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Jerrell and Vicki’s Late Night Love Session

When’s the best time for love making? Anytime…..
Author’s Note : Giving you all the realness with a true story about a late night rendezvous I had with my girlfriend, Vicki. Hope you all enjoy it.

I sat alone in my dorm room in front of my laptop on a Thursday night working on a paper for Religion class. I was alone due to my roommate Drew having left campus for the Division III NCAA Track Championships at Grinnell College. It was a bit of a relief that he was gone because if he was here the room would full of our friends getting drunk of their asses and my paper would have had to wait until they were gone. Luckily for at least for tonight that wasn’t the case. Looking at my alarm clock nearby, I saw it was eleven ‘o clock in the evening. Normally, I would’ve been in bed by this time, but my duties for the day kept me up and moving. After two classes I had work-study for five hours and an unnecessarily long B.S.U (Black Student Union) meeting, but I couldn’t rest because I had to do my homework.

By this late hour I’d finished the homework assigned to me, but decided to start my Religion paper. It wasn’t due for two weeks, but when it comes to papers I always get the jump on them sooner rather than later. I’d written about two pages out of the six page assignment before calling it quits for the night. Collapsing on my bed, I instantly relaxed. Lying down felt so after a long day felt so good. Closing my eyes, I took in the comfort of my bed, but my cell phone ringing interrupted my bliss. I smiled looking at the caller I.D, ‘cause it was my girlfriend Vicki calling.

I put my phone on the speaker setting and answered with, “Hey baby,” but the only reply I got was pleasurable moaning on Vicki’s end. I smiled knowing full well what she was doing.

After a few minutes of moaning Vicki’s voice said, “Mmm…hey honey. Is Mr. Dick free? My kitty needs him tonight…bad.”

I couldn’t help, but laugh at her wordplay. It was cute hearing a good girl like Vicki trying to sound freaky. I decided to continue on with the wordplay though.

“He’s free, but wants to know if the kitty’s dripping for him.”

“She soaking wet, Relle.”

Vicki let me listen to her moan some more before adding, “Don’t keep the kitty waiting,” and hung up.

I smirked out rightly, my girl was yearning to make love and I wasn’t going to deny her request.

“Mr. Dick’s on his way,” I said with a smirk.

I made my way out the door and after a fifteen minute trek from my dormitory building to Vicki’s, I stood in front of my girl’s dorm room door. To my surprise the door was unlocked.

“Ms. Kitty must want it bad,” I said inwardly before opening the door.

Entering the room (which was dimly lit), I found my wifey laying bed. She looked so beautiful as her bronze skin glowed in the room’s light. I crept closer to the bed as I enjoyed the sight of Vicki playing with herself. It was so hot and the chocolate snake in my pants reacted accordingly by hardening up. As hot as what my brown eyes were seeing didn’t compare to how sexy my girlfriend looked at the moment. Vicki wore nothing but a red lace bra and panties set. As I drew nearer and nearer, I swear her body began calling to me. Vicki’s figure begging for my touch, those B cups pleading for the warmth of my mouth, and her womanhood yearning for my dick. I began stripping away my clothes to Vicki’s delight as she glared at me, the light brown eyes full of desire. When I was in only my boxers Vicki smiled and licked her lips.

“I see Mr. Dick’s come to play.”

I gave her sly smirk, “He did, but is Ms. Kitty ready to play?”

Vicki slid her underwear off and replied, “She’s been ready all day. Come give her some loving, Jay.”

I didn’t have to be told twice. I joined Vicki in bed as we shared a passionate kiss. My hand found my baby’s coochie, rubbing on it gently. Vicki moaned as I placed a few fingers inside and went to work on making her cum.

“Oooh…shit Jay,” She moaned as she began to grind on my fingers.

My fingers were soon covered in Vicki’s love juices.

“Damn…you’re so wet girl.” I groaned listening to my girl let out pleasure filled yelps.

I was done giving Ms. Kitty my fingers. I removed Vicki’s bra and my mouth instantly found her dark brown nipples blessing them with licks and soft kisses accompanied by ever so gentle bites until I made those nipples hard diamonds. I gave each breast a final kiss before heading south of the border; my lips and tongue leading the charge. As I made my way down starting from the bottom of Vicki’s breasts to her womanhood, my tongue would leave a small spot of saliva and my lips gently kissed the spot away. The trail ended with me in between my girl’s thighs where I them taps of my lips before coming face-to-face with the treasure of my downward trek. Vicki’s pinkish-brown jewel was glistening with wetness. If I were to you all her pussy was pretty…that would be an understatement. My baby’s core was absolutely gorgeous and when I gave it a quick lash of my tongue, I swear it tasted like Heaven (if Heaven were a food per se).After tasting Heaven once, I went into a feeding frenzy. It was late and Vicki’s pussy became my late night snack.

“Oooh! Lick me Jay! Shit…don’t stop,” Vicki shrieked at my tongue work.

My tongue slipped inside and I began to fuck her it. Looking up, I saw Vicki biting her lip in order to contain urge to scream again, but I wanted to hear her. It let me know I was making her feel good, so tongue fucked a bit harder.

“Ahh! Fuck Relle,”

I smiled to myself hearing her vocalization.

“Kitty needs Mr. Dick now,” She added through a low moan.

I came up from in between her legs and gave her a smirk. Climbing on top of her, my manhood entered her womanliness and we started sexing missionary style. My stroking pace started slow then sped up a bit.

“Ahh…oooh,” Vicki moaned in between the kisses she place on my face. “That’s feels so good baby.”

I began returning Vicki’s kisses with some of my own as I moved in and out of her.

“Mmm…this pussy’s so good,” I moaned speeding up my stroking pace.

I kissed her full lips and added, “Whose pussy is this, babe?”

“Ahh,” Vicki yelped as I gave her a hard thrust. “It’s yours Jay. It’s all yours,”

My stroking pace increased some more. I laying the pipe down and Vicki was enjoying every minute of it. Her mouth emitted sounds of carnal bliss that my ears loved to hear. Looking my love in the face, I watched as her face twisted and contorted with pleasure.

“Mmm…I’m gonna cum,” Vicki told me in a low tone.

I kissed the crown of her head, lips and neck before replying, “Not yet,”

I pulled and told her to turn over. After obliging my request Vicki instantly went into the doggy-style position- -our favorite position. I entered her from behind and proceeded to give her everything I had.

“Oh shit!” Vicki screamed. “Give it to me, Relle!”

As I drove in and out of Vicki, I gave her ass a few smacks that she took willing (in the heat of the moment).

“God…I’m gonna cum!” My girl yelled as I into her full force.

As Vicki was about to climax, I felt my own nut about to bust from my loins.

“Ooooh…oh shit! I’m cumming, I’m cumming Relle!” Vicki emitted at her highest octave.

I gave Vicki the last strokes of my game before letting out a loud, “Fuck,” and shooting my seed inside my love’s womb. We collapsed on the bed in a sweaty heap, instantly cuddling up with each other.

“Is the kitty sated?” I asked with a smile.

Vicki kissed my cheek, “You know it is.”

We kissed passionately a bit before I told Vicki, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” She replied sweetly and snuggled up underneath her bed sheets letting sleep take us over.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 18 Mar 2012 11:41
Nicely done, Jerrell, I enjoyed reading this story a lot. It felt real! Thanks for sharing!

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