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Moonlight Delight (part four)

As we continued to kiss, my cock began to reach it's full hardness again. "This is not over" I breathed into her mouth as we kissed. My hands began to explore her body, this time with more force. I was VERY turned on, and I didn't think I could be gentle any more.

I kissed Shannon's neck and worked my tongue into the muscles. This drove her wild, and she moaned loudly. My mouth worked its way to her breasts as I took a nipple into my mouth, holding it with my teeth. My tongue worked over its hardness. I felt the dimple in its top and tried to work my tongue into it. The pressure was causing her to grip the sheet with intensity, which drove me on.

I slid my hand down between her legs and without ceremony or hesitation, and thrust three fingers deep into her. Her belly raised as her back left the bed. A gasp left her lips and she thrust her head back. Her neck was so inviting. "Fuck John!" she cried. Hearing this, I began to suck harder on her nipple as I work my fingers into her. She was so tight, but extremely wet with passion that my fingers slide effortlessly in and out of her. But I was now so in need of her that I had to push it. I added yet another finger to my workings. She gasped again as I push into her.

I then slowed down my hand movements since I knew she was stretched farther than she was used to. But her soft "oh my God, oh my God" told me I was giving her what she wanted; what she needed. Fuck it, I thought to myself, my hand was slick from her juices and I had to do it. I tucked my thumb close to my other fingers and pushed into her. It would not go.

Her pussy was so tight that when I reached the point of my base thumb knuckle, the resistance was so strong that I didn't dare push more. So I worked what I could in and out of her, slowly loosening up her vice-like grip. Shannon then reached down and grabbed my hand! She was helping guide it in and out of her pussy. "God damn John, this is so fucking good" she panted.

My cock at that point was literally flowing with precum. Seeing my hand move in and out of her like that in the moonlight, her hot pussy tight around it, her moans and complete compliance, oh my God. "I have to have more baby" she says and pulled my hand harder.

"Are you sure baby?" I asked tenderly; a tenderness that was completely opposite of my desires.

"Yes" she replied softly. I removed her hand from mine and placed it on her belly. But she took both hands and grabbed the sheets instead. I placed my other hand just above her pussy, and I pushed into her. There was resistance. My hand did not want to go in. I pushed harder, my arms straining.

POP! OH MY GOD! My hand broke through the tightness with a sudden rush.

I was now kneeling there with my full hand deep inside this beautiful woman. And her body was literally shaking. Her breath was so ragged that it sounded like she was having the biggest orgasm of her life. She began to close her legs, once again trapping my hand inside her and locking my arm in place. Her belly was spasming and causing little ripples to flow beautifully across her skin.

I could not believe I had my hand inside her. I had never felt so much in control of her and yet captured by her at the same time. The soft yet embracing insides of her were hot and slick. I could feel ridges when I slowly turned my hand. And as I did so, she panted and began to move her hips counter to the turning of my hand.

I leaned in and while parting her pussy lips by her clit, I slowly began to lick her. This made her clench her pussy tighter around my hand and her clit began to swell even more. Her smell and taste were beyond intoxicating and flicking my tongue at her clit was pushing her farther over the edge. The outside of my thumb was pressing against her G-spot, and I began to probe her clit more intensely; taking the tip of my tongue and working it into its tiny hole.

By this time Shannon was pretty much keeping her hips raised off the bed, applying pressure against my face. Her legs were shaking and little guttural sounds were coming from her. Her fists were almost pulsing, pulling more and more of the sheet into their grasp. I had never seen her in such deep throws of passion and bliss before and it was almost frightening.

I then pressed my lips firmly against her pussy and began to suck her clit, while using my tongue to lap and press against it. This freed up my hand to reach down and place it below her ass, helping to support her. As I did this, my thumb naturally slid between her cheeks and rested against her pink asshole. And she let out a lustful moan that almost made me cum hearing it. So I gently pressed against her puckered and spasming hole until my thumb slid into it to the first knuckle, causing her to gasp yet again.

(more follows in part five)

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Posted 29 Jan 2014 08:12
Very good read.. Hopefully part 5 is on the way.

Posted 28 Jan 2014 22:44
I've enjoyed this entire series. Each step hotter than the last, so raw and delightfully detailed.
Posted 25 Oct 2013 04:16
Really enjoying this series, thank you
Posted 11 Aug 2013 13:13
Another hot chapter. Good job.
Posted 12 Jun 2013 22:38
hahaha now i understand what you mean

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