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Parts House Striptease

Zack had finished counting down the first register of the night. He just had to wait on time now. The parts store he worked at closed at 9, and they rarely had business after 8. Why they even stayed open was anybody’s guess. He and his closer for the night, Chastity, usually started their duties around 8:30, so they could leave almost as soon as they closed. Right now he was watching the front as she swept the store.

Chastity was not herself today, and was a lot less talkative than usual. They had become pretty close friends over the year that they had worked together, if not as close as Zack would have liked. She lived with her boyfriend, and it was Zack’s general opinion that she was not treated as well as she should be. He was there for her when she had hard times with him, but he never tried to impose himself on her. He wasn’t that way.

But she had come in all quiet today, and had hardly said a word to him, and really had shied away from most customers, which was really odd for her. She was such a happy girl normally. And beautiful, at least Zack thought. She was about 5’6”, around 130 lbs, with hair so dark brown that it was almost black. That, with her darker complexion, dark brown eyes, and facial features showed the Native American somewhere in her background. She had a nice build, as well, not the stick type that a lot of guys went for, but with nice curvy hips, and big tits that he watched jiggle slightly in her bra as she walked, laughed, and carried out her day.

Zack had always had a hard time with women. He was around 6 foot tall and average looking, at least he supposed, but he always wound up with more girls as friends than lovers. As a matter of fact, most of his relationships had developed from friendships. To him, this only meant that it hurt more when things went south.

She was almost finished sweeping, and it was time to close. Zack went to get the last register to count the money as she locked the door. Pulling the till from the drawer, Zack finally couldn’t take it any longer. “So what’s been bothering you, girl?”

After locking the second door, Chastity lowered her head, closed her eyes and leaned against the glass. “He’s gone.” Her body shook slightly and she started to cry.

Zack put the drawer down and went to comfort her. He’d never really hugged her or anything, but he could tell she needed it, and she readily accepted it, wrapping her arms around him as well. She sobbed into his chest for a time, and he stroked her long beautiful hair. He’d never been this close to her before, and it felt wonderful to have her warm body in his arms, and breathe in her scent.

He led her to the back room and moved some cases of antifreeze to form a seat for her to sit on as he talked to her. He went back to get the money as she attempted to compose herself. When he returned, she began to talk as he counted the money.

“It was awful, Zack,” she started. “We’ve been together all this time, and then I found out he was cheating on me, with not one, but two different girls. I don’t know why, but he just lost interest in me. We, well, I, haven’t had sex in two months. When I asked him why, he said I was fat!” At this, she broke up again, and started to weep. Zack lost count, and then went over to comfort her again.

“I used to do a striptease for him sometimes. He used to love it. I don’t know what happened. But I’m okay,” she said. “I didn’t want to say anything to bring down your day. You’ve helped me so much before. I’ve always wondered why I couldn’t just have a nice guy like you. Did you know the girls he’s fucking just got out of high school and weigh like 95 pounds!”

Zack had stopped hearing her after she mentioned him. Dare he bring it up now? Was it too early? He shook his head and went back to his counting. “You know I’m here for you, Chas” was all he could manage.

“I know what I need to do. I need to just get over him and get on with my life. But now I think that I’m fat and disgusting!” Chastity sobbed. “And I’m so fucking horny I can’t stand it! It’s been too damn long!”

Zack completely dropped the money and lost count this time. God, how long had he waited for this day? But now that he was faced with it, he was afraid. He liked her a lot, but didn’t want to lose her as a friend. Most of his relationships ended badly, and he couldn’t imagine how much he would hate going to work without her. He kneeled down in the floor in front of her. He had to help her. He lifted her chin with a finger to look into her dark eyes. “You are not fat and disgusting. I personally have always thought that you are very beautiful.” He moved his hand to wipe away some of her tears. Her mascara was running, and her makeup was generally a mess, but she was still as beautiful as ever.

“Thank you for saying that, Zack, but you’re my friend, and you’re just trying to make me feel better.” Chastity pulled away from him and rested her head in her hands again. “Nobody will ever want to fuck me again!”

Zack moved around behind her and started to rub her back. “Chas, any guy that doesn’t want to fuck you is either an idiot or he’s gay.”

She turned to him and looked up at him with tears still on her face. “Would you fuck me?” she asked him. She bit her lower lip in anticipation.

Zack couldn’t believe his ears. It had to be a joke, or maybe rhetorical, she couldn’t be serious. Laughing nervously, he said, “Of course I’d fuck you, hell I’ve wanted to for a long time anyway.” He hoped that sounded like a joke.

“Right now?” she was still looking up at him with almost a pitiful look on her face.

“Uh, well, I mean, you don’t think it’d get weird?” Zack stammered.


Zack was floored. He didn’t know what to think. His dick, however, betrayed him. It was hard to hide an eight inch hard dick in dress pants. She noticed the bulge. “I’ll take that as a yes” she said and pulled him a little closer.

Still sitting on the cases of antifreeze, she put her mouth to his hard cock through his pants. Zack almost stopped her, but was glad she had made the decision for him. He put his hands on her head as she kissed and fondled the outside of his pants. She undid his belt buckle, and then his pants. Zack gasped as she slid her hand into his pants and pulled out his dick. “You’ve been hiding this from me the whole time?” she asked, and slid her soft lips onto his shaft.

Zack’s eyes rolled back into his head as she sucked his cock. He gently held her hair back for her, and watched her work. She moved up and down his erect member, taking almost all of it down with each stroke. He was sure he could feel her tonsils with the tip. Coming up for air, she would slowly jack him off as she regained her breath and looked up at him, smiling for the first time today.

Not wanting to cum too soon, he pulled away from her slightly, and stood her up to kiss her. What started as a tender kiss soon turned into something much more, and soon they both began to tear at each other’s clothes. She got his shirt off first, and then he got hers. His pants had already slid down, so he shook them off as she removed hers hurriedly.

Zack admired her beauty as she stood there in her underwear. She was exactly as he had fantasized about. Her smooth dark skin was flawless. Her huge tits bulged slightly out the top of her bra, and her panties had a small dark spot on them from her wet pussy. She noticed him admiring her, and did a little turn for him, displaying all of her fine assets. “You approve?” she asked innocently.

“Very much so,” he agreed. His dick ached from all of the blood pumping into it at that moment. He didn’t think he had ever seen such a beautiful sight in his entire life. Chastity walked over to him, and pushed him down onto the cases and then moved outward slightly to give him a striptease on one of the support poles for the building. She moved gracefully as she danced slowly before him, removing her bra and teasing him with glimpses of her ample breasts. Finally, she giggled, and threw her bra at him.

Zack laughed too, and caught it. He was watching her hard now and her big titties bouncing as she moved. He didn’t think it was possible, but he was pretty sure his dick was getting harder. She raised her arms above her head to grip the pole and her magnificent rack was displayed prominently before him, as well as the now growing wet spot on her panties.

She moved towards him and proceeded to give him a lap dance there on the cases they had arranged into a seat. She ran her soft hands all along his body, and pressed her soft tits to his chest and kissed him roughly, biting his lip. She then stood up with one leg on each side of him and pressed his face into her hot wet crotch. Zack took the hint and pulled her panties down for access. She grabbed him roughly and pushed his face into her and he began to lick at it ferociously.

She moaned and rolled her head back as he moved his tongue all around her swollen clit. Her juices were freely rolling down her inner thigh, mixed with the moisture from Zack’s mouth. She braced herself against the wall with one hand and held his head by the hair as her legs began to tremor from the sensation. Zack moved his hands up her legs from both sides, and slid one inwards and began to fuck her with his fingers. They slid easily into her soaking wet cunt.

Chastity’s knees almost buckled as he found her g-spot and began to move in circles around it, while still moving his tongue on her clit. “Oh God…. Please….my ass…..” She panted. Zack was quick to reply, and stuck another of his fingers into her tight pink asshole, and his thumb in her pussy. Then he rubbed them together inside of her, sending waves of pleasure through her. She was soon cumming. Again and again and again. She could hardly stand as Zack continued to torment her.

She lowered herself down onto his waiting cock. His cock slid into her almost all the way to the cervix. She cried out as he filled her. She wrapped her legs around his back and began to move slowly up and down. As she did, Zack lowered his head to suck her fully erect nipples. He moved his mouth all over her large tits, making sure to hit every inch. Chastity arched her back to aid this, and to increase the pleasure for them both. Her long hair flowed back over her shoulders as she did this, almost reaching the floor.

After a few minutes of this rapture, Zack picked her up easily, and stood her up leaning against the oil rack. As she presented her round ass to him, he put his big dick to her ass and pushed gently. The juices from her pussy lubed them both, and he slid into her tight hole easily. “Shit! Fuck me good, baby,” Chas said and pushed against him to push in deeper. Zack had never done anal before, and was surprised by how tight her asshole was around his dick. It almost hurt it was so tight. Zack pumped into her hard, driving her wild and she vocalized every bit of her pleasure by moaning and screaming.

Zack was approaching climax, and quickly. He’d held on as long as he could stand, he thought, and then she pulled away from him. She grabbed his hand and went back to the cases they were on earlier and lay down. “I want you to come for me,” she said and pulled him down on top of her, again wrapping her legs around him. He pushed his way deep inside her pussy again, this time making contact with her cervix. She screamed with pleasure again and again each time he drove into her. Soon they both were ready to climax, and Zack groaned as he shot his hot load into her. She quaked with her orgasm as he did, squeezing every drop from his dick. She dug her fingernails into his back with the spasm, drawing a tiny bit of blood on each finger.   They collapsed together on the cases of antifreeze, trying to gasp for air.

Chastity soon smiled at him. “Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked.

“I dunno, I guess I was afraid,” Zack replied, averting his eyes in shame.

As they lay there together, Chastity touched Zack’s face and looked deep into his eyes. “You don’t have to be afraid anymore, Zack. That was the most wonderful experience of my life.”

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