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Lace Work

Lace is an openwork fabric, patterned with open holes in the work. It can be made by machine, or by hand. The holes can be formed via removal of threads or cloth from a previously woven fabric, but more often open spaces are created as part of the lace fabric. Lace-making is an ancient craft. True lace was not made until the late 15th and early 16th centuries. A true lace is created when a thread is looped, twisted or braided to other threads independently from a backing fabric.

It also makes you feel fucking sexy...

The lace on my soft skin is like a confidence boost. It looks and feels sexy. I feel like a seductress about to pounce on her willing prey. I look in the mirror and I can see my skin through the lace. It shows so much, but still leaves some for the imagination. I turn and look at my ass. I can see that the bottom of my ass cheeks peek out just a little and the little black thong is barely visible. I turn back to the front and look at my breasts. The lace cups them erotically. I can just make out my nipples, the lace blocking most of them out. I look at my eyes; they are amber, with the makeup I have applied. Black and gold, to match the lace-work. My long hair is down and slightly wet.

I have applied a tiny bit of fragrance on my skin in my most intimate of areas. My neck, one long spray downward; between the cleavage of my voluptuous breasts, a small amount right below my navel and my inner thigh. My skin was warm and oh, so soft and now, I smell like sweet fruit. I know I am going through so much effort for you, and you are just going to rip it off anyway.

But that just makes it all the better. I love when you lose control. I love when the beast inside of you comes out... It drives me wild.

I apply a tiny bit of gloss to my full lips and then slip into my 5 inch black heels. They click over the marble tiles in the bathroom as I turn off the light. My heels are quieted by the plush white carpet in the hall and on the stairs. Now, where to wait until you walk through the door...?

It has been to long since you have been home. Your job has taken you all over the world, lately you have been in London and that is just too damn far for my liking. But it has all paid off. You are now CEO of the company and on a direct flight home. I have missed your voice, your warmth, your smile and your heart beat. I miss the sex... I defiantly miss the sex. I am a sexual creature and no sex for 6 months has been like a bitter winter in July. I need you. I need you to make my body hum and quiver. I want my cum to gush from my pussy, all over your face, fingers, stomach and cock. I can't wait to taste your's, and feel it fill up all of me. YUM! So tonight I am going all out, and hopefully a reward will be coming my way.

Now, how to play this little thing out?

I could wait on the couch, maybe lounging, my hair to the side.... No, no. I've done that already. I could go back upstairs and cuff myself to the bed, but I've done that to. Maybe at the top of the stairs, my legs spread wide, the black thong barely covering my freshly shaved pussy.... But that just doesn't seem seductive enough for me at the moment.

I stand in the downstairs hall and think for a few moments. A small grin breaks out across my face and I walk into the kitchen. After all, it is our favorite place. I think we have fucked on every surface possible in here. Every chair, counter, fridge, stove, sink....

Ooh... the sink. My, we made such a mess, but I know the little sprayer has some fabulous pressure!

I go the fridge and pull out a few items. I place the strawberries in a glass bowl and I warm the chocolate on the stove, then place it in a bowl as well. I eat a few, because I just can't sit next to chocolate and not have a little. I hear the door and my heart accelerates from 20-90 mph.
I hop up on the counter and cross my legs, looking down at my hands. I hear you come down the hall and I hear you come into the kitchen. I hear your briefcase hit the floor and I look up. You are standing there, jaw dropped.

I grin, mission accomplished. And it's all thanks to this little bit of Lace...
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Posted 08 Feb 2014 04:07
Not an ounce of sex just LOADS of sex appeal, very hot.
Posted 30 Jan 2014 10:44
I enjoyed it very much. Lovely idea, a husbands cream

Posted 07 Jan 2014 11:49
very hot - was hoping to hear more elaboration on the lace stuff, though - a part two would be nice.

Posted 13 Mar 2013 20:45
Such a unique story and so much left to the imagination. Well done!

Posted 03 Jan 2013 09:16
I loved this! Like a little peek into her mind...

How exciting, waiting for your partner to come home and ravish you!

Quite different and refreshing...


5 from me
Posted 31 Dec 2012 07:05
like the nasty mind very sexy story
Posted 29 Dec 2012 18:53
As you know, I dig it! ;P Still hoping for a follow-up.
Posted 29 Dec 2012 01:34
Nice! Very sexy

Posted 26 Dec 2012 23:57
great story, need to keep them coming but it was a little short though
Posted 26 Dec 2012 16:15
Creative and seductive. Always enjoy your writing. Keep up the good word.
Posted 25 Dec 2012 21:56
Ariel you are amazing!
Posted 25 Dec 2012 12:22
A lively piece, written by a true teasing vixen. Love it.
Posted 25 Dec 2012 04:57
Very good use of words to create the mood. You show your desire well, and your preparations are very descriptive, enabling one to view and smell you quite clearly. Your build up is quite erotic, and your ending is perfect. I can easily see myself in your lover's position. Leaving the rest to the imagination is perfect for your style with this story.
Posted 25 Dec 2012 00:45
Now I understand your earlier comment... hot story... 5++
Posted 24 Dec 2012 23:26
The 4 rating people dont know what suspense is
Posted 24 Dec 2012 22:12
Wow: how nicely you knit a beautiful story arounf lsce. Great art of connecting the unconnected. 5
Posted 24 Dec 2012 21:47
What an enticing teaser. Your description of your lace and how it covers your body is so beautiful. Your thoughts as to where to greet your man were superb. The description of your preparations make me feel like I was there beside you. You spin a marvelous tale. I am glad you released this. It was a wonderful present for us. Please finish the story as we all need to know your man's reaction. Thank you.
Posted 24 Dec 2012 21:38
nicely written

Posted 24 Dec 2012 21:34
Very nice babe!

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