Mile High Adventure

By gerwynm

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You get a surprise in your seat from the stranger sitting next to you.
You're sitting in your seat on the plane, it's been a long week at your parents and you just can't wait to get back home to your warm comfy bed. You look out of the window to your left, browsing over the clouds and the wonderful designs they seem to create.

You look at one set of clouds and it almost looks like wave imprint on the beach, with tall sand dunes following it as far as your eye can see. It's so bright and sunny up here, you think to yourself that if it was possible to own a house in the sky, you would be the first to buy one.

As you close the shutter on the window, you look down the rows of chairs on the plane, it's full today and your lucky to have gotten an empty seat right at the back, it's just the way you like it. Nice and quiet with no distractions.

You close your eyes leaning your head up against the headrest and get comfortable. Your breathing slows to a gentle flow, you begin to drift off, hoping that the flight will be soon over once you wake up.

You open your eyes, they feel heavy. You're not quite sure if you even fell asleep. As you look to your right you see a man sat next to you, he's very good looking. You're not one for conversation with strangers though so you don't say anything.

You feel him shuffling trying to get comfy as his shoulder bumps against yours. You look at him again and he notices.

"Stupid chairs, I can never get comfy in these things". He talks to you but doesn't make eye contact as he adjusts himself.

"Usually I can't get comfy in them but after the week I've had, I found them to be quite comfortable". As you talk to him he seems glad of the conversation. You may as well talk to him it's better than the on flight movies that are available.

"So what is it you do, if you don't mind me asking? I couldn't help but notice how pretty you are, are you an actress or something?" You smile as he compliments you.

"I'm a fashion model, I make quite a bit of money by doing it".

"That's great, I admire anyone who can stand there for hours on end having photos of them taken, It's something I could never have the patience for. Do you think the toilet is safe?" The tone in his voice changes as he says this as a cheeky grin emerges on his face.

"Safe? Yes I'm sure it's safe why?". You think to yourself how much of an unusual question this is to ask.

"Oh good!" He stammers as he says this. You find it amusing when a confident guys looses his feet in an attempt to take advantage of you.

"Would you mind escorting me there, I feel a little bit queasy". He looks fine, although you'd rather not be seen as the bitch who wouldn't help a poor guy out.

You nod to him, a sign of approval and he smiles back at you as if to say thank you.

He gets up and leaves his seat and you quickly do the same, walking through the mini doorway. As you walk through the doorway, he reaches over you and shuts the curtain behind you.

"Would you mind checking for me please?" He points towards the toilet door. You feel a little confused but do as he asks, you open the door.

"See, it's perfectly safe you've got nothing to worry about in there." As you say this, he walks towards the open toilet door, but instead of going in, he turns to you and begins to advance in your direction.

Before you realize it, his nose is an inch away from yours, you find yourself backed up against the wall looking into his big brown eyes, feeling his warm breath upon your face. You can feel the butterflies in your tummy as he stares into your eyes.

You find yourself being aroused very quickly, after all you only live once you may as well have some fun whilst your still young.

He leans in and begins to kiss you gently, you can feel his hands slowly massaging your ass cheeks. He pull's you closer as you rest your hands on his shoulders.

You're not too bothered whether someone catches you two or not, in the heat of the moment the passion takes you away.

He lifts up your skirt and begins kissing you more deeply and passionately, your heart is racing faster than usual. You begin to loosen his belt as he unbuttons your blouse. Breathing deeply as you wait to see his member.

He loosens the straps on your shoulders and your blouse instantly falls to the floor leaving you open and exposed in front of him. He begins kissing your neck and holds you closer, as you continue to undo his belt. The sensation is relentless and you can't help but moan outloud, you're sure people can hear you, but you don't care at this moment in time.

He pins your arms against the wall, kissing you deep. You can feel the full weight of his body pressing against you.

You can feel him getting hard, digging into your thigh as you continue to passionately kiss each other. You begin to move down onto your knees, he pulls out his throbbing cock and your eyes open wide.

You eagerly open your mouth and take all of him, his head throbbing all the way in the back of your throat. You pull him out of your mouth and begin licking the head slowly in circles whilst rubbing his shaft.

You begin sucking him, back and forth in a rhythmic motion as he puts is hands on the back of your head and begins fucking your mouth. Every thrust sends his cock deeper and deeper to the back of your throat, he holds your head there for a few seconds, your eyes almost bulging as you feel your self gagging on him.

He releases you and pulls out of your mouth as you catch your breath, drool dripping from your mouth onto your legs. You lick the head of his cock again with your tongue in a circular motion. He moans as you do so, you're both breathing deeply.

As you begin sucking him again, you start to finger yourself. Your pussy is wet and your fingers easily glide in as you thrust them in and out.

You feel him lift you up and turn you around. He grabs your hips and pulls your ass towards him, you put your hands against the wall for support. As you steady yourself, you feel him enter you, stretching your pussy.

You almost cum instantly as he slides all the way into you letting out a loud moan as he does. He begins thrusting, holding firmly onto your hips fucking you harder and faster with every thrust. He continues this motion and you feel yourself cumming, your warm pussy juices flowing all the way down your leg. He puts his hand over your mouth to soften the moans coming out of your mouth.

You grab onto his arm with both hands and try to moan but it is dampened by the pressure on your mouth. He continues to thrust harder and faster, he's fucking you so hard and fast that you find yourself cumming again, all over his cock.

This time you moan so loud that there is no way the people on the plane can't hear you, but you don't stop, if someone was to walk in and see, you would cum again even harder at the thought of being caught in the act.

He lifts up your right leg with his hand and holds it there as he thrusts into you again. This time his cock feels even bigger inside you as your pussy is tightened by the position your now in. He puts his hand back over your mouth and begins thrusting again, you can hear his balls clapping off your leg as he continues to fuck you

He stops suddenly, opening the toilet door in front of you and walks in ushering you inside as well. He sits down on the toilet and pulls you towards him.

He grabs your head firmly, lowering your mouth down onto his cock, as he fills your mouth you can hear him moaning loudly. He cums in your mouth filling it up quickly, you swallow without thinking his hot cum going down your throat.

After you have swallowed, he lifts your head up and looks into your eyes, he kisses you deeply again. After kissing you he says, "Come on, lets go back to our seats, I've got loads that I would like to share with you."

As he says this you stand up and begin looking for your blouse. You can't help but think to yourself that this has been your mile high adventure.