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On The Way Home

It was twelve thirty at night and I was waiting for the bus home from a friend’s gathering. After all the laughing and talking at the get together, I was feeling exhausted and sleepy. I could barely keep my eyes open when the bus finally came to a halt in front of me. I got on and went straight for the back row. I was hoping to get a little peace and quiet so that I could take a short nap. I sat in the left corner even though there was no one else on the bus.

It was very warm that day, so I wore a translucent black tank top with a blue bra underneath, and a denim skirt that were just long enough to cover the whole of my buttcheeks. As I made myself comfortable in the seat, I began to close my eyes. Not long after, the bus came to another stop and I heard someone getting on. The person was coming to the back, and sat next to me. I didn’t think about it twice because I desperately wanted my nap. But after a few minutes, my nap wasn’t the only thing on my mind.

I began to feel something touching my right thigh. I realized that it was a hand. It was stroking my leg very slowly, as if testing to see if I was actually asleep. By this time, I could care less about the hand, I just wanted to rest my eyes, and I couldn’t open them even if I tried. I hope you understand how tired I was. The hand stroked my leg for a few minutes, and then I felt another hand on my right breast. I knew that I should have opened my eyes right then and told the person off, but I was kind of enjoying this. His touch made me feel even more relaxed than before and he was definitely good with his hands when he caressed my breasts. I felt his hand softly pinching my nipples, which were becoming rock hard. Because my tank top had a fairly deep neckline, it wasn’t hard for him to move the straps down my shoulders to get a full view of my bra. I then felt him taking my breasts out of my bra. He was stilling feeling my breasts, when suddenly I felt a wet sensation on them. He was licking them one after another, and then he was sucking on my nipples. Mmm, that felt so good – I felt tingles in my pussy. As I was becoming fully aroused, I decided to open a bit of my eyes and just who had been taking advantage of me.

As I opened my eyes, I got a view of a somewhat middle-aged man gently biting my my breasts while his right hand was reaching down inside my skirt and stroking my pussy through my black undie. He had short curly hair and glasses. I can’t really say that he was hot or handsome, but he wasn’t bad looking. I could see his muscular arms through the short-sleeved black polo that he was wearing. I became more turned on now that I’d gotten a visual on this guy. But just before I was about to close my eyes again, he caught me staring at him. He didn’t say anything to me. He kissed me instead. As our tongues played with each other passionately, his hand that was down there pushed my underwear aside and began to stroke my bare naked pussy. “Mmm,” I let out a moan, but it was muffled by the kiss. He stopped kissing me and looked at me, while one of his fat fingers began to crawl inside my pussy.

“You like that?” he asked teasingly.

“Mmm," was all I could get out.

His finger was moving in and out of my pussy at a quicker speed. My juices were now flooding down my hole. I moaned again, but tried not to be loud because it suddenly occurred to me that we were on the bus. He then bent down and started licking my juice. Oh, it felt so good. As he licked me clean, he pushed his tongue inside my hole. In and out. In and out. He began to nibble on the lips and it made me shudder. I was so close to my orgasm. But almost knowingly, he stopped. He sat up and began to undo his shorts. A long and hard thick cock bounced out as if finally free from imprisonment. Without thinking, my hand reached for it. I began stroking it, and attempted to pull it towards my pussy hinting him at my desire. But he didn’t budge. I looked at him. His eyes were filled with a sense of control as if saying, “you do what I want you to do.”

So while still stroking it, I lowered myself and began to lick his member. I gently licked the tip in a swirl motion while playing with his balls. I heard a low moan that could’ve been easily missed if the surrounding wasn’t so quiet. It occurred to me again that we were on the public transit. There were no other passengers on the bus. I glanced over at the bus driver. He was concentrating on the road ahead, but I knew that he enjoyed the view at the back of the bus every once in a while. Still having my tongue on his cock, I began to open my mouth wide to take it in. I started slowly, and quickly picked up the pace when I remembered my aching pussy. The change in speed caused me to choke a bit, but I kept going. He then lifted one of my legs up, pulled off my underwear and rubbed my pussy. He moved his member next to it and stroked my wet lips with his fat tip. I looked at him as if pleading for him to enter me. Then finally, after what felt like an eternity, he slowly pushed his cock inside my wet pussy. Ohhhh I was in heaven. He was going at a fast pace, I guess both of us were almost at our climax. I could hear the pounding and slapping of his balls on me. Finally, my whole body shuddered and I filled my cock-filled pussy with my juice. Mmmmm. Not long after, I felt another load of warmness inside of me. He pulled out, leaving my pussy oozing with fluid.

I was physically and mentally exhausted by now. And then I remembered that my stop was close. I quickly dressed myself and got up. As I walked towards the door I looked back at him and winked, throwing my underwear his way. I got off.

On my walk home, I recounted every little detail that happened on the bus in my head. My pussy was still dripping at this point, thankfully no one was on the streets that I was passing. Though I have to say, I was surprised that the driver didn’t say anything. I guess he needed a little entertainment on his long drive at night too. Oh I was going to get a good night’s sleep tonight for sure.

Giving writing a try. Hope you guys enjoy! Any feedback is greatly appreciated

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