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Blackstallion21 Meets his friend Sarahhh

Ever fall in love with someone’s personality before you’ve fully met them? Of course you have in the Internet Day and Age. It takes a mere nothing now days to accidentally IM someone and trip and fall into a relationship. Or a mere nothing to get onto an internet dating site, and with just a photo of who you think you are talking to, and a cunning correspondent with a sharp tongue to have even the world’s toughest people eating out of the palms of the person they think they know!

And for the most part, that’s what happened to me. I belong to a site for erotica novelists, and I just happened to run into another personality, and I could say that for the most part, started to catch feelings for a personality!

And then after falling for a personality via the cyber space world, finally got to meet the redheaded beauty that I had met on the computer, and you’ll never guess what happened!

BlackStallion21 to Sarahhh:

Hey home girl, it’s your favorite black writer once again, and I figured I would get at you finally after pining after you for about a year…

I really enjoy your writings. I enjoy the fact that you take your time writing and researching your topics. It’s not often that another author of my age and stature influences me. I’ve always read material from established authors to get my ideas, and you have changed that! Congrats.

But anyway, onto the reason I’m emailing today! I would really like to meet you! Maybe we could get coffee one day at a Starbucks™ or something and talk about collaborating on a story. I think with your stunning personality and both of our abilities to make pussies wet, and cocks hard with the tips of our pens, we’d make a killer story! Whaddaya think?

I think it would work!

But, I will let you go! Hope to hear back from you soon!

With Love,


So with that email sent, I felt better with myself, and I decided to hit the Internet to catch a new story. Depressed after reading a couple of bad stories, I turned to the good ole internet porn that I had saved on my computer, and soon enough I had rubbed, beat, pulled and prodded all of my stress away! What would I do without internet porn?

Anyway… I decided to check my email once more before heading to bed that night, and wouldn’t you know, my cherry blossom was quicker on the drawl than I had expected her to be!

Sarahhh to BlackStallion21:

So Kiss-ass, I see you like my stories! Either that or you are one hellava kiss ass… But in either event, I have to say Thank You for taking the time out to read my material! As you know yourself, for writers like us, the biggest complement someone can give you is just reading your work, let alone leaving a critique afterwards!

Listen… I am not particularly looking to collaborate with anyone right now, but don’t run away with your tail ‘tween your legs! That sounds like something I would be able to do in about a month or two. There’s just too much on my plate right now. I’m in the works of getting published right now, and I’m not ready to keep writing.

BUT what I will invite you to do is to come to a Writers Conference. There is a “Story Sharing” at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center on April 2 nd that last’s all day. The doors open at 9am, and you can meet and greet with fellow Erotica authors, editors, and publishing companies.

From there, the old goth/metal/industrial club, Club Heat downtown is hosting a Masquerade Ball for all of the writers. I will be at both of these events and you should be too! Bring a girlfriend if you would like, or show up solo, but what ever you do, you need to come!

Anyway, I really hope to see you there!


Your Favo Red Head!


An Erotica Story Writers Conference, huh? Interesting! I would have to attend! If nothing else, I could just find a publisher. Maybe an editor, and get on my way to getting my name out there! That’s been something that I have always wanted to do!

But first, I would have to thank Sarahhh via email, and get some information about the conference. And unfortunately, this gave me a reason to go out shopping too to find a new outfit to wear.

The night before the event, I had booked a room at the Double Tree Hotel downtown Pittsburgh and had dinner solo at the Double Tree’s restaurant, The Bigelow Grille, and when I got back to the room I had received an IM on my yahoo messenger from Sarahhh. Eager to find out what she had to say, I stripped out of my clothes into just my boxers, and jumped onto the bed and slid my laptop into my lap.

Sarahhh: Hey Black.

Blackstallion21: Hey mami, how are you?

Sarahhh: Really, I am sitting in my room horny as hell waiting on my boyfriend to give me a call. It’s his birthday, and I promised him a day to be rivaled by all others, and he got called into work.

Blackstallion21: Awe. I am so sorry to hear that love. If it’s any constellation, (which I don’t think it will be…) I’m sitting in my hotel room alone without the prospects of a girl… I just broke up with my ex last week. We were growing apart, and I couldn’t stand to see the relationship dwindle.

Sarahhh: hmm, so tempted to come over and show you what I had for him! Lol

Blackstallion21: A proposition?

Sarahhh: lol, no… sorry I was just kidding. I couldn’t bring myself to cheating. I’m a good girl.

Blackstallion21: LOL, there’s NO such thing now a days! But I respect your loyalty, b/c I would hope for the same in a relationship. Honestly.

… But the thought of licking from your neck to your navel is playing in the for front of my mind right now!

Sarahhh: Is it really? And what else would you do? …If I may ask?

Blackstallion21: Well, the tongue ring in my mouth is dying to meet your clit to see if it’s ticklish. And your nipples, and whatever else it may encounter…

Sarahhh: Ticklish huh? Well maybe one day you’ll be able to find out. And maybe I’ll find out if chocolate colored cock really tastes like chocolate or if everyone is lying to me. Whaddaya think?

Blackstallion21: Chocolate Cock? GNR! That’s hilarious! I guess there’s only one way to find out! Now isn’t there?

Sarahhh: yep. Oh… um, what’s GNR stand for?

Blackstallion21: Gotta N*&&a Rollin! The “hood” way of saying LOL.

Sarahhh: That’s funny. Well, I’m gonna get to bed. My boyfriend just lost out… But I am going to double click my mouse thinking about your tongue ring and the things you promised me.

I’m holding you to it!

Blackstallion21: You got it upon ever getting the chance! Good Night Red!

Sarahhh: M.w.a.h.

And with that, I signed off of the computer, and put it on the floor, and tried to roll over to sleep. Only there was one big problem in my way. Lying on my stomach posed a problem with a hard cock under my body. And sleep wasn’t exactly coming easy… so I figured I would do the only thing that took me to sleep faster than sleeping pills. I took my throbbing pole that was already partially poking out of the eye of my boxers out and started stroking it.

It felt so good, and I couldn’t think of anything better to do but close my eyes and relax. The picture perfect face of my red head popped into my mind, and the grip I had on my cock got a little tighter, and a moan escaped my lips.

The up and down, and up and down motions of my hand turned into the imagined up and down motion of Sarah’s red hair bobbing up and down as she deep throated my cock. Her beautiful fiery hair was splayed over my stomach and thighs and I could almost feel the cool saliva running out of her mouth and down my tightening balls.

Oh my GOD… this felt too real, and I was starting to really WANT Sarah to be there at the moment! Harder and faster my hand was flying over my cock as the tension started to mount and the bomb was getting close to exploding. I was throbbing recklessly, and it was only moments before I…

And before I could do anything about it, a pearl necklace fit for a queen rocketed out of my cock sending me into one of the biggest orgasms that I had experienced in years! (…Well maybe not years, but I was sure going to daydream about Sarah more often while I was punching the clown!)

I cleaned up the mess that would be sure to stain the carpet, comforter, and anything else it may have landed on, and I jumped under the covers, and before I knew it…

“Mr. Blackstallion, This is the Front Desk calling you for your 645am wake up. The restaurant is serving a complementary breakfast until 930a. Please feel free to also visit our Guest Pantry for your morning paper, or any other of your morning needs. Thank you for staying at The Double Tree Downtown Pittsburgh, and Have a Great Day.”

…And by far, that was the best wake up call/ answering machine that I have ever received at a hotel.

Check out at 12? Really?

SO… I got dressed, hit the gym for an hour, and at 9, hit the restaurant for breakfast. I threw my suitcase in the car, and decided to go for a walk around the great city of Pittsburgh, and made my way down to the Convention Center for the Conference.

* * *

Signing in at the Convention Center wasn’t a problem, and as I walked around, I took in all of the atmosphere around me. There were young men, old men, young women, and old women too. There were couples, business people, hippies, gothic looking people, and even house wives. The extent of different looking everyday people was endless. So I didn’t feel out of place at all. Now grant it, there weren’t too many black people there, but there were enough that I didn’t even feel out of place in that arena. Now if I could just find Sarah.

I found kiosks with Editors, Publishers, Printing Companies, and even Copywriters, and I felt like I was in Literary Heaven. I was stuffing a folder that I had picked up on one particular kiosk with business cards, pamphlets, and fliers galore hoping that I would get lucky once I got home and put all of this together… I would have a published book if it killed me!

Before long, my search was forgotten about when I stumbled upon a guy who was promoting his new book. He was in his thirties from what it looked like, and he was joined on a platform with a bed set up, an air mattress on the bed, and two very attractive people who were in the nude. (Could you really do this in public …much less a Convention Center in Broad Daylight?)

As he kept talking I realized he was promoting a book on the positions of the Kama Sutra, and the hot couple was making the very large crowd that was gathering very wet and hard! One spectator even looked to have his hand down his pants massaging his growing hard on.

Turned on myself, I watched for a while, and then decided to keep moving so I could see the conference in it’s entirety before I had to leave for dinner.

* * *

All in all, I did get everything that I needed at the Convention Center to take my writing to the next level, but the only thing I didn’t see was what I went to see! And that was Sarah! But I figured I would go to the club and if I didn’t meet up with her there, it wasn’t meant for me too.

Dinner at the La Monte’ over looking the city took me out of $75.00 and I dined ALONE, but I guess it’s the experience that I was looking for. And I figured I could hit the city and a bar before I hit Club Heat downtown hoping to run into Red!

TEN O’CLOCK came before I knew it, and dressed in a Polo, some dark blue jeans, and equipped with a masquerade mask, I left my car in the safest place I knew downtown, and walked to the club.

The bouncers posted at the door looked a little beefy and at first I was uncertain I was at the right club. They looked like they weighed 320 a piece and were pure muscle.

“ID and Twenty Bucks,” The one guard barked out.

I did as I was asked and I produced my wallet.

Just as I did, the bouncer with my wallet looked at the other, and asked, “What was the dude’s name that is getting in for free? Was it Steve?”

“Yeah, does the name Blackstallion21 mean anything to you?” He asked.

“Um, Yeah that’s my NIC on a website. And if you need proof, my left arm has a tattoo with the word STALLION inscribed on it… Why?”

The security guard handed me my wallet back, and my twenty dollar bill, and placed a neon green wrist band on my wrist.

“You drink for free tonight, and you get free admission on some red headed chick. She said she was expecting you. Oh, and just as a FYI, you are probably way overdressed. Have fun.”

And overdressed I was! There were girls walking topless with nothing but paint on, and in thong bikini bottoms. There were others who were completely naked grinding on, or even fucking various men and women, and there were dudes walking around looking quite the same. Also there were guys with thongs on, pouches on, completely naked… and much worse.

There were a couple of men that were clearly men, but wearing skirts, bras, and the whole nine yards. There were even transsexuals walking around too! Now was the moment where it was almost do or die… Stay or leave before things got really rough!

To the bar to get a double Grey Goose L’Orange on the rocks with a splash of cranberry juice, and as soon as the bartender slid the glass into my hand, a pair of hands covered my eyes from behind. Instinct made me want to start freaking out being in a club where gay and lesbian couples are fucking, and there are writhing orgies all over the place, I wasn’t exactly comfortable with a stranger covering my eyes. My hands grabbed them from behind and brought them down from my eyes, and even in a dark club I could see the freckles all over the hands, and I realized immediately who it was, and I spun around to meet my beautiful red headed Sarah. A spaghetti strap t shirt, denim skirt, and a mask covered half of her face.

I reached out and hugged her,

“It’s nice to finally meet you in public, but like most of your pictures, the top of your face is still covered! Will I ever get to see more?”

“Ha-Ha, I’m sorry, but for the moment it’s covered like the only other thing you haven’t seen!”

“I sure hope we can change that tonight!” I whispered in her ear.

“You probably will, I’m single now, but we’ll talk more about that later. Get Drunk!”

And get drunk I did, and before I knew it, I was half naked and twisted, and I was grinding on a now half naked, full faced Sarah with out a mask. Sweaty, thirsty, and high as a kite thanks to the free shots of glowing Kool-aid™ that were circulating around the room. (you don’t ask what people are giving you when it’s free, and you always wish you did afterwards!)

At first the kiss that was planted on my lips took me off guard, but I didn’t fight it. And I’m glad I didn’t. The bra clad tits that now poked me in my lower chest felt so warm against my body even in our sweat covered nature at the moment. And the hand that slowly crept from my nipple that had was being pinched, down my chest and into the top of my pants grabbed my thick dick that was growing harder by the second.

“Umm.” I tried to fight and break the kiss. “Not right here. We can’t.” I finally spit out.

“Are you serious? Look around! There are people fucking everywhere. It’s a natural orgy in here!” she said as she started pushing me back onto a railing that surrounded the dance floor. “Please? I need you inside of me. Right Now!”

The button on my pants had no chance as it was ripped apart, and the zipper ripped open and Sarah dropped to her knees to find my chocolate pole. “Does it taste like chocolate?”

“Hmm, find out!” I said as a hungry mouth attacked my long thick pole, and my knees buckled under the pure pleasure I was receiving. Oh my GOD this girl was a professional, and I thought my brains were going to be sucked out through the tip of my cock. Everything that mattered in life at that moment didn’t matter anymore, and if you had asked me my address at that particular moment, I might have said 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

Just as I thought I was about to explode, “Cum for me baby. Then I want you to bend me over this railing and fuck me like you’ve always wanted to!”

And with that, it was all I needed to spurt ribbon after thick ribbon of baby batter down the throat of my red headed lyricist. I felt like I blew a hole in the back of her throat with the power of my orgasm, and my knees gave way, and I thought I was going to end up on the floor!

“Really?” she quipped after she swallowed every drop of my baby batter.

“Really? Shit, I can’t stand up straight. That was out of this world, but I want that strawberry pussy, and I want it now!”

“Then take it!” Sarah said as she bent over the railing.

I pulled the string that covered her pussy to the side, and the fabric of the flimsy panties was soaked with her creamy pussy juice from her arousal. “Is this all from…?”

“…Me thinking about you fucking me? Yes it is!”

And my half flaccid cock that was recovering from the orgasm that just rocked my body, jumped back to full attention, and before I realized it, was pushing into the wet cavern that awaited it.

I pulled Sarah’s fragile body towards me as I tried my hardest to poke a hole into her stomach with my rocket. Her pussy was cloud-like, and the juices of her wet pussy dripped down my cock and off of my tight sack.

In and out I pushed, and Sarah’s pussy muscles contracted and loosened over and around my cock. My head was spinning as the wet sounds sliced through the bass of the music that vibrated the club. We were the only two people in the room as my mind played tricks with me and the euphoria of this experience made me dizzy.

Pounding to the thumping techno beat that the club’s DJ provided, our hearts and fucking were in perfect rhythm. Wandering fingers found their way from the tight stomach of the perfect body that I was holding to the little pink nipples to pinch and prod, and the outstretched freckle covered neck that was exposed on the left side was a perfect canvas for the strawberry colored passion mark that I had plans on leaving as a symbol of our exposé.

“Cum with me…” Sarah moaned over the music, and as if it were planned, four more pumps, pushes, and slams of my chocolate rod into her powder pink, strawberry patch was all we needed for the both of us to explode into orgasm.

* * *

Clean up wasn’t hard since Sarah had the ability to squeeze the baby batter back out of her hole. And my cock was licked clean right before my pants were pulled back around my waist, and her panties were moved back into place, and a denim skirt was smoothed back into place, and a wire bra straightened, and a spaghetti strap camisole pulled back over her head and into place. Now if I could find my polo.

THE BARTENDER! Forgot he had been spinning it over his head when Sarah peeled it off of me and threw it over her head.

“So now what?” I asked.

“I know you drove. Take me to your car, and we’ll head back to my hotel room and I’ll show you what type of collaborating I am willing to do! We’ll worry about story writing later!”


April 2010!~

Please, please look for more stories by this author. I write these to entertain you, and I appreciate when you tell me what you think about my stories!

God Bless You All, and Keep Reading!

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