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Recorded Encounters

In an open relationship, a man takes full advantage of his options.
Orlando awoke late in the morning, still naked from the previous night's encounter, but found himself lying alone. It was not something that happened often, and this time was merely because his wife was in the shower by then. He sighed at the fact, disappointed and hard as hell. He was never one for masturbation, but he didn't want to lose his erection before his wife could return to him. Hearing the water turn off, Orlando reluctantly grabbed all seven inches of himself and rubbed the length of it, just slow enough that he would stay hard.

After what seemed like an eternity of blow-drying her hair—though it was a relatively short amount of time—Desiree finally returned from the master bathroom. She was still naked, never afraid to flaunt what she had even before being married. And what a body she had! She stood at five-foot-two, and had a dark tan that showed her Puerto Rican heritage. Her hourglass body shape was perfect enough to put models to shame, and her skin was as smooth as it was soft. Her jet black hair, which fell to nearly her elbows, carried a celebrity-grade shine; straight, but with just the right amount of volume. Orlando never knew if the drapes matched the carpet; Desiree had been shaving since the day her bush began growing.

When Desiree looked at her husband, seeing him slowly stroke himself in wait, she was playfully apologetic. The couple always began their day with sex, and usually never had to wait for one another. “Oh, I'm sorry, baby,” she said. Her brow curled as if sad, but her smile said she was aware this wasn't entirely a big deal.

“ If you were too much longer, I would've started without you,” said Orlando, in his sexy, deep voice. Desiree crawled slowly over him, admiring his body. It was equally as good as hers. His skin was a much brighter shade and lacked a tan, but his muscle tone certainly made up for that. He worked out enough to let it show whenever he wasn't wearing a shirt, but his muscles were just small enough that he wasn't unintentionally intimidating.

“ Liar,” Desiree sneered. He'd never masturbate to satisfaction. She planted soft kisses on her husband's stomach and chest, until her lips found his clean-shaven face. Orlando allowed himself a passionate kiss, while his wife rubbed her sex lips teasingly against his cock. Soon, however, he broke the kiss and moved his lips around to Desiree's ear.

“ Not there,” he whispered.

Desiree knew exactly what Orlando meant. She smiled at him from ear to ear. “You're naughty this morning.” With that, she began kissing her way down his body again. When she reached his aching erection, she licked the underside of it with the tip of her tongue, listening to him moan. When she reached the top, she wiggled her tongue against it, before finally wrapping her lips around him. Sliding down, Desiree made certain to take all of him inside of her mouth before moving back upward again.

Desiree suddenly noticed some movement, and looked up to Orlando as best she could, while still moving her mouth up and down the length of him. What she found was that he had grabbed his iPhone from beside the bed, and was recording a video of her giving him a blow job. Desiree moaned playfully in disappointment, but kept going anyway.

“ You know I've got a thing for video,” he told her, almost chuckling at the look in her eyes. His wife gave him the finger. “Ooh, why don't you put that finger somewhere useful?”

She did just that. With the other hand free to balance herself, Desiree began fingering herself as she continued to suck him off. When Orlando gently grabbed a handful of her silky hair, she knew he was close. He slowly began to move his hips, as his grip tightened.

Then it happened. Every rippling muscle in his sexy body tensed as he began releasing his load into his wife's mouth. Though she loved swallowing him and never fought to get away, Orlando held her there regardless, his actions now lost to ecstasy. Finally, Orlando finished. Desiree, however, did not. Though her husband was done, she continued sucking his cock, bringing it back to erection. Then she crawled up to him again, and slid her wet, self-lubricated pussy onto him.

“ My turn,” she whispered, half out of breath herself. Putting her hands on Orlando's chest, Desiree pushed up into a sitting position and began to ride him. Orlando sat up with her, bringing his mouth to her nipples. He suckled them each in turn as he moved in rhythm with his wife's body. Suddenly their bodies tightened again, the couple cumming together. Desiree screamed in ecstasy, while Orlando finished for the second time in silence.

“ My turn to take a shower,” said Orlando, after a few moments of the two catching their breaths.


It wasn't much later that Orlando and Desiree were dressed and ready to go. They had separate destinations, but were well aware of one another's exploits. Orlando was heading to a therapy session, though he and his wife both knew there would be very little counseling of any kind. He dressed how he usually did when he was on a mission: a black suit, matching silk shirt with a neon colored tie (this time cobalt), and a pair of Armani shoes.

Desiree was dressed much different, though her outfit suited her day as well. She would be clubbing with friends, looking for a one night stand. So she decided to show some skin with her outfit: a leather micro-mini skirt with a matching, low cut halter top, knee high boots, and fishnet pantyhose. Always waiting to the last minute to get ready, each of the pair was now in a hurry to get out the door. Giving one another a quick kiss on the lips, they each wished the other luck and drove away in their individual vehicles.

When Orlando had reached his destination downtown, he gave a last check of his appearance in his rear view mirror. Satisfied, he finally stepped out of his car and into the building. The therapist he would be seeing was on the eleventh floor, but the elevator moved fairly quickly. Just down the hall, Orlando found Dr. Houston's office. He stopped at the door for a moment, and reached into the inner jacket pocket of his suit coat. From it, he pulled a small voice recorder and pressed play. No one would consciously hear anything, but it was full of subliminal messaging, used in a hypnotic manner.

Orlando had used this tape many times before, making his job of getting laid that much easier. Putting the recorder back in his pocket, he confidently stepped into the office, closing the door behind him.

“ Orlando Reign, right?” Dr. Houston asked. “Right on time.”

“ And your name would be?” Orlando asked, extending a handshake as the doctor stood.

“ Angela,” she replied, taking his hand. Orlando was pleased by her attire: a silver skirt suit, stopping only halfway to her knees, open jacket, and a white satin blouse. Her long legs were smoothly covered with tan pantyhose, her feet garbed in three inch pumps that matched her suit in color. Angela's hair was long enough, reaching to the midway point of her back, and pulled into a loose pony tail. “So,” the doctor continued, each taking a seat. “What is it I can do for you?”

“ Well... I have a problem. It's a very personal issue. Tell me, Angela. What kind of problems do you usually help people with?”

“ I counsel people on a wide range of problems.” Angela looked to her left, toward a camcorder on a stand. “I usually like to record my sessions for later review, unless you'd prefer I not.”

Orlando smiled. “No, that's fine. Whatever helps you do your job.” Angela smiled, but said nothing. Good, thought Orlando. She's already warming to me, the tape is working as always. “Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?”

Angela held Orlando's gaze for a moment. She was uncomfortable with the sudden flirting, but had a hard time showing it. “Let's try to stay focused here, Mr. Reign.”

Strong willed, too. “Please. Call me Orlando.” With that, Orlando went to the camcorder and pressed the record button. From there, he approached Angela where she sat behind her desk. He stood behind her, massaging her shoulders.

“ Orlando, I really shouldn't,” Angela protested.

“ Yes,” Orlando said softly. “You should.” His hands now moving in a guiding manner, he helped Angela from her chair, and led her around the desk, to the couch on the opposite side of the coffee table. The two sat, facing one another, Orlando placing his hand on the inside of Angela's knee. Slowly, he slid his hand upward, underneath the skirt and slip, finding that her pantyhose were actually stockings, held by a garter belt. Angela held Orlando's gaze, but began breathing a bit heavier when his fingers found the front of her panties. Keeping his fingers on the outside of them, he began to rub.

“ How are you doing this?” Angela asked softly. She wanted to stop him, to resist, but found herself unable to do so.

“ Doing what?” Orlando denied. “I'm touching you, and you're letting me.” One by one, Orlando began unhooking the four hooks of Angela's garter belt. With it completely undone, he hooked his fingers underneath her panties and began dragging them off.

“ Orlando, please don't,” Angela begged, though not convincingly at all. Orlando continued to pull her panties down and, despite her verbal protests, Angela straightened her legs to make it easier for him. Off her legs now, he sniffed her panties deeply before tossing them aside. Standing up the sexy doctor now, Orlando closed the gap between them, kissing her passionately. As his tongue invaded her mouth, Angela found herself returning the kiss, as she felt her suit jacket fall to the floor behind her.

Now as Orlando unbuttoned her blouse, so Angela began opening his pants, trying to free the erection inside. Angela wore no bra underneath her blouse, and Orlando was happy to find that her slip was not a full slip. Her breasts bared, Orlando pinched her nipples hard. Angela moaned in both pain and ecstasy. She jerked a little from the pain, losing concentration on what she was doing. With a sigh, Orlando finished undoing his own pants, dropping them to his ankles along with his boxers.

“ On your knees,” he commanded. Angela obeyed without question, quickly taking the length of him into her mouth. She caressed her own breasts fully in the palms of her hands, while Orlando held her hair, moving her head in rhythm with his own hips. “Oh yeah, baby,” he moaned. “Here it comes.”

“ Mm-mm!” Angela suddenly moaned, trying to pull away. Great, Orlando thought. She doesn't swallow. She will now. Just as the thought ended, Orlando shot his load into her mouth. She moaned again in protest, as Orlando held her head in place, cumming hard.

“ That's it,” he whispered. “Swallow it all.”

Upon that command, Angela stopped fighting, swallowing as if it were her favorite thing. When Orlando had finished, he continued to fuck her mouth, making certain to keep his hard-on. Ready for the next step, he sat on the couch again, his pants and boxers still around his ankles. Orlando then took Angela by the hips and faced her away from himself. “Lift your skirt and slip, then have a seat.”

“ Anything for you,” Angela replied, lifting her garments as she was told. Keeping her legs open, Angela lowered herself until her glistening, pink pussy found Orlando's aching cock. Once he was fully inside her, Orlando seized Angela by the hips once more and began fucking her so hard that she bounced on his lap. “Oh my god! Oh yes!” she screamed.

“ You ready?” said Orlando, ready to cum again.

“ Oh yes! Shoot your load into me!”

With that, Orlando began to cum again. He made certain to stay inside of her until he was completely finished. Afterward, he'd had the therapist lick him clean before getting dressed. The next thing she knew, she was sitting behind her desk in her empty office, wondering why she felt like her body had just pleasured itself. She looked at her watch, wondering where the lost time had gone. Ultimately, she shrugged it off as she went to check her camcorder, making sure everything was ready for her next appointment.

“ Huh,” she voiced to no one in particular. “Where's the tape?”


When Orlando arrived home again, he did the thing he always did first after these encounters. He went upstairs to file away the tape he had removed from the office of Dr. Angela Houston, adding it to his library of women he had easily bedded. Then he removed the tape from the small voice recorder, labeled “hypno-sex”, and gave it a quick peck. “Gracias, you were awesome today.”

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Posted 25 Jun 2013 14:03
An very enjoyable read.

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