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Kate Returns From her Trip

Tags: love, sex, rain
Kate returns home, and finally gets what she has so desperately wanted
Kate sat on the plane on her way home from a great visit with family. She had a great time and made new friends, special friends. There was Mark, who she had fallen for the moment he smiled at her. They had a great time together and it was hard for her to leave him. He had brought her to the airport. He went into one of the gift shops and brought those silly friendship bracelets the kids all wear. He gave one to Kate and he put one on and said that he would keep it on and think of her. Kate melted. She was wearing it and playing with it, thinking him as she sat in her seat. He made her heart skip and gave her butterflies in her stomach. She was so happy when she would think about him. He promised he was going to come to visit her soon. The next free weekend he had he would be there. She couldn’t wait to see him again.

She also met Ayna, a beautiful girl who she had met on the plane ride to Miami and they hung out while she was there. Ayna was hot, and one afternoon they had an amazing time together. Ayna set things off in Kate that she never knew she could have with a woman. It was a great afternoon. Then one night all three of them had a fun night. Kate’s feelings toward Ayna were different. She was totally enchanted when they were together that afternoon, but she was not ready for a lifestyle change. She loved men, she wanted to be with men, but she also loved sex and sex with a woman was beautiful. They agreed to be friends and would see each other whenever they were in each other’s city.

The plane took off for home and Kate knew her adventure was over and even thought her thoughts were of Mark, other thoughts keep creeping back. The same thoughts that were in her head on her flight there. Him, her X always invaded her head. She had Mark to keep her mind off of Him for the last five days, so now she was going back to reality. The plane landed and her phone went off it was Mark, just a simple smiley face. She loved those. Mark was so sweet. She responded, Just landed. She got her bags and her friend, Susan was there to pick her up. She couldn’t wait to tell her all about Mark.

The car ride back from the airport was all about Mark, she keep the Ayna stuff to herself. Mark was texting her as they were talking. Kate got so excited, Mark said he had a free weekend coming up in two weeks and was asking if he could come and visit. Kate could hardly answer Yes she was so excited. These were going to be the longest two weeks waiting for him to come in.

She did everything to prepare, the house, new undies, new nighties, all the sexy stuff. She even did some grocery shopping. She was going to attempt dinner one night. While in the grocery she saw Him. Well He practically ran into her. Her heart started to race when He looked up and realized it was her. Kate stood there as He smiled at her, and walked over to her and greeted her with a kiss on the cheek. Kate didn’t know what to say, she wanted to say so much. He talked, saying pleasantries, Kate didn’t hear them. She was just stuck. She smiled and nodded, and felt like a fool. Her phone went off and she checked it. It was Mark, one of his smiley faces. She smiled and looked up. He knew it had to be someone special. He asked “someone special?” Kate replied, “Yes. I am sorry, I better get going. I have to get home” She said next and kissed Him on the cheek good-bye. He just watched as she walked away from Him. Kate felt like she could face Him as long as Mark was around.

Mark was finally here. She was at the airport waiting to pick him up. She felt like a little kid on Christmas morning. Mark walked out the terminal and she started waving. He ran up to her put down his bags. He reached up and put her face in his hands and kissed her, again and again. Kate felt like the whole world was spinning. Horns started to go off all around them. They broke from their kiss and threw the bags in the car and got on the road back to her apartment. They held hands the whole car ride. Stealing kisses at every red light they caught. She pointed out landmarks to him. It was his first time in New Orleans, and Kate loved to play tour guide. He was going to have a fun time, but first stop her apartment and her bed. She wanted him so bad.

They were barely in the door when they were ripping each other’s clothes off. They were kissing like teenagers, their mouths were everywhere and so were their hands. Mark couldn’t undo the clasp on her bra. She had trouble with his belt on his jeans. They were a mess. Finally they just undressed themselves and Mark threw her on the closest thing he could find, the sofa. He was over her, she was out of breath and he lowered his head to her lips, kissing her tenderly, passionately. He started kissing down her neck, to her bare breast. Kate had shivers all down her body and he put his lips on her nipple and started to suck on them. She could feel his hard cock on her leg and knew she wanted it in her now. He was rubbing it on her leg as he sucked on her tits. His hand was easing down her stomach and reached her already wet clit. She moaned as he touched her clit and bit down on her nipple. She loved that.

His fingers started to play with her pussy and she was ready to cum. She waited for those touches for two weeks and couldn’t believe how just his touch could bring her that fast to a small orgasm. He pushed his fingers into her and she screamed with pleasure. He started to kiss down her stomach and she knew what was next. He had her spread her legs wide, one over the back of the sofa the other dangling to the floor. She was fully exposed to him and wide open. He dove into her pussy with his tongue and started to flick, lick and suck on her puffy clit. He was amazing and she was getting wetter at every lick.

She just laid back into the sofa. She arched her back and pushed her pussy into his face. Her body was quivering and her clit was pulsating. He stuck his tongue into her pussy and started to fuck her with it. That was it, she began to cum again, this time harder and faster, she squirted her cum all over his face. He started going faster with his tongue. Faster and faster, his tongue was pushing deeper into her, he went back to her clit. Her orgasm lasted longer. He was keeping it going with his tongue. Finally she could not go any longer and plopped back to the sofa. He was smiling up at her as he crawled back up to her mouth. He kissed her again. She tasted herself. Umm she moaned as her orgasm finally finished.

Mark’s dick was now at her pussy. She reached down under him and guided it in. She was ready to have him inside of her. He started to push his cock inside her very wet dripping pussy. It went in with ease and he started to pump his cock deep into her. She loved having him over her. He pushed and pushed, she took him all in. He started to moan, he got faster, pumping harder into her. Her pussy tighten up on his cock and wouldn’t let it go. She was going to cum again, and so was he. He pushed up on he is hands, still over her as he pumped in and out of her over and over again. His groans and moans got louder, her leg started to shake. He thrust his cock in her one last time and let out a load groan, his body started to twitch and so did hers, he was cumming inside of her and she felt his cock pulse inside of her dumping all of his cum into her. She too was cumming again. Her body just quivered under him until they were both done and he rolled alongside of her. They kissed and laid there for a few minutes in each other’s arms.

The next few days were just like the first. They made love as often as they could. Kate tried to cook dinner and he would come up behind her and start kissing her neck. Next think she knew she was on the counter and her panties were on the floor. They never made it through a movie on the couch. Maybe the opening credits and that was it.

Finally she told him, “We need to get out of here.”

They got dressed and went to the store. Kate needed a few things for the dish she was preparing for dinner. They were walking around, holding hands acting like teenagers again. When they ran into guess who? Him, man he is always in this store. Kate wanted to ignore Him, but he didn’t let her.

“Hello, again” he said.

“Hi” was all she could get out.

They stood there for a few minutes. Mark introduced himself. Kate started to fumble at her words 

“I am sorry yes this is Mark, This is….” He interrupted saying his own name and shaking Mark’s hand.

Kate said “Mark is from Miami, he is in for a visit.”

“Well it was nice seeing you, and meeting you Mark, enjoy your visit”

“Oh I am, don’t worry”, as he smiled at Kate.

He could see Kate and Mark were having lots of fun, and He knew what kind. He was jealous. He knew he gave up on Kate for all the wrong reasons. He loved her always did, just couldn’t admit it to himself. He made so many wrong choices when it came to Kate and didn’t know if he could ever make them right. Seeing her with someone else made him wonder if it was too late, and had to find out.

Mark and Kate went back to her apartment. She cooked dinner and they ate. It was a quite dinner but as soon as the dishes were cleared and the kitchen was picked up. They went to the bedroom and Mark made sweet passionate love to Kate all night long. She was in total ecstasy with him beside her, inside of her and over her. He made love to her over and over like it was the last time. They finally fell to the bed and just lied there in each other’s arms and fell asleep. She felt so safe there in his arms. She couldn’t bare the fact that he was leaving the next day to go back home. She didn’t want that night to end. She keep waking up, making sure he was still there. Every time she closed her eyes she saw Him. She would open them and look at Mark, trying to get him out of head. It was not working.

The next day, she brought Mark to the airport and they kissed goodbye, touched their bracelets and he walked off to the gate. Kate was so sad. There weekend was wonderful. She hated that he had to leave. It was a long ride home. She keep thinking about all the stuff that was coming up, trying not to think about Mark not being there when she got back to the apartment.

Over the next couple of months Kate and Mark, talked, texted, emailed, did everything they could to stay in touch. They were getting as close as they could for being so far apart. Then a few days would pass, and nothing by either of them. Then he would say Hi, she would say it back. The calls and text were getting less and less. A few weeks had passed since Mark’s last text. The excitement had hit reality and Kate thought this was not going to work. Neither said anything.

Kate was walking into the grocery store and her X was walking out. He looked so good. He had a fresh haircut, Kate always could tell, he looked like a kid again. He started to laugh, Kate loved his laugh, at how much they see each other there and this time Kate was cool and collected and laughed along with him. They exchanged “How do you dos” and He leaned in and kissed her. It was just a sweet and innocent hello kiss, but man did it send shock wave through her.

“What have you been up do Kiddo?” his pet name for her, see he was about 10 years older then Kate. She loved when he called her that, her heart took a leap.

“Not much just needed a few things at the store.”

“I am going home to make sushi.” Kate loved his sushi. He asked if she wanted to come over, he had plenty. She was reluctant to say yes.

“You love my sushi.” He begged. She gave in. He said come over in about an hour.

"You do know where my new house is right?" It wasn’t new he had finally settled things with his x-wife and he bought her out of it a few months back. Yes she knew where it was, but said “What is the address?” So she didn’t look like she still knew everything about him.

Kate went home to change and freshen up. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. She hadn’t heard from Mark in three weeks. Not even a smiley face. She assumed he was busy and didn’t want to keep texting him. So here she goes, back to Him. She always does this, but she can’t help herself. He makes her feel so good when she is with him. The way he smiles at her, kisses her, even talks to her. Everything about him drives her insane. She put on her newest bra, one he didn’t see yet, a cute little summer dress and no panties. She knew it would drive him wild. Knowing she didn’t have on any panties.

She checked her phone one last time before putting it on silent and walking up to His door. No Mark. She rang the doorbell, and she could hear a familiar “Come on in” form behind the door. She opened up the door. His house was beautiful. He did have great taste and was very obsessive- compulsive, so everything was in its place. She walked to the Kitchen which was a straight shoot back and she could see he was in there with his apron on and at the counter. “Welcome” as he gave her a cup with a drink already prepared for her. He also knew how to entertain.

He was almost finished with dinner and he quickly showed her around the downstairs of the house. Some new things were there and some familiar things from his old apartment too. He opened up the sliding glass door and showed her to his oasis. His backyard with a hugh patio, it is his pride and joy. It was magnificent back there. They set out there and drank their drinks before dinner was served. It was a nice evening, some black clouds were off in the distance and they were getting some pre-storm winds. After they were done with their drinks they went back into the dining room where he had set the table with candles and napkins, it was beautiful.

They ate, got caught up, they laughed. They talked about their favorite music, their favorite sports teams. Just like they always did. He told a few old band stories. Ones Kate had heard a million times, but never got tired of them. It was like the last year and half never happened. It felt like it always did, just now in a bigger dining room. She felt all the old feeling start to rush over her. She could feel it when he looked at her, he was feeling it too. She didn’t want to give in like she always did, but it was so hard to resist.

He cleared the plates, and fixed them another drink. He did the dishes and Kate stood there and watched they talked. It was just as always. She loved watching him cook, she loved how he cleaned up right away, and she just loved him. She always has and always will.

Once he was done, he refreshed their drinks and they went out to the patio again. The winds were getting stronger. The black clouds were approaching fast and could be seen even in the night sky. The rain was coming and they both knew it. He put some mood music on the radio he had outside and they talked about the approaching rain. He knew it was one of Kate’s favorite things to make love in the rain. They had done it once at his old apartment on the balcony. It was a night just like this, sushi for dinner, them having a few drinks, and then the rain came.

The rain started to come down around them hitting the roof of his patio. The sound was arousing. They looked at each other. He reached up and put his hand on her cheek and started to kiss her. She kissed him back. His kisses felt so good, so familiar, and so passionate. They started to take each other’s clothes off, fumbling as they did. They were naked in a matter of seconds, their hands all over each other.

“Oh yes” Kate moaned as his hand found her bare mound. He started to pump his finger in and out of her already wet pussy. Kate’s body was quivering. They were kissing, the rain was falling and he had his finger deep inside of her.

He broke away and got up. He took her hand and lead her out into his yard. He had a mini rainforest in the corner of his yard, with a little tool shed behind the trees. They ran back there and a box set next to the shed. He picked her up and sat her on top of the box. They continued to kiss. He leaned her back and started to kiss down to her chest. Her ample breasts were there for him to divulge. He licked and sucked at them both. He nibbled a bit on each nipple as he spread her legs apart and stood between them. He started to kiss farther down her body. The rain was drenching them from above. He kissed down to her clit that was wet from both the rain and her own juices. His mouth took in her whole clit, sucking it in. One finger is working at her pussy hole as he licked and sucked her clit, harder and harder. His fingers move faster and faster.

Kate can’t take it much longer. She arches her back her pussy tightens up on his fingers. She pushes her hips into his face as he sucks harder on her clit. She is about to cum. He knows she’s about to explode. Kate starts to moan, “Oh yes, I am about to baby”. He looks up at her, his mouth still covering her mound. She is in total ecstasy. Her body starts to twitch, her clit pulsating, her cum squirting at him. He licked and sucked more, drinking it all in. He is not finished. As she is coming down from her first of many orgasms, he moves his finger to her ass and his tongue to her pussy. He enters one well lubed finger into her dripping wet anus. His tongue has found its way into her pussy and he is fucking both of her holes with his finger and tongue. She is moaning even loader now. She is going to cum again, that fast, she can feel it and so can he. He keeps going, building her up to another fast orgasm. She yells out, and cums all at once.

He stands up. His cock is stiff as a board and he grabs hold of Kate. He lifts her off the box and turns her around, leaning her over the box. He grabs his cock and guides it into her sopping wet pussy from behind. He pounds his hard cock deep into her, slamming his balls against her clit. She loves the feel of them as they are becoming as wet as her dripping pussy. He pushes deeper and harder into her pussy. His grunts and groans are louder with each thrust. He starts to grunt loader like a bull charging at the matador. He explodes inside of Kate and she can feel his hot cum run down her clit and her leg. He pulls out and flips her around and starts to kiss her. His kisses are hard and passionate. Kate is so weak under his spell. She can barely stay up as she falls into his arms with the rain coming down around them.

The rain is getting heavy and the sky is in battle between the lightening and the thunder. The sky lite up when a bolt of lighten seem to be right over their heads. He broke there kissing and the silence and said “We better get inside”. Kate ran behind him as he lead her back under his patio when the sky lite up again and a roar of thunder erupted. When they got to the shelter he pulled her in again and kissed her. She was lost. He had gotten to her again, and she just didn’t want to find a way out.

He led her through the house dripping wet from the rain, to his bedroom and the bathroom. He started a warm shower to warm them up. They got in, let the water warm them, dyed off and then laid in his bed. They laid there, holding each other, kissing and making love again and again. He knew he still had her, and this time he was not letting her get away.

He whipered to her “I love you” for the first time. Kate looked into his eyes and knew he meant it and that was all she needed.

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