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Marci the Inbetween

Marci gets between Jerry and his daughter
My name is Marci. I have been seeing a really great guy named Jerry for two years. I stay over at his place on occasion, mostly when his daughter is visiting with her mother in Washington. Jerry’s daughter is 12 years younger than I am, and Jerry is 11 years older, so I am very much in between the two of them. Actually that’s the point of the story.

Claire had told her Dad that she liked girls, and Jerry had made an attempt at humour by answering her with “me too!” That didn’t go over particularly well to 17 year old girl who was confiding her most intimate secret to her father, hence Jerry asked for my help in bridging the gap. Jerry immediately made sure that Claire knew that he loved her whatever her sexuality and that helped to tone down the drama.

Jerry knew that I had been with women before, and being a little closer in age to his daughter he thought I might be easier for her to talk to. Certainly easier than her mother who worked as an aide to a conservative republican congressman.

I suggested to Jerry that it may just be a phase. A lot of girls have they early sexual experiences by experimenting with the other girls. Girls were more available, as well as being less hurried and less threatening. I mean a girl’s not going to get pregnant by screwing another girl. That’s how it was with me, but I’ve continued to sleep with girlfriends from time to time as well.

We got into all of this over dinner, and at some point Jerry suggested we whip back to my place and pick up a couple of things so that I could spend the weekend. As I mentioned earlier I usually stayed over when Claire wasn’t around, and on those weekends I really didn’t need too much in the way of clothes.

We arrived back at Jerry’s condo. Claire was just watching TV, and Jerry let her know I was going to be staying over the weekend, which she said was “cool.” I had changed into yoga pants and a t shirt when we stopped at my place, so I just made myself comfortable on the couch while Jerry went to change. I hadn’t seen Claire in a while, and she had really grown into a beautiful young lady. Her hair was short and very blonde. She had long legs and a lean build. She was just wearing running shorts and t shirt and I doubt she needed a bra. I probably needed one with my C cups, but I didn’t bother seeing we were just going back to Jerry’s place. I must admit I really liked the view of those long slim legs in running shorts.

So we sat there for a bit and watched a brutally scary movie that Claire had rented. I was grossed out which she found quite amusing, and we had really nice time bonding. We talked about school and I told that her Dad told me she had a girlfriend. To which she blushed and I told her that had a special girlfriend as well when I was her age. Her eyes widened and I could tell she wanted to ask me a bunch of questions, but then her Dad came in the room, so we switched topics. I promised we’d talk later, and I headed into the bedroom.

Jerry followed after a few minutes and I was already under the covers. I told him I needed a little gentle loving given the movie I had just seen. Jerry was a very good lover and often mixed things up. We had tried tying each other up as well as some spanking but tonight I needed a quieter release, and he understood. Also whips and chains would be a bit much with his daughter in the next room.

Jerry left the bedside lamp on and got undressed in front of me. I sat up in bed and arranged my legs into the lotus position, enjoying the show as he slowly removed each article of clothing. Jerry has long legs like his daughter; however his middle has been softened by approaching middle age. His bottom remains nicely taught, and being an assgirl I appreciated that.

Most of his body hair was light although his hair and eyes we both brown. He kept his pubic area closely trimmed, and his balls were smooth and hairless. Jerry was well proportioned, I don’t mean large I just mean he was nicely endowed. His penis was probably close to average, but just right for his body, and it was a nice body to behold.

Jerry pulled back the covers and sat on my lap facing me. Our foreheads touched before we kissed and I could feel the warmth of his smooth ball sack resting on my inner thigh. We kissed for some time as he kneaded and opened my bum resting his hands on my parting butt cheeks and fingering me along the crack of my ass. I stoked his shaft and held it against my belly, lifting myself up so that his fingers could probe my ass. I used his pre cum as lip gloss for our kisses and slid some over my nipples as well.

“Do you want to lick my nipples baby?” I asked, and Jerry lowered his head pulling on the sensitive tips, that were already slick with his juices. I loved that he enjoyed tasting himself.

“That’s good, baby, can I have your bottom now?” This was common for us and Jerry rolled over positioning his ass on my lap as he sucked my toes. I reached into the night table for lube. I lubed and fingered his beautiful butt and under his smooth ball sack. He knew what was coming as I slid a butt plug into his ass, and he groaned with pleasure (I told you I was an assgirl). Jerry rolled back over and sat opposite me on the bed. The erection he was holding in his hand was much stiffer than before, and he was rocking gently enjoying the sensation of the butt plug up pushing against his g spot.

I sat on top of him and wrapped my legs around his back, but did not have him enter me; instead he continued to hold his erection to his tummy as I drew back my clitoral hood and explored my own erection. We both looked down enjoying the site of my fingers playing with my hard little nub, both of us riding on the edge of our approaching climaxes. I fingered my hole and spread my juices on his lips and slid his cock inside me as we kissed. We rocked back and forth, and as I felt his finger penetrate my ass my pussy contracted. I was riding a wave of pleasure. It was like slow motion when felt the pulsating rhythm shoot warm semen up into my womb.

We just sat there for a while and held each other as the warm cum dripped onto his lap. It was a nice afterglow moment, and then there was a rap on the door.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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