Even in her school uniform, she was smoking hot with a juicy, plump ass and two D cup mounds for breasts. Just a glance at her would make your dick brick up, I swear. Needless to say, all the guys at school tried to hit on her. I can still remember when my best friend Malik tried…and failed hilariously. Like many of us, Candace wanted to get out of the Hood, so she’d have none of the guys that hit on her. Sex wouldn’t be a distraction for her. The only thing outweighing her obvious beauty was Candace’s brains and that’s what I liked most about. It’s sad to say, Candace Williams was one of the few females at my high school who had their heads on their shoulders.

Studying together made Candace and I quiet close. If I wasn’t at home, with Malik or my other best friend Keyana; I was with Candace. All the while no matter how close we were, my own manly urge to sex her began to manifest itself, but I had (and still have) dick control. We had had a great thing going and me trying to get into her pants would have only ruined it…but I was about to find out that Candace yearned for me as I did for her. The actions of that day are still fresh in the memory banks of my mind.

It was the week of mid-terms. It’s was a Wednesday. We’d gotten past the easy stuff. Our Music and Art mid-terms were cake, but this day things got tough. We’d taken our Science mid-term and for a high school exam (back then) it felt like a college. I stood with Malik in the hallway by the café after school as I waited for Candace to finish talking to our Science teacher. We were headed to her house for a study session for our English mid-term.

“So…how do you think you did today?” I asked starting some conversation.

“I did all right,” Malik replied. “I’m not gonna ask you ‘cause I know you passed.”

I let out a laugh, “I’m just hoping for a “B”. We’ve got English tomorrow though,”

“Great,” Malik said with a groan. He hated taking tests with a passion.

“If you want to…you can study with us, Malik.” I said giving his arm a smack.

“No…I don’t wanna cock block you, Jay.”

I rolled my eyes at his reply and said, “I’m not fucking her, bro. We’re just studying,”

Looking back at that the day now, I’m realizing how wrong I was.

“Yup… studying,” Malik said sarcastically with air quotes around the word "studying".

“She’s a good girl, man.” I defended my study buddy. “Dick is the last thing on her mind…for real,”

Malik shook his head at me, “You kill me, Jay. Sure she says and acts like it, but seriously…at the end of the day she’s still got a pussy man.”

I just laughed at my friend a bit, “Look…we’re going to her crib to study. S-T-U-D-Y,”

“Whatever Relle,” Malik said shaking his head at me again. “Here she comes by the way.”

Turning my head, my brown eyes saw Candace coming toward us.

“Hey Malik,” She said with a smile.

“What’s up Candace?” He replied with a head nod.

“You ready to go, Relle?” Candace asked sweetly.

“Been ready girl,” I said after a light smirk. “I’ve been waiting for you to come out of Mr. Paul’s room.”

“I was trying to see if he’d tell me what I got on the test.” She explained.

“Any luck,” Malik asked.

“No,” She answered.

“No need to worry Candace,” I spoke up. “As much as we studied…I bet you did great.”

“Thanks Jerrell,”

“All right man, I see y’all about to get your bookworm thing on.” Malik said initiating the giving of daps.

Daps was given as I said, “I’ll see you tomorrow,”

Malik and Candace shared a departing hug before Malik said, “Peace y’all…be safe okay.”

“You too,” I replied before my best friend went on his way.

“Guess it’s time we head to my house,” Candace said as we stood alone in the hallway.

“Yup,” I said stretching a bit. “We’ve got a lot to go over though,”

“I’m ready for it,” Candace said before we headed out of school. 


“Beowulf’s last battle was with a dragon,” Candace said answering my last study question.

We were going over the epic Beowulf for our English mid-term as we sat alone in Candace’s house (since her mom was at work) at her dining room. Part of me wished Malik had decided to study with us because it was very productive.

“Correct! Nine out of ten…looks like you’re ready for tomorrow.” I said with a smile.

I passed her the textbook we were using, so she could quiz me, but Candace let out a sigh and asked, “Is all this studying worth anything?”

“If you wanna pass mid-terms it is,” I replied. “Now give me my first question.”

“Relle, you’re ready for tomorrow.” She said closing the textbook. “I bet you know the story inside and out.”

I couldn’t help, but smile because Candace was right. I’d read Beowulf outside of school and even saw the inaccurate movie. This time I really didn’t need to study, but studying a bit for anything never hurt.

“Okay…study time’s over, but what do we do now?” I asked with a shoulder shrug.

Candace mashed my forehead playfully, “We hang out, smart one.”

We went into the living room and sat on the couch. I couldn’t help, but notice the TV and stereo system in the room, but surprisingly, instead of watching TV or jamming to music Candace and I just talked…about everything. It was a candid conversation. From our families to what we wanted our futures to look like.

“Sounds nice,” I said after Candace told me about what she wanted for herself.

“So…what about you, Jay,” She said with a cute smile. “What does your future look like?”

I thought a bit and replied, “You know, the American dream. A nice house with a wife and kids,”

“Hmm, you and the house I can see…but the family’s gonna take awhile.”

I smirked at her, “Why do you say that?”

“’Cause you never put yourself out at school,” Candace explained. “A lot of girls like you.”

“I know, but most of the girls don’t have what I’m looking for.”

“And what’s that exactly?”

“With girls I’m looking for their brains before looking at their bodies, Candace.”

“Well…I’ve got the brains,”

At Candace’s reply, my right eyebrow arched. Was she flirting with me?

“That’s so cute how your eyebrow goes up,”

Yup…she was flirting with me.

“And I know you like my body,” She added seductively.

Her hand touched mine as to say, you know what I want.

“I don’t know Candace…” I tried to say, but was cut off.

“Guys at school hit on me all the time, but you don’t Relle.”

She paused to give my lips a kiss and added, “You’re a nice guy and that’s what I like about you.”

“Are you sure, Candace?” I asked.

I had to make sure she was positive about us hitting the sheets.

“I’m sure…and my mom won’t be home ‘till late,”

We went up to Candace’s room and from the moment we entered it, our lips met with a lustful fever as we kissed one another. Candace moaned into my mouth as my tongue forced its way into hers. I would have I pulled her uniform shirt over head. We shared a few more kisses before collapsing on her bed where her bra came away; revealing her large, supple tits to me along with a pair of chocolate nipples. Pushing her breasts together, I started manipulating her nipples with my tongue. How Candace started moaning, I could tell she liked my tongue work.

I smiled to myself and said inwardly, “Just wait ‘till I go downward.”

I serviced her nipples until they were as hard as diamonds. I kissed Candace’s lips before kissing my way to her pussy. For each kiss I gave her, Candace’s body shook with excitement. Malik was right. At the end of the day Candace had a pussy and that kitty had probably been meowing for dick for the longest. I reached belly button and gave it a quick peck of my lips.

Unzipping her pants, I asked, “Ready?”

“I been ready babe,”

I removed her pants followed by the lace panties she wore. Candace gave me a gasping moan as my lips kissed her womanliness.

Her hand found my head, “That’s right Jay…kiss my kitty.”

I replaced my lips with my tongue, swirling it on and around Candace’s clit.

“Aw shit!” She screamed squirming under my tongue.

The muscle I taste with lashed her pussy lips something fierce, making her core nice and wet for my dick.

“Fuck Relle! Shit,” Candace groaned as she grinded her pussy in my face.

Her pussy moved in a circular motion on my face and my head moved in sync with her. My mouth captured her clit, sucking on it gently.

“Oh God, Jay!” Candace shrieked.

She was so wet and the visual of her glistening hotbox turned me on even more than I all ready was. I wanted her to cum on my dick not my tongue, so I gave her pussy a final kiss and come up from between her legs.

“Mmm…that was so good, Relle.” Candace moaned reaching up and rubbing my cock through my school pants.

I gave her a smile, licking her love juices off my lips, “And we’re not done yet,”

My study buddy sat up on her bed and undid my belt causing my pants to fall to my ankles. Candace gave me a sexy smirk as she yanked my boxers down. She cupped my balls, then opened her mouth wide and slid my whole manhood inside. Her mouth was so warm and her lips felt so good on me. She bobbed back and forth on my member until she took me down her throat. My dick throbbed and thumped in Candace’s mouth as I tried desperately not to cum. At that point in my life, I’d only been blown by a few girls and out of all of them; Candace’s head game was on perfect point. She may have been a good girl, but she was a naughty one in the sex department.

“Ahh,” I moaned. “Stop Candace…I’m not trying to cum yet.”

Candace removed me from her mouth and licked circles around the head of my dick. I stepped out of my pants and underwear while pulling off my school shirt before Candace pulled me down by my undershirt. Our lips met some more as I forced on my back and was straddled by Candace, my hardness entering her sex tunnel. Candace’s pussy was met, but tight. Instantly, she began bucking her hips, rocking them back and forth before galloping up and down on my dick. The sensation I was feeling was so strong that my eyes curled back in my head as I gripped her waist.

“Oh, fuck…your pussy’s so tight Candace. Damn,” I moaned enjoying her dick riding skills.

“Yeah, Jay…take this pussy boy!”

I held both sides of her waist tight in my hands, forcing Candace down hard on my tool as she rode me creating a crazy good rhythm.

Oh shit…fuck Relle!” Candace yelled.

I knew what time it was by the expression on her face. She was going to get her nut any minute now, but weirdly she hopped off the dick. I gave her a wary look, but when she got into the doggy-style position I understood. Candace wanted me to hit it from the back. No problem. I pushed all eight inches of myself inside of her and went to town on the coochie. My study buddy reached back, gripping my shirt as she pumped back on my dick. Creating another great rhythm, we were in an awesome sexual groove. Candace gripped my shirt so tightly that she ripped it as she moaned and began to speak in a tongue I couldn’t understand as she came all over my dick. Now…in true porn star style, Candace began making her ass clap around my cock. I sure was sexing one freaky nerd, but it was all good because I was about to get mine. The nut was making its way to the surface, but when Candace started squeezing her pussy muscles on my dick I couldn’t take anymore. Since I wasn’t any protection, I pulled out of her.

“Oh, shit…aaaaah fuck,” I groaned as I shot my seed on Candace’s ass.

We fell on the bed in a sweaty, sated heap.

“That was so good, Candace.” I said caressing her a bit. “You’re the bomb,”

“I’ve been wanting this for awhile to be honest, Jay.”

“But what now, Candace…since you got it?” I asked.

I was praying she wasn’t the type of chick to fuck and duck a guy. Plus Candace’s pussy was all that and I’d be lying if I told y’all I wasn’t trying to hit again, but before she could answer me though, we were both shocked as the bedroom door flew open. Looking towards the door, our eyes found Candace’s mom standing there staring us down in our compromising position.

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Posted 12 Apr 2012 21:28
oh shit! the mom was right there!! great ending. also, love a sexy, naughty, braniac, good girl who has a secret freaky side. good job
Posted 07 Apr 2012 07:36

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