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Something Sweet for Dessert Part I

I was growing impatient, quickly.

Sitting around our table of six were five of the most uninteresting people I had ever met. I had nothing against any of them, personally. In fact, I barely knew any of them. I struggled to focus on the conversation, struggled to care what was going on. They talked happily amongst themselves, asking my opinion every so often. They were trying to include me a little, I could tell, but I wasn't interested. Nothing they did or said meant anything to me. I wanted to leave.

I glanced over to the second party table, on my right, where I caught the apologetic eye of my friend. I almost sneered as he turned back towards the girl to his side, their arms around each other. I still couldn't believe I'd been dragged to this god awful place because he was scared of having no one to talk to. I snorted. He wasn't doing much talking with her, but he didn't look to be missing out. As I watched, I saw her slight fingers tickle his crotch. She gripped and stroked his shaft through his trousers, giggling quietly. Subtle.

I turned, wearily, back towards my food and made another attempt to eat something. I stirred my fork through it in the hope that mixing the rice a bit more might make the curry not taste so bad. I took another mouthful, then instantly regretted it. The curry was not improved.

At long last, I gave up. Setting my cutlery down, I made quiet excuses to a few members of the party around me and I slipped quietly out of my seat. I made my way out of the restaurant, dodging the tables and chairs strewn in my way. I wasn't a smoker, but no one at my table knew that. No one at my table knew me. I just needed to get away for a while.

Stepping out into the cool air was a welcome relief and I breathed deeply, filling my lungs and relaxing my shoulders. It felt good to be away from the fake, tinkling laughter of the dinner party.

My ears caught the sound of laughter. Honest, pleasant laughter; a group of giggling girls. My attention was caught and I slowly rounded the corner of the building, following the sound.

There, around the side of the building, was a group of six girls around 19-20 years old. Half of them were smoking, but they were all giggling. The laughter trailed off a little as they saw me round the corner; it was their attention that was caught now.

“Don't be shy, love,” a voice called as the laughter died down a little. “We don't bite… Much.”

I could hear the mischievous tone in the unknown girl's voice, positively felt her smirking as she said it. The others erupted into giggles yet again and beckoned me over. Who was I to refuse? I straightened my shirt and made my way over as they brought their full attention to me. I recognised the looks they were giving me. They were sizing me up, trying to figure me out. It was an intimidating sight for some men. Their own personal jury. I added an extra bit of swagger to my step and wet my lips.

“I hope you don't mind, girls, but I wanted to get away from my group for a bit.”

I let myself get a little closer, stepping into the light they'd gathered under, before finishing.

“You girls seem like a lot more fun, if you'll have me…”

I left my words hanging in the air as I glanced around the group, half-smiling and shifting my weight to one side.

I was at last close enough to see them properly; they were all as cute as I could have hoped and dressed like they knew it. I forced my eyes to focus on their faces while I took in their expressions.

I was glad to see that none of them seemed at all hostile; smiling and looking me up and down. I held my pose, noting one or two pursed, almost pouting, pairs of lips as their eyes scanned me. I caught the flicker of a tongue as one girl licked her lips.

I felt my chest swell a little and a smile play on my lips.

The first to speak was a girl in the centre of the group. I got the impression she was the leader, or at least the main instigator. She held herself with a confident air, as though she knew her place, and several of the other girls glanced in her direction, waiting for her to speak.

“We'd love to have you, wouldn't we girls?” she asked the group, smiling as they giggled in unison. “If you can handle us.”

I recognised her voice as the one who beckoned me over. I focused my attention on her as she moved her weight to one leg, resting her hands on her hips. I noticed her eyes first as our gazes locked. They were wide, bright and hazel, almond-shaped, and lined with dark mascara. The corners wrinkled slightly as she smirked. They were gorgeous. I stared into them, they burned so brightly. Her eyes shifted and slid down my body as she seemed to examine me. I followed suit.

Her hair was slightly wavy and stopped just below her shoulders, a dark brown that perfectly matched her eyes. She struck me as slightly exotic, though her complexion was fair and flawless. She was smooth and sultry; I found my eyes following every contour of her perfect skin. I loved the way the corners of her mouth wrinkled when she smiled. Her cheeks dimpled slightly when she pouted her glossy lips, before she slowly licked them with the tip of her tongue. Our eyes met for a brief second and she smirked at my raised eyebrow and nibbled lip. She knew how cute she was.

I leaned back a little and deliberately looked over her body with a steady gaze. She wore a short leather jacket with a high collar, folded over. It was closed only halfway. Beneath it was a short, tight black dress which gave her impressive cleavage, revealing the smooth skin of her considerable orbs. A silver necklace, a shape I didn't recognise, hung above the valley of her breasts. Her hair just about fell onto her chest, draped over it almost artistically, highlighting her proudest feature expertly.

I licked my lips slowly and heard a small giggle ripple through the girls who watched me intently. I could barely resist a cheeky smile in response, while drinking in the gorgeous body in front of me.

Her dress extended below her jacket a little, though it was only a little, and stopped before it reached halfway down her thighs. The material hugged her hips and accentuated her shaped figure. My gaze lowered and I felt my head tilt to the side to take in the sight of her legs. They were bare, equally as smooth and flawless as the rest of her and belonged on a cat walk. She finished them off with small heels, strappy on top.

She was aware of my attentions; she pivoted to the side and turned her ankle, picking her heel off the ground a little to show off her legs. I admired the image while the girls giggled. I looked back up into her brilliant eyes. I only smiled as she settled back onto her feet.

“There is a lot of you to handle,” I replied at last, before feigning to correct myself. “I'm sorry. There are a lot of you to handle.”

I glanced around the girls with a small smile and caught the hints of giggles on their lips.

“But I'll try my best.”

The brunette's eyes remained locked with mine for a few seconds; I could see her mind working away behind them before she spoke again.

“Tell me your name.”

The order wasn't barked, or harsh. It was stated, with the lingering, smirking tone. She was used to getting her way. She was used to being the one in control. I played along. I looked along the line of women and bowed my head slightly towards them.

“I'm Matt.”

I looked back towards the brunette in front of me.

“Tell me your names,” I replied, resisting the urge to smile.

An eyebrow raised and the corner of her mouth twitched a little at the command. She knew what I was up to. She wasn't willing to play. Instead, she nodded towards the girl closest to me who gave me her name as Sarah. Following her were Tina, Laura, Tara and Natalie. There was a quiet pause as the girls and I looked to the brunette at last, expectantly. She stared into me with a steady gaze for a few quiet seconds.

“Jenna,” she said at last. She pouted, though her eyes gave away the smile she fought back. It was such a cute look, which made it difficult not to chew my lip some more.

“Pleased to meet you all. Lovely names, to match…” I left my sentence hanging with a smile.

“Well thank you, Matt.”

Jenna was suddenly animated again, which the girls seemed to take as their cue to stub out their smokes.

“But we have a table waiting and we really should be moving inside, now.”

The girls began to move away, heading for the door, leaving Jenna and I stood facing each other for a few long seconds. I broke our face off with a smile, tilting my head to the side. Jenna spoke again, before I could respond.

“Maybe we'll see more of you later on,” she said carefully.

Her lips curled involuntarily and she gave a small wink. Walking towards me, she brushed carefully past me, her chest catching mine as I felt her hair gust across my face and the aura of her perfume ensnared me. I had to close my eyes and drink in the scent while it lasted.

I lingered outside for a few more minutes, smiling to myself, before I finally returned to the restaurant, somewhat unwillingly. My eyes scanned the restaurant hopefully, but to no avail. I couldn't see them. I went back to my seat, sitting down quietly and glancing around me once more.

The conversation at the table seemed no different than when I left. I pushed the plate of cold food away from me, reaching for the last dregs of my drink. I threw it back, gulping it down in one, and pushed it out to join the plate in the centre of the table.

I tried to listen in to the conversation around me and perhaps join in a little, but my mind was elsewhere. Jenna's pouting, glossy lips and gorgeous eyes kept coming to mind, drifting across my consciousness. I kept wondering what the smooth surface of her skin felt like to touch. But I mostly remembered the scent that surrounded her. I shook my head over and over to rid my mind of the images, but they always came back soon enough.

Eventually, I could take no more. I needed a distraction. Making my excuses again, I got to my feet and headed for the men's room to wash up and occupy my mind a little. I weaved through the tables, towards the rear of the restaurant, and turned the corner into the adjoining room. There, sat on the table outside the men's room, was Jenna and her friends. I wasn't at all surprised to find them giggling.

I was determined to keep a straight face, walking towards them purposefully. One girl nudged her friend and nodded in my direction as I approached. Soon, all eyes were on me and they all hid a smile as I neared them. Try as I might, I couldn't keep a flirtatious smile from pulling at the side of my mouth as I passed them, finding Jenna's almond eyes watching me intently.

Each girl had a small bowl of dessert, but my eyes were drawn to Jenna. She loosely held a dessert spoon, covered in cream, inches from her lips. As we looked to each other, the spoon was brought to her lips and deliberately licked clean. I took a deep breath to steady myself as I saw her smirk. I bowed slightly towards the table, pushing into the men's room with purpose.

I headed straight for the sink, letting the tap run cold for a few seconds. I splashed my face and washed, vigorously. I shook my head to rid the new image of Jenna from it, but it was definitely there to stay. I took a deep breath again and studied my reflection in the mirror, tweaking my hair. It was partially out of habit, but mostly of a desire to impress. I cringed slightly to myself and hit my face with another splash of cold water.

The bathroom door groaned open and quickly banged shut, behind me. I thought nothing of it until I heard the distinctive clip-clop of high heels on the tile floor. My heart caught in my chest as the footsteps stopped behind me, out of sight. I held my breath and straightened up, when a voice spoke behind me.

“Aww, did I miss the chance to see anything?” Jenna's smirking tone set my heart now racing.

I turned, with what I hoped was a confident air, and faced her. She was leaning on the door frame. Her lips were pursed and her arms,, folded across her chest, only helped to push up her breasts even more, if it were possible. In the light of the bathroom, I could see a hint of black lace peeking over the top of her dress that I hadn't noticed in the dark. My mind immediately raced, imagining what she wore under that gorgeous, uncompromising dress. I bit my lip unconsciously and I saw her eyes light up.

She pushed off the door frame, unfolding her arms, and strutted towards me. I could see the swagger in her step, the assured nature of her smile. She knew the effect she had on me and I knew she loved every second of it.

“Cat got your tongue?” she asked me, with an innocent tilt of her head.

I forced myself to focus.

“I hope not, I had plans for it,” I replied, trying my best to keep my voice even and making a show of scanning her body.

Jenna's smile became a grin and it was her turn to bite her lip, now.

“Oh I do like a flirtatious man,” she cooed, placing her forefinger on my chest as she reached me. “They know how to have fun.”

Jenna's finger tickled up my neck and traced along the line of my jaw as our eyes locked together. I focused on her lovely hazels and watched as her pupils dilated. Her eyes widened a little more and her head cocked to the side again with an innocent air.

She stepped closer towards me, stroking my cheek and working her fingers around the back of my neck, tangling into my hair. I was taller than Jenna, but when I leaned back onto the sink our eyes found a level. Her aroma was all around me, her breasts were brushing my chest and I could feel her shallow breaths on my face, with a faint smell of strawberry. I closed my eyes to savour the moment.

Jenna seized her chance.

Her fingers gripped my hair and she was kissing me deeply before I could open my eyes again. I kissed her. My hands found her back and pulled her into me. I was determined to hold my own. She was one step ahead, throwing her body forward while pulling me towards her. Her free hand landed on my shoulder, holding me and feeling my shape, while her tongue pushed for mine. She found it and we were soon kissing hard, while our hands explored each other.

Her fingers trailed over the tensed muscles of my shoulders and my back. I matched her movements. Her body was firm and the feel of her writhing body beneath my touch was exhilarating. She shook and tingled with each touch, her shoulders and hips swayed with the kiss. It was with a heavy heart that I broke the kiss for breath. Grabbing a handful of Jenna's hair, I encouraged her away from me. I thought she might slap me, from the look I received. Instead, that same cheeky smirk came to her again as I stroked the hair away from her face, breathing heavily.

I found myself holding her arms when she reached out for mine. She gripped my shoulders firmly and slid down the length of my arms, testing the feel of my muscles as she went.

Jenna pouted yet again and licked her lips, sighing quietly before she looked up into my eyes.

“I do like a man with nice, firm arms and shoulders,” she said. “Especially when they're around me.”

Her eyes flickered as she said it and she squeezed my hands tightly in her own.

“And big, manly hands gripping me tight.”

I reached around, locking my hands around her lower back and pulled her into my body again, our pelvises pressed together. I knew she'd be able to feel how excited I was. I wasn't disappointed. Jenna looked up at me with those big, gorgeous eyes as wide as I'd seen and made a small cooing noise; her eyes narrowed mischievously.

We kissed hard again. Jenna's hands clawed at my back and gripped my shoulders tightly. Our lips were mashed together, our tongues were dancing and I felt the shivers of her body through my fingertips. I smelled the lovely aura that surrounded her and tasted the strawberry on her lips and her tongue. She was almost too much to handle.

I slid my hands down her back until I caressed over the smooth curve of her firm arse. A tremble ran through her body as I touched her and she moaned quietly into our kiss. My hands cupped her cheeks and squeezed. She immediately began to grind against me, pressing her body hard against my caged manhood. Now I was the one to moan.

I forced her harder against me, pulling her arse as I squeezed her flesh tighter. Her hips wiggled appreciatively, a low murmur of approval ran through her body. Suddenly, she cut the kiss short, placing her palms on my chest. Her eyes narrowed with a wicked grin.

We watched each other intently for a few seconds before she moved again, her hands reaching for the buttons of my shirt. There was that delicious smirk again. She began to pop my buttons out, peeling my shirt away to expose my chest. I glanced nervously towards the door and heard her tut.

“Not scared, are you?” she asked, giggling quietly.

She opened the top of my shirt to access my chest, brushing her lips over my bare skin.

"The door's guarded. No one will see us.”

She licked my chest, kissing across my shoulders while her hands fumbled for the rest of my shirt buttons.

“Oh. Isn't that a shame?” I replied. “They'll be missing out.”

Jenna's eyes shot up to meet mine, a twinkling behind them as her teeth sunk into my collar hungrily. I gasped out loud, grabbing handfuls of her hair in my fists. Jenna bit her way up my neck while she undid the last of my buttons, locking our lips in a heated kiss as she ripped my shirt from my body.

She gnawed on my lip, tugging on it playfully before pulling back to examine me at last. A gentle moan slipped from her lips as she gazed at my body, her hands resting on my shoulders. I jumped when her fingernails gripped my flesh, dragging down my bare, beating chest to leave red, welting lines. Jenna's face could not hide her enjoyment as she scratched at me, her mouth following quickly behind.

Kissing, licking, biting and sucking my chest while I gripped her head in my hands, I could feel her happy moans and giggles vibrating through me. Her tongue circled my nipple before she locked onto it roughly with her teeth, giggling evilly as I yelled out, scratching harder down my body and pawing at my torso. Taking a rough handful of her hair only squeezed another deep moan from her.

“Oh God. I do love a nice, hard body,” she moaned, kissing down my treasure trail, her hands gripping my chest.

She kissed along the waistband of my trousers, giggling as she went and trailing her tongue across my skin before biting into me. I loved the roughness she showed, it made the tease all the more frustrating for me.

“And more besides, I do hope.”

I winked as she looked up at me, sucking her bottom lip.

Jenna's hands turned, scratching their way back up my body, following her tickling kisses as she slowly stood up. She reached my neck when her tongue shot out, tasting my throat and licking its way over my chin for her to breathe hotly on my lips. She was panting slightly and I could see the hunger in her eyes.

“Lose the shoes,” she told me as a single finger began to descend my chest.

I kicked my heels as Jenna suddenly kissed me hard. I fumbled to remove my shoes, failing for a moment when her hand shot down between us. The palm of her hand pressed gently against the heat of my groin and the two of us moaned simultaneously, her fingers finding the outline of my hard cock expertly.

My cock twitched excitedly as Jenna's fingertips trailed along the perimeter of my shaft, circling my head and descending again. Her palm was pressed against my head, her fingers tickling my shaft as I pulled her deeper into our kiss, seizing her neck roughly. My shoes were finally kicked away when I pulled her pelvis into mine again, trapping her hand between us as we both began to grind against each other. She wrapped her hand around my length as best she could, stroking and squeezing between us. Our moans were growing louder and far more frequent.

Our lips peeled apart as we both tasted each other, maintaining eye contact while she slid down my body, to a crouch. Her lips and fingers trailed my chest and the hunger in her eyes grew with every second. Again, she kissed her way down my treasure trail until her chin came to rest on the unmistakable, throbbing head of my cock, only an inch or so beneath my waistband. She licked her lips.

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Posted 13 Mar 2014 04:04
Really good!
Posted 04 Mar 2014 05:44
wow... jenna is really somthing...

Posted 15 Feb 2014 23:54
Lord have mercy! What a red hot read! Your descriptions are flawless. Your writing is fantastic. Makes me feel like I was part of it! Very sexy characters, super flirtatious! Very much looking forward to reading the rest x

Posted 16 Jan 2014 09:14
I love the intense, confident and cheeky connection between these characters. A super hot story that is well written. Can't wait for the next part. Easy 5+++
Posted 15 Jan 2014 06:38
I loaded this story while at work today, but not am I glad I didn't read it there! Some similar bathroom relief may have been required bring on Part 2.
Posted 14 Jan 2014 19:00
Very well written, I can't wait for part 2.

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