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Pretty Polly

Ross discovers the power of the press...
The doorbell rings, snapping me out of a daydream. I rise from my armchair and make my way to the front door. Through the frosted glass I can make out the frame of a young woman.

I open up and am immediately struck by the vision of loveliness standing on my step, she had long black hair, brown eyes and a waif like figure. I find myself staring into her eyes for a second longer than I really should do. Coming to my senses I ask if I can help her.

“Ross, Ross Bradley?”

“Yes, that’s me.”

“Hi Ross, I’m Polly Brown, a reporter from the local newspaper, The Herald. A friend of yours got in touch with us and told us all about all the good things you do for charity, and I so much wanted to cover the story, I hope you don’t mind?”

She offers me her hand and I shake it gently, noticing how tiny it looks grasped in mine. I am a little reluctant to have my story published as I’m not one for the limelight, however it would give my charity some valuable column inches. I decide to accept her invitation and ask the delightful Polly inside.

I usher her into my lounge and tell her to make herself comfortable, asking her if she would like a cup of tea. Polly tells me she would love one. I leave the room and make the tea, returning to the lounge with two steaming mugs. I place hers down and she thanks me. Casting my eyes over her she is dressed in a smart Grey suit, white blouse and opaque tights. The way she is sitting, cross legged has made her skirt ride up exposing a fair amount of flesh, Polly makes no effort to cover up, even though it’s so apparent that I’m staring.

We get down to business, Polly recording out conversation on a dictaphone. I explain the history of my charity work through the years, the latest episode being a cycling tour which covered the length of England. As I talked, Polly was staring intently at me, her deep stare and pouty lips made it ever more difficult to concentrate, finding myself subconsciously thinking what colour her panties were, or if she had a hairy or shaven pussy. I feel my penis is starting to rise and I have a battle to keep it down.

We complete the interview, Polly takes my photograph which will accompany the article. As the formalities are over I ask her if she would like something stronger than tea, she looks at her watch, it’s after 4 pm.

“Why not, it’s never too early for a drink is it?”

I open a bottle of red wine and pour out two glasses, we have a general chat about her career as a young journalist and her hopes for the future. She is an ambitious girl, telling me that she is only using the Herald as a stepping stone, hoping to make the step up to be a national newspaper reporter.

A second glass each, her tongue is now loosening, we move onto her boyfriend of three years ( they met at School ) and her family. She talks with great pride about her Mom and Dad, and remembers fondly her Grandfather who sadly passed away just over a year ago.

The loss of her Grandfather was obviously still raw. Her voice cracked with emotion and the tears well in her smoky brown eyes. A teardrop appears and slowly traces it’s way down towards her pretty mouth. “I’m really sorry, Ross. I shouldn’t get so upset, but I miss him so much, we were extremely close.”

More tears, she was now sobbing heavily, visibly distraught. I go to the kitchen drawer and return with a handful of tissues. Her crying had now ceased, but the tears still visible had made a mess of her eye make up. I hand her the tissues and sit down next to her.

“I can’t apologise enough, Ross. I come into your home and turn into a blubbering mess, and I bet I look a right state now as well don’t I?”

I look at her pretty porcelain complexion and tell her she is absolutely stunning. Grabbing a tissue I lick the end and dab it onto her face, removing some of the make up ever so gently. Looking into each others eyes deeply for what seems like an eternity I eventually move in and kiss her passionately, she doesn’t pull away and her lips are planted tightly on mine. The kiss is delicious, hot and sweet, tasting the wine on each other’s tongues. It seems too good to be true and to my dismay it is. She pulls away.

“Oh my God, what am I doing, Ross. I’ve got a boyfriend, I love him and now I’ve betrayed him.”

I tell her she didn’t seem to mind a minute ago, in fact she was well into it, and besides he need never find out.

I move in to kiss her again, and once again she doesn’t disappoint, the kiss is fiercer than the last, passion really coming through. Her tongue is darting in and out of my mouth and I reciprocate. I try my luck, gently running my hand up her thigh, taking her skirt up with it. Polly doesn’t stop me, I eventually reach her crotch and gently massage her sex through her tights and panties. My ministrations draw a gasp of pleasure, before she grabs my hand and removes it.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing? A little kiss is nothing, but you’re trying to get your hands on my pussy…that’s a whole different thing.”

“I can’t help it, you’re just so fucking sexy and I really want you.”

She looks at me with a mixture of shock and curiosity.

“You can’t have me, Ross. I’m with Drew, he’s the only who has ever put his hands where you did. The only man to ever fuck me, the only cock I’ve ever sucked.”

I tell her that she’s mad, she should have played around a little before settling down, otherwise you never know what you’ve missed out on.

I slide my hand back up her inner thigh, but Polly’s hand is soon covering it pressing down to stop me.

“I said no Ross.”

“Did my hand feel good, Polly? Admit it, you liked it didn’t you?”

She bats her lashes and tells me as a matter of fact she didn’t. A half grin plays on her lips giving her away. She shoots me a sideways glance.

“Did YOU like it, Ross? Did my pussy feel nice against your hand? Did you feel me getting wet? My knickers are so wet.”

I try again, her resistance is still there but getting weaker.

“No, no, no, please don’t”

My hand snakes onto her pussy.

“No, please don’t.”

I’m rubbing her through the material, her breathing becomes deep.

“Oh fuck, Please…”

With sharp nails I puncture the thin material of the tights and rip a huge hole around her crotch, her pretty pink pants are now the only barrier between me and my goal. I spread her legs roughly and kiss along her slit through the knickers, smelling the tangy odour of her sex. She seems to love this, grasping my head and pushing it harder in towards her.

"Don’t fucking stop, lick my pussy, make me cum.”

Gently pushing her panties to one side I take a moment to savour her labia. Her pubic hair is dark, short and stubbly, obviously previously shaven but slowly growing back. Her lips are dark and fleshy, her clitoris large and stubby, in short, she’s absolutely perfect.

I languidly lick the length of her pussy and delicately open her up with my fingers. She is deliciously wet and I love the contrast of her dark lips to the glistening pinkness of her inner vagina. She tastes slightly salty, but still so good, I can’t get enough of her juice and rapidly increase the pace of my licking, trying to get my tongue as deep as I can.

“Urrghh, oh yeah, your tongue feels so good, Ross, lick my clit.”

I do as she asks, darting the tip of my tongue across her huge, protruding clitoris, also now plunging two fingers into her wetness. Her moans are loud and deep, knowing she is close I raise the tempo, really finger fucking her hard and deep whilst my tongue rasps across her clit feverishly.

“Oh Jesus, don’t stop, right there, right there, yes, yes I’m gonna cum.”

Her orgasm rips across her face a twisted look of ecstasy written all over it, Eventually when it subsides she pulls my head up and we kiss deeply, allowing her to taste her juices on my tongue.


She lies in my arms for ages, neither of us quite believing what had happened. I would have stayed there forever, not wanting to break our clinch, but nature Is calling me.

"Polly, I’m really sorry but I’ve got to take a leak.”

She looks deep into my eyes, those eyes could melt the hardest heart. Another little smile curls the corners of her lush lips.

“Can I erm, can I umm, oh god I can’t say it. It’s so dirty.”

“Can you what, Polly?”

“Can I watch you. Watch you pee?”

I’m a little taken aback, nobody has ever asked me that before. A short while ago Polly had been a shrinking violet.

“How come, why do you want to watch?”

“Drew loves it, he always want’s me to watch him, he’s a little kinky.”

“Well, be my guest.”

She follows me upstairs to the toilet, her face is a picture of excitement as I close the door behind us. I unzip my trousers and pull them down, my boxers quickly follow. My semi erect penis now on show, she looks up into my face.

"Oh wow, your cock is immense, it’s bigger soft than Drew’s is hard.”

These are words any man wants to hear, losing any fragment of self conscience I aim my tool into the toilet and start to pee, a sharp strong jet of urine breaking the water in the pan. Polly has now crouched down, her head level with my member. She seems entranced, mesmerised. As I reach the end of my pee she grasps my dick and squeezes.

“Have you got a little bit left for me?”

I nod, unable to believe what is occurring.

“In my mouth, piss in my mouth.”

She moves her head forward and opens her mouth wide.

“Come on, Ross. Drew loves it.”

I strain hard, finding it hard to concentrate, let alone pee. After thirty seconds a final squirt comes, filling her mouth.

She struggles to contain the volume, eventually swallowing hard. Dribbles of liquid escape her mouth and trickle down her chin, Polly scoops them up onto her fingers and licks them dry.

“Mmmm I love it.”

She squeezes my cock tightly and extracts the last drops, allowing them to drop in slow motion onto her tongue, swallowing it as if gratefully.

Polly isn’t finished here though, stroking my ever growing manhood, coaxing it gently to full hardness, simultaneously taking one of my balls into her mouth and sucking it hard.

“Fuck, Polly that’s so good, but I need you to suck my cock.”

Her lips envelop my helmet sucking it deep into her mouth, slowly back and forth, the sensation is amazing. I place my hands lightly on her head, and push it further onto my length, fucking her mouth, the feeling is too much and I know I wont last much longer. After a minute or so I can’t take any more and remove myself from the strong suction of her mouth.

“I really want to screw you, Polly. I need to come inside you.”

I wasn’t expecting her to agree, but she pulls down the toilet seat and orders me to sit down.

Ripping off her skirt, remains of her tights and knickers, Polly straddles my engorged cock and slowly lowers herself onto me, steadily allowing more of my length inside her velvet walls, as she gets used to my girth her thrusting gains momentum really pushing herself hard onto my dick, her pussy now beautifully lubricated.

“Oohh shit, you’re so fucking big, Ross, I love your massive cock inside me.”

Her arms clasp behind my head and pull me into her chest, I lose all control and rip her jacket and blouse open in one go, buttons flying everywhere. She seems to love the ferocity of it, urging me to suck her tits, at the same time reaching behind her back to release the clasp of her bra.

Although her breasts are small, she has huge dark nipples, standing proud and erect. I suck deeply onto one of them whilst caressing the other.

This seems to turn her on, causing her thrusts to intensify. The sound of a well lubricated pussy slapping against my balls is the loudest volume in the room, followed by our joint gasps and groans of pure pleasure as our pubic bones collide.

I can’t hold out any longer, a huge torrent of my come is buried deep inside her tight walls. She holds onto me tightly, breathless, her chest rising and falling rapidly. Eventually, regaining her breath she eases herself off me, a trail of my semen oozes out of her and down onto my crotch.

“You owe me a new suit by the way, hope I was worth it?”

I assure her she was.


A week later my story is in the Herald, a glowing tribute to a real local hero. To the left of the article is a picture of Polly Brown, Junior Reporter, looking as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. If only they knew the real Polly.

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Posted 27 May 2011 13:20
Great story. Just my kind of girl.
Posted 07 Jul 2010 08:49
Posted 06 Jul 2010 21:59
hi great story like it a lot , let here some more about the girl reporter
Posted 06 Jul 2010 16:27
great story really liked it
Posted 06 Jul 2010 07:37
I enjoyed this story. The characters were very real. I think the boyfriend is history....
Posted 06 Jul 2010 06:19
What a wonderful story! I think you should continue it with him making a call to her about a "new" charity.... and a weekend romp!

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