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My 21st Birthday Surprise

My sister's boyfriend helps to fill my lonely birthday night
I peered out the window into the darkness. It was still raining. It had been raining all day. Today was my 21st birthday and I would be spending it alone. My boyfriend had called earlier and said his flight was delayed and he wouldn’t be home until tomorrow. The rest of my family had gone away for the weekend to visit relatives.

I poured another glass of wine.

Okay, I thought to myself, I’m going to make this a ‘me’ night. I can do whatever I want and no one will be around to bother me. It made me feel a little better. First I would take a nice warm bath. Then I would put my sexiest lingerie and spend the night entertaining myself with the ‘boys’.

The ‘boys’ were two latex cocks that I had bought for myself on a whim a few years earlier. They were very realistic looking. One was a flesh colored cock and the other was black. I would use them when I was feeling horny and didn’t have a boyfriend around to help me ease the feeling.

I soaked in the warm tub for almost an hour, sipping another glass of wine. I had added some bath oil to the water and it made my skin feel like silk. I found myself caressing my own body.

Feeling a bit horny, I stepped from the tub and made my way to the bedroom. I decided to forgo the lingerie and get right to the ‘boys’. They seemed very anxious this evening. I know I was.

The sex lotion I had applied to my hands made the cocks feel warm and slippery, almost real. I caressed the black one slowly, sliding my hands up and down its entire length. It was my favorite ‘boy’, partly because it was bigger and partly because of its color.

I closed my eyes and imagined it to be the cock of a tall stranger. My pussy lips quivered at the thought of this strange cock penetrating them. As its large smooth tip parted my lips, I trembled. I usually started with the smaller cock to let my pussy become accustomed to the size, but tonight I felt very adventurous.

The large black cock spread my lips wide as I slowly inserted it inside of me. I moaned as it slid deeper into me. Oh, how I wished it was real.

The combination of not seeing Bobby for over ten days and four or five glasses of wine had made me quite horny.

I would slide the black cock deep into my pussy very slowly and then would slide it out even slower. My pussy had spread but was still tight enough to grasp the cock as it slid back out. I loved doing that to Bobby.

As I was fucking myself with the black cock, I turned my head and noticed the white cock was very close to my mouth. Instinctively I grabbed it with my other hand and slid it towards my lips. I wet them as I slid just its head into my mouth. My lips closed on it and I began gently sucking its tip.

My body was warming very fast and I could feel my pussy lips pulsating. If only they would shoot a load of creamy cum into me as I came it would be almost as good as a real man.

I imagined Bobby and a stranger fucking my pussy and my mouth. Faster and faster I thrust the two cocks into me. Soon I was unable to control my passion and I felt my pussy erupt. I moaned loudly as my cum spewed all over the black cock and ran down my inner thigh.

I didn’t stop thrusting the cocks. I wanted to cum over and over. My imagination had convinced me I was being fucked for real. My body was covered with perspiration. I was shaking as my orgasms seemed to be non-stop.

Suddenly something interrupted me. I sat up in bed and listened. Oh my God, someone was at the door. I wondered who it could be at this hour.

I slid both cocks out of me and quickly pulled my robe on. I guess I should have gotten dressed but I didn’t think about that at the time.

Hurrying down the steps I arrived at the front door. I peered through the security hole and saw it was Dan, my sister’s boyfriend.

I opened the door. He was soaking wet.

“Hey Molly,” he said smiling.

“Come in out of the cold. My God, you are soaking wet. What happened?”

“My car broke down about a mile from here. I had to walk the rest of the way.”

“But why are you here?”

“I stopped by to see Emily.”

“She’s not here. She went with the rest of the family to visit our aunt.”

“Damn. I forgot that was this weekend.”

I grabbed his arm and pulled him inside. He didn’t have a dry spot on him.

“You have to get out of those wet clothes.”

“Thank you. I’m a bit cold.”

I led him through the kitchen into the laundry room.

“You can change here.”

I handed him a robe which was hanging on the laundry room door.

“Put this on until your clothes are dry.”

“Thanks, Molly.”

I went into the kitchen to make him some hot chocolate.

The door to the laundry room was open a crack and I happened to see Dan taking off his shirt. He was very muscular and toned. A small droplet of water clung to his nipple. I imagined myself licking it off.

Oh my God Molly, I thought to myself. You shouldn’t be watching him undress. I don’t know if it was the wine, my horniness or my still wet pussy that was making me feel this way. No matter what it was, I was enjoying the feeling.

He slid off his pants. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him as he stood there in only his boxers. The bulge in the front of his boxers made my body tingle. I was quite impressed. He had just turned sixteen a few months ago. I began wondering what his cock looked like.

He dried off most of himself before he slid off his boxers.

“Mmm,” I moaned to myself. I hope he didn’t hear me.

He reached for the robe. As he did, he turned my way and saw me peeking through the crack of the doorway.

Still I kept watching him. He didn’t look away either. Instead he slowly pulled the robe over his arms and tied it loosely in front of him. It was then I realized I too was only wearing a robe.

My robe was quite a bit more revealing. Mine was somewhat sheer. You could not see completely through it, but the material was thin enough to expose an erect nipple as it poked at the cloth.

Mine were both standing at attention as Dan walked out of the laundry room. His bulge was now transferred to the robe. I was hoping it would find its way out through the slit in the robe.

Dan walked slowly towards me. I knew he could tell I was naked under my robe. It aroused me to know I had attracted such his attention.

“Would you care for some hot chocolate to warm you up?

“No thanks, Molly. I’m feeling rather warm already.”

He wasn’t the only one. I could feel my heart beating a little more rapidly. My arousal was building. I felt a warm flow between my pussy lips. My sister’s boyfriend was seducing me and he didn’t even know it.

“I see good looks and a great body runs in the family.”

He was flirting with me. Did he want to seduce his girlfriend’s older sister? I was hoping the answer was yes.

“Thank you. Now I see why Emily says you are such a sweet guy.”

It was getting quite awkward. I think we both wanted the same thing, yet neither of us knew how to get things started.

“Are you sure I can’t get you something to warm you up?”

“You could show me more of what’s under your robe Molly.”

Wow, he was straight to the point. His words didn’t shock me as they should have. Instead I was more relieved that he had said them. I no longer had to wonder if he had the same thoughts as I did.

I opened the top of my robe and slid it down my shoulders. I couldn’t believe I was showing my tits to my sister’s boyfriend. My nipples tingled in the cooler air. They were as hard as I ever remember them.

“Mmm, Molly. You have fabulous tits and the most incredible nipples I’ve ever seen.”

They tingled even more. The thought of him not only looking at my breasts, but talking dirty to me was very arousing.

He moved forward and placed one of his hands on my left breast. I know he felt my body shake as I felt his warm fingers on my skin.

“Do you mind, Molly?”

I couldn’t speak. I just shook my head no.

He placed his other hand on my right breast and began gently massaging them. I was in heaven from his touch. He fondled each breast and then rolled my nipples between his fingers. I could feel my knees becoming weak.

He leaned his head downwards.

“May I?”

Again I didn’t speak. I moved my hands to his face and pulled him to me. His lips parted and he softly kissed my left nipple. My hands felt the counter behind me and I grabbed it so as not to fall.

He kissed and sucked on each breast and nipple. My body was shaking and I knew he could feel it. He pulled me tight against his mouth as he took as much of my breast inside as he could. I moaned.

“They are even sweeter than they look.”

Why was he talking? Keep kissing and sucking my tits I thought.

He untied his robe and slid it open. His cock was fully erect and sprung out anxiously. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It was incredible. One large vein ran along the left side and the valley between his shaft and head was deep. I was mesmerized by it. It was so much better than the ‘boys’.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Mmm. Oh yes.”

He put his arms around my waist and lifted me up onto the kitchen table. My robe spread open. My legs dangled over the edge.

Dan moved closer and I could feel his cock against my already wet pussy. He leaned forward and kissed me. As he did his cock parted my pussy lips and slid inside of me.

I moaned softly.

We continued to kiss as he slowly rocked his hips forcing his cock deeper and deeper inside of me. My hands moved to his ass and pulled him even tighter.

I began arching my hips upward to meet the thrusts of his cock. We developed quite an erotic rhythm. The more I felt his hot manhood sliding in and out of me, the more I wanted him. I know he could feel my body shaking. I pulled him closer.

I could feel his pubic hair against the lips of my pussy. I knew he was deep inside of me. I held him tight and ground my pussy against his cock.

I heard him moan.

He continued to pound away at my anxious pussy. My body was shaking uncontrollably as I let my sweet juices flow over his cock. Again and again I came as his hard cock rammed its way deep inside of me.

I wondered if he too was soon ready to reward me with a hot creamy load of his cum. Instead of continuing to fuck my dripping wet pussy, he pulled slowly out of me. I watched as his cock slid out. His cock was wet with my juices.

He placed his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me downward. I licked my lips in anticipation of feeling his throbbing cock in my mouth.

I was now kneeling on the floor in front of him. My back was against the counter. He had me cornered.

Slowly he guided my head towards his throbbing cock. I took it with one hand and slowly stroked it. His body trembled and he gave a soft moan. I slid my other hand down the other side of his cock. It looked quite large in my hands.

I held it with both hands. There was still some shaft and the head showing. The thought of this huge hard cock fucking my mouth was making me drool.

While I was still admiring his cock, I felt his hands on the back of my head pulling me closer to him. His hot tip touched my lips. Hungrily I opened them and accepted his meaty pole. It was so warm, almost hot against my lips. I could taste my own sweet juices on his throbbing cock.

I opened my mouth wider and allowed his silky smooth shaft to slide deep inside of me. Feeling it hit the back of my throat, I slowly slid it back out to its tip. My lips surrounded his tip and sucked it wildly. I felt his body tremble. I could hear him moan.

His moan urged me on. I do so love knowing I am pleasing my man.

Over and over I slid his cock in and out of my mouth. I felt his heart beat against my lips. His cock was pulsing and jerking wildly as my tongue swirled around his tip. I could feel my juices flowing and dripping between my legs.

He thrust forward hard, banging the back of my head against the cupboard. Again and again he lunged at my mouth, each time driving his hard cock deeper inside of me. My head was banging off the door of the cupboard as his rhythm never slowed.

I felt his body tense as he drove his cock into my mouth and held it there. I knew he was about to unleash his load of thick creamy cum inside of me. My lips clamped tight, trying to force him to cum.

He grabbed the counter above my head and pulled himself even tighter against my face. His huge cock was now starting down my throat. I tried not to gag as I heard him moan. His body shook wildly once again.

My body shook with orgasm as I felt his hot load splash off the back of my throat. It ran down and coated my tongue.

“Molly! Oh my God!”

Before I could swallow Dan’s load, I heard my sister’s scream. What the hell was she doing home? More importantly, how the hell was I going to explain to her what she was seeing.

Dan must have heard her scream also. He turned to the left to look at her. When he did his cock slid from my mouth. The cum he had shot in me was running out of my mouth and down my chin. He couldn’t stop his orgasm. His cock continued pumping out his creamy load.

The first blast hit me in the forehead and ran down my face. Load two hit me just below my mouth. The next two loads hit my chest and splattered all over my tits. As each load of Dan’s cum was pumped onto me, I could see Emily’s eyes widen and her jaw drop.

Dan closed his robe and headed for the laundry room. Emily was close behind him shouting expletives as she followed him into the room and slammed the door.

I heard the rest of my family talking as they approached the back door.

I stood up quickly and made my way to my bedroom. I locked the door. Quickly I went in to the bathroom. Once there I looked in the mirror and saw I was covered with Dan’s creamy cum. Under ordinary circumstances I would have thought it looked amazing. But this was the cum of my sister’s boyfriend. And what was worse, she had seen him cover me with it. Still, I smiled at the site of my cum covered body.

As I showered I wondered what Dan was saying to Emily. I was glad I had the chance to get away. For now I would enjoy the warm water caressing my skin as I closed eyes and remembered the night.

It turned out to be not such a bad birthday after all.

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Posted 29 Mar 2014 11:12
It was very hot...your very good at this...all in all the perfect birthday present.
Posted 08 Jan 2014 07:17
Oh, leaving us hanging like the drops of cum on her face. I certainly hope there is more!
So well done - a great talent!
Posted 02 Jan 2014 11:23
very hot and sexy story. Now what did your sister do next.
Posted 26 Dec 2013 13:02
another amazing story!!! thank you!!
Posted 25 Dec 2013 07:48
Yes good story again pity they got caught but what an ending , keep it up
Posted 25 Dec 2013 04:55
Naughty decadent girl. Sister needs to spank your bare bottom. Loved it
Posted 25 Dec 2013 04:33
Great story - pulled me into the scene.
Posted 24 Dec 2013 23:03
A real hot story. The sister saw is the hottest part. 5
Posted 24 Dec 2013 23:03
great story keep up the good work gave it a 5
Posted 24 Dec 2013 18:53
Great story, especially the ending.

Posted 24 Dec 2013 16:44
What a naughty birthday present you had. There must be a sequel - a threesome with Emily perhaps, or even a foursome! Can't wait.
Posted 24 Dec 2013 14:14
That was a pretty hot story! I liked the characters and the story as well. Keep on writing!
Posted 24 Dec 2013 12:54
Happy Birthday indeed
Posted 24 Dec 2013 12:18
excellent thank you
Posted 24 Dec 2013 12:17
Hi, good show, an unexpected ending but so much fun, thanks,
Posted 24 Dec 2013 12:01
Good story and loved the plot.
no pussy licking so I can only give 4 out of 5

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