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Rebecca and the Gardener - Chapter Two

Rebecca and the Gardener - Chapter Two

Rick becomes the lodger and he is only the other side of the door!
Before Rick left after we had sex on the dining room table, he asked me for my cell number. In doing so, I didn’t want to appear too keen or even too desperate, so I didn’t ask him for his. But then, he never actually offered it to me, anyway.

One week later and he hasn’t even rung me. Not to tell me how great our sex was, or to tell me it was the best sex he had ever had, although I doubted that it was. He didn’t even ring to tell me how good he was and it was the best sex I had ever had. And yes, it probably was.

Alright, it was.

I did think about asking mother for his phone number, but if she asked me why I wanted it, I would be struggling for an answer. Anyway, I didn’t really want it. Why would I need to ring him?

Mother and I did have a brief discussion about Rick during the week when I mistakenly referred to him as ‘her boyfriend’ only to be told that he was only someone who satisfied her need.

So I gave up on Rick. That is until a few days later when I got home from work and his pick up truck was parked on the drive way again. I opened the front door, expecting to hear my mother in the throws of ecstasy again, and to see discarded clothing on the hall way floor.


“I am home!” I shouted upstairs. There was movement from the spare room for some reason that I could not quite fathom.

“Hello dear. We will be right down,” my mother shouted back.

I went into the kitchen and took off my coat. I heard them come down and I turned around to see my mother fully dressed. She rubbed her hands down herself, flattening her skirt. Rick appeared behind her. He too was dressed.

“Rebecca, Rick and I have some wonderful news,” she said.

My whole world caved in in that moment. Everything went into slow motion. My vision blurred and voices became distorted.

They must be getting married. Oh my god! I had had sex with my future step father, who was only year older than me. A man that I despise. My mother was almost twice his age. There was nothing for it. I would have to move out.

“Rebecca?” Mother asked me, jolting me back into reality.

“Mother how could you?”

“Pardon?“ she shook her head. “We have some wonderful news,” she repeated, ignoring my dithering. “Rick is our new lodger.”

“Lodger?” It wasn’t quite as bad. Bad enough and my heart starting beating again.

“What did you think I was saying?”

“Oh? Nothing.”

“He needs a place to stay and we have a spare room. Isn’t it wonderful?”

“Yes. I am pleased for you both.”

“Pardon?” she looked confused. I was calming down.

“Sorry. It’s good news.” I lied.

I looked over her shoulder to see a smug look on Rick’s face.

“When are you moving in?“ I asked him.

“I already have.”

Mother was so excited.


That night, after an uneasy evening with the three of us watching television together, I went to bed. I had tried to get mother on her own, but the opportunity did not arise. I wanted to get Rick on his own but the opportunity didn’t arise either. Rick came upstairs a few minutes after me, followed by my mother. They both went into her room.

Mother is not the quietest in the bedroom stakes. I could hear them through the wall. I lay there, awake for ages. I could hear her and occasionally, could hear him. I imagined his body, although I had only seen a part of it. I had seen his naked chest when he worked in the garden, but he really didn’t do anything for me.

I imagined it was me he was with, as I absentmindedly played with a nipple. My other hand worked it’s way down between my legs. I tried to time my rhythm with the grunts and groans coming from the room next door.

Then, I took my Mister Pinky vibrator from my bedside drawer and turned it on to the lowest setting. It purred delightfully as I it slipped inside my dampening pussy. I pushed it all the way in and clamped it between my thighs as waves of arousal washed over my body.

I must have dropped off to sleep as I woke up some time later but didn’t open my eyes straight away. Something had changed. Mister Pinky was vibrating against one of my nipples and it wasn’t on the lowest setting any longer. It was on the highest. My fingers were being pushed into my pussy by another hand.

I opened my eyes. Rick’s face was inches from my face. He had Mister Pinky in his hand and it was his other hand pushing my fingers inside my pussy.

“Well, well, well. What are we up to?” he asked, waving Mister Pinky just in front of my face.

“I …”

“Never mind. Your mother is asleep. Move over.”

I didn’t object and I gave him room.

He put Mister Pinky on the bedside table leaving it to vibrate around in a circle as he slid his naked body into the bed alongside me. I saw his cock glistening in the light coming through the curtains from the street light. I didn’t dare think what, or who had made it glisten. He lay on top of me. I opened my legs to receive him. I gasped as he slid inside me. He bent his head to kiss my nipples.

He thrust. Thump!

He thrust again. Thump!

And again. Thump!

“What the fuck?”

“It’s the headboard. It keeps hitting the wall. It needs fixing.”

He tried again. Thrust, Thump!

“Jeez! This is no good. Get out of bed.” He pulled out of me and lowered himself into a kneeling position on the floor. I slid out and knelt in front of him. He positioned my pillow below me and told me to rest on that. I was kneeling down with my face on my pillow and my ass in the air. I felt him part me with his thumbs. He positioned the tip at the entrance to my pussy and pushed.

“Ohhhh!” I moaned.

“Come on, babe”

“Oh yesssssssssssss!”

He reached for Mister Pinky and moved it up and down between the cheeks of my ass. Then he slid it around and around my asshole as he continued to thrust in and out of me.

“Oh … my … God! … Mister … Pinky … has … never … been … in … there ... before!”

I woke up in the morning, alone, lying on my pillow on the floor. Mister Pinky lay on the floor alongside me. Switched on but silent. Its batteries had run down.

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