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Love, Lust and the Volkswagen Beetle

Perhaps it was something you could only do when you were young - first time sex in a VW Beetle.
He was feeling very unsure of himself and still uncertain as to what was happening much less why, and he tried to conceal his surprise. After months of lustful longing, some frustrated and feeble attempts,and finally apparently losing her to one of his best friends; here he was alone with Jill, in her car, in a secluded parking spot apparently well known to her.

She was offering her lips to him and he hungrily, instinctively responded. Soon their tongues were equally engaged and as they embraced. His hands sought the outlines and the soft shape of the breasts under her light summertime, white cotton blouse. He felt her breasts respond to, not withdraw from, his touch. He was soon unbuttoning that blouse, still without apparent rejection, finally undoing all of the buttons. Even as he pulled it open, its bottom hem escaping the waistband of her jeans, his excitement and amazement grew at her apparent offering of herself to him.

His caresses over the previously concealed, soft skin of her chest were soon concentrated on those breasts swelling beneath the lightly padded cotton of her bra. He soon unfastened this, too, with a frisson of pleasure at being able to achieve this with only one hand. Their kisses continued as his hands now caressed her bare, liberated breasts and teased at her small, firm nipples.

He could feel her willingness and her excitement building beneath his touch and in her kisses. He slipped a hand up to and just under the waistband of her jeans and found that he could feel the waistband of her not totally concealed panties as well. His hand moved over the shapely hips, buttocks, and even the inside of her thighs and she pressed up against his hand as he did so. They briefly embraced each other in a full bodied hug as the arousal and excitement continued to build in their meeting loins. He knew she could feel his hard cock threw their jeans as they pressed against each other.

He obeyed the implicit command and his hand moved between them to undo her belt and open her jeans. His hand quickly entered through the now open and parted jeans to explore beneath the denim, while feeling the fabric of her panties. His fingers slipped beneath their fabric, pressing towards her most secret place, a destination she seemed to be freely offering up and a touch she gave every sign of desiring.

They paused as she reached down and slid her jeans free from her hips and down her legs, quickly sending her panties in the same direction. He couldn’t help his eyes bulging, as did something else, as he drank in her nakedness. His caresses now moved irresistibly towards that secret spot, regardless of where they began, and found it already moist in her excitement. His fingers gently probed and explored, guided by her responses and her reactions and encouraged by the pleasured sounds as she pushed her body against his hand and seemingly vibrated with her excitement.

Finally, a finger entered her pussy as his hand pressed closely against her pussy. Continuing to be guided by her evident pleasure, he slowly entered further with his fingers, as far as he could, and then eased them out again, slowly. At the same time, the base of his palm cupped and pressed against her clit, sliding over it and the lips of her pussy. He suddenly recognized that she was actually fucking his hand and that she relished and sought the sensations and feelings resulting from his touch. The thought made his cock even harder.

He began to vary his touch, the timing and motion, the pressure, at the same time feeling his own hardness growing within the confines of his jeans. Her excitement and pleasure visibly grew and the increasing passion of her kisses showed it. Finally, as his hand began to ache and tire, it was showered in cum as her body shivered and her pussy squeezed his fingers tight.

Reluctantly and only after a while, he freed his hand from its warm, wet snare. They embraced and kissed, and each licked at his fingers, tasting her juices. But then her hands began to explore. She quickly pulled his T-shirt up and pushed it out of the way to expose his chest to her caresses and her kisses, while the other hand identified and explored the outline now bulging from his jeans. He nearly exploded at her touch, before her hand again moved away to the belt of his jeans. Unbelievable, his excitement and his cock grew as she undid his belt and opened his zipper, pushing the denim away from his engorged manhood. His cotton briefs soon followed, and she paused to ease herself up and off of the car’s seat.

She looked him straight in the eye, her face gleaming with desire, turning her body to face him in the car’s tight confines. He adjusted himself as well and she was soon easing herself down as her pussy sucked in his upright, erect cock. As she slowly descended, he thought he was going to explode then and there, but having taken him fully into her pussy, she sat motionless for a moment of priceless recognition and mutual appreciation of the resulting sensations. As their bodies locked together so did their eyes. Their bodies embraced with her small breasts pressed to his bare chest and their lips joined.

Lying slightly back, he looked at her astride him and his hands reached out to her fully exposed breasts - small but nicely shaped. Jill began to gently and carefully rise up and then lower herself again; her tight, wet pussy sliding up and down his cock, already slick with her juices. An overwhelming wave of sensation built up slowly and then finally crashed over him in his inexperience. It did not take long before he was forced to surrender to her assault as his cock exploded deep inside her. Jill collapsed against him, her small breasts smashed against his bare chest as her own orgasm overwhelmed her. He pulled her closer, holding his arms tight around her relaxed form.

They lay together briefly afterwards, seemingly exhausted, but slowly recovering and rearranging and reordering clothing. Their touches were exchanged almost inadvertently, yet intimately; once or twice they kissed, without speaking. Finally, they resumed their proper seats, and she drove him home - or at least to within a short walk of his house.

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