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My Encounter(s) with Loveebritt

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This is what could happen if Loveebritt and I met....
This story is dedicated to my stunningly gorgeous lush friend Brittany (Loveebritt). It is a fantasy encounter that had me distracted all day.

After weeks of chatting on Lush with Brittany, we agreed to meet. We had decided to rent small separate beach houses near each other on the southern tip of Florida. We agreed there were no real obligations to each other. Whatever happens, happens. I flew in in the morning, picked up my rental car, stopped at a market to get some groceries, and arrived at my beach house right around noon. It had been there maybe 5 minutes before there was a knock on the door. It was Brittany. "Eric? You made it. Yay.", she said and we greeted each other with a quick hug, and quickly glanced each other over as if we both couldn't believe we were standing mere inches apart. I had always thought her photos on line we stunning, but she looked even more beautiful in person. My heart was pounding those first few minutes as I realized this girl came to visit me.

Brittany helped me put away the groceries, then we decided to walk down to the pier and grab a bite to eat. After lunch, we got caught in all the tourist trap type things that were there. We each got our picture taken holding an alligator, we went on the ferris wheel, and I dropped $30 trying to impress Brittany by winning her a little stuffed animal from a carnival type game. To make me feel better, she bought me an ice cream cone. Much of our conversation was just like we were chatting on line; either flirty comments or joking around busting each other's balls.

In the late afternoon we made it to the beach. We began by swimming, which turned to playful splashing, and escalated to some playful wrestling. Seeing Brittany in a bikini was a dream come true, and once we started wrestling around in the crystal clear Caribbean, I could barely contain my excitement.

We spent the rest of the afternoon going in and out of the water and lying on the beach, and got to know each other better. It took a while, but we finally separated in the evening, heading back to our respective beach houses to rinse of all the sand and salt. After a quick shower I slipped on some shorts. Soon Brittany would arrive, wearing some short white shorts and a stylish top that was cut low enough to show some cleavage, but not look to slutty. Again she looked amazing. She could have worn a burlap sac and she would have looked hot. By then it was already dark out. I fired up the grill and cooked our steak dinners.

After dinner, I lined the back patio with tea lights and we sat in some long beach chairs, put our feet up, opened a bottle of wine, and looked out into the sea. We sat there, listening to the waves hit the beach, as we continued to talk for hours. Brittany remarked how chilly the breeze off the water had begun to get, so I went inside to grab a blanket.

"Slim pickings", I said as I brought out 1 light blanket.

"Guess we'll have to share", Brittany said. She walked over, put both hands on my cheek, gave me a peck on the lips, and sat in front of me on the lounge chair. I covered us up with the blanket and wrapped my arms around her. The tea lights burned out one by one, yet there we stayed content in our closeness, outside breathing the fresh sea air in to the wee hours of the night.

A few hours later I awoke, as the sun was just beginning to peak over the horizon. Still wrapped in my arms was that gorgeous young lady Brittany. It wasn't a dream after all. I tried to stretch as quietly and with as little movement as I could so I would not wake my sleeping beauty. But it was not able to be done. "Good morning", she said, and then leaned back and kissed me on the cheek. I countered with a kiss on the lips, which advanced to a brief make out session, followed by a return by me of the good morning greeting.

"I can't believe we slept out here", I said.

"Me either. I slept great.", she said.

"Me too. I think I will be a little stiff later today though.", I said.

"It seems to me you already are", Brittany said, and it wasn't until she said that that I realized I was sporting some major morning wood, and pressing it into her lower back. Embarrassed, I stumbled and fumbled with words trying to piece together an explanation, an apology, and a joke all at the same time but failed miserably.

"Its okay. He's an eager fella", she said, referring to my erection. "He's been waiting for this vacation too apparently. I mean, shrinkage obviously wasn't a problem for him in the water yesterday." She was right. I was incredibly hard while playing with Brittany in the water, and it was everything I could do to not just grab her and kiss her and her more like I wanted to.

My hands had loosened their grasp on her belly and found their way to her sides. They ran down her sides to her hips, and when I reached the end of her shirt, I was surprised to feel only her soft skin, and not her shorts.

"Brittany, I don't want to alarm you, but it appears we are victims of a robbery. Bandits must have sneaked in while we were sleeping and stolen your bottoms", I said, as my hands slowly crept to the top of her thighs.

She chuckled. "I woke up about 10 minutes before you and slipped them off. I figured I'd make things easy on the fella today since you wouldn't let him have any fun yesterday", she said, again talking about my cock.

"I'm sorry. But you know what Brittany, we met on a sex site. Most of what we've known about each other has something to do with sex. Yesterday felt great just being with a beautiful girl who wanted to be with me. I didn't want to mess that up by being to pushy about sex", I explained. "Besides, I never got to check your purse for an ice pick", I said, citing an inside joke we have about the possibilities of people on lush being murderers. Meanwhile as I was saying this my hands continued to slowly advance inward on her thighs.

"Eric that is sweet. I was nervous coming into this too. I thought you would have your paws all over me. And the thing is, the longer the day went without you trying, made me want you more. But I really do appreciate you being a gentleman.", she said. "But now I don't want you to be a gentleman."

Right on cue my hands met at her pussy. She arched back and let out a gentle sigh. My 2 index fingers rubbed her outer labia up and down until it was evident she was getting quite moist. The 2 fingers then crept inward, and slowly worked small circles on the inside of her labia, moving inside her at a deliberate pace. With her face beside mine, I could gage her excitement by her heightened breathing and kisses on my cheek and lips. I switched to just using my left hand on her wet pussy so my right hand could reach up and softly rub her beautiful tits. I traced her nipples and the contours of her breasts. I had slid 2 fingers inside her and my pace began to quicken. Her hands ran up and down my thighs. I could feel her tightening on my fingers, and it only took a few minutes until she had me locked inside of her. Her back arched, as she let out a sexy purr and I knew I had started her day out right for her. 

Brittany unlocked my fingers from her grasp and rolled over so she could see me face to face. She kissed me passionately. "Apology accepted. That was well worth the wait.", she said. Then she disappeared under the blanket, leaving a trail of warm kisses down my body. It did not take long for Brittany to slide off my shorts. Seconds later I could feel her massaging my smooth shaved balls, followed by a long warm kiss at the base of my throbbing cock. She followed that by licking up my shaft, than sliding her tongue left and right under the base of the tip. I grabbed hold of the arms of the chair to brace myself like I was on a roller coaster. Then I felt another long warm kiss right on the top of my grateful cock. Then she opened up her mouth and took me inside her. Her lips provided a tight seal at the bottom of my cock, and while inside her, she slid her tongue up and down my shaft. I just dropped my head back, and began to smile because of the wonderful vacation I was having. Her mouth moved up my cock, then back down again, locked at the bottom, and again worked the shaft with her tongue. She repeated this several times. One hand slid up and rubbed my chest and abs. Her other hand gently tugged on my trimmed pubes. I couldn't believe it. She must have read how much I enjoy that in one of my stories, I thought. Clearly she did her homework, and I knew meeting her was a good decision.

Suddenly she sprung up and sat on my stomach, kissing me so passionately. "I'm sorry Eric, but I just want your cock in my pussy" she said, and continued kissing me as she slid her hips back onto my "eager fella". She only allowed me in halfway at first, and then pulled away, only to slide back down halfway. She did this a few times. Her pussy was so wet. Her face so beautiful. The anticipation was mounting. "What is she doing? I thought she wanted me in her pussy? She's killing me" I thought. And as if she was a mind reader, right then she crashed down on to my hips, driving my cock deep inside her. I instantly could feel her squeezing my cock inside her. The sun had risen and was at an angle where beams of light blazed by her, highlighting her golden hair, and making her appear as if she were an angel. I sat up and quickly removed her shirt to find the most perfect breasts I've ever seen inches before me. I kissed, licked and sucked them. My hands were at the back of her shoulders. My finger tips firmly pressed against her delicate skin and ran all the way down to he lower back. Then they softly glided back up to her shoulders, then firmly back down. Occasionally I would do that to her side, and trace the side of her perfect tits, as I moved my head up ward, kissing her neck and lips.

My hips slid back and forth on the lounge chair as Brittany rocked back and forth. Our movements were in perfect unison. She grabbed both my hands and made them slap on her ass and stay there. Taking her hint, I squeezed her perfect little buns as the pace of our movements increased. Brittany ran her hands through my hair and held my head close. With our faces side by side, we could hear just how heavy we were really breathing, along with some random words mixed in with moans and it only turned me on more turned on. My hands ran up her back, holding her tightly. The pulsating waves from her pussy made the tip of my cock expand, and I knew I could not take it any more. My body bucked I moaned her name as my cock exploded with cum. Her body trembled, and she locked even tighter on my cock than she had with my fingers, and a much longer, sexy purr emanated from her soft lips.

Exhausted from a long day of travel and playing at the beach, a bottle of wine, only a few hours of sleep, and now some heart pounding sex, left us both exhausted. We laid back in the lounge chair, her naked body on top of mine, and pulled the blanket completely over us. More sleep was needed for what was in store for us the rest of the day..........(to be continued?)
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