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Pretend Prostitute

Pimped by a friend in an unexpected role play twist, sucking and fucking to please all.
Yesterday, around seven, Brad rang me to ask whether I'd be able to meet. He wanted role play and gave me instructions on where to meet him to start. Brad and I have been fuck buddies for a long time and I trust him, but he is full of surprises.

At 10:45, I left my apartment, wearing a sweater coat wrapped tightly around me, along with black patent stilettos. I walked a few blocks to our designated meeting spot, heavily made up and wearing thick red lipstick. As I got to the spot, I took my sweater off and slipped it into my little backpack purse. Also in there were the condoms I had been instructed to buy on my way to the meeting place. I stood on the dark corner in my stilettos, a micro mini skirt with no panties on and a bustier that barely contained my tits. It was so low that my tits usually fell out of it if I wore it during sex.

A minute or so after I arrived, Brad rolled up in his car and rolled down the passenger window. I could see there was someone in the backseat, as I leaned into the window and asked if he was looking for fun.

"How much to blow my friend back there, while I drive him home?"

I grinned widely, "50 and a ride back for me."

"Get in," he said handing me a wad of cash, which I put into my bag as I got in the back seat.

I was immensely turned on and really into the role. I smiled, thanked Brad and began to rub his friend through his jeans.

"You have 20 minutes to make him cum," Brad barked from the front seat, as he pulled away.

I opened his pants and he helped me pull them down a bit, along with his shorts. His cock was completely hard and impressive. I pulled the foreskin over the head and played with it for a bit, until he began to push my head down. I sucked it for a moment then stopped and went in my bag for the condoms and did my favorite trick of rolling one on with my mouth.

Brad in the front saw me with the packet in my hand and shouted, "He'll pay extra if you don't use one of those!"

The guy reached into his wallet and took out another 50. I pulled hard on the condom and it snapped off his erection.

I began sucking his cock, like a good little whore, as we drove through the streets. I could see my lipstick smearing all over his cock, as I sucked and slurped at his throbbing dick. His foreskin was big enough that even though he was fully hard there was plenty to play with and he gasped and moaned every time I nibbled on it or stuck my tongue inside it. His balls were tight and twitching, and I knew he was close. He kept pushing my head down and bucking up against my face.

"Two minutes bitch. Finish or we leave you here," Brad ordered from the front seat.

I began to suck furiously. Moaning and stroking the base of his cock as I massaged his balls.

"Oh Fuck! I'm gonna blow!" The friend hissed, "Eat it, whore!"

His cock throbbed and hot creamy cum filled my mouth. I pulled his skin back as I paused to swallow, then slowly sucked him from base to head to suck up every drop of cum. The car stopped in front of an apartment building and the friend got out, thanking Brad, but not even saying a word to me. I felt so used, so slutty... and so sexy.

After he entered the building, I got into the front seat with Brad. He grabbed me and kissed me long and hard, tasting the remnants of his friend's cum. I had known that Brad wanted a hooker role play, but no idea that he was going to involve anyone else. The best part? The friend had no idea that I wasn't really a prostitute. Brad had said that they'd been talking about hookers earlier in the day and his friend said that he'd never been with one but was curious about it. So, Brad told him he'd hook him up with one he'd used before - Me!

During my enthusiastic sucking, my tits had slipped out of my top, as I'd predicted and I was now sitting in Brad's front seat with my nipples rock hard from the cool night. He reached over and began to knead my tits and twist my nipples. He asked if I was bare under my skirt as he'd instructed and I showed him that I was.

"Good girl. Now lean back against the door and play with yourself so that I can see."

I happily complied, leaned back, spread my legs and gave him quite a show. I rubbed myself to orgasm three times before we got back to my place. It was easy because I was so turned on from sucking cock.

Brad pulled into a deserted car park behind a disused building and ordered me out of the car. We kissed again, as he fingered my pussy and pulled on my nipples. Then he spun me round and bent me over the bonnet. Undoing his fly and dropping his jeans, he roughly rammed his hard cock into my soppy cunt, taking me hard and fast. I came again as I felt his hot joy juice splatter into my snatch.

As we drove back to my place, I put the coat back on, not bothering to tuck my breasts back into my top, enjoying the rough material on my sensitive nipples. I was wiping the lipstick off my face, as we pulled into the little drop off area in front of the building. As I went inside, the doorman took one glance at my disheveled look and raised one eyebrow at me. I smiled at him, as he watched me get into the lift and I opened my coat, revealing my tits spilling over the top of my bustier as a treat for him, just as the lift shut. I lifted my skirt and slid my fingers into my cunt and rubbed myself to another orgasm, knowing the doorman would be watching on the CCTV from the camera in the corner.

I made it back into my flat in a little over 90 minutes, took my coat off, poured myself a large JD and fell in to bed, not even bothering to get undressed. I woke up early, my tits spilling out of my top and my skirt up round my waist, revealing my used pussy, complete with Brads cum sliding out of me. I reached over to my laptop and typed this adventure for you, stopping occasionally to finger myself to heaven, as I recalled the three men I thrilled last night, sucking my fingers' flavor of my pussy and Brad's cum as I typed.

Now I'm going to frig myself off in the shower, hoping your doing the same as you read this.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 20 Oct 2013 07:25
Loved it!!

Posted 18 Oct 2013 22:14
OMG! That was HOT! Now I'll have get in a cold shower again. Thanks a lot.
Posted 10 Sep 2013 11:06
Excellent story! Nice and raunchy! Loved every bit of it and Still am! 5+
Posted 03 Sep 2013 15:47
Fact or fantasy. One hell of a sexy woman who knows her way around the wonderful world of raw sex. Continue being raunchy and look forward to reading more great stuff. At least 5+
Posted 17 Nov 2012 10:40
really hot
Posted 18 Oct 2012 05:14
Wow that was hot so hot!
Posted 29 Jul 2012 06:13
another fun adventure for me to read and my cock to be excited by
Posted 27 Jul 2012 16:08
Great story Vicky, Bravo!!! Here's my ending -- the moment little miss "Bradley" called me "bitch", I would bite the head off his friends cock, spit it into my hand, reach over the drivers's seat and stuff it down "Bradley's" throat. Hold his head back till he crashed the car. They find "Bradley" and his friend, neither one of which will ever call a woman a "bitch" again. Thanks for the story.

Posted 26 Jul 2012 19:08
Doubledog dare you kind of story...
you were so willing and so sexually believable!
Posted 25 Jul 2012 21:00
oh you are gooodd!!!
Posted 25 Jul 2012 17:37
Very hot and orginal! Well done!
Posted 25 Jul 2012 11:40
Hard me hard and dribbling half way through, making a proper mess by the end, thanks!
Posted 25 Jul 2012 09:31
So hot!! That last line there was what did me in. Keep up the good work, Vix!
Posted 25 Jul 2012 07:49
Hot story. Love slutty girls.5+
Posted 25 Jul 2012 01:41
Vicky, there are no words to adequately thank you for sharing this sizzling story. I hope you enjoyed your shower in the same was that I enjoyed reading your story. :-)
Posted 24 Jul 2012 21:18
What a powerful communication; so accurately described as if a movie running before mental eye. 5

Posted 24 Jul 2012 18:06
Excellent! Great raunchy hot sex!
Posted 24 Jul 2012 13:26
Why do I pick the hot juicy stories to read while on the bus. way to many degenerates to deal with. I might have to slip into the bathroom for a wee bit of relief.
Posted 24 Jul 2012 12:56
Amazing stuff as always vix!

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