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This is a story about my friend Chris discovering the joys of strawberries

I’ve been running up and down these stairs for two years now. Down in the morning for my jog, up again after my jog, then down again for work, up again at night to stay at home as usual to get lost in my reading. I love to read, had been around the world just by reading. 

Today starts on a different note. I don’t hear the alarm, so I’m an hour late for work. The kettle also decides to break, leaving me without my usual morning caffeine-kick….

Unlike the other mornings, I decide to take the lift this time, the stairs will take too long, me living on the 7 th floor don’t help much. I just marveled at the thought that I’m the only occupant in the lift, when it stops on the 4 th floor. I was ready to look grumpy, to avoid unnecessary conversation, when in she walk, the girl of my dreams. Her eyes green, light brown hair and the soft kissable lips took my breath away. Her skin looks like satin, almost the same as her top…two buttons open, showing the cleft of her beautiful breasts, her skirt tight and I can swear I don’t see a panty-line…hmmmm delicious. The slight building up in my shaft, strains my pants and I sight a breath of relieve when the lift stops and she gets off without a backward glance. Whew! This rose really stirred my excitement, even though I’m not a guy that chases after girls and am definitely not only out to see where I can “score”; but Miss Hot Ass is clearly in a league of her own.  

The week passed quickly after this, but for some reason Miss Hot Ass, that’s how I think of her; keeps invading my mind and boy oh boy, it really turn me on…big time.

Monday I ran into her again and after some light chat about the weather and inflation, I finally got to know her name; Chandra, sweet, just like her. I’ve also learned that she worked in Netherlands for 3 years as a teacher, but decided to return to South Africa for good.

After this I don’t see much of her resulting in me being a bit agitated at work. After three days of looking out for Chandra I decided to make a turn on the 2 nd floor. Stepping on the floor I was just in time to see Chandra getting in the elevator…just my luck. I turned on my heels and took the steps, three at a time, cursing under my breath…not even sure why.

I just closed the door behind me when I heard a soft knock.

“Damn, don’t tell me Aunty Maude’s cat ran away again”, I mumbled.

When I opened the door, Chandra stood there, looking at me nervously, biting on her lower lip. I realise then that I was staring at her, making her cheeks burn.

“Oh Chandra, is everything ok?” I manage to say.

“Hi Chris, I don’t feel like eating alone”. She holds a plastic bag out to me, asking if I want to share her dinner.   The phrase “Love will find its way”, enters my head.

“Please come in Chandra, I already made some pasta so we can throw everything together”. The God’s must be on my side.

With that Chandra walks past me, straight to the kitchen. I followed shoot. I couldn’t believe my luck; having this beautiful rose here with me. We worked side by side in silence…not an uncomfortable silence…just two people seeking each others’ company. There was the odd brush of our bodies…making my shaft push against the material of my shorts. I turned away sharp as I realize she was staring at my crotch. I made an excuse that the game is about to start, even though I’m not a football fan. I’m sure I saw a grin on that lovely mouth, but made for the couch to hide my straining erection.

Chandra was keeping busy in the kitchen, while I tried to concentrate on the TV screen in front of me…the sexual tension was heavy by then, and I was sure that I wasn’t the only one that felt horny as hell. I turned to asked her to come join me on the couch, but stared mesmerized at the picture playing off in front of my eyes.

Chandra was washing a strawberry under the tap, stroking it lightly with her fingers, seemingly forgetting that she was not alone. Slowly, softly she broke the small green leaves from the fruit, stroking lovingly over the fruit with her finger. From where I was sitting she looked lost in the moment and I knew her emotions were stirring up…I could see her breath caught in a throat and her nipples straining her blouse, reaching out for attention, my attention…

Like an invisible power that draws me near, I moved towards her, touching the small of her back lightly, but she didn’t respond, she was still in an erotic trance, just by washing the strawberry…at that moment she looks so irresistible to me I started massaging her back, her hips, her shoulders with soft butterfly kisses in her neck. At this stage she was moaning softly and turned in my arms; kissed me lightly on my lips and then she put the strawberry in her mouth, folding her lips around the red fruit while sucking it with a soft moan…pressing against my hardness while closing her eyes. I’ve never seen a more beautiful sight in my life…

I bent down, kissing her while we shared the soft fruit tasting each other with strawberry juice dripping from our mouths, and I knew; Chandra wants me… I want her…the world is a beautiful place. The last thing I wanted though was to take her in the kitchen, so I picked her up, while still deep kissing her, and carried her to my bed. When I laid her down I caught a glimpse of her crotch and nearly came in my pants. She wasn’t wearing a panty...I couldn’t believe my eyes; clean shaven with her butterfly lips shining from the juices that was already building up…

When I kissed her delicious lips, she moaned, come here honey, I want to taste you…I moved my cock to her mouth so we were in a 69 position… When I closed my lips around her fig, she sucked with such force that I had to blink from ecstasy…With my tongue I played over her clit, tasting her sweet juices…I kept my rhythm till she start lifting her hips, begging for more then I stuck my tongue in her pussy as far as I could…she moaned while fucking my tongue faster and faster till she came with a squirt in my mouth. I drank her juices while she sucked harder and harder on my cock, and I came with a shudder, with sweet running down our bodies… and her trying to drink all my cum, but not succeeding, the build-up was huge, not having had any for months…

Chandra got up and motioned me to lie on my back, she moved between my legs and start sucking me again…I flinch ‘cause I was still so sensitive, but she didn’t stop until I was rock hard again…then she moved up, looked at me with a smile and moved her beautiful cunt lips over my cock. Then without ceremony, sat down with force, taking me all in with one move, then kept still while her pussy adjust to my size. She had that look again…her strawberry look, I couldn’t wait anymore, and held her tight, while turning her underneath me. With our bodies in sync, started moving in and out of her, building up a steady pace, I felt my balls tingle, knowing I’m near then fucked her hard while she came again, shouting my name over and over, “Chris! Oh yes, Chris! Ohhhhhhhh”. Gosh I’ve never came so loud in my life, but then again I’ve never been with a woman as hot as Chandra.

We lay spent; till our breathing returned to normal…Chandra got up and said she’s thirsty. I thought about resting a bit, but then she called out from the kitchen…

The sight that greeted me made my cock raised to attention… oh well; rest can come later, much later…

There she was, lying over the arm of the couch with her hot ass inviting me seductively…I moved up behind her and entered her soppy cunt, pumping her with great force, while her cunt walls hugged my cock, milking it…till she moan and groan…I was on a roll now, pumping while my balls slapping against her fine ass, making sweet music… this was a fantasy coming through; to fuck her just like this, right here on this very same couch….

It was much later when we finally had out supper, and of course we had strawberries for dessert…  












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