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mistaken identity

mistaken identity

It was 4 th of July last year

Our entire neighborhood gets together to celebrate.  One of the neighbors invites everyone over to have a huge cookout.  It is more of a feast and adult beverages.  This year was great because all the kids that had grown up together were coming home from their first years at college. 

The party starts about 2:00pm with everyone gathering and bringing something to share.  Mike had started his oversized grill with a beer in hand.  A couple of the guys wheeled over two kegs and the lawn chairs were being disbursed.

As the afternoon passed on I sat in a huge circle with my wife and neighbors all talking about the economy, kids, work, and who was planning on doing work in their yards or houses.  One of the moms sitting next to me lives three doors down (Vicky and Bruce) they have a daughter same age as mine in her first year of college (Jenny).  She and her husband have always been very friendly.  She commented on how much the kids had grown and how good looking they were.  I did not comment nor did I dare to look.  The girls were all in bikini’s and hot as hell.  I mentally slapped myself; I had known these kids since they were in diapers.  The other parents comment and we all laughed. 

About an hour later a guy walked in and introduced himself as Greg, he was Jenny’s boyfriend.  Vicky said hi to him and told him to go find Jenny and make sure she stayed out of trouble.  He left and we all laughed.

We ate and drank like kings and queens and enjoyed the hot afternoon.  Around 6:00pm Mike announced to the entire group that we’re leaving at 7:00 to go see the town’s fireworks and then back to his house for a special firework display.  As we all got up it was quite noticeable the entire group was a little tipsy.  The kids all came over to help clean up and started joking that they needed to drive us to the firework display. As I grabbed more lawn chairs and garbage Vicky came up behind me and whispered “don’t look now buy Jenny’s boyfriend is wearing the same shorts and shirt as you”. I looked at her and said “I am more than confident she will not get us confused, Christ the kid is buff and has a 6 pack where his stomach should be”.  She laughed and slapped me on the ass.  I was just a little taken by this; she had never shown much attention to me before.

My daughter got the car ready and we started to pile in.  Vicky came over and asked for a ride, her husband was not coming since he signed up for an extra shift at the hospital.  I think he was a nurse.  I was in the back seat between my wife and Vicky.  Off we went to the firework display.  The show was good and then piled back in to go back home

Once we got back my wife told me she had enough.  She was drunk by now and just wanted to sleep.  I walked her home and poured her into bed.  By the time her head hit the pillow, she was out.  I went back to Mike’s house to watch the rest of the display.  I sat next to Vicky over on the far side of the yard.  She leaned over and asked where my wife was.  I told her that she was home snoring.  “Good you can be my husband for the rest of the night”  “ohhh, be careful what you wish for”  we laughed. 

The show was over and we continued to drink as the kids played in the pool.  Around 11 it was time to clean up.  Vicky’s husband had dragged over several coolers, tables, chairs, and yard toys.  I asked her if she needed help with them. “you are my husband for the night, of course you need to help me”  on my last trip from her house back to the party I met her in the street. She leaned into me and hugged me “thanks for the help hunny”, “you’re welcome my wife” I replied.  “When you are done over at Mike’s I will be in the Kitchen waiting for you”. I was a little shocked. “When is your husband coming home”  “tomorrow at about 8am”.  “Let me make sure everything is cleaned up” “hurry up” she said.

I was walking in a cloud.  I could not believe she wanted me to come over.  Now she is very attractive and I was happily drunk.  Hell no one would know or even suspect.  My wife was asleep and not to wake up. Most of the kids were at their homes or asleep.  And I was helping everyone clean up.  Not a big surprise for me to walk back over there.

I grabbed the final cooler and walked back to Vicky’s.  The garage service door was open and I walked inside and put the cooler down.  Then I walked into the house.  There were not lights on and I could barely see.  Wow, she is playing this up nicely, I thought.  I walked into the kitchen and just saw a silhouette sitting on the countertop. 

I walked over to her and she opened her legs wide for me to get closer.  I dare not say anything since she obviously had some kind of a plan.  I leaned into her and made a small sound “hmmmmmm”, she kisses me hard on the lips.  Her tongue darted into my mouth and I returned the gesture.  We were kissing like crazy.  She then started to suck on my tongue like she was giving it a blow job.  Wow I was getting pretty heated up.  I pulled my tongue back and tried to suck hers into my mouth to return the favor, she caught on and I was sucking her tongue. 

I took my hand and started to slide them up her front, feeling her chest.  She moaned in my mouth.  Then sliding them down and pulling her shirt up.  She was still in here swim suit. I slide my hands around and untied her top.  She stopped kissing me and slide off her shirt.  My mouth went right to her chest and sucked in one of her nipples.  Her hands went to the back of my head holding me tights.  Sucking, licking, gently biting, then moving to the other nipple… she was arching her back enjoy my attention.

I felt her hand slide down my front into my suit and grabbed my cock.  All I heard from her was “nice”.. I am not sure why, I am not huge, average size, or maybe she just liked that I was hard as a rock. 

I decided I had enough of her nipples and knew we could not be at this all night.  I slide my hands to your bottom and grabbed her suit sliding it off her ass.  My hand went to her pussy and I slide one finger into her.  Oh….she was shaven smooth.  I love smooth pussy.  My wife will never shave smooth.  I knew my tongue wanted to feel the smooth skin and taste her.  

Kissing down her front over her stomach and right to her clit.  She laid back on the counter and spread her legs wide.  Licking her clit and then into her pussy.  She was enjoying the attention.  Up and down over her clit, blowing on it and then sliding my tongue down to her ass.  She jumped a little “yessss” was all I heard her say.   I could feel she was getting ready to cum…. She bucked, hissed, and squeezed her legs tight and bam.  I was treated to a wonderful gush of her pussy all over my face.  

I pulled my face away from her pussy and took my cock out of my suit.  I knew she needed a moment to come down from her orgasm, but I also knew she could change her mind.   I positioned my cock right at the entrance of her pussy with only about an inch into her.  She was starting to breathe normally.  She placed her hands on my chest, thinking she would tell me “NO”.  She then slid her hands down to my side and leaned up to grab my ass.  She slowly pulled me into her.  I pushed in until all of me was as deep as I could go.  I started out slowly gaining pace.  Soon I was slamming into her like I have never done before.  She just kept saying “yes, yes  yes,  yes”.   I knew we would not last long and after about 5 minutes of this fast pace I felt that urge…..I pushed into her as deep as I could holding her tight…  then the feeling of my cock blasting off inside her… holding still so she could feel each eruption….she just tossed her head back and moaned…..

I couple minutes later we knew it was over.   She gently pushed me back and hopped off the counter.  She grabbed her suit and walked around the corner and then up stairs. 

Wow I though. No word, no promises, hmmmm, and no “that was great”.  I just took it as she was still drunk and was feeling guilty.

I grabbed my stuff and walked back to the garage and out the service door.  I turned the corner and walked in front of her house to go home.  Then I was startled.

“Hey where have you been?”  Holy shit it was Vicky.

“What do you mean, where have you been?” trying to stay calm

“I have been sitting on the porch waiting for you”

“Sorry I did not see you earlier”

“That’s ok, it is too late to go inside any way” Vicky giggled


“Jenny is getting pounded by her boyfriend in the kitchen, she was supposed to go out, but I guess they wanted to stay in… sorry about that, maybe next time” Vicky said as she hugged me

“Darn, well I guess this is good night”

“Not a good night, but goodnight” Vicky kissed me on the cheek and walked into her house


I walked home thinking “Holy crap what just happened”


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