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Sharnie untied the straps of her silky, red dress, letting it fall in a soft pile at her feet, swinging her hips slowly to the bass reverberating through my living room, her blonde hair cascading gently in waves around her. She twirled slowly, keeping her eyes locked on mine, her soft, full mouth smiling at me, enticing me, her taut body moving rhythmically as she danced. She was perfect, all five foot nine inches of her, all milky skin and muscular curves, full d cup breasts with cherry nipples... All mine. 

As the song began to end, she dropped low, grinding her body on an invisible other, her tummy rippling to the beat, the soft down lights accentuating every gorgeous attribute she had as she wound her way around the room.

As the track faded out completely, she stood in front of me in only her small black g-string and heels, posing for my hungry examination of her immaculate machine. She again bent down really low so that I could see the way her perfect breast fell, admire the rise and fall of her body and watch as it slithered and moved with seductive life. 

Slowly she began trailing her hands over herself, her fingers lacing over her nipples, sliding over her muscular tummy, over her smooth hips. She began rubbing her bum and thighs methodically, with purpose, all the while staring into my eyes with a seductive smile on her face, occasionally sliding her tongue across her lips. Slowly she slid her finger into her cunt, then her mouth, tasting her own juices, before offering it to me. I sucked on her finger letting the salty taste of her slide down my throat before growling low and saying, “You're delicious! Come here right now.”

I lay back on the bed and undid my belt buckle and the top button of my trousers, waiting for her touch, waiting for her to come to me, my erection straining at the fabric. 

She slowly sauntered over me, straddling my knees with her own, running her hand over my chest, gradually lower and lower, grinding herself along my cock, giggling at the low moan it produced. She slowly undid the rest of my buttons, and pulled my pants down to reveal me penis, strong and erect, straining at my boxers. Sharnie lifted the band of my boxers out and over my penis, making sure she didn’t touch me at all in the process, stroking my thighs, running her hands along my pelvic bone but never touching me. 

She then told me to close my eyes. I did and the next thing I knew she was sucking me off like I have never felt before. I don’t know what it was, maybe just the feel of her soft lips and tongue against my hard penis, flicking the head, stroking the shaft....

I came. A really hard, strong come, like she had drawn up everything I had in one foul blow and released a dam. Then it was my turn. I lay her down on the soft bed and licked her from belly button to anus in a single swoop, then slowly circled her clitoris with my tongue until she was shivering and trying to push my head away. I didn’t stop even when her moans reached shrieking point, but kept going till she had come, filling my mouth with her lovely taste, settling slowly, her breathing rapid and shallow.

When we had both recovered, she turned over onto her stomach and lifted her bum in the air, reaching back between her legs, grabbing my penis, guiding it in to her soft, sweet cunt. Slowly, rhythmically, I thrust in and out of her, holding her breast and massaging them to the beat of our bodies, gradually getting faster and faster until we reached those maddening, short, sharp digs. Then nature saved me from exploding by letting me come again, sending my seed deep into her body, just as she came too, with a cry louder than I have ever heard before, tensing her whole body before the sweet release. She slowly settled down again, lying flat on the bed with me arched over her, still deep inside her cunt. 

We lay like that for sometime before she moved again and said, “Lets have a bath shall we?”

“Yes. That would be lovely,” I replied before getting up to get towels and start the water. When I got back the cheeky girl had already hopped in the bath and was lying there waiting for me to turn the water on then lie on top of her. “Do you ever get tired?” I asked with amusement, but doing what she had intended I do. The soapy warm water and her soft skin soon got me hard again so we did it right there in the bath with the water as a lubricant, slipping and sliding in our passion on the waters soft caress.

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