One Year Anniversary - Part 2

By Banes1

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The next morning I was up early preparing breakfast for us and another special treat for you. Fortunately I finished before you got up, thus allowing me to bring it to you.

As I enter the bedroom I stop and take in the stunning sight before me. You have propped yourself up with pillows and are looking out the window. The bed sheet slowly slips from your body exposing your full firm breasts and I see that your nipples are very prominent.

As you pull up your knees the sheet slides further down exposing your firm stomach. The sheet barely moves up your thighs exposing the most beautiful V I have ever seen. It gives a faint hint of what beauty lays in wait with your finger tips gingerly touching the beginning point of both sides of the V.

The sound of the cart startles you and as you turn to see what it is you smile and run your tongue across your lips. I'm not sure if that is because of the food I have prepared or because I am naked with a very stiff, throbbing, shaved cock. You begin to ask " when......" and I cut you off saying I did it this morning because I thought you might like it better that way and I've never shaved myself before.

Pushing the cart to the side of the bed I serve breakfast to you starting with a glass of orange juice with champagne. After taking a sip you move the glass over a nipple and let some trickle down covering it and trailing it down your breast to the under side. I lean down and follow the trail of liquid licking it up from under the breast all the way to the nipple. 

Once there I flick my tongue back and forth over it then make a circle motion as I take it between my lips to suck on it. I repeat this several times as my fingers do the same to the other nipple.

After at least five minutes my tongue is now on the nipple that my fingers were on and my fingers are on the nipple that my tongue was on. You are moaning and pulling me into your breasts as you reach your first orgasm of many to come this morning.

When you have recovered we continue with breakfast. When we finish you ask what is in the storage part of the cart and I tell you to close those beautiful, intoxicating eyes. NO PEEKING!

As I open the storage compartment the air fills with your favorite scented oil and you breathe it in so deeply that your breasts rise up high and stay there till you exhale. I gasp at the wondrous sight before my eyes. I place a warm compress on your forehead and a larger one over your exposed skin as you have remained in the propped up position.

You let out a soft sigh as I close the blinds so only a hint of daylight enters the room. I light a scented candle then come over and remove the compresses making sure my cock brushes against your arm.

Opening you eyes you watch as I pour some of the oil across your chest as it trickles over your breasts down to the start of that beautiful V. Starting there I begin to massage your stomach and slowly move to your breasts, shoulders and neck then back down. I repeat this until I feel the tenseness flow out of you.

Before continuing I take a small amount of champagne into my mouth and share it with you in a kiss that quickly turns very passionate. We break the kiss and in a soft voice you tell me that you are not ready to let me fuck you. I kiss you, telling you I will wait patiently for the day you want me.

I hold up the sheet and see a very large wet spot, as you turn red with embarrassment. You tell me that throughout the night you had mini orgasms just from remembering what we did. You said that you did not even masturbate as that's how strong your feelings were. I told you that happened to me also.

With that we both giggle and you turn onto your stomach and lay flat on the bed. I massage your back the same as I did the front. Making sure to do your arms and along the edges of your breasts. I do this until I feel you relax.

Then I move to your feet, up your leg. When your muscles are relaxed I move to your thighs. All the while applying enough oil onto your skin to make it glisten in the candle light. And finally your firm round ass.

I make sure to massage gently along that beautiful crack which separates your cheeks. As I move toward your beautiful pussy you raise your hips and place both pillows under them. As you lower them, I notice your legs moving further apart to fully expose your pussy to me.

I apply oil to my hand and massage around the folds of your pussy. I whisper "Is this all right?" As I slip two fingers just past the swollen lips into your wetness. The only sound that comes from you is a moan of approval.

I continue pushing in deeper until I can go no further. At the same time I am teasing your stiff clit with my thumb. I start thrusting in and out, occasionally spreading my fingers out when they are deep within you. Your hips start bucking back and forth. Soon you raise yourself upon your hands and begin sliding in and out on my fingers, until your fingers join mine in teasing your clit.

You are now screaming, moaning and groaning as you erupt into the strongest orgasm yet. Our fingers and hands are covered in your sweet nectar. I lick them clean and as you remain on hand and knee I get behind you and lick up all the juice trickling down your inner thighs.

You collapse onto your stomach and I hold you in my arms. After a long rest you tell me to lay on my back and whisper to me it's now time. You put oil in your hands and begin stroking my shaft with one and fondling my balls with the other. You turn your hand as it moves up and down the shaft, occasionally rubbing the head. Unfortunately it does not take much and soon I lay there with three large loads of cum on my stomach and a smaller load covering my cock, balls and your hand.

You wipe up my load that covers my cock and balls, and begin to spreading it over your nipples and breasts. When you finish you lay on top of me. I can feel the cum warming my own skin as we tighten our embrace.

We kiss passionately, then fall asleep for a short time. All the while basking in the moment.

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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