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On the Road - Together Again (part one)

Road trips can take various forms and almost always take longer than you think without a distraction
Robert was enjoying that new car smell as he pulled out on to the highway that would lead north out of Atlanta. He had always enjoyed solo highway driving – especially if he could pick the music – either a good radio station or he could try out the new CD player. Of course, he would have to stop to pick up some CDs as he hadn’t put any of his in his luggage on this trip. The car was great, too, with a smooth manual transmission and a compact V-6 engine that gave him good cruising and good acceleration – more than enough to drive his way out of trouble if he needed to out on the highway.

He smiled as he remembered that this wasn’t going to be a solo trip as he headed for the exit from the highway. Following the directions he had been given, he found the apartment complex and turned into it. Even as he slowed he saw Esther already at the curb waiting for him. She was wearing a dress with buttons all the way down the front – a shirtdress he thought it was called – and a small overnight bag sat on the sidewalk next to her.

He eased the car to a stop in front of her and smiled up at her through the open sunroof, “Hope you haven’t been waiting too long.”

Esther shook her head, setting that red hair bouncing. “No, just a few minutes. It’s a nice day to be outside – and for a ride.” She smiled and Robert thought he caught some extra twinkle in her eye but in the busy confusion of unlocking and opening doors, putting bags away, etc. he wondered if he hadn’t imagined it.

They settled back into their seats and he put the car in motion again. As he eased the car back onto the highway, he didn’t notice Esther retrieving a CD from her bag and slipping it into the car’s player but he got a big grin when he suddenly heard the opening chords of the overture from My Fair Lady coming out of the car’s stereo system. He glanced at Esther and found her looking out at the passing scenery as if there was nothing more interesting in the world than the buildings lining the highway, with perhaps the barest hint of grin playing at the corners of her mouth while her hands rested calmly in her lap.

Robert couldn’t help but notice also that the neckline of her dress was cut low across the tops of her breasts – and with the top button or two undone in addition – he was getting an excellent view of the exposed swell of her breasts, but not quite enough to expose her nipples. It was enough of a view to strongly hint that she wore no bra.

Even Robert’s relaxed fit Levis were beginning to feel constricted as his mind wove fancies around that view. Trying to watch the road as much as he could under the circumstances, he couldn’t resist stealing repeated glances back towards his longtime friend, almost lover, and now traveling companion. Just how far, he wondered, was this trip going to take him?

Although he had the cruise control on as they reached a more traffic free stretch of highway, Robert’s right hand rested on handle of the stick shift, occasionally rubbing its knob handle with the palm of his hand. Then Esther’s hand lightly touched his, holding it as he palmed the stick shift knob again. Before he knew it, she had taken his right hand into her left and gently retreated with it to her lap.

He realized that as she held his hand it was resting palm up and the back of his hand was gently pressing against her inner thigh. He could only feel the light material of her dress laying against her skin. This led to further distracting thoughts as he struggled to concentrate on the road. It became even more distracting as she pressed his hand harder against thigh while the fingers of her right hand began to lightly trace random patterns on the skin of his forearm.

They continued driving northwards enjoying the great summer weather. The conversation was idle chat, just burbling up from time to time. Otherwise, they listened to the music and held hands. As time passed and they shifted position in the car’s leather bucket seats, Robert realized that Esther’s dress had fallen open and was unbuttoned from its bottom hem all the way up almost to her waist, so high that his hand was almost resting now on the bare skin of her upper thigh.

Esther changed position in the seat, moving towards him. As she did so, her legs opened slightly exposing more of her upper thigh. Her hand increased its light pressure on his and he found the back of his hand now almost resting on that v formed at the tops of her legs.

Without his noticing the music had stopped, but Esther swapped out the My Fair Lady score for a new CD. Robert didn’t recognize the artist, but the music made him suspect that things were going in a direction he would enjoy. As she put it cod away, Esther shifted closer to him, and with even more leg exposed. She took his hand and turned it, pressing it palm down on that spot between her legs, and Robert realized that Esther was not wearing anything beneath her dress.

As he acquiesced in her desire to have his hand on her pussy, Esther released it and stretched her own left hand and rested it high up on Robert’s thigh, palm down and fingers stretching out along the inner thigh of his right leg. With a quick glance up from the road ahead, Robert caught a smile playing on Esther’s lips. Was she licking them?

The highway continued to unroll before them and as it did, they were both distracted by their little game. Robert found his hand cupped against her mound and finger slipped inside of her as she grew wetter. Esther’s hand slid off of Robert’s leg and soon she was toying with the hardness evident even through his jeans, stroking her fingertips back and forth.

As she pressed herself down on his hand, Esther stroked her left hand up and grasped at his zipper, and started to ease it slowly down. Robert’s eyes closed, and quickly opened as he remembered where he was. His own hand pressed hard against Esther, thrusting his finger in deeply. As she softly moaned at his touch, Esther’s fingers were pulling gently on the fabric of his jeans, opening the gap she had created. His hardness pressed against the fabric of his underwear and as her fingers touched his rod through the material she could feel dampness in that fabric from his precum.

They continued like this for several more miles driving along the highway, their mutual need for satisfaction and release growing along with the sexual tension. Finally, just as Robert was wondering if he could take any more without wrecking the car, Esther spoke softly to him. He couldn’t hear her the first time and she had to repeat it. “Pull off at this next rest stop,” she said again in a raspy whisper that was not even as loud as her now somewhat ragged breathing.

He glanced at her as he eased the car towards the exit ramp, noticing that he could see more of bare skin exposed as her dress had ridden up and fallen away from her legs. He had to remove his hand in order to safely bring the car off the highway, but Esther’s remained where it was, almost as distracting him as if he was still driving with only one hand. She continued to gently stroke him while looking around the expanse of the rest stop. She smiled and indicated a direction with a nod of her head, and he drove the car to an isolated part of the rest stop.

Amazingly enough, they found a shaded spot far away from the small cluster of buildings and sheds that were the goal for most of those stopping here. Robert stopped the engine as the car rolled to a halt, but left the car in gear so that he wouldn’t have to engage the parking brake lever between the two front seats – where it would only get in the way. They turned towards each other at the same moment, their lips quickly meeting.

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