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Meet Me in St. Louis

online lovers meet for the first time
The flight had not been a long one, but had seemed interminable. My heart was beating fast as the plane pulled up to the gate, mostly from excitement, with a bit of fear, maybe even panic, mixed in. All these months, we had chatted online and talked on the phone, even played together on cam, but now....Now we were finally going to meet face to face rather than virtually. I felt like I already knew him, though. It's as if we had really been together, bringing each other such great pleasure so many times. Somehow, he knows how to make my toes curl and make me scream with orgasm, even though the caresses have been only in fantasy.

We had arranged to meet in a city where he travels on business. He would be in meetings most of the day, but that night and the next two days would be ours to explore each other. Once I claimed my bag and hailed a cab the anticipation became even more intense, knowing he was but a few miles from me and we would soon be together.

When I arrived at our hotel and checked in, I was shown to a beautiful suite. The bellman handed me an envelope and said, "The gentleman left this for you, Ma'am." I reached into my purse for a tip, but he stopped me saying, "The gentleman has already taken care of that." I smiled at that, yes, that's him, the gentleman. On the table was a single pale pink rose. I sat down, opening the envelope.

My Sweet Lady Fair,
I regret that I was unable to meet your flight today, the anticipation of our finally meeting face to face has me very distracted. You have noticed the rose I left for you. I believe it is the exact shade of pink of your beautiful nipples. I look forward to the opportunity to make a comparison later this evening.
I am sending a car for you and will meet you at the restaurant where we will be dining and finally fulfilling our dreams of being together in the flesh. We will follow dinner with dancing. I assume it is still your desire as it is mine to be in each others arms on the dance floor. Though, I doubt we will dance till dawn. I am sure you are as anxious as I am to be alone together.
What to wear this evening is, of course, your choice, but I make one simple request. I ask that you wear a skirt and no panties. That knowledge as I hold you on the dance floor will undoubtedly make it very difficult for me to refrain from ravishing you in public.
If there is anything you need, simply call the hotel concierge. I have instructed him that anything my girl needs, my girl gets.

I leaned back and closed my eyes for a moment, savoring the tingle running through me. What a sweet gentleman he is, making me feel so special and pampered.

I rose from the sofa and began preparing for the evening of my life. I opened a closet and realized that he had hung up his clothing . I took in his smell, burying my face in his jacket. I had seen him, all of him. I had talked to him on the phone for hours, listening to that wonderful, sexy voice. But, I had never touched him or, I suddenly realized, smelled him. I selected a long, black gauzy skirt and a black velvet camisole to wear, then headed for the shower.

As the hot water enveloped my body, all the tensions of the work week washed down the drain. I shampooed my hair and began to run my fingers over my body. Every inch of skin I touched filled me with greater anticipation of his hands touching me, his lips kissing me. My nipples puckered and hardened. My pussy juices began to slide down the inside of my thighs. My fingers found my swollen clit and I felt my first orgasm of the evening take me over.

I stepped from the shower and wrapped myself in a towel. I decided to pull my shoulder-length hair up, giving that darling man better access to my neck for kissing. I got dressed and checked the effect in the mirror. I was sure I had made a good choice, the camisole showed off my "girls" to great advantage. I was putting the finishing touches on my makeup when the phone rang. "Your car is here, Ma'am." "Thank you, I'll be right down." I slipped on my silver sandals, added a spritz of perfume, and headed for the elevator.

I entered the lobby feeling like I was in a dream. Could I really be heading for this rendezvous? The doorman showed me to the car waiting for me, and I was driven the short distance to the restaurant. Upon entering the restaurant, the maitre'd informed me, "The gentleman has been detained, ma'am, but he is on his way now. He had hoped to be here to meet you upon your arrival, but his meeting ran long." I was shown to a very private table in a dark corner. I was sure that darling man had personally selected this table, with seating on a banquette, so that we would be able to sit right next to each other, and a long tablecloth to ensure that we would have the most possible privacy. I sat down and was immediately brought a lovely wine and a few nibbles.

As our waiter stepped away, I saw Jim walking rapidly towards me, a stricken look on his face. I rose to meet him, feeling like a character in a movie. He rushed to me, graped my hands, an apology spilling from his lips, "I am so sorry. I wanted to be here to meet you...."It's OK"..."but my meeting ran long, it was driving me crazy"...."It's OK, Jim."...."then the traffic on the way"..."Listen, Jim, after all these months, did you really think fifteen minutes would be a deal breaker? Just shut up and kiss me, my sweet sexy Bear."

The sweet smile I treasure spread across his face and his arms surrounded me, pulling me to him. The kiss....the first kiss we had waited for...the first kiss we had both dreamed of...our lips met, gently at first, then giving in to the passion boiling within us, suddenly totally unaware of our surroundings,we held each other. I was trembling with orgasm, feeling his hardness pressing against me. Just one kiss and I was cumming. The fantasy was reality. I pulled back to look in his eyes, in person finally, I could touch his face, feel his arms around me for real, kiss him and be kissed by him.

"I have to sit down, Dear. You make my knees weak."

He looked down at the growing bulge in his pants, and said with a chuckle, "I think it would be a good idea if I sat down too."

I slid back into my seat and he slid in beside me. Grasping my hand in his, he pulled it to his mouth, pressing his lips against my palm. I didn't remember telling him about that, but somehow he just knew how to make my excitement build.

"Our waiter has been very patient and discrete, Dear, but I think we should let him do his job."

We paused in our reverie and Jim ordered our meal, in spite of the fact that our great hunger was not for food. When the waiter had gone, I found myself gently stroking his beard and looking into his smiling eyes. I wouldn't have been able to wipe the silly grin off my face if I had to. Jim gently kissed my temple and put his hand on my thigh. He pulled my skirt up far enough to slide his hand between my thighs. I gasped as his fingers touched my damp pubic hair.

"Mmm, I see you granted my request."

Of course, Darling."

It was all I could do to quiet my moans as his finger flicked against my swollen clit. My hand slid over the bulge of his hard cock as I quivered with orgasm.

Our waiter appeared with our entrées, and the food was delicious, although not the focus of our attention. The heat between us as we sat there pressed against each other was so intense. Being able to touch each other, kiss,caress, and take in the scent of each other was the culmination of months of fantasy. When we had finished our dinner, we left the restaurant with our arms around each other. The valet brought his car around and I once again thought how right it felt, just sitting beside him, hand in hand. Jim drove to a club he knew for the next experience of our evening. He opened my door and took my hand, pulling me to him as I stood. In an instant we were locked in a passionate kiss, his hard cock pressed against me, my arms around his neck.

"Are you sure you really want to dance....vertically?

"Yes, I'm sure. The anticipation will make it that much hotter when we get back to the hotel."

"I really don't think it can get any hotter."

We walked from the car with our arms around each other. It was a small, intimate club, and there were several couples on the dance floor. We found a table for two in the corner, and sat for a few minutes to catch our breath, Jim kissing my fingers, me kissing his.

"Well, lovely lady, It's about time I had you in my arms on the dance floor."

As we moved to the dance floor, I felt once again as if I was floating through a dream. Jim's hand against the small of my back felt almost hot enough to burn. My left hand stroked his hair, playing with his earlobe. He bent his head to lay kisses on my neck and shoulder as his hand slid down to cup my ass and pull me even closer. I did my best to stifle my gasps and moans, but could do nothing to stifle the juices running down my thighs. In the dim light, surrounded by other couples engaged in the same "dance", our actions went largely unnoticed as he ground his hardness against my hip. I felt 16 again, with my boyfriend's excitement so evident on the dance floor.

After a few more songs, neither of us could stand it any longer and no words were even necessary. One look was all it took, and we both knew it was time to get back to the hotel and total privacy. I noticed him giving the parking lot attendant a substantial tip. I wondered why until we reached his car and the light nest to the care suddenly went out. He pulled me against him and whispered fiercely,

"I need your right here, right now."

I could only moan my agreement. He spun me around, lifted my skirt, and shoved his fingers between my legs. My juices gushed over his hand, and he replaced it with his hard, thick cock. My legs were shaking as he drove his cock into my sodden pussy over and over. Just as I went over the edge again, I felt him explode inside me. His softening cock slid from my pussy and he turned me toward him, kissing me and holding me against him until we could both breathe again. We both got in the car on shaky legs, and headed for the hotel.

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