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My little red dress

I was nervous, as he was meant to meet me at 8, and it was nearly half past. I thought it was women who were supposed to take ages getting ready? Or had he changed his mind?

Then, at 20 to 9, my phone rang and it was him informing me that he was waiting, outside my apartment block. As I made my way down to meet him, the nerves turned to excitement, and when I saw him waiting there, in black trousers and a black shirt, just as gorgeous as I remembered, I had butterflies in my tummy. He was tall, even slightly taller than me in my 6 inch heels, he had tanned skin, chocolate brown eyes you could get lost in, and a gorgeous smile that made me melt. I couldn't wait to see what was underneath the clothes. As I walked towards him, his smile grew, taking in all 6'2 of me in my sky scraper heels, showing off my long dark legs in my short red dress, which was keeping my big boobs under wraps until later, my tight curls flowing loosely over my shoulder. He wrapped his arms around me, giving me a kiss on the cheek and he complimented me on how I looked. I of course returned the compliment.

We walked, hand in hand, to the Italian restaurant which was near my apartment in the city centre. We sat at a candlelit table in the corner, we chatted, laughed and joked an got on amazingly well. When we were finished, we headed to a cocktail bar.

I found us a nice quiet table in the corner, he bought us both some cocktails and joined me. He put his arm around my shoulder and started kissing my neck. His soft lips felt so good against my skin. I took his other hand and placed it under my dress. The look on his face said it all, he loved what he found. His hand was greeted by my bare, smooth pussy. He slipped a finger inside and discovered how wet I was, he brought his finger to his mouth and tasted me. At this, he said we needed to leave and I wasn't going to argue! 

We hurried back to my apartment block, as fast as we could. In the lift, we couldn't keep our hands off each other. As we entered my flat our hands were wrapped around each other and our tongues entwined. We went into the living room and I made him sit down and told him not to touch either himself or me. 

I turned my back to him, and unzipped my little, red dress. As let it fall to the floor, I heard him moan; I was wearing nothing on but my 6 inch heels. I turned around and slowly started rubbing my hands up my body to play with my pierced nipples, and then I ran one hand down to my smooth pussy and eased one finger, then another inside myself, which made me to moan. I did this for several minutes, still not allowing him to touch either of us. 

When my fingers were nice and wet and he was moaning with both pleasure and frustration, I went and straddled his lap and gave him my two fingers to taste. He eagerly sucked and licked them both and I could feel him growing harder underneath me. When he was done sucking my fingers, I slowly started to unbutton his shirt, revealing the gorgeous toned and tanned body, I had been longing to see all night. As I undid the buttons, I slowly kissed down his body, until I reached the top of his trousers, then I rubbed his raging hard on through his pants, which made him moan even more. As much as I wanted to carry on teasing him, I had to see and taste his hard dick.

I undid his trousers and pulled them, and his Calvin Klein's (also black), down, just enough to release his hard 9 inch dick. I wrapped my mouth around the top and my hand around the rest of the shaft and slowly licked the head, sliding my hand firmly up and down the rest. I slowly took him all into my mouth, inch by inch. When all 9 inches of him was in my mouth, I started to play with his balls. He was moaning so loudly! I just had to taste his cum, so I started sucking all the way up and then all the way back down his dick, slowly increasing the speed, while still paying attention to his balls. Then I swapped, I started to suck his balls while my hands slid up and down his shaft. He said that he was going to cum, so I wrapped my mouth back around the head and he filled my mouth with his warm creamy cum. I swallowed it all. I come back up and kissed him hard, so that he could taste himself in my mouth. Then I got up and left the room.

It took him several minutes, until he heard me moaning, and realised I was not coming back to him. He followed the sound, and found me lying on my bed, still in my heels and playing with myself. The look on his face was priceless, as he saw me lying there, with my legs spread and my fingers buried deep into my smooth, wet pussy. 

He came over to me and said that there was no need for that. He extracted my fingers, from my pussy, and took them into his mouth, sucking them clean again, before replacing the fingers, from my pussy, with his tongue. He slid his tongue up and down my pussy several times before paying attention to my clit. Then he slid one finger, then two, then three fingers into me and started finger-fucking me, while nibbling on my clit. It was the best pussy eating I'd ever had. Little did I know, it was about to get better. He slid another finger in, and then his thumb, his whole hand was inside my soaking wet pussy, and wow, it felt amazing. It wasn't long before I came all over him. When I relaxed after a very intense orgasm, he lay on top of me, kissed me and brought his very wet hand up in between our faces as we both licked my juices of his fingers. 

I needed him in me, and he knew it. He didn't need me to ask him. I wrapped my legs around him, as he slid all 9 inches into my tight pussy with ease, because I was so wet. He filled up my pussy so good, stretching me slightly. He was the biggest I had ever had. He started to pick up pace and fuck me harder, as he kissed from my neck down, until he came to my large breasts and took one pierced nipple into his mouth letting his tongue tease it, before doing the same to the other nipple, as I dug my nails into his back. He fucked me, deep, hard and fast, just how I like it. We were both moaning so loudly that the people, several floors above and below, must have been able to hear us. I did not care. He fucked me like this until I had another amazing orgasm and came all over his big dick. Then he told me to get on all fours, as he slid into me from behind. Oh, he felt so good inside me, as I started rubbing my clit he took me by surprise and slid a finger up my ass. I started to moan even more loudly. Something which I didn't think was possible. 

This man was the best fuck I'd ever had, I never wanted it to end. He kept fucking me, and I knew I was going to cum again, but I wanted us to cum together. It was as if he read my mind, because he picked up the pace and he kept fingering my ass and I came for the second time, all over his dick. This caused him to release streams of his warm cum deep inside me, and then we both collapsed completely satisfied, him still on top of me and inside me, until he slid out of me and lay by my side, as I felt out juices running out of me. I got some of the juices on my finger and put it in my mouth and as I did this he pulled me into his arms and kissed me, his tongue entwining with mine and tasting us. 

We must have both feel asleep because the next thing I remember is waking up with his face buried in my pussy again, I knew things were only going to get better.
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