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Southern Love

A couple awake and make love
My eyes open from sleep and I see your face directly in front of me. Your eyes are closed, but I lean over to kiss you and wake you from your slumber. We are both naked. You are sleepy, but beginning to wake up as I pull you into the kneeling position in the bed.

You sense me behind you and suddenly you feel my kiss on the back of your neck. My mouth moves across the top of each shoulder, taking turns to kiss them. Apart from my mouth, nothing else touches you, although you can feel my presence behind you.

My mouth returns to the back of your neck and begins a slow journey down your back, between your shoulder blades, making its way down slowly towards the small of your back.

You sigh as my mouth moves onto your bottom, kissing it, before it moves down the back of your right thigh. You kneel up in response and I move my mouth to your left thigh and begin the journey up your back to your neck and shoulders.

As I kiss you, you feel my hands suddenly appear on your waist, just holding you. The only touch is now from my hands and my mouth. As I kiss your right shoulder, my hands move inwards to your stomach, meeting in the middle and beginning a slow journey up to your breasts.

As they journey upwards, you feel my hands move off your skin, leaving just my fingers on you. They continue upwards between your breasts and up to your mouth where you feel one finger trace around your lips before sliding between them.

You can feel my skin against you and my cock resting in the small of your back as my hands move down to your breasts and cup them gently, before my fingers circle your nipples once, twice, three times.

My thumbs and forefingers meet on your nipples and squeeze them and roll them. They are hard under my touch and I continue to roll them while I kiss your back. You begin to moan under my touch and your hips move as you part your legs, still kneeling in the middle of the bed.

While my left hand continues to roll your left nipple, my right hand moves down your stomach, pausing on your belly button, before sliding slowly down to the top of your pussy.

My hand stops there as you thrust your thighs forward. It moves towards your right hip and down the outside of your right thigh, before moving back over your bottom and then suddenly diving down the front of your right thigh.

All the time I am kissing your neck and shoulders, and touching your left breast, squeezing it and pinching your nipple.

My right hand is now on the bottom of your right thigh. Suddenly it turns in to the inside and starts to travel up, slowly getting closer and closer to your pussy.

As it gets higher you squirm against my hand trying to touch it with your pussy. As my hand goes higher, it brushes gently against your pussy which is now so wet. You thrust forward to try and meet it but before you can, my hand is on your stomach again making its way up to your right breast.

It reaches it and joins my other hand dancing across your nipples, cupping and squeezing your breasts together.

I stop what I am doing and just move away from you. You can feel my breath on your back and you sense me move off the bed, stand up and get on the bed in front of you.

Without warning you feel my mouth on yours, our lips joined as we kiss properly. It feels so good as we kiss deeply for sometime, just lips to lips.

Our lips part and our tongues reach out to find each other. They meet and begin to make their own love there in our mouths. You thrust forward to try and touch me with your body, but I am too far away.

I move my mouth and kiss the top of your chest. You know what's coming as my lips move first to your right breast, and then to your left one, each time brushing against your hard nipples.

You feel my tongue against your left nipple, flicking it, making you squirm. Suddenly it darts over to your right nipple and flicks it before moving back to your left one and then the right, each time flicking your nipple before moving to the other. Back and forth my tongue goes, back and forth, only pausing for my mouth to suck each nipple in turn.

You are breathing quite heavily now and squirming in your kneeling position as I continue the dance on your breasts.

Suddenly I stop and you feel my mouth on yours, lips to lips, kissing you properly, deeply and softly.

You feel my mouth move down between your breasts, kissing your skin as it descends down over your stomach, kissing your belly button.

As it descends, you thrust your hips forward and moan loudly. I stop and look at your pussy, your clit is swollen and I can see juices beginning to run down your thighs.

I breath in your scent and blow on your clit. You moan loudly as you feel my breath against you and thrust forward to meet it. All this touching of your body has made my cock so hard and I really want you but I resist.

You know what is coming as you sense me lie down in front of you. I press my hips against the bed and raise my mouth up level with your clit. My tongue moves out and you feel it against your clit, licking you once, twice, up and down. You cry out at the relief so I stop.

I get on my hands and knees and lean in as my lips meet yours. We kiss deeply, no tongues just lips. It feels so good.

Without warning you feel one finger running along your pussy lips from the back and up over your clit. It does it again. And then once more before stopping. You are in a state of constant motion and arousal.

I stop touching you and start kissing you again. No tongues just lips. We kiss harder now. Much harder than before and much more urgently, our passion driving us on.

We are kissing hard and our bodies are moving against each other. You can feel my cock against your stomach. We are both breathing hard, both highly turned on. Its time.

You blink and look at me catching sight of my cock with its precum already there. You sigh and moan as you look at it feeling a small pulse inside your pussy.

I raise my hand under your chin and look deep into your eyes before smiling and then kissing your lips.

I take a pillow and place it under your arse, so your pussy is in the air. I make my way down to the bottom of the bed so I am kneeling in front of you.

I take my cock in my hand and get closer to you, placing the head of my cock against your clit. I begin to rub it round and round. Your hips react, your whole body reacts as you feel it against you.

I move away and lie in front of your pussy and blow on it gently before starting to lick your pussy. I am grinding my cock against the bed as I breathe in your scent. You smell so good.

I reach both arms under your arse and bring them over your hips so I can touch your pussy. I pull back with my hands to expose the very tip of your clit and gently place the end of my tongue on it. I flick your clit once, twice, three times, before stopping.

You seem to be constantly on the edge of coming and ask me to fuck you.

I don’t yet and go back to your clit, its end exposed to the little taps by my tongue. Your hips are bucking to meet me and you are moaning loudly.

I want to fuck you, so I get back into the kneeling position and move closer to you.

You suddenly feel my cock between your pussy lips. It pauses before twitching and starting to enter you.

You feel it make its way slowly inside you, very slowly, bit by bit, until its in deep. You thrust up to meet it and I hold it as you move against me. As it reaches the deepest point you hear me moan loudly and feel me begin to slowly, slowly fuck you, my cock moving out to the edge before diving back in.

I can feel your pussy tightening against me as I begin to move faster and faster.

One more thrust and you start to come, feeling it start deep deep within you. Your pussy tightens on my cock as I feel my own orgasm starts. You feel it too as your orgasm suddenly explodes around me, your juices gushing out as I look at you coming around me.

As I come, I keep fucking you, just fucking you, fucking you and filling you with my juices.

Suddenly you come again, your body rigid as the orgasm rips through you. You sit up as far as you can, groan, eyes firmly shut before collapsing back down onto the bed.

I collapse on top of you kissing you gently and whispering in your ear; fuck that was amazing.

We lie still breathing heavily, sweaty, juicy, and utterly spent.
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