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Not Just Another Tea Party

Hot sex at a political rally
For a number of years I was a working musician playing drums. One of those guys making a living, but not getting famous. I got hired to be the sideman on tours or to play on the recording. It was definitely fun and I got to play with some well-known artists and see the world. Oh, and there were some adventures along the way. But you think the musicians get lucky? You should hear the stories of the roadies! It still amazes me how many people want to know you because you know someone famous and when that person was a sexy girl, who was I to complain.

So I was working a gig for a well-known ”red-dirt country” artist playing a political rally just outside St. Louis. The night before we played for the masses, we played a private event at a local club that had a crazy layout. There were three levels and was it open in the middle. The band was setup on the second level and the third level was closed off with the bar, buffet, etc., open on the first level.

During the sound check I noticed several hot girls come in, most dressed to impress. One in particular was a young brunette with a deep tan in a clingy white dress. It hit her about mid-thigh and showed off a perfect body. Next to her was a geeky looking guy and when we introduced, I found that he was the candidate’s son.

The girl was Jayna and gushed about how she loved the drums, so I asked if they wanted a closer look. We didn’t allow many “civilians” on the stage, but the boy was afforded special privileges because of dad. So we went up on stage, the boy started talking to the bass player and I sat Jayna down at the drum kit. She spread those lovely lean and tan legs around the snare and her dress rose up to her reveal her lacy panties. She seemed only mildly embarrassed and tugged the dress back down.

Even with just a quick glance I knew she had a cute little bare pussy. I handed her some drum sticks as my own personal stick stiffened. From my vantage point behind her, I was looking down her dress at some very impressive firm b-cup breasts and hard nipples. As much as I was enjoying this I needed to get ready to play, so we ushered them off the stage and went to the dressing room.

We played our set and then the candidate came to the stage with his family, including his son, but not Jayna. The rest of the band headed to the dressing room or to the buffet and I headed to the third level where I could listen to the speeches and have a quiet drink. But yep you guessed it, I wasn’t the only one with that idea and there was Jayna leaning over the railing and looking down on the stage. Of course this had the effect of pushing out her cute little butt and her dress riding up. This was an amazing view from her long hair, her curves, the lean legs down to her sexy heels. The lights were off on this level and the stage light were just below us. This had the effect of us being able to see the stage, but no one looking up could see past the lights.

As I stood next to her, Jayna complimented me on my playing and said how much she enjoyed watching the show. I started flirting with her saying how it was a wonder I could play at all with her as a distraction and how even my brushes were stiff. OK, so it’s corny, but she was giggling and we bumped hips and she was touching my arm. It was right then that I put my arm around her and pulled her into me and kissed her. She didn’t resist and returned the kiss, our tongues fighting with each other. God she felt good, smelled great and tasted sweet. My cock was hard as I slid my hand down to cup her ass and pull her into me. My lips went to her neck and my hand under her skirt and to her pussy. She was wet and moaning softly.

I pulled her dress off her shoulders and down, kissing her soft shoulder and working my way down to her breasts and nipples. She hadn’t bothered wearing a bra. She slid her hand between us and to my cock, rubbing me through my jeans. I turned her around, pushing her dress up further and getting on my knees to kiss her perfect little ass. She bent further as I pulled her thong off to reveal her pussy and I started running my tongue into her. She tasted fresh and I ran my tongue to her ass. I spent several minutes there with my tongue running into her pussy and ass with my lips capturing her little clit and sucking on it. I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my hard cock and as I stood up I slid my hands up her body to cup her breasts and play with her nipples. I pressed my cock against her ass cheeks and she pressed back, turning her head to kiss me again and whisper “fuck me”. Really, is there anything sexier than a beautiful woman saying that to you?

She reached between us grabbing me and guiding my cock into her very wet pussy. She bent over, grabbing the railing and I pushed all the way into her, my hands on her hips and then didn’t move for a moment. I grinded against her and then pulled all the way out before driving back into her and setting a rhythm of pounding her tight pussy. If anyone from the stage could have seen us they would have had a perfect view this beautiful young girl hanging onto the rail, legs spread and my cock driving in and out of her. Her wetness was everywhere and I moistened my thumb and rubbed her asshole and then slowly pushed it into her. She slowed her movements for a moment and then started driving herself back onto my cock and finger. I was buried deep inside her when she started grinding against me and then she stiffened and had her first orgasm.

As she relaxed I began stroking in and out of her again and she had another orgasm. This time she slipped away from me and to her knees. Turning to me she wrapped her slender fingers around my cock and gave it a kiss. And then a lick. And then she took me into her warm mouth, wrapping her full red lips around me and taking me deeper than I thought she could. She sucked me slowly, tasting her own juices on me, licking and kissing and then telling me to “cum in my mouth”. That was all I needed and I shot a huge load as she locked her lips around me. She continued then to lick and suck as I began to soften. She stood, took a drink from her cup and then kissed me. Her dress was wrapped around her waist, her lacy thong at one ankle, my cock was hanging out of my jeans and the speeches were still going on below us.

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Posted 20 Oct 2013 18:58
Nice story. I especially liked the details setting the scene. Oh, and the sex was good, too.

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