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My Best Friends Brother

Tiffani wants to screw her friends brother
My Best Friends Brother

From the very moment I met Tony, best friends brother, I knew I wanted to sleep with him. I felt weird at first because I was so close to my friend and I didn't think she would like me dating/screwing he brother. He was about 5'7 and light skinned with long straight, dark brown hair. With big brown eyes that I could stare at all day. I knew that he liked me too just by the way he always sneaked a look at me when his sister wasn't looking. I thought I would never get a chance with him alone until one day I got lucky.

I was going to my friends house but when I got there Tony answered the door wearing nothing but blue jeans and socks. his chest was nicely sculpted with a happy trail going into his pants. I noticed his chest was wet a little and I could tell he just got out the shower.

"Ooh--- hey, is Zafirah here?" I say looking down at the ground, nervously.

"No, she just went to the see someone," he says with his deep sexy voice, and it sent shivers down spine and into my panties.

I don't say anything at first then he says, "You can come in, I'm sure she'll be back anytime now."

I smile and walk past him to go in the front room. I had him all to myself since he only lived with his sister, but he just walks past me and goes into his room. I didn't wanna follow and be like a stalker but I didn't want sit out here alone. I wait for five minutes and then I slowly walk in to his room. It was actually quite cleaner than it usually was. He was standing up at first then he sat down on his king sized bed.

"Oh you cleaned your room for once?" I ask trying to make small talk.

He looks around like he just noticed it was clean for the first time. "Oh no Zafirah did. You know I never clean," He laughs seductively and my heart flips and I get a tingle feeling in my vagina. I walk smoothly over to him and sit next to him.

"Yeah you never do cause you're lazy," I laugh and reach back behind me to grab one of his pillows and hit him upside the head with it. He tries to duck and cover but I end up hitting him again.

"Oh that's it, your in for it now," he says and grabs a pillow of his own to use. He hits me right in the side of the arm but it didn't hurt at all, we just keep laughing while having a pillow fight. Then he ends up grabbing my pillow away and starts getting me with both pillows. I laugh even harder and try to crawl away from the hits. He grabs my ankle and turns me around and the next thing I knew he was on top of me. This caught me by surprise because I wasn't expecting him to make the first the move.

I smile, "What are you doing?" I say.

He gives me a knowing look, "I like you and I know you like me too, you can't deny it," he says. I blush deeply but he was telling the truth.

"You're right," That's all I could say.

I press my lips against his and we kiss passionately for awhile. I could feel him getting hard under his jeans. I look down and then he sits up.

"You want to see?" he asks.

I nod and he starts to unbuckle his pants and slips them off easily then throws them to the floor. I gasp at the size of his cock, it was even bigger than I imagined and I wanted it inside me.

My pussy got so wet that I thought that the wetness might sink through my shorts. He leans forward and starts to undo my shorts while rubbing his cock with one hand. I spread my legs wider to make it easier for him. He finally gets my pants off and throws them to the ground too. I start to rub my own pussy and I slide two fingers at once and start to go in and out really fast. I moan softly as Tony watches me and he continues to rub his rock hard cock. Then he stops and moves my hand from vagina and he puts his lips on it. His tongue enters me and I moan louder as he licks my wetness and I feel myself close to coming all over his face.

"Oh baby," I say over and over as he goes deeper.

"Don't come yet baby," he whispers and then he gets on top of me and puts his cock inside me slowly.

It felt so good that I instantly came on his cock and he moans just as loud. He starts to pump faster and faster and each time I scream louder. He grabs the side of my face and he starts to kiss and pump at the same time. I kiss back and open my legs even wider so that his cock can go deeper inside me. Then it started to feel good again and the next thing I knew I came again.Tony pulls out quickly and turns me around so that I was on my knees. He starts to do me from behind which felt even better and I start to scream and moan. The bed shakes as he goes faster then he stops and rubs my ass.

"I just came inside you, is that OK?" He says. I nod and lay down on the bed, pleased. I knew from that day on that no other man would please me as much as Tony.

Tony lays beside me and wraps his arm around my stomach.

"That was amazing, I think we should do it again."

Then I hear the front door open and I knew that Zafirah was back home.

"Maybe some other day," I say, smiling.

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Posted 15 Sep 2012 10:51
Great first story. You set the scene and the characters. You delivered the qction. Some would say you lacked description, but I think that as a reader I can fill in the blanks. Keep it going.
Posted 25 Mar 2012 11:09
Good story. Good to explain what turns you on, in detail.
Posted 28 Jun 2011 22:30
it was the shit,keep doing ur thing sweetie 8D
Posted 26 Jun 2011 22:57
A good first attempt.
Posted 24 Jun 2011 17:21
Very good for a first time story. Could've been a bit longer. "V=5."
Posted 20 Jun 2011 23:03
Scored with a 3 because: To short but good
Posted 20 Jun 2011 19:35
Very good story! Short and sweet.

Posted 20 Jun 2011 17:24
Could've been longer, but I liked it
Posted 20 Jun 2011 15:37
Nice story , more build up , more detail ( more please ) !!!!!
Posted 20 Jun 2011 11:11
cute but could be alot hotter....tells us your emotions more in the next installment
Posted 20 Jun 2011 11:06
Good story! Want to read more! Thanks for sharing!

Posted 20 Jun 2011 10:41
cute story liked it alot

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