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My First And Only Sex Partner

True story.
When I was about 16 I was really shy. I had been operated on a leg and had to stay in bed for almost a whole year, losing contact with the outside world. During that time I just had started discovering my own body, when my brother’s girlfriend had brought me a book on sexual education with a lot of pictures in full color, that led to masturbation. Every time my aunt, who was taking care of me went to take a nap, I would just open the book and spanked my monkey.

Right after I got better, my mother changed my school (without my consent) and I ended in a public school which I did not like at all. Half heartedly, I started to go to my new school and little by little I started to like it, as they taught all sorts of crafts (which I now thank my mom). To go to school which was really far, I had to take a bus very early in the morning to get there on time. Every day I saw this brunette with long wavy hair and the best piece of ass I’ve seen in my life. Her eyes were hazel and she had the nicest dimples when she smiled. As shy as I was, it took me about a month to gather up the courage to ask her something, but one day I finally said to myself: “Look if you do not talk to her today, you are an asshole”.

The time to go to the bus stop approached as I was having breakfast, and I was actually shaking like a leaf (I swear it’s true). I said goodbye to mom and left for school, and there she was: that day she was wearing her band uniform and she was even prettier than ever, making me obviously more nervous. I walked up to her, and all that I was able to mumble was,“Do you know what time it is? I think is getting late.

She looked at her tiny watch.“It’s 6:10. Don’t worry we’re still early,” she said.

Oh my god! She had the voice of an angel. I must have changed to 256 different shades of blue, red, orange, and all the colors you can think of, but I had made it. We continued talking as we took the same bus, and after feeling a little more comfortable, I learned that her name was Cindy. We talked about the usual, what school do you go to and all that stuff. By the end of the ride we were well acquainted, and by the time I got off the bus I had her phone number.

We continued talking by phone after school. After a few days I learned that she was always alone at home after school (good I thought!) because her mother was a widow and came home only on weekends. She worked taking care of an old man; she was a nurse. Her sister worked and studied at night college, and her brother got home by 7 pm.

The first time I went to her house was on a Saturday, because she told me that her mother was very conservative and old fashioned. So I followed her advice. Nevertheless, she liked me at first sight and granted me permission to visit her daughter in the afternoon to keep her company.

The first week I was in heaven. She was petite, and was the same age as me. I am not too tall either, but have light brown hair, green eyes, a heavy beard I have to shave since I am 12, and being average height hasn’t bothered me at all. We got along pretty well and talked about a lot of things for the first days until I started to work out my plan.

One afternoon I asked her if I could ask her a very personal question and she said, hands on her hips,“Of course you can! We’re friends now we’re not at the bus stop anymore don’t be silly Danny!”

“Ok here it goes! Do you masturbate?” I asked.

She started changing colors and said,“What kind of a question is that?”

“Now that’s silly isn’t it?” I said my hands on my hips.

She got mad at me, and told me to get the hell out of her house. I said to myself, 'shit I blew it!' I did as I was told and went home feeling like shit and wanting to kick myself in the butt.

The next day I took another bus, to avoid meeting her but as soon as I got home after school, the phone rang. It was her. I said the coldest hello I’ve ever said to anybody. She noticed I was hurt and said,“Look I need to talk to you Danny. Come here as soon as you can.”

“As soon as I have lunch and take a nap I’ll go. I had gymnastics this morning and I’m tired,” I said in a cold voice.

“I’ll be waiting for you but please come?” Cindy said in a begging tone.

“OK,” I said and hung up.

Needless to say I was anxious. I had lunch, took a one hour nap, took a shower and went to her house. When I got there she opened the door, and pulled me in. We went to the kitchen where she was preparing dinner.

“Don’t say anything ok? I’ll do the talking,” said Cindy. I kept my mouth shut.“ I know I’m an idiot for what I did yesterday.” She continued. “I told you not to be silly and I acted like a little girl myself, so please forgive me.” I didn’t say a word. “But you have to understand that the question you asked me is very personal, and I wasn’t prepared to answer such a question. Do you understand?” she resumed. Silence again. “Well aren’t you going to say something?” asked Cindy angrily.

“You told me not to say anything and I am damn literal and you know that,” I replied.

“Shit! I forgot about that.” She laughed.

“Ok I forgive you, but under one condition,” I stated.

“What is it, Danny?”

“That you answer the question.” I said.

“Ok the answer is yes. I masturbate every now and then. End of story”. Cindy said.

“Not quite young lady”.

“What do you mean?”she inquired.

“I need details.”

“WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY?” she screamed.

“Here we go again.”

“What about you?" She asked.

“Well, you haven’t asked properly and besides, I asked first,” I replied (he-he-he I was in control of the situation).

She made a face and said,“Ok I’ll give you details, but tomorrow. My brother is about to arrive and I don’t want to have him listening in on us. You know how he sneaks up on us to see if we are doing something inappropriate.” Having said that, the front door to her house opened, and her brother appeared soon after in the kitchen.

“Hi guys! Is everything all right?" asked Joseph.

“Yup!” We both said changing colors a little. I left that night, and when I said goodbye, she kissed me twice: one on the cheek and one in my mouth. I had never kissed a girl in the mouth and there she was just kissing me!

Neither of us could sleep that night. The next morning we kissed hello and got on the bus saying little on the ride, but when I got off she said,“Remember this afternoon ok?”

“Sure I’ll be there early, as soon as I have lunch,” I said.

After school I got home and devoured my lunch, went to my stash of porn magazines, stuck one of them inside my underpants (just in case I thought), brushed my teeth and left to her house. When I arrived, she was there waiting for me a little nervous and we went to the living room. We sat and she said,“Danny, It’s a little difficult to explain but here it is: To begin, I do it with this finger.” She showed me her index finger.

“U-huh,” I nodded

“I rub it against my pussy and I start to feel good and I do it faster and faster until I feel really good and cum,” She finished.

“But you do it with your clothes on? I inquired.

“No Danny. Look, I come home from school and still in my uniform skirt. I take my panties off and just do it.” She replied.

“You mean you just did and have no panties on?”

She laughed and said,“No, I wasn’t horny today, so I didn’t do it.”

“Forgive my ignorance, but since you girls have no penis, how can you tell you are horny?” I asked puzzled.

“Well is very easy, look,” she raised her skirt and showed me her soaked panties.

“Shit Cindy what happened to you? Did you pee on your panties?” She laughed loudly at my ignorance about feminine matters.

“No silly, we get wet with our juices.”

“You mean you are horny right now?” I said

“Just a little,” She answered.

“And when….”

She cut me in mid sentence,“Hold on a minute young man. Now is your turn.” Shit it really is I thought to myself. I have to tell her the same thing. Then I remembered my magazine, saved by the bell.

I tried to get around by saying,“Well you haven’t asked anything whatsoever.”

“Shit Danny you’re unbearable sometimes. OK I will ask. Danny, do you masturbate?”

“What kind of a question is that Cindy? For God sake! What has gotten into you?” She just crossed her arms and cleared her throat.

“Ok, Ok yes I do. End of story.” She was making a face now, and tapping her left foot on the floor.


“I got something to show you, to explain some details, but just don’t get mad and tell me to get out of the house please? I know you are as curious about me, as I was about you so let’s help each other,” I suggested

“You’re right I am curious.”

“Ok ready?”

“Ready,” She said.

I took my Swedish Erotica magazine out, moved next to her and opened it in my favorite page. In it, there was this gorgeous brunette giving head to a guy on one page. Cindy was blushing. On the next page the girl was naked, and the guy was fucking her tits. I had saved my favorite page for last. The girl was getting a facial on that page.

“This is what I use to get horny when I masturbate.” She was speechless. She hadn’t seen a man’s cock in her life.

“But when you say you’re horny is how?” she asked. I lifted my oversized T shirt and showed her my pants. There was a tent under my pants.

“Holy shit! Danny what the hell is that?”

“Do you want to see it?" I said to her.

“No. I guess is the same as the one in the magazine. But how do you masturbate?”

“Ok as soon as I get horny, it gets hard like that see? And I take my hand like this, and start pumping it up and down, until I feel really good and cum like the guy on the girl there.”

“Oh my god that’s terrible” she said.

“What do you mean terrible?” I said.

“Yes, you having that tent there in your pants. Now I understand what happens sometimes in the bus with some guys. They just rub that thing on my butt.” She replied

“Yes, especially nice girls like you.” I added.

She blushed and said, “Thanks.” That day we talked no more about it and the topic just seemed to have vanished in the air, until a couple of days later when she told me,“I want to see it Danny.”

“See what?” I asked.

“Your penis, Danny.” I was surprised but I liked her request.

“I thought you’d never ask. Let’s go to the living room.” She sat on the love seat. I sat next to her, and started to loosen my belt and she knelt on the sofa next to me, a little excited. I stopped and said,“Wait a minute young lady. Ladies first.”

“Sorry but I don’t have a penis Danny,” She answered quickly.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about Cindy.”

“Ok, let’s do it at the same time,” suggested Cindy.

She started to unbutton her jeans together with me. We brought down the zipper, we got our pants off, and then, we stood and took the final piece of clothing together. We were naked from the waist down. We sat face to face Indian style on the sofa this time. We were both nervous, but she gave the first step saying:

“Do you like it Danny?” pointing at her pussy.

This was the first real pussy I’ve ever seen in my life. There was a little hair jungle there, neatly trimmed. Her Venus mound was so beautiful I could have kissed it, but it was too soon for that.

“Are you kidding me? Cindy, you have the most beautiful pussy in the planet. Can you open your legs a little, so I can see inside that nice jungle you got there?” She spread her legs a little, and making a “V” with her nice little fingers, she opened her pussy. The inner lips and the little intact hymen were there just peeking at me.

“I could kiss it!! I love it Cindy.” she blushed.

“Well you don’t look that bad either I must confess, but it is different from the one on the magazine. Why is that?” she asked.

“Well, I’m circumcised, so that when I get an erection it is bigger, and when it comes to cleaning it is easier, because it doesn’t have that on the tip.”

“Oh yeah that’s why you have those sort of scars there. When they took that kind of hat from there right?” she said.

“That’s it.”

“It looks nicer too with that plum on the head. I love it too Danny. Thanks for sharing it with me. Ok, I got the hand this time, so I get to do the request first right?” she said.

“Fair enough.” I was forced to say.

“I would like to watch you masturbate.” She said with a big smile. “Would you do that for me Danny?”

“My pleasure.” My dick hadn’t gotten hard yet, as I was a little nervous, so I started to stroke it, and then I remembered about her tits. What an idiot!

“Cindy there is a little request for which I don’t have compensation.”

“What is it?” she asked.

“Well, in the magazines there are girls completely naked, so they have their tits free. Can you take your T shirt and bra off?” I grinned.

“Now I understand the whole thing about the compensation. You have no tits you cheater!” She took her T shirt off. She had no bra. Her tits were really nice and round, and as she started to blush, her nipples started to get hard. “Ok your turn.” My cock was harder now.

“It’s amazing what a pair of tits can do to your dick Danny. You were right,” she said smiling.

I continued to jerk and it got even bigger so I started to pump faster. Her breathing was now faster too, and she was blushing from the sight of my masturbation, and started to bite on her lower lip.

“Oh my god Danny that’s so hot. I’m getting horny. Go on.”

I continued jerking until I felt my climax building up in my groin, and she said,“Are you going to cum? Tell me when you are going to cum Danny I want to catch it in my hand.”

“I’m almost there Cindy get ready,” I managed to say. She cupped both her hands and put them like she was going to get some water from a river, and I started to cum in her hands like there was no tomorrow. I shot like 12 times, and she just bit her lower lip, while she was collecting my cum in her hands. It was so erotic!

When I was finished, she lifted her hands and smelled my cum.

“Danny! So much of this stuff! Is it always like that?” She asked.

“Well, actually you being here made it a lot more; you’re HOT Cindy!” She smelled it again and said:

“This smells delicious and it feels so warm I want to taste it can I?”

“Go ahead, my treat.” She did so and licked a little with her tongue and then lapped it all up until her hands were all clean. She then looked at her pussy and said:

“Oh my god, look at this!” she had soaked the sofa. “I came just by looking at you masturbate and I didn’t even notice.”

“Sure you did. Your eyes were glued to my dick, and you’re still biting on your lower lip.” I said. She let go off her lower lip. I got closer, kissed her on the lower lip and she returned my kiss.

“I guess you want to watch me masturbate right? I’m a little nervous though.” She said raising her eyebrows.

“Don’t worry baby,” I cheered her.

“Ok, I’ll do it now. She then took her index finger and started feeling herself; she teased the length of her pussy with her finger and then sucked on it and went back to her pussy.

“Why do you do that Cindy?”

“For two reasons: one, to lubricate my finger, and two, I love the taste of my pussy.” She smiled.

“Shit Cindy that is so HOT! Do it again, will you please?”

She now had all her index inside there and the middle finger had joined her index by now. She took both her now soaking fingers smelled them and sucked on them, I couldn’t resist anymore. That was driving me nuts. I took my left hand and started to jerk, while she continued feeling herself. She now was breathing faster, and her tits and face were taking a pinkish color from her excitement. Her fingers went faster now, and she rested her back on the arm of the sofa and closed her eyes, opening her mouth a little, approaching her climax. She started cumming like crazy, her legs straightened, and she hit me on the left knee, but she didn’t even notice. I was busy myself with my own climax, and we both came together. She actually splashed some of her juices on my left hand in the midst of her orgasm, and I came all over her belly, her two fingers and the sofa. We made quite a mess. The living room was filled with the smell of sex. As we felt normal again, we looked at each other and kissed passionately for longer than a minute.

“Oh Danny I have to confess something to you,” I looked at her puzzled.

“What happened now?" I inquired.

“Don’t worry silly. It’s just that I had never used but my index finger and today I felt the urge to stick the middle finger too, because I was feeling so horny with you there, the taste of your cum, you jerking together with me, and all that. She did something I wasn’t expecting. She took her fingers out of her pussy still dripping and put them in my mouth.

“Go ahead, my treat,” She said. I licked and sucked her fingers which tasted sweet, and I could see my own cum running down her wrist, on the way to her elbow. She lapped it all up, while I sucked her fingers clean. She also smeared all her belly and continued licking until she was completely clean. “I love the taste of both your cum and mine,” She said giggling.

“Well, I love the taste of your cum too Cindy; it’s sweet.”

We cleaned the sofa, got quickly dressed, and everything was looking perfect when her brother arrived later that day.

A couple of days went by with nothing different than homework, a casual kissing session and a lot of dance practice. We both liked salsa, so we practiced dancing to new steps and stuff and we both enjoyed it. One weekend on Friday afternoon when I got home from school, her mother called me and asked me if I could come over, because she had to talk to me. Shit we got caught!! I thought. I was scared shitless when I got there, and her mother hugged me and kissed me on the cheek when I got there. What the hell is this? I thought.

“Danny, I need to ask you a BIG favor today.” She said. “The old man I take care of, has to go to the hospital for a surgery, and I have to spend 6 days there by his side, which means that I won’t be here this weekend. My other daughter has a convention out of town starting tonight so she already left.” She continued. “And my son is gone for the weekend with his girlfriend, so I was wondering if you can stay here with Cindy at least tonight and tomorrow night?” She resumed, “I just don’t want her to be alone all weekend. She’s alone all the time as it is, and you’ve become something like a brother to her, so will you please?”

“Well I’d have to ask my mother to see if it is ok with her (I was a minor anyway)," I said.

Cindy called my mother, and was already telling her. She handed her mother the phone. Cindy’s mother spoke to my mom and everything was alright.

When I got home my mother was a little worried and asked me,“Danny, Are you sure about this? I know you like that girl and I know you damn well with those porn magazines you keep under the mattress. Are you going to hit on the girl? I don’t want to be a grandmother just yet.”

“Mom don’t worry I didn’t plan any of this. It was Cindy’s mom. You saw she called me this afternoon didn’t you? She just asked me a favor because Cindy is going to be alone this weekend. She’s already sixteen like me mom you know. We’re old enough," I replied.

“All right!. I already gave you permission, but I don’t want you to get in any trouble getting that girl pregnant. She’s really cute though.” She admitted.

“Isn’t she? All my friends are jealous that she’s my friend. She’s got the best set of tits and ass in the whole neighborhood, not to mention her hair.” I said proudly.

“Yeah I have to admit she’s a little princess," She said making a face, "Go on then, and keep your hormones on a short leash ok?.”

“Ok mom I promise not to get her pregnant” I laughed.

She gave me a harsh look, said,“You’re a pervert Danny,” and laughed too.

I got my pajamas (not that I was going to need them) my toothbrush, and a pair of jeans, her favorite T shirt, and socks and underpants, and left to her house. Her mother was already at the door waiting for me. She kissed us both goodbye and left. We were going to be alone all weekend! We got inside and she took me to her mother’s bedroom.

“My mom wants you to sleep here on her bed. She likes you better than any of us,” she added with a mock. “She’s never let any of us sleep on her bed. She really likes you Danny.”

“Well what can I tell you?”

“Ok leave your bag there and let’s dance for awhile. Besides it’s only 2:30. The weekend is still young. I got a couple of steps we haven’t practiced.” She turned on the stereo, put some romantic music on, and we started dancing close to each other. Being a little shorter than me, she could lean her pretty face on my shoulder, and I felt like I was a grown man having her leaning there. We danced for awhile just crushed in an endless embrace.

When the music ended she put more music, and we started practicing the steps she had told me. One of them was the one that the girl had to lift her leg up in the air, and push her crotch to the man and we practiced it a lot until I started to get a hard on so I told her to practice the other one. She was disappointed and gave me a little girl’s face so I told her we could continue with that one.

“Ok let’s practice the other one that is like tango,” she suggested. In that one, both our groins brushed together all the time and I felt that she was kind of pushing toward me more than necessary, and I got the idea of what she wanted to do, so I played along pushing hard as well. Before I knew it she was actually trashing her mid body against mine, and I was pushing back.

“Let’s take a break,” I said, sweating.

“Danny!” She screamed.

“What happened? We’ve been dancing for over an hour without rest,” I cried.

“Yes, I know. But I was…” she stopped in mid sentence.

“What Cindy?”

“I was about to cum, Danny,” she said looking down.

“Oh, Cindy I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were that horny. Let’s take a break, and we take where we left off in a minute All right?” I suggested.

“Ok.” She said a little disappointed.

“Don’t get mad Cindy please? We got plenty of time for that; believe me.” She blushed.

“I’m going to change I’ll be right back. In the meantime get some coke from the fridge Ok?” she said.

“Why change? That’s my favorite mini skirt for you to wear when we’re dancing Cindy. You know that.”

“I know, but I’m soaking wet Danny!”

“Let me see?” She came over to the sofa, stood in front of me, and lifted her skirt in the front to show me her inner thighs with her panties already see-thru, and juices running down on them. Man I almost came when I saw that and I got a hard on right away.

“Cindy, sit down.” I asked her. She did so. “Take your panties off and give them to Me.” she did. I took them in my hand and pushed them to my nose. They were completely wet, and smelled delicious. I was intoxicated with that smell. She just looked at me blushing and I saw her hand run down to her crotch.

“Are you really that horny Cindy? Do you want to masturbate now?” She nodded.

“Ok go ahead,” I told her. She started to rub her hand on her pussy, and in no time she came so much, that her cum ran down the sofa, and made a puddle on the floor.

“Wow you really were horny baby,” She blushed and offered me her fingers to suck on which I did with pleasure.

“I’ll get the coke you must be thirsty,” she managed to nod. When I came back, she had gone, had put some new panties on, had washed a little, and cleaned the floor with some toilet paper. She looked embarrassed.

“Cindy, you don’t have to feel guilty for cumming like that. It’s ok with me baby. Now if I were your mom, it would be a different story honey. But you know how far we have gone so don’t be ashamed Ok?”

“Ok.” she said with a big smile on her face but blushing anyway.

“Danny, can I watch you again? I just can’t get you off my mind.”

“Ok, but take your panties off; otherwise you’re going to have no panties by the end of the weekend, if you continue soaking all of them like that.” She took them off and prepared for the show.

I took my pants and underwear off and started to stroke my dick right in front of her face now. She started licking her lips in anticipation. At some point, she asked me to let her know ‘when’, and I stopped and said:

“I got a better idea: I let you know ‘when’, and at that moment you open your mouth and I feed it to you. That way, you don’t have to get it in your hands.” She agreed.

When I was about to explode, Iput my hand behind her head pulling her closer, and she understood it was time. She then opened her lips, taking the tip of my cock in her mouth ever so softly, because she was afraid she would hurt me, and I started to cum in her beautiful mouth.

“Oh my god Cindy, your lips feel so good.” She just kept on holding there while I pumped my load in her for longer than I can remember. When I Was done, she swallowed my load and stood to plant her lips on mine, passing some of my own cum to my mouth. It tasted salty, but her saliva was so sweet that it was a wonderful feeling. I put back my pants and she put her panties back on. When she did so, she said:

“Danny, I love you. You are the first man I’ve seen naked, the first man I’ve kissed, the first man I’ve tasted his cum from, and the first person in the planet who saw me masturbating.” She stood up and we kissed with animal lust for about ten minutes. When we broke the kiss, I said:

“Well, you are the first for me in all that too, and it all started when I asked you what time it was baby. I love you too; a lot let me tell you.” We put on some romantic music and we danced close to each other for one more hour until we got hungry.

After supper we watched some TV which was really boring, and we finally went to sleep at about 10. We both went to our rooms, and I couldn’t sleep, so I went to the kitchen for something to eat, and I found Cindy there doing the same. She said,“I can’t get to sleep Danny. I’m too horny.”

“Well, that makes the two of us baby. Let’s have some bananas with milk, and we’ll be asleep in no time.” We did so, and went back to sleep. Half an hour later, I heard Cindy still awake and I called her.

“Cindy, since I own this bed tonight by your mother’s orders, I’m going to let you sleep here ONLY for tonight ok? But you have to behave like a good girl, or you’ll be back in your bed immediately” she nodded and jumped like a 5 year old.

We got in the bed and hugged for what felt like a century. After awhile, I started to get a hard on by the feeling of her body against mine, and she was asleep, so I kind of moved away from her, and she cried out in her sleep moving closer to me again. Shit, I thought. Now what? I started to feel her skin through the thin fabric of her pajamas, and she started to moan. So I continued first on her neck, and then moved to her shoulder, down her back. Then she said,“Do you want me to take them off?” she asked. I was surprised but pleased.

“Ok. Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel embarrassed,” I said.

“No, it’s ok, but I would feel less embarrassed if you were undressed too you know?” she added.

I took my pajamas off too; we were both naked now. We hugged some more, but this time it was a lot different. I could feel her breasts and her nipples against my bare skin. It felt out of this world. We started kissing and touching everywhere while our mouths were locked in a frenzy. I could smell the scent of her horny cunt and I started to get hard again.

“Danny, I’m horny again.”

“I asked you to behave like a good girl didn’t I?” She nodded. “And now you tell me that you’re horny again?" She blushed.

“Danny, I can’t help it!”

“You know what’s the punishment for being a bad girl right?” She nodded, grabbing her pajamas. “And by getting horny you are being a good girl so you can stay here, But…” I continued. She bit her lower lip.


“You let me try something a little different.” I added.

“Ok I’ll do anything but don’t send me to my room please?” She begged.

“I wasn’t going to send you there don’t be silly baby you know I love you”. She blushed gave me a big smile and kissed me.

“I love you too Danny, very much. Ok what do you want me to do?” she inquired.

“Get your pillows so we don’t stain your mom’s.” She opened her eyes wide looking at me with fear. I laughed. “Don’t worry. I think you’re going to love It.” she rushed to her room and came back with her pillows.

“Put them on the bed and sit on them. Then, lie back and open your legs wide.” she did, and got both her mother’s pillows and put them under her head to get a better view of what I was going to do. I knelt between her legs and gave her a big kiss on her nice outer lips. She moaned.

“Danny! My god what was that?” she cried.

“I just kissed your pussy did that hurt?” I answered.

“It felt so good… don’t stop or I kill you,” she screamed.

The next thing I did was to lick her pussy a little deeper. She screamed and then started to cum in a stream saying,“Danny, I’m cumming lick my juices baby, I’m going to cum big time. Oh my god! Here it comes.” She just let her fountain flow all over my face. I kept on licking, and she kept on cumming and cumming. I licked as much as I could but still some of her cum went down her butt and onto her pillows. Seeing that, I raised her legs and started to lick my way down to her ass.

“Danny! You’re making me cum again; for god sake! Don’t stop!” and she came again. This time I drank all of her nectar, since I was getting it all right from her ass where it was actually dripping, and went back to her pussy to finish my cleaning job. She recovered after awhile and without saying a word, went to my face and gave me the best kiss I’ve ever had in my life. She hugged me like her life depended on it, and after two or three minutes she said,“Danny that is the best sexual experience I ever had. I love you. I have never cum like that since I started masturbating.”

“I thought you were hurting to be honest.” I replied.

“Are you nuts? I was screaming out of pure pleasure baby. What can I do to return the favor?” she asked coyly.

“Let me explain: You may not like it though. Remember what you did this afternoon? You took my cum right from my dick.”


“Now, I want you to do everything yourself follow?”

“Yes. You mean I masturbate you all by myself like what you just did with me right? She asked happily.

“Exactly.” I agreed.

“There’s one little problem Danny. I can’t tell when you are going to cum baby and I don’t want to stain my mother’s bed all over; you are good at Cumming a lot you know?” she said concerned.

“There is no problem if you keep it in your mouth all the time and with the other hand you jerk me up and down.” I explained.

“Oh, yeah! That’s a good idea let’s try and see what happens.” I sat on the edge of the bed and she knelt on the floor. She took the head of my dick in her lips and moaned a little. Then she took it out and gave it a big kiss on the tip, sucking a little pre-cum that was there. “I think I got It,” she smiled and started to jerk me with her right hand, and kept her lips right on the head of my dick. I was in heaven. Her left hand found my balls and started to squeeze them, giggling a little. She looked up at me and asked,“How am I doing?” I could not speak from the trance she had me in, so I just took her head, pulled it to my lips and kissed her, tasting my own pre cum from her mouth, and getting even hornier now. “I love the way your balls feel they are so soft and warm,” she said folding them softly.

She continued sucking and jerking, now with more expertise, as she was getting the hang of it. I took my hands and involuntarily started to jerk her head up and down on my dick. She probably looked at me but I had my eyes closed out of pure pleasure, so she just continued going up and down on her own now that she understood what I was doing with her head. She reached my hand and I squeezed it with pleasure, as a sign of approval. I started breathing heavier now and more pre cum oozed from the tip of my dick. She sucked it quickly, and I managed to say,“Cindy…Oh ...Cindy… Oh my god Cindy please don’t.” She took her hand, and put it in my lips to silence me. As she knew I was about to come. I couldn’t hold any longer, and I started to just let go. With her hand on my mouth all I could do was moan "Mmm!" She let go off my mouth and sucked like it was a baby bottle until I was spent and exhausted.

“Oh, my god Cindy.” We both started to cry and laugh at the same time. It was the best night of our lives, but the best was yet to “cum”. We fell asleep soon after that, hugging like we were going to die right there, and enjoying every second of it.

The next morning when I got up Cindy wasn’t there, and I heard her talking on the phone. I put on my pajamas and went downstairs and saw her naked on the sofa, talking to her mom. I didn’t want to face her mom just yet. She got the hint from my face and said that I was still sleeping, and that we were going to visit my mom that afternoon. She hung up and ran to my arms saying,“I was already missing you baby.”

“Don’t tell me you were busy down there already,” pointing at her pussy. “Why are you naked anyway?”

“Ha-ha-ha. No Danny, you have a dirty mind. I had to run down to answer the phone, and I had no time to put on my pajamas. I felt awkward when I got up because I never slept in my mother’s room before. It’s 6:30 so if you want, we can come back to sleep some more. But I mean “s-l-e-e-p” do you understand that, young man? "

“Let me see if I got it right young lady. I’m going to spell it just in case. I – M – H –O –R –N- Y. Did I spell it right Madam?” I asked.

“Your answer is Correct Sir. So, do you want to “s-l-e-e-p” a little more?

“Yes I do. Madam” I grabbed her by the ass, put her over my shoulder and I took her upstairs to bed again, giving her a little spank on the way. I now had a serious look on my face, as I put her on the bed facing up.

“What’s wrong baby?” she asked puzzled.

“There’s something I have to tell you and I don’t think you’re going to like it much baby: Look, Cindy. I was thinking about this and I don’t think it’s right to continue doing this. I mean, you are only 16 and then there is your mother and all that. I don’t know baby." Her face was pale already.

She rose from the bed, sat down at the edge and all she could say was,“But Danny… we love each other and…and...”

“And you are horny and you want to make out and have fantastic sex with me?” I said finishing the sentence and laughing.

“Of course you idiot! How can you be so mean to me?” She got up from the bed and punched my chest almost crying.

“I thought you were serious. Damn it, Danny I hate you!” and then she kissed me and we fell on the bed where I sat down and told her to turn around.

“What? Why do you want me to turn around?” she said her eyes popping out.

“Trust me baby, you’ll love it.” she turned around and looked at me puzzled.

“Straddle over me on all fours now.”She did. I grabbed her gorgeous ass and got her cunt to my face. By now, my cock was at its full, as I was looking at the first pussy I had seen, kissed and tasted in my life furthermore enjoying it to the peak.

She soon understood the idea, and said,“Oh, I get it. Don’t say a word baby. Gotcha!” I kissed her thighs first and massaged her beautiful ass cheeks which had some sort of sexy little goose bumps. I licked those. She had already grabbed my erection and was fondling my balls, kissing and licking them. It felt fantastic. I continued licking her thighs, now getting closer to her pussy, but going around avoiding it, and went to her little ass, where I put my tongue in full. She jumped a little, but didn’t say a word. I continued in her asshole until she ran her tongue now to my asshole and kissed it.

“So you want to play dirty? All right I’m game.” I assured her.

“You started it,” she replied.

Now, I had my tongue in her asshole, and she had inserted her index up my butt. Shit! the little whore was smart and game too. I took my tongue out of her ass and kissed her pussy. She let go off my ass grabbed my dick and drove it to her mouth. We began licking and sucking and moaning together until we both were at the peak of arousal, and without saying a word, we both stuck the index in one another’s ass. We both laughed but continued our sucking and licking, until we both started to cum together in perfect synchrony. She came so much but at such a slow speed this time, that I didn’t let a drop get by, and she was sucking so good up and down my shaft, that when I came, she stopped just to enjoy the feeling of my cum splashing her throat. She turned around and kissed me, and we swapped cum from one another. I loved it, and so did she.

“Danny? I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!” she screamed.

“I love you too. I love your cum in my mouth. I don’t want to have breakfast today I am already full for life. Your cum is enough for me.” She laughed saying:

“You’re a dirty rat! You stole my line. I was going to say that!”

We went to take a shower (together of course) and she was very kind to wash my privates “very carefully”, and I returned the favor by cleaning hers just like that. It was only a matter of reciprocity. We had a nice “second” breakfast and we went to my house. My mother was surprised to see us there.

“Well, Cindy is alone in her house but she’s not in jail mom so we decided to pay you a little visit and maybe have lunch?” I asked coyly.

“Sure kids; give me a hand. Cindy do you mind?” They went to the kitchen and I went to my room to take a look around. Everything checked out fine. I went back to the kitchen and my mother told me to run to the store to get some lemons for the salad dressing. I went quickly, because I knew Cindy would be in the questioning room all the time I was out, especially knowing how shrewd my mom is. My mom made a face when she saw me get back so soon.

Over lunch, my mother casually asked,“So you kids had a good night?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Not really,” said Cindy.

“How’s that?” my mother asked puzzled.

“Well, neither of us could fall asleep. I was in a strange bed, and Cindy was excited because I was there. So we had some bananas and milk, and we both went to sleep right away, until her mother called at six this morning to see if Cindy was still alive.” They both laughed.

After lunch we showed my mother a couple of the new steps we had “practiced” and then we said goodbye and went back to Cindy’s. On the way home, she told me my mother had asked her if I had made a pass at her, and she had said that I was a gentleman, and she’d marry me if we were older. My mother had said that we made a nice couple.

We got to her house, and there was no plan, so we started making out again. I took my hand and started feeling her tits, and Cindy took off her T shirt and bra, so that I could move more freely around. We continued like that and Cindy loosened my belt, and took my pants off. I took hers off too. And we both were in underpants. Cindy was of course soaking wet already, and I had a new tent again. We continued our foreplay finally taking our underwear off and I straddled over Cindy, and she got the picture right away, pressing both her tits together, allowing me to fuck her tits and sucking at my cock every time it got close to her mouth. I came quickly and she smeared my cum all over her tits, without cleaning them after. Then she asked me to eat her pussy.

I said,“I think you are ready Cindy.”

“You mean…?” She asked a little afraid.

“Yes baby. You want it, I want it, we love each other, you are always horny, and if it hurts now, it won’t hurt tonight, and this is our one in a lifetime chance to do it without any rush do you agree?”

“You’re right Danny; we might never be able to be this alone in a thousand years. Let’s do it.”

“All right, here we go baby ready?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said biting on her lower lip again.

I started by licking her pussy easily, and she started to moan softly. Her juices were running already from the anticipation to what was about to come. She held my head down at her pussy until she came, only a little because she was nervous. I put my cock around her pussy and started to rub it there until it was full of her juices. Then I inserted the tip and she bit her lower lip again, when she felt it get to her hymen. I pushed slowly, she bucked her hips up and I felt something tight grasp my cock and then let it loose again. She said nothing, and just kept on pushing up until I felt my dick hitting bottom.

I said,“Cindy! You got it all in baby.”

“What? Are you serious?” she lifted her head to look at our crotches and she almost cried from happiness. I continued pushing in and out ever so slowly, and she relaxed a little now and started to enjoy herself. Her cunt juices oozed just like they used to when she was horny and it felt so good.

I stopped and said,“Cindy, this has to be the best moment in our entire life. You are the first girl I am going to fuck for real, and I thank you for that, and I love you and…” She burst into tears. And I didn’t know what to do.

“Danny I love you so much! Thank you for asking for the time that Tuesday at 6:10 I’ll never forget that day. Now let’s fuck!”

We started to fuck for real this time. She now had relaxed and was feeling no pain, and I was fully erect now. She gripped my shaft harder than a fist. I was in heaven, with an angel underneath. She bit her lower lip again (I loved it when she did that, because her dimples will show a little more). She began to trust her hips up now, and got one of her pillows under her ass to lift herself more and get it in more. She was red hot now. Her face was blushing and I pumped faster and faster.

“Oh… Oh, Danny… Dan…. Da….MY GOD!!!!! I’m going to cum hard baby HAAARD pump fast please… Harder!” And she gave me a last tender look before she came like an animal, pouring cum all over my dick, down to her ass and finally on her pillow. I followed her not too far behind and when I started to cum and she felt my cream in her pussy, she said:

“Oh, Danny. I can feel it inside me! Shoot it all in there shoot it please,” and she came again so much that my own cum was taken out of her pussy by hers all over my balls and her ass.

Our orgasm was so intense that it must have lasted 5 minutes. We finally opened our eyes and kissed for a long time. When I stood up, I looked and her pillow was full of my cum and hers in a little puddle that we both went down to lick, almost hitting our heads together.

“Mmm what a delicious dessert after your mother’s lunch,” she said.

We licked the pillow clean and then kissed and swapped juices. We took a shower, then got dressed and took a nap holding each other on the sofa, and listening to romantic music. The night was ahead of us and we both knew we weren’t going to get any sleep.

After about an hour, we went to the supermarket to get some groceries for dinner, and came back, all the while holding hands and kissing. She hadn’t taker her eyes off mine and when we got home, she hugged me again.

“This may sound stupid to you Danny, but you know what? I LOVE YOU!!! This is the best weekend of my life, and I don’t want it to end ever!" she said.

Man I wish you could have seen her eyes…. She really meant it….That night, we went to bed at 11, and she was sad because that was going to be our last “honeymoon” night. We just looked at each other, started to strip one another, without looking away from each other’s eyes. There was so much lust in our eyes, that I swear we could have cum together just by looking in each other’s eyes, and as a matter of fact, we came together just by hugging each other. I came all over her Venus mound and she soaked my pants where she had been sitting, leaving a big spot on them.

I rubbed her pussy with my hand and she just kept on looking into my eyes. I continued with my rubbing and slowly flipped her over her stomach. She didn’t say a word. I went around her right ass cheek and ran my hand down to her pussy to continue the rubbing until she started moaning softly. My left hand went to her tits and caressed them. By now her hand had gone between her legs, and was massaging my balls very softly. She loved the feel of my balls. She took her fingers and dipped them in her pussy to get them really wet, and rubbed her juices on my balls and dick, going back to her pussy every now and then to get more “balm”. When I was really hard again, I raised her ass and pulled her closer to me to penetrate her pussy from behind, and she now was in all fours, looking down at the bed. When I inserted my manhood in her, she inhaled sharply and exhaled slowly. She wasn’t expecting that.

She turned around and looked at me whispering,“Danny, what are you trying to do to me? This is more than I can take baby; the pleasure is… Oh, Danny…”

I pumped slowly, now half way in; every trust was really slow, and I could feel her pussy squeezing my dick in short pulses, and getting wetter in every stroke. She looked back at me and with every trust she would bite her lower lip and frown. We were both in heaven…. I increased my pace, and she began to push back every time I pushed in. I felt my climax build up, and she was looking at me in the eyes with her lower lip continuously bitten. From that moment on, we just went on and on just looking into or eyes, until we came together like animals. The bed was squeaking and moving but we didn’t care.

She began to scream,“It’s all the way in baby give me your cum now! I want it! Come on! Give it to your baby; give it to me Ah, Ah, Aaaaaah”

“Cindy… I’m cu…Ugghhhhh,” was all I could say, and we came together.

“Oh, My god. I can feel it now there it is Ahhhhhhhh. I love it when you cum inside me. Give me all- your- cum, that’s it give me more… Shit! Don’t stop! Keep fucking me Danny… until tomorrow…”

We finally collapsed on the bed. My cock was inside her still hard for almost ten minutes until it finally went limp and popped out slowly. When we finally had some strength to move, I lied on the bed next to her, and she held my hand tight. We didn’t need to talk; our body language spoke for itself. We both knew, we were made for one another, and nothing mattered from that day on….NOTHING!

We fell asleep soon after that, and when her mother called at six (again I must add), we were still holding hands in our sleep. Both of us got up to answer the phone, and ran downstairs naked. They spoke for about a minute and she hung up and stood up to give me a big hug, and a lustful kiss.

“Let’s sleep a little more shall we?” she suggested.

“Don’t mind if I do,” I replied.

That afternoon when I left, she gave a little present that she told me to open whenever I needed her company. When I got home, I went right to my room and opened the present. It was her soaking panties from the dance we had the first afternoon alone together. As the days passed, we were more and more in love, but destiny had different plans.

I went out of the country for 4 years, to study and even though we talked over the phone almost every day, I couldn’t forget her. We finally stopped calling each other, but somehow she stayed recorded in my mind. I finally finished my studies and came back to my country. The next morning I went to her house looking for her, but she no longer lived there. I went berserk. I asked everywhere for three months, until a friend of mine told me that he had seen her around in a neighborhood not far from ours. I went there looking for her. I asked in all the grocery stores around, until I found an old man.

“Is she kind of petite and with waist long wavy black hair and a nice butt?” he asked.

“Yes that’s her.” I answered happily.

“She lives right there in that brick house on the corner.” He pointed. “Her mother is a nurse right?”


“I don’t know what’s wrong with that girl. The poor thing has no boyfriend or anything. She seems to turn down all the guys that hit on her. She must have had a big turndown when she was younger. She just keeps on looking out the window like waiting for someone.” He continued.

“Yes it is because of me. I left the country for 4 years and we were in love. But I came back three months ago and I’ve been looking for her all over the city, until now that I found her. I can’t wait to see her.” I told him.

“She should be back from school in one hour. She’s always alone there you know?” the man said sadly.”

“Not anymore. I’m back.”

The hour I waited for her felt like a century. I had about half a pack of cigarettes, but the wait was worth it. She was back home. I was really nervous like the first time. I thank the guy at the store and left.

“Go on kid you can be sure she’s all yours. She hasn’t gone out with anyone the time they have lived there. Good luck to you.” he said to me.

I went to her house and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” asked Cindy.

“It’s me Danny!” I said.

The guy at the store had come out to the door to see what had happened, and he saw when she opened the door and jumped to my arms and hugged me like her life depended on it.

“Danny! It’s you! I’ve been waiting for you all this time. I knew you were going to come back someday. I was right!”

She wouldn’t let go off me. She finally kissed me hard on the lips and led me inside. I waved at the guy from the store and gave him the thumb. He smiled. Cindy was naked in seconds, and was stripping me soon after. She sat on the sofa opening her legs and said:

“Come Danny. Take your pussy. NOBODY else had seen it nor touched it not even through my pants. It’s ALL YOURS my love.” I knelt in front of her.

“This guy here hasn’t been in any other girl’s pussy either.” I pointed at my dick. “I’ve waited for you too. I still love you just as I did four years ago.”

We made love all night in every possible way we could, making up for lost time. I called my mom in the morning and told her I had found her.

“You had to have your way didn’t you? I’m happy for you two. Give Cindy a hug and a kiss for me would you? You two deserve each other. Go on, I want to see my grandchild soon you little pervert!” she told me.

Soon after that, we moved together. Her mother married the old man she was caring for, and he died six months later leaving her all his estate.

We now have two children, and as I’m writing this story, she’s giving me a hand with the details because she says we can’t leave any details out.

The end.

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