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Robert's new neighbor

Robert's new apartment to become his own brothel
Robert wasn’t sure how to handle this new lifestyle he had created for himself. Especially after moving into his own apartment away from his meddling parents; he knew it was for the best. He was worried that he would see, feel, have less of Debra but he was hoping moving into his own place would make the carnal visits more frequent.

It didn’t take long after moving in that he started getting noticed by some of the other tenants. Some times it would happen when he was leaving for work in his full uniform he would notice the extra long looks from some of his female neighbors that he would pass in the hall or on his way out through the lobby. Or other times it would be at the mailboxes.

He noticed one in particular at the mailboxes one day about 2 weeks after he moved in. She was stunningly beautiful; long dark hair very shapely not big breasts but definitely D or DD cup. Robert was awestruck as she acknowledged his presence. He could not stop admiring her beauty. She reminded him of his little Italian fling when the family went on their vacation to Italy . After snapping back to reality he realized that she was asking him how he liked the complex and other things when he noticed his manhood becoming semi erect in his trousers. He struggled to get his mail while trying to answer her questions hoping that his erection would not get any harder as he was sure she would notice.

Much to his surprise she was heading to the elevator as he was and fortunately for him they were the only 2 in the elevator when the doors closed. She didn’t hesitate; once the doors shut she approached him and being as forward as she was she reached out to his crotch and gave him a firm squeeze of his sack and began to stroke his shaft to it’s full length. After dropping his mail at the suddenness of her touch to his privates he recovered some what to realize that she was rather tall for a woman considering his height he didn’t have to reach to far to place his lips to hers. The elevator ride to the 15 th floor would only take a few seconds but it was enough for him to part her lips with his tongue and grab her hair and pull her head back while kissing her fully.

He could feel the elevator slow at their floor and slowly ended the kiss as the doors opened. Robert gathered his dropped mail; wasn’t even sure where she lived but she didn’t seem to care as she followed him to his apartment. He knew he couldn’t stop her from walking in after him. He could tell by her breathing and the look in her eye that she wanted him inside her badly.

She closed and locked the door and immediately began to undo his belt and pants. He stood there in awe at how fast she was disrobing him. He could see the lust in her eyes; he knew what was coming. She pushed him down onto his couch ripped open his shirt, buttons flying everywhere, “I’ll buy you a new one” she said. She stroked his long 10 inch rod from stem to tip, cupping his balls with her other hand. Her eyes wide admiring the length and girth of his member she took the tip of his cock in her mouth and sucked it like a lollipop. Roberts eyes rolled back in his head as he threw his head back, body tingling at the deftness of this lady about to take his cock in her mouth.

Slowly she lowered her lips down, down, down till his entire cock was in her mouth. He could feel the back of her throat at the tip of his cock; she nearly gagged but managed to continue sucking and rolling her tongue on the under side of his member. She managed to get into a slow rhythm; up and down. He loved as he watched his cock slowly disappear inside her warm mouth. She wanted to taste him but figured that would cum later; she wanted to feel him first. He watched as his cock plopped out her mouth and slowly stood to undress in front of him.

He was in shock at how slow and erotic she looked undressing for him. Her breasts were full and her nipples already erect from her teasing his cock. She slowly took off her pants, he noticed her G string barely covering her bald pussy. She slowly turned letting him admire every inch of her body; the long athletic legs, her taught tummy and firm ass. Robert was in heaven and his cock was throbbing at every dirty thought in his mind.

She put one leg up on the couch and slowly began to pull her G to the side allowing the warm air to reach her very moist lips. She took her other hand and slowly parted her lips for him to see and expose her clit. Robert was nearly drooling when she began to stroke her outer labia and the erect nub of her clit. She finally took the G off and immediately climbed aboard Roberts moist hard cock. She kissed him hard and deep just like in the elevator and between the 2 of them being so moist his cock easily made it’s way inside her wet pussy.

Robert didn’t have to move, he knew she was going to control everything. She made sure only half of his cock was inside slowly massaging his member in and out with her cunt nearly making him crazy. After a few strokes she finally lowered all 10 inches inside her. She gasped as the tip of his cock reached the end; she began to grind her hips making sure his shaft was rubbing against all the right spots. Robert freely took each nipple into his mouth and sucked unheedingly on each one making her quiver and gasp. She began to pound up and down on his cock from tip to base every stroke; her tits bouncing in his face he continued to squeeze each one and suck on her nipples as she bounded on his lap.

She finally arched her back as she squealed with an unending orgasm that shook her from head to toe. Robert however was not quite there yet. He had practiced many a time on his sister-in-law Debra to hold back his orgasm to make sure that whom ever he was fucking would enjoy more than one. Despite her height he lifted her off with ease as she was still reeling from the first one; Robert wanted to enter her from behind; but wanted to taster her first. He sat on the floor in front of the couch leaned his head back as she knelt on the couch so that her dripping cunt was right where he wanted it.

As she kneaded her erect nipples he began to thrust his tongue as far as he could into her wet cunt, lapping at every drop of her cum. Barely rubbing her clit she could not help herself; her body trembled at the feel of his tongue on her nub, she finally succumbed to another orgasm. “now it’s my turn”, Robert said as he stood behind her.

Her arms and tits hanging over the back of the couch Robert knelt behind her and slowly rubbed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her pussy. He could hear her beg for it pleading for him to ram it in as hard as he could. He took his thumb and rubbed it against her anus while he rubbed his cock against her lips. He wasn’t sure she could handle his cock in her ass but figured that might come later if she returned for more.

After teasing with just the tip inside her lips he finally pulled her hips as he thrust every inch inside her. There was nothing slow about it; Robert was going to get every inch inside her and pound her pussy like no other. The couch began to shift with the never ending movement of their bodies slamming together. Her pussy was so moist Robert was glad that she was as tight as she was; he loved a tight pussy gripping his cock. It didn’t take Robert long before his own orgasm was reaching its end. He could feel his cum boiling in his sac with every thrust finally erupting inside her. He timed every thrust with each shot of his hot cum to make sure she would get every drop as far in as he could get it.

He messaged her breasts as they each slowly came back to earth from each other’s orgasms. He continued to thrust in and out until his hardness finally began to subside. The blood flowing out of his cock he pulled slowly from her dripping cunt. They both lay on the couch; her in his arms kissing his chest stroking his now limp member. She sucked on him again licking at both of there juices until he was completely clean. She continued to stroke his cock until it was fully erect. She began to suck on him again; pumping her mouth and lips around his shaft. Gently squeezing his balls; Robert convulsed with his impending orgasm he could feel his cum boiling up from his sac jetting 2-3 more shots of cum deep into her mouth.

She nearly took it all and was glad to share with Robert as she gave him a deep kiss to make sure he could taste his own cum this time. She said she had to go and get ready for work; thanked him greatly for the wonderful afternoon got dressed and saw her way out. Robert knew it would not be the last he saw of her; after recollecting the last hour or so he heard his buzzer go off; he scrambled to the intercom only to realize it was Debra making a surprise visit.

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