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Moriah's First Date

Moriah enjoys a date with another man, while her boyfriend watches

I was in bed anxiously awaiting their arrival, slowly stroking my cock thinking of what kind of trouble my sweet innocent girlfriend could be getting herself into. Tonight was our test run, we wanted to breathe life into my biggest fantasy. I had sent her out dressed like a slut, low-cut club shirt with her best push up bra, a short jean skirt with no panties on underneath. There is no way any man could have resisted her tonight.

Then I heard it, the door knob jingling a key working the lock. My heart raced, she was home. I jumped out of bed and ran over to my computer. We had set the system up, a couple of cameras hidden throughout the living room and kitchen. They were all set and recording sending live feed to my computer. I would be able to watch my girlfriend take another man's cock tonight.

The lights flick on downstairs, I see them walk in. Moriah in her stunning outfit followed by a man. She had picked up this guy from a bar and was convincing this man to follow her home and fuck her brains out. By the short time she was gone I assumed she had no difficulty in this, and why would she? She was stunning, large 32D breasts, a damn fine ass, and even a pretty face to boot. She was the total package.

The man stepped in the doorway and I got my first good look at him. It was interesting that she had chosen an older looking man for her lover tonight. He was tall around 6'3 pretty skinny as well, he had the right combination of brown and grey hair. He looked about in his late forties or early fifties. Moriah shut the door after him and set her purse and keys on the counter. She turned to face the man.

"Well, what do you think?" Moriah asked showing off the house.

"I think the view is absolutely breathtaking," the man replied never taking his eyes off my girlfriend's hot little body.

I saw Moriah get a little flustered, "Well you're not too bad-looking yourself, Mister" Moriah replied eyeing the man like a piece of candy.

The man walked towards my girlfriend and their lips met together in an intense kiss. His hands resting on Moriah's immaculate ass. Moriah broke the kiss and pulled the man over to the couch, she seated him and then quickly positioned herself between his legs. She fussed with the button for a few seconds before freeing the man's cock, which was already rock hard. Moriah quickly went to work on him enveloping his manhood between her luscious red lips.

I watched as my girlfriend's head bobbed up and down on this strangers cock. I found myself starting to stroke my own dick again watching her. I knew that this guy was in for a treat, my girl gives amazing head. After watching them for a few minutes the man stood up and pulled Moriah to her feet. They embraced in yet another passionate kiss. Their clothes flew off their bodies and were quickly strewn throughout the entire living room.

The man pushed Moriah on the couch positioning himself on top of her. I watched him tease the entrance to her pussy with the tip of his cock for a few minutes, lightly stroking against it a few times. Moriah was practically begging for it, her hips gyrating trying to figure out how to force his monstrous member inside of her aching pussy.

"Fuck Me!" Moriah pleaded, begging for him to take her.

The man appeased her and very slowly fed the length of his cock inside her inch by inch, Moriah moaned in such ecstasy I was sure she would wake the dead. The man finally filled her pussy as with as much cock as it could take still leaving a good inch or so outside of it. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she let out another euphoric moan. She looked disappointed when he slowly pulled it out of her, but she was instantly gratified with its return sending her eyes rolling again.

"OH YES!" my girlfriend screamed while this stranger started to pick up the pace.

He started to get a little rougher and more forceful, which Moriah was loving. His cock pounding away at her tight little pussy sending pulses of pleasure up her spine. I continued to stroke my cock trying my best not to cum while watching the raw unadulterated lust happening on my screen.

The man pulled out of my innocent girlfriend's pussy just long enough to flip her over and mount her doggy style. I had a great view of this position, her face was perfectly in line with the camera. The man wasted no time ramming his fully erect cock back inside my girl's tight pussy. Another loud scream of lust overtook Moriah, she threw her head back once again rolling her eyes to the back of her skull.

"Oh yeah, fuck me!" Moriah cried, I could hear her all the way upstairs without needing the microphones. For a few minutes I laid back in my chair, eyes closed just reveling in the cries of lust echoing throughout the house. That was the sound of my girlfriend enjoying, no savoring another man's cock.

Her cries continued for a few minutes before I looked back at the screen. Her face was now forced down into the cushions of the couch with his hand pushing on the back of her head. His other hand gripping her left tit using it as leverage to hold her body still as he plowed into the back of her. I could hear her begging for him to shoot his load inside of her. She wanted his sperm, she needed to feel it rush inside her.

However Moriah came first screaming at the top of her lungs in pure ecstasy, her moans and screams were music to my ears, I could see the lust overtake her. Her sounds were enough to make the man lose all control as he pulled her hips close to him and came inside of her. I heard her moan again feeling his sperm jet out in streams throughout her pussy.

After that Moriah collapsed for a minute, the man stood up and regained his composure he started to reach for his pants when I saw Moriah rush to her knees. She engulfed her lover's swollen member cleaning it thoroughly as to not waste any of his precious cum. Once she was sure she had gotten all of it she brought herself to her feet.

"Sorry, after a fucking like that I couldn't let that cum go to waste" she panted out of breath. Moriah smiled at him and he returned the gesture smiling back. They sat downstairs for a while talking about their night and I watched as she exchanged numbers with the man. She then helped him gather his clothes and walked him to the door, kissing him goodnight.

I sat upstairs waiting for Moriah, it took her a few minutes. When she walked in the room we wasted no time and started fucking like rabbits. I was able to make her orgasm twice more that night and mixed the man's juices with my own as I finally unleashed myself inside of her.

"So who was that?" I asked.

"That was Jack, and he was fantastic," Moriah smiled back to me sweat pouring down her body.

After our experience with Jack we decided that it was definitely a must to see him again. I could not wait to watch Moriah do it all again with another stranger and that is the story of how I watched my girlfriend spend her first night with another man.

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