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Phone Tag

It was clearly and simply a relationship based upon sex - at least for him.
Her name was Sue. Her voice had a gentle, southern lilt - whether real or not, he didn’t know, and didn’t really care - he liked it. Her blonde hair was cut short, but not close to the head. She was wearing a long, silk dressing gown - white - that she had put on after he watched her take off her dress and stockings. He knew that all she had on underneath it were a lacy bra and very scant panties. He had enjoyed watching her undress – though she didn’t tease and just did it very naturally.

She walked over to him and they kissed as she removed his tie and opened his shirt. With his shoes already off, and her in bare feet, they fit together easily. It was a good kiss, firm but not yet impassioned, with just a hint of what might come.

Her hands were at his waist, undoing his belt - with one hand offering a quick teasing touch that brushed his cock still entrapped, enclothed. His lips and tongue moved from her lips, caressing her face with its smooth, soft feel against his own. He quickly freed himself from his pants, already fallen to the floor, and from his shirt. They resumed their embrace and kissed again as he opened her gown. His hands slipped underneath the fabric - stroking, caressing her back, and then undoing the catch on her bra, freeing her small but shapely breasts.

He gently lowered her to the carpeted floor, liberating her shoulders and arms from the gown. Again they kissed as she lay on her back, atop the dressing gown. He removed her bra, leaving her only her sheer panties barely guarding their secret.

Their bodies lay pressed together, his one leg between hers as they entwined. His kisses moved again from her lips to the face, her neck, and then to her breasts. He pulled off his T-shirt and the skin of their bare bodies touched - warm and electric. He started kissing each nipple in slow turn by turn, gently sucking and then ever so softly biting. He then licked and lightly flicked them with his tongue, lapping at her breasts like warm ice cream cones threatening to drip, always returning to her swelling nipples. Occasionally, with his hand, he would caress her breasts and cup them - giving even better access for his tongue to tease or gently suck at their nipples.

With their bodies still entwined, her hands moved softly along his back and chest, exploring, caressing - teasing at his own nipples - until finally reaching for their real prize, his still trapped cock, concealed but increasingly prominent. Her long fingers gently but quickly liberated it, and began to examine it more closely with their caresses. Before she could carry her study to more advanced levels, her subject escaped as his body shifted position.

He lightly trailed his lips - and tongue - along her body, trailing kisses and wet caresses downward. His hands moved to gently caress her thighs, exploring the fabric edge of her panties. Her hands moved up his back, ruffling his hair and caressing his head, before moving to her own now neglected breasts to relieve their feeling of abandonment.

His tongue and kisses made their own wider explorations, always pausing at the edge of her panties. He soon saw a growing dampness there as the lacy material clung to the still concealed most secret parts. Pulled in by the mystery, one finger edged beneath the fabric of their hem, then another. Finally, he slowly eased her panties down to uncover her secret, cleanly shaven and totally exposed now to his view. As he did so, she shivered in apparent anticipation. He gently parted her legs, to better expose this treasure, his prize, to his attention. His hands now caressed her ass and inner thighs - teasing now at the lips of her pussy.

His fingers played lightly over the soft flesh as she opened her legs wider to invite his closer attention. First, his lips gently kissed hers and then his tongue lightly parted them, and began its own wet exploration, tasting her pungent sweetness - seeking out and quickly abandoning her clit. His tongue began teasing her - licking, sometimes gently flicking it - even entering her, but always returning and lingering each time more lovingly over her clit.

As his attentions continued, she shivered, gasped, and purred in turn. Sometimes her fingers played over her breasts and their swollen nipples, sometimes grasping his head gently to urge him on, pulling him closer to her. Sometimes her fingers joined his and his tongue, teasing her clit and slipping a finger into her own pussy and offering him her wet, slick fingers to suck. Each time he licked willingly, but always returned to his original desire.

Finally, neither of them could stand it any longer, and as she whispered her plea for him to do so, in words always heard before as a curse, and declared her need and begged to feel his cock in her pussy, he moved upwards again. They kissed, tongues wrestling as his cock teased at the opening of her pussy in its turn- and then - ever so slowly - he began to enter her, her legs splayed wide to encourage his hard cock as it sought its goal. When the full length of his hard shaft was engulfed in her lips, they were still for a moment and shivering at the feelings, as she seemed to squeeze and hold him there. Then, he again slowly started to move, as if to withdraw, but stopping just short to again enjoy the sensation of impaling her on his rock hard cock. As his strokes continued, and they kissed, she began moving her hips to meet his movements and her pussy trying to hold him inside her.

Their kisses became fiercer, hungrier, his tongue and lips pausing to again taste her breasts and the sweat beginning to form upon them. Their hips continued their increasingly impatient dance. He could sense the nearness of his own explosion and thought hers was equally near. Almost before he realized it, the moment arrived and he gasped, seemingly feeling hers too. Shortly afterwards as the receding waves of sensation still lapped at this brain, he could still relish the feel of their joined bodies, and he heard her say, “That was really something. You’re very good.”

He thanked her, and said, “ I really enjoyed that too,” and he hung up the phone.

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