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Late Night Mix- Up

Our apartment was silent a lot earlier than usual. I thought something might be up since my roommate was in bed by ten at night. He averages passing out a little after midnight each night. It was around eleven at night and I had just crawled into bed. Normally, my roommate was a heavy snorer, but I could not hear anything coming from his room right next to mine. Occasionally, I could her him shift around in bed. It was obvious to me that he was not asleep.

Suddenly, I heard the front door of our apartment creak open. My first impression was my roommate was sneaking off somewhere, but once the door shut, I heard footsteps within the apartment. My first instinct was someone was robbing us, but before I could react my door slowly opened. From the light from my window I could make out a slim hourglass figure. It was a woman. The woman came closer into my room and I suddenly realized who it was.

It was Naomi, my roommate's girlfriend. The two had been going out for a few months now. For those months, she had said little to me and had rarely acknowledged me. Naomi standing in my room was a confusing surprise. She looked as if she had come straight from her place. From what I could tell with the little light there was, she had on a tight fitting t-shirt with baggy pajama pants. Suddenly, she grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it off.

"I got your text," Naomi said softly slowly dropping her pants to the floor, "Wanting a little Naomi late at night; of course you can."

I was rendered speechless as she came closer to my bed. She did not come over often, I guess she did not know which room was mine and my roommate's. I just lay there pretending to be asleep hoping that she would see who I was when she got closer.

Naomi was moving slowly when I felt her tug on my covers, lifting them so she could crawl in. When I really thought of it, my roommate and I looked similar and it must have been hard to differentiate in the dark. Naomi crawled into bed with me and embraced me. She had one hand on my chest and the other stroking my cheek. I could feel her bare wet pussy rub against my thigh. Naomi started to kiss my neck and my dick started to stiffen. I knew I had to stop her, but I was speechless. Her warm embrace was soothing as my dick stood fully erect. All of a sudden it rubbed against her side.

"That did not take long," Naomi chuckled.

Naomi sat up, knocking the covers off both of us. Her large, grapefruit sized tits were right in my face. Her tiny pink nipples were inches from my tongue but I had to restrain myself. She was my roommate's girlfriend. Naomi grabbed the waistband of my boxer shorts and pulled them down to let my nine inch cock free. Naomi grabbed my cock and suddenly gasped.

She reached for my bedside lamp and turned it on. Naomi made another gasping sound and covered her mouth to be quiet. She then quickly did her best to cover her private parts. Naomi turned off the light and jumped off my bed. She quickly scrambled around picking up her clothes.

"Sorry, my mistake," Naomi whispered, "Please don't say anything about this."

Naomi tip-toed out of my room and quietly shut my door. I pulled my covers back on and fixed my boxers. As I lay there confused, I quietly listened. I could hear Naomi tip-toe towards my roommate's door. She opened it and entered his room.

I just lay there and listened to my roommate and Naomi fuck. Hopefully, my roommate did not hear her earlier mistake. I could hear my roommate's bed bounce and a couple of soft muttered moans from each of them. Three minutes later, there was silence.

Suddenly, I heard my door open once again. At my door, was Naomi. She was still naked, the only difference was her blond hair was a bit more messed up. Naomi put a finger of her lips and told me to, "Shhh."

"Your roommate only lasted a minute," Naomi said approaching my bed. "He was not even close to making me cum."

Naomi sat on the edge of my bed and put her hand on my chest. Her hands had warmed up a bit. My cock was still stiff from the first time she was in my room. It was pitching a tent with my covers. From the next room over, I could hear my roommate snoring. "That was quick," I said to myself.

Naomi pulled the covers off of me and climbed onto my bed. She grabbed my boxers and pulled them off of me. She stared at my penis as if she was in a trance.

"I have been "pleasured" by your roommate's dick for the past three months," Naomi said, "Pleasured is being used generously. I could not tell it was you until I grabbed your piece down there," Naomi giggled, "You probably are double the size of you know who."

My eyes were fixated on my dick. I had never been so proud of it. Naomi climbed onto my thighs and leaned over me. Her tits were once again in my face. This time I felt like it was my duty to suck on her tiny nipples. Before I could react, she shoved her tits in my face and shook them back and forth while I motor boated them. When she finally held them still, I grasped them and sucked on each nipple until they both stood erect. Before I could catch my breath, she shoved her tits into my face once again. He tits were suffocating me, but I was enjoying it. I reached down and grabbed on to her ass.

Her cheeks were nice and firm. Naomi was shaking back and forth, I could not get a good grip. I tried again to grab onto her can but accidentally grazed her already wet pussy. I heard her give off a pleasant squeal and she sat up. As she did so, I gasped for air. I saw she enjoyed my touch so I quickly shoved a finger into her pussy. I shoved my finger in and out until I felt her hand on my wrist to stop me.

"You finger will do no better than your roommate's dick," Naomi giggled as I pulled my finger out, "Now your dick can do some damage."

Naomi climbed off me and grabbed her purse from my floor. She pulled out a condom and opened it up. With ease, she put it on me within seconds. Naomi positioned herself above my erect cock and eased herself onto it. My cock was fully engulfed by her pussy within a few seconds. Naomi bit her lip as she slowly bobbed up and down getting used to the feel of my thick shaft inside her. She lightly whimpered as she picked up the pace. There was nothing in my reach for me to grab onto so I just put my hands behind my head and enjoyed the experience. Naomi was now riding my dick as fast as she could.

"I feel it coming," Naomi murmured, "I'm about to cum. Don't quit on me now."

Naomi did not know that I was a good deal away from blowing my load. She took her hand and rubbed her clit to finish herself off. A few seconds later, Naomi quickly dismounted my cock and fell back on to her ass. She suddenly began to moan as she squirted her juices onto my groin Naomi laid on her back breathing heavily.

"Thank you," Naomi murmured.

After minute of silence, Naomi sat up and looked straight at me. Her eyes went down to my erect cock which was far from cumming.

"I'll polish this off," Naomi winked at me. "You've earned it."

Naomi crawled towards my dick and pulled off the condom. She gently grabbed it and began to stroke it. Her juices from before provide excellent lube. Naomi stroked my cock as fast as she could. It was obvious she had some practice. I grabbed on to the edges of my mattress and braced myself. I thought I was long from cumming, but with the coming seconds, that was about to change. My cock started to throb vigorously. Suddenly, Naomi stopped all of a sudden.

"I could not resist," Naomi said, "I just have to try it."

Naomi adjusted herself so she could suck my dick. Her breathing became heavy as she braced herself. I could feel her warm breath on my cock. Naomi started with the head of my dick and slowly progressed down my shaft. She was able to get half of my cock down her throat before she started to softly gag. She was quick to collect herself. Naomi kept it up and took in more of my dick down her throat. I helped her out and pushed down on the back of her head. She started to gag once more so I let up. Naomi pulled out. She got about three fourths of my cock down her throat.

I could see she was winded so I sat her up to her knees and I stood up with my cock pointing straight at her face. I began to stroke my cock. Naomi had almost gotten me there and I shot a load of cum onto her busty chest after a few seconds of stroking. She rubbed my cum all over her chest and smiled at me.

Over the past few months, I had never seen Naomi so pleased or happy. She had just given me one of the best orgasms I've had in a while and I believe I've did the same for her. All of a sudden, I heard a loud, aggressive knock on my door.

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