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Lusty Adventures of a Trophy Wife (Part 5)

Lynda is so horny enjoys hot lesbian sex; but what is real and what is fantasy? Find out here!
Lusty Adventures of a Horny Trophy Wife - 5

Don Abdul ©2010

Right after her sexually memorable visit to Giovanni’s office to wrap up their unfinished business, Lynda had become quite busy with a new account she had managing the comfort of a visiting Japanese business delegation. It was such hard work due to the language barriers involved but it was such a profitable venture she had no complaints; none that she cared to share with anyone else anyway.

Lynda had also been seriously considering hiring a personal assistant cum office manager to help her keep things under control whilst freeing up some time for her personal (read that as) extra curricular pursuits. During the rush of her current project, she was glad she had decided to accept Jack, the rather handsome and very young intern who worked in her office.

The devil in Lynda had been pushing her towards an inappropriate liaison with the strapping youth, but it felt rather scandalous to even admit some of the erotic images that flash across her minds eye each time he walked by or stood close to her.

‘Thank God I’m so busy right now, or I probably wouldn’t care how young he is.’ She thought to herself one late afternoon as she watched Jack walk towards the door on an errand for her.

So busy was she at that period that her great sexual appetite had to take a back seat for the four weeks that it took to wrap things up. Her only sexual contact was a brief grope and spit sex in the comfort of her matrimonial bed with her sexually incompetent husband Andrew just before he jetted off on yet another business trip. If anything, that encounter only served to magnify her mounting sexual frustration. In order to preserve her sanity though, she had indulged her growing fantasy of a threesome involving her Italian lover and his jealous secretary.


It was just three days before her Japanese Project would wrap up; but things were going so well so far that Lynda allowed herself the luxury of taking an early rain check. She was so horny that she headed straight home and retired to her bedroom where she stripped off her clothes and headed for the shower in her ensuite bathroom.

She sighed as the fine spray of water drummed down on her skin and soothed the aches in her tense shoulders and the stiffness in her neck. She squirted a dollop of bath gel in her palm and then rubbed that over her body. The sensually stimulating feel of her soapy hand caressing her wet curves and then gliding over her breasts turned her nipples into bullets and sent her needy sex tingling with pent up desire.

Lynda’s itch was in desperate need of a good scratching and all that was available to her at that moment was a pair of hands and a very naughty and creative imagination and an inner freak crying to be unleashed. Her first instinct was to rush through the shower and then descend upon her cache of sex toys in her night stand; but she was deterred by the sudden realization that she was out of batteries as her unrelenting sexual hunger especially in the past week had seen her killing all the batteries in her various toys.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned softly as her soapy hand again brushed over her erect nipples and then she decided to go with the flow of her body’s urgent need. Her right hand travelled south to her wet slippery sex, and her hands worked methodically rubbing her puffy lips and then teasing her clit hood as her other hand teased her nipples and kneaded her ample boobs alternately.

Her moans grew in volume and intensity as she shut her eyes and surrendered herself to the pleasure of self loving while her mind once again returned to that special place in her most recent unyielding fantasy.

She visualized the bathroom door creaking open and the fuzzy outlines of Giovanni’s sexy young and jealous secretary darkening the doorway as she watched her touch herself through the translucent glass of the shower door.

A shiver of excitement runs through her as she watches Bianca pause at the doorway and listen with a raunchily cocked ear to the soothing droning sound of the fine shower spray, and admiring the sexy Lynda’s raunchy body movements through the translucent glass of the shower booth.

She imagines Bianca feeling her pussy tingling as she imagines how she would cup and fondle those big gorgeous breasts and then suck on her tight ripe nipples too.

Lynda groaned as she rubbed her slit, and then began to circle her erect clit with her fingers while she trembled amidst the rush of pleasure that coursed through her whole body. Her moans got even louder until the heavenly sounds of her pleasure drowned out the soft steady droning sound of the shower.

She shivered again as she imagined the glass door of the shower booth sliding open and Bianca smiling so seductively at her; the younger woman’s ample bosom tipped with nipples so rock hard and tantalizing Lynda couldn’t resist the temptation of pulling her right into her own warm embrace.

They instantly hug each other as Bianca grasps her waist; their lips meet in a hungry, desperate kiss that leaves both women moaning into each others mouths, while they grope and caress each other hot and needy bodies.

Lynda sucks on Bianca’s lips and vice versa while their tongues tango, searching for new territories to explore. Bianca squeezes on her rivals sexy dimpled cheeks and then the sexy adulteress pulls at her hair in response.

Bianca breaks their deeply passionate kiss, and then pulls away to shower more kisses on Lynda’s neck. Lynda closes her eyes and moans whilst savoring the moment as slut secretary continued to lick and kiss her throat. The kissing and licking continues as Bianca’s mouth travels much lower, over her sexy and curvy tummy to the soft downy fur that had grown over Lynda’s neglected mound.

“Oh baby! I’ve been dying to hold you and love you like this for so long….” Lynda crooned totally bereft of a sense of time, as Bianca’s fingers rub and then part her slippery and desperately wet pussy lips from whence he nectar of her arousal flow freely.

“Aghhh… Yes!” Lynda moans out loud as Bianca slips her finger into her hot wet vagina and then run her thumb over her clit, and then pausing briefly, she kneels down on the rubber mat in the shower tray. She opens her mouth to lick the horny woman’s heavenly triangle while deliberately ignoring her wet fragrant flower; she continues to kiss the softer insides of her silken thighs, and then follows up with longer strokes down to the back of her knees and then up to the centre of her passion.

"Mmmmm... Yeah baby, eat me now please!" Lynda’s sex laden voice begged as she moaned and moves her luscious body as Bianca spreads her slick cunt lips and slips a finger inside her tunnel of lust. “Oh fuck yeah!” Lynda moans even louder as Giovanni’s slut secretary fingers her pussy in short quick strokes; she claims her trembling lovers dripping wet pussy, quickly focusing on her engorged clit. Lynda’s love cries escalate into wild screams of pure pleasure as Bianca’s fingers found and kneaded her g-spot while devouring her pussy hungrily, sucking and then licking from her swollen juicy covered lips, to her erect clitoris.

Lynda was lost in the whirlwind of her pleasure her only movements were her relentless trembling and her hands as they grabbed and kneaded her breasts twisting and teasing her erect nipples while her body trembled and shivered from the relentless barrage of pleasurable sensations that crashed over her as Bianca rather deftly brought her to a loud and shattering climax.

"Oh Yeahhh... Fuck... Yeahhh... I’m cummmmming!" she screeched even as Bianca carries on unrelenting in her delivery of pleasure to her lover’s body. The pussy munching secretary carries on sucking Lynda’s clit and stroking it with her tongue simultaneously, right through Lynda’s earth moving orgasm until she is rewarded with Lynda’s elixir of release as the older woman squirts all over her face.

Her pleasure was so deep that as her tremors receded, it took Lynda’s a moment before it truly sank in, that the episode of hot lesbian pleasure was only a creation of her horny imagination. She quickly cleaned herself up and as she stepped out of the shower, she smiled wickedly with a determined naughty twinkle in her eyes. ‘I have an important phone call to make; the coming weekend is beginning to look a lot more interesting,’ she thought as she contemplated the cunning tenacity that would be required to actualize her fantasy...

To be continued….

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