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Sizzling Champagne

It's a beautiful sunny day and you lie in your massive 4-poster bed in the beach house....all the doors open, a cool breeze rustling the curtains and the sounds of the waves from the ocean gently crashing on the beach just outside your door.
You are naked with just a soft white sheet over your body, as you wake from an afternoon nap. There is a knock at the door and you call out to enter, I come in with a tray and place it next to your bed, I look down at you as I stand there in my trunks, my tanned body still dripping with water after my swim. I can see the outline of your naked body beneath the sheets, the cool breeze making your nipples only slightly erect and the sight of you causing a little twitch in my groin, you can see my cock growing slowly underneath the tight fabric.
I ask if I can pour the champagne for you and you look deep into my eyes and nod slowly, I pop the bottle open and pour a glass of chilled bubbles for you, handing it to you, our hands brushing briefly sending shivers through my body. You take a sip and offer me some, I take the glass and take a sip, and as I do you sit up a little in bed and the sheet falls down your body exposing you firm tanned breasts. I can't help but look at your beautiful nipples, feeling my cock growing in my shorts and feeling your eyes watching as I cannot hide my arousal.
You reach out and brush your hand over my hip and hook your finger into the top of my shorts, pulling them down over the top of swollen head of my ever hardening cock, and you them pull my trunks off leaving me standing naked in front of you, my cock hard and gently throbbing in excitement. I take a sip of champagne and lean down to your sexy mouth and kiss you deeply, the bubbles transferring across our tongues, and as I lie down next to you you feel your skin tingle as our bodies touch. I pull the sheet back exposing your gorgeous, tanned body. I pour a little of the champagne over your breasts and start to lick it off, the bubbles making your nipples hard as I tease them alternately with my tongue. You can feel yourself getting really aroused, a heat rising between your legs.
I pour more champagne between your breasts and lick it off as I start to kiss you all over. As I kiss you and drive you wild, you reach out and take my cock in your hand, gently rubbing it and feeling it grow even harder and throbbing in your hand. I kiss down over your tummy and start to tease your hips with soft kisses, feeling your body react, your hips rising to my touch. I pour champagne over your hips and watch it trickle down over your wet, swollen pussy lips, the bubbles driving you wild. I lick all round your pussy, teasing you making you want to feel my tongue on your lips, and then when you least expect it you feel my warm tongue run up the full length of your pussy, the contrast with the cold bubbles making you moan. Your pussy tastes so sweet and I get lost in between your legs, tasting you, teasing you my tongue feeling your clit get harder under my touch.
You the ease me over onto my back, my cock calling out to you and take the champagne from me, and take some in your mouth and slowly take my full length into your mouth, the bubbles driving me crazy as you start to suck my hard cock, licking my head and all the way down to my shaved balls, sucking them taking repeatedly to the verge of cumming but stopping and teasing me more again and again.
You then straddle my body, taking my hard cock in your hand and you guide it into you, sliding deep inside your tight, wet pussy. You feel me throbbing inside you as you start to ride me, my hands reaching up and playing with your gorgeous breasts, gently pinching your erect nipples, I can feel my cock sliding in and out of your swollen pussy, your wetness all over my balls. I then turn you onto your back and start to slide my myself deep into you and slowly out, watch my hips moving back and forth, feeling my throbbing cock filling you up as I start to thrust deeper and harder. You moan as I get faster and harder, rubbing your clit every time my cock slides deep inside you. The harder and faster I fuck you the closer you get to orgasm. As I continue to fuck you I lean down and suck on your nipples and this pushes you over the edge, you cry out as you feel your whole body shudder as you cum, your pussy repeatedly clenching tightly around my cock, you are so tight that I can't hold back anymore, you feel me cum deep inside you, my cock convulsing over and over again...
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Posted 12 Apr 2009 18:22
I love champagne. Lovely story.

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