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New to School Part II

Danny has a run in with a different teacher this time.....same result

New to the school Part II


On my way home from school that day I wasn’t sure what to think. My mind was racing; I couldn’t keep my mind off of what had just happened. I also couldn’t stop thinking- what is going to happen now? Am I going to get in trouble?, suspended?

God the feeling of my long, thick hard cock buried in Ms.Turner’s dripping cunt…..i couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was enough to cause my cock to harden.

I get home from school and go immediately to my room. I didn’t even want to shower; I wanted to lay in my bed naked and take in the smell of her sex left over on my cock and my balls. Man she tasted so sweet. I licked my lips thinking I might have left a little behind plus the smell of her pussy emanating from my cock. I slowly started stroking it which was now rock hard and pulsating with every beat of my heart. I squeezed from the base up to the tip watching the pre cum flow. I swirled it around with my finger than continued stroking my cock. I could feel my cum start to boil deep within my balls, I knew I was close to cumming again. I could picture her in my head as I stroked harder and harder. Oh god !!! I could feel my cum rise up through my cock. I could feel the heat as the lightning of an incredible orgasm shot through me. Spurt after spurt; 3-4 times my cum shot out of my cock and landed on my chest. I wondered if that is how hot if felt for Ms.Turner as my cum shot into her pussy.

I cleaned up in the shower; did my normal after school chores, homework etc. My mind still not on task; all I could think about was my after school ‘extra-curricular’ activity. I lay in bed that night naked thinking about the day; finally drifting off to sleep with a smile on my face.


I woke the next day eager to get to school. Probably the first time that has happened since we moved or at least when school started. I so wanted to get to my English class; I was upset that it was my last class of the day. The day went painstakingly LONG!!

My 2 nd hour of the day is gym class. I arrived in the locker room to change and all the buzz between other members of my class was the substitute teacher for the day. Normally we had Mr.King but we found out he was at home ill. All the buzz was about Ms.Larson taking over for him while he is out. My cock began to stir at the thought of having to look at the lovely Ms.Larson all hour long. It was difficult to hide my hard on while changing. We all made it through class without incident until we got back to the locker room anyway. I was changing out of my gym clothes when my neighborhood friend stopped by and said that Ms.Larson wanted to see me in her office. Oh great; I thought what did I do now?

The teachers offices were in a common area between the 2 locker rooms. I finished changing and proceeded to the office area where Ms.Larson was waiting. God she was gorgeous. She was about 5’5” very athletically built; her tits weren’t too big probably 34C but you could tell they were solid as a rock. She directed me to her office and closed the door behind her. As she sat down at her desk she wasn’t exactly looking AT me, she was looking at my crotch. Slowly licking her lips before she spoke.

“hello danny”


“um….hi Ms.Larson, is there something I did?”


“oh yes…..yes indeed there is something you did, but I don’t think it necessary to make public so that is why we are here in my office.”


My mind was now searching in vain, what did I do in class? Was there something I did outside of class that maybe she saw?


“I know, danny what you did yesterday in Ms.Turners office”




“I could smell it when she opened her office door to let you out”


OH SHIT again


“do you know what kind of trouble you could be in if anyone else knew about it?”


Oh GOD !!! “um…..i’m sorry Ms.Larson….i um… will NEVER happen again I promise”


“your right about some of that…thank you for the apology though”

“um…your welcome” is all I could muster. My body was tingling but wasn’t sure how or why.


“why don’t you come over here and sit on my desk. You can tell ME all about it”


I got up from my chair and walked around her desk brushing up against her thigh sent shivers up my spine. I sat down on her desk facing her. She eerily eyed me up and down, I was nervous as hell. What was going to happen now?

She rolled her chair forward so she was right between my legs. She placed her arms on my thighs resting them there, staring at my crotch that was now bulging to be released.

“are you going to tell me what happened yesterday, danny?” I was silent, speechless AGAIN.

“or am I going to have show you what happened yesterday?” oh god…..did Ms.Turner spill the beans to Ms.Larson? Does she know everything? They did go to dinner last night, didn’t they?


She reached out, slowly caressing the outline of my cock through my pants with her finger. The feeling of her touch startled me. I leaned back a little as she placed the palm of her hand on my cock and rubbed gently the entire length. God this felt good and I wasn’t about to tell her to stop. She reached up with her other hand and unbuttoned my pants and slowly pulled my zipper down. My cock was screaming to be released it almost hurt being pent up inside. I lifted my butt off her desk as she pulled everything off! In one swift motion I was sitting on her desk bare from the waist down. My cock was throbbing. Her eyes widened at the wonderful sight.

“oh my….”she said, “Ms.Turner was right……your ARE big” Oh MY GOD….she did tell her everything!!!

She grabbed my cock gently, slowly stroking the entire length. She guided me closer to the edge of her desk. She used her other hand to gently squeeze and caress my sac, rolling them between her fingers.

“oh…..” I stammered, “ms.Larson?”


“mmmm…..yes danny?”


“I think I will be cumming soon if you keep that up”


“well than…..we don’t want anything to go to waste now do we?”


She leaned forward and wrapped her mouth around the head of my cock. I threw my head back…..GOD I can’t believe this is happening…..AGAIN!! She sucked on the head like a lolly pop, then slowly worked my cock into her mouth. She moved her mouth around my cock just like I was in Ms.Turners pussy; in and out but not all the way off, leaving just the head of my cock in her mouth. I couldn’t help but watch. She was looking in my eyes as she took the entire length of my cock into her mouth !! I could feel the back of her throat as she worked to relax her muscles to make sure she had it all in. She swirled her tongue as much as she could all the while still massaging my balls. I could feel my orgasm building; I certainly couldn’t delay it any longer. I could feel my cum flowing through my cock

”oh god……Ms.Larson…..uh…god” she stayed where she was; the tip of my cock buried in her throat as each shot of my hot sperm flowed right down her throat. There was no chance she was going to waste any. As the final few spurts emanated from my cock she slowly pulled her mouth off of my cock licking every inch.


She stood up in front of me slowly stroking my cock back to life. She leaned forward and we kissed. I wasn’t sure how to handle this as she probed my mouth with her tongue. I could taste the remains of my salty cum as we sucked on each others tongues. Now I wanted to be inside of her. My hands began to roam, caressing her strong shoulders down to her slim waist, caressing her firm ass. I could feel her moan as she sucked on my tongue. I grabbed her shirt and started to pull it off. We broke our kiss so I could remove her shirt; and there they were. Her beautiful C cup tits strained by what seemed like a size to small sport bra that zipped in the front. I eagerly unzipped it and let her tits free. I massaged them greedily pinching each nipple. She pulled my head to her chest allowing me to nibble and suck on each one.


She pulled my head back and pushed me back onto her desk. She hastily cleared room on her desk for me to lie down. Papers, stapler, pencils and pens sent flying into the corner. She stripped off the rest of her clothes and climbed up on the desk with me. Instead of looking at her pretty face, I was nose to lips with her bald dripping pussy.

“I want you to eat me like you ate Ms.Turner yesterday…do you understand?”

“uh huh”

“I want you to fuck me with your tongue” she demanded


She was totally in control and I loved every minute of it. She lowered her pussy onto my mouth and I slowly licked her slit from top to bottom. I could feel her moaning as my cock filled her mouth. I shot my tongue into her pussy as far as I could get it; I could feel her jump and squeal. Than I fucked her with my tongue just like she demanded. As I was fucking her my chin was rubbing in just the right spot I could feel her clit harden with every rub. It didn’t take long and I could sense that she was close to an earth shattering orgasm. She continued to fuck her own mouth with my cock as I know turned my full attention to her throbbing clit. I had read about women who could emit a flooding amount of their own juices but never experienced it in person……..until now !!!

I kept my mouth as open as possible allowing as much of her juice into my mouth, nearly drowning me in the process. Her body shook….”oh god yesssssss…………” she screamed with my cock still in her mouth. I continued to lick her slit as clean as I could making sure I got all of her juices in my mouth.


She hopped off and wheeled around so fast I didn’t know what was happening. Now she was straddling me, licking my face clean of her juices moaning and licking like she was starving. Our tongues met and she sucked nearly my whole tongue in my mouth almost to the point of it hurting, than she released. She raised herself up and grabbed my hard shaft. Looking into my eyes again.

“I want to feel you inside me, ok danny?”

All I could muster was a nod

“good….” She said, “ms.turner said you were good. I want to feel it for myself.”


She lowered her sopping cunt onto the head of my cock. It easily popped in. She allowed only half of it in at first.

“oh god…….” She hissed, “wholly shit your huge…..uh god………..yessss”

Than slowly all the way down ramming every inch of my cock inside her; she began to grind her clit onto the base of my cock. She grabbed my chest firmly twisting my nipples greedily with her fingers. WOW, I thought; that is a different yet pleasant feeling. No one had ever done that before. She literally began to fuck me.

I wasn’t fucking her.

She was fucking me.

She would slowly raise herself up leaving only the head of my cock inside her and than slam back down onto me. She did this for quite a while making sure every bit of my cock filled her completely. She continued to grind her clit on my cock while reaching back behind her and gently squeezing my balls. I could feel my cum boiling again as she braced herself on my chest, I knew her orgasm was brewing as well.

“oh god….yes….here it cums” she wailed

God I hope no one hears us…..she was much louder than I imagined

“umm…..Ms.Larson…….i think I’m going to cum again”

“yes….danny……yes……fill me with your seed……..oh god….yessssss”

As her own orgasm gripped her, I could feel load after load of my cum fill her depths. I could feel her pussy squeeze my cock making sure every bit of my seed was milked.


Her phone rang


Oh shit……what time was it? how long had I been in here with Ms.Larson? I was definitely late for my next class.

She stayed on top of me, my semi hard cock still buried deep inside her.


“yes….Ms.Larson here”


“oh yes…..your looking for Danny?”


My eyes wide in shock


“yes he is still here….he was doing some extra work for me. I’m am truly sorry I did not clear this ahead of time”

“yes, Mr.Hogan, yes I will dismiss Danny right away so he can make it to the remainder of his next class”

Oh SHIT; how she could talk to the vice principal ‘mr.discipline’ himself so calmly while my cock was still inside her was amazing.

“yes right away Mr.Hogan; Danny is just leaving right now” she gently hung up the phone


“apparently some people have been looking for you, Danny boy”

She leaned forward to plant yet another tongue filled kiss. She slowly raised herself up and my cock plopped out onto my stomach. She crawled off her desk as I admired her toned fit body that I had just been inside. I could see the remainders of my cum dripping down her thighs. She licked my cock clean of our combined juices making him twitch again.

“mmmmm……yummy, Danny……” as she gently patted my cock

“not now…..maybe some other time, we WILL do this again, won’t we Danny?”


“yes……yes we will Ms.Larson”


We both dressed making ourselves presentable. Before she let me go, she pulled me close……

“I will see you soon danny, do you understand?”


“yes, yes I do Ms.Larson”

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