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My wife and I are fucked by friends

My wife and I commit adultery

My wife, Nell and I took our trailer caravan to a campsite in France and became friendly with a French married couple, Jacques and Monique, who also had a trailer caravan. We were sitting on chairs in in their caravan awning and drinking wine when Monique, who spoke excellent English (unlike her husband who could not speak it at all though she translated for him whan necessary) said that she and Jacques were naturists and go to a nudist beach and would like Nell and me to go with them. Nell and I had never been to such a beach and were a litle hesitant in replying. After a while Nell said we ought to try it and I agreed with her.

Monique and Jacques took us in their car and we walked on to a sandy beach. There, they took off all their clothes and were completely naked showing how brown their bodies were. Nell and I had never seen naked people and I confess that seeing Monique naked made my cock grow in my shorts. I could not take my eyes off her. Nell, I sasw, was staring at the naked Jacques.

"There`s a bulge in your shorts, Peter" said Nell.

"I`m sorry. I couldn`t help it. But you seem to be staring aty Jacques. You seem minterested in his naked body".

"Yes, I am".

Monique said "Jacques and I are naked. Take off your clothes".

We did and my partial erection could be seen by Nell and Monique (and Jacques, of course). Now I wasn`t the only one with an erection because Jacques also had one as he looked at Nell. He said something I couldn`t understand. Monique told us that Jacques said he liked seeing Nell in the nude and she, herself, liked seeing Peter like that with his penis a little hard.

We all walked along the beach taking in the sun. When we returned to our clothes we dressed. On arriving back at the campsite we went into my caravan awning and sat on chairs.

Nell said "I must say that I liked being nude on the beach and I was amused at the effect on Peter when he saw Monique".

"I liked seeing Peter like that and I could see that Jacques liked seeing you naked, Nell" saidMonique.

"We all liked seeing each other in the nude" said Nell. "Why don`t we all undress here?"

"I would like to do that and so would Jacques" Monique told us.

"What about you, Peter? asked Nell.

"I can`t wait. I want to see Monique in the nude again".

"And I want to see Jacques naked again".

"We all want to strip off so let`s do it" I said.

When we did the effect on Jacques and me was obvious and Nell said "I`m sure Jacques could have a harder cock than that. Can I make it harder, Monique?"

"Yes. He said he would like that and I would, too. Can I do the same for Peter?"

"Please do" I answered for Nell".

We all stood up and the women reached down and held our cocks. Monique held mine and stroked it to full erection. Nell did the same for Jacques and it was longer and thicker than mine. Both women were masturbating us. I don`t know about Jacques but I was in heaven as Monique masturbated me.

"This is silly" Nell commented. "If we go on like this it will make Jacques and Peter cum".

"What is 'cum`? asked Monique.

"Ejaculate" Nell explained.

"Now I understand. Yes, it would be silly".

"I think it would be silly, too. Instead, I would much rather have sex with Monique than be masturbated by her. What do you think about that, Nell?"

"You can, but only if you let Jacques fuck me and Monique says he can".

"I want to know if you agree I can have sex with your husband, Monique".

"Of course you can and Jacques said he wants that. Can I have sex with Peter?"

"You can. You heard him say he wants to have sex with you".

So everyone wants to have group sex, Jacques with my wife and me with his. Monique and Nell lay on the ground and opened their legs. I entered Monique and Jacques into Nell. Monique wrapped her legs round me and Nell did the same with Jacques. We fucked our partners and shot our cum into them making them have several orgasms then we withdrew and we all returned to our chairs.

"My goodness. That`s the best fuck I`ve ever had. It was the size of Jacques` cock that did it. I hope he will fuck me again, and soon" Nell said. 

"And I want sex with Monique again, It was so good. She moved about in some way which seemed to make it special".

We committed adultery again three times before Nell and I left to return home, very pleased with our holiday.
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