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Study Break, Part 5

The morning gets hotter with Danielle and Jen
"You better go inside and see Christy," Danielle said. She continued to stroke my cock lightly, her fingers slipping up and down the softening shaft. "I think she wants you to see what she bought today."

I was still panting from the handjob Danielle gave me, but reached into the water and pressed two fingers over the crotch of her one-piece suit. She squirmed and opened her legs for me, spreading them wide enough for me to slip my fingers inside the elastic.

"She knows I'm a gentleman, she'd be disappointed if I didn't make you cum," I whispered. As I pushed a finger inside her, I saw Danielle's nipples pressed hard against her suit.

Bouncy and athletic, Danielle was a presence in any room, and her moans emanated through me as my fingers probed her. I was amazed she was so tight. If I had not been recovering from the tremendous orgasm she gave me, I would have fucked her then and there.

"Do you want to cum from my tongue or fingers?" I asked her after a long French kiss.

"Mmmmm, both," moaned Danielle. "I'm so fuckin' horny."

I grasped her waist and lifted her to the edge of the pool. Her body swelled and rippled through her suit as I peeled off her shoulder straps to expose her bountiful breasts. Reaching behind her, Danielle grabbed a pillow from a lounge chair and plopped it on the patio.

She leaned back, her thighs at the edge of the pool, gasping as I licked pool water from her soft skin. I palmed her breasts as she pulled away the bottoms of her suit to show me her puffy pussy lips. The tip of my tongue sank into them as I made my first pass over her.

I continued up and down with long licks. As she began moaning louder, she grabbed my head and mashed it into her pussy. I looked up at her, barely seeing the way her mouth stayed open as she cooed because of her breasts.

I stopped licking and slipped two fingers inside her, tight and sopping. Then I looked at the patio door.

"We have an audience," I said, kissing her pussy. Christy and Jen stood at the doorway. Jen was not wearing the white one-piece she had favored all summer, she shimmered in a lime green bikini, string bottoms and bandeau top. Christy stood behind her, looking over her shoulder.

Danielle leaned back far enough to look behind her as my fingers pushed deep inside her and I found her clit with the tip of my tongue. She jolted forward as I touched it. I attacked her clit harder as she gripped me, pushing down as she tried to buck and quiver. Feeling bold, I pushed a third finger inside her, filling her with each thrust.

"Yesssyessfuckyesss," cried Danielle, "ooohhhgoddddyesss." As she came, her juices squirted to my wrist and covered my chin. I pulled out my fingers and smothered her pussy lips with my mouth, wetting my face as her hips rose a foot in the air.

Her head dropped back on the pillow as her orgasm abated. I looked up as she caught her breath and saw Christy and Jen kissing at the sliding glass door. I watched as Christy pushed her hand into Jen's bikini and felt the blood rushing to my cock again.

"Oh my God, look at those two," I said.

Danielle rolled over to watch the show. "I think Jen is stealing your girlfriend," she said. I pushed my fingers back inside Danielle's suit. She spread her legs wider, moaning and gasping as I probed her.

By now, Jen's head was thrown back, she arched herself into Christy's arms. We could not hear them through the door, but I already knew the way Jen quivered as she came. Danielle squirmed and wriggled on the towel.

Danielle's ass bucked into the air as Jen pressed her palms flat on the glass door. Christy looked over Jen's shoulder and winked at us. Her hand strummed over Jen's clit, working inside her bikini.

Jen tensed, her mouth open as she came, then let go, almost melting into Christy. I was rock hard again and Danielle's pussy spasmed as I pushed two fingers deep inside her.

"Oh God, get up here and fuck me," cried Danielle. "Fuck me before you go inside with them."

I pushed up from the water as she scooched forward on the mat, her plump rump high in the air. Her legs opened wide as I pressed the dick over her pussy lips, then slipped inside her with a small thrust.

I rammed in deeper, holding Danielle's hips as she leaned forward on her elbows. I heard the glass patio door open on my second thrust.

"Hey, save some of that for me," Jen called out.

"Ohhhnoooo, get your own," moaned Danielle.

"Fuck her baby, fuck her hard," Christy said.

I pushed all the way inside Danielle, reaming her pussy as she squirmed. I watched as Christy and Jen began making out again. "Come out and join us," I called out suddenly.

"Jen wants to," Christy said as she broke the kiss. "I'm going to take care of your sister."

With one last kiss, Jen parted from Christy, practically skipping out the back door. I had slowed my pumping inside Danielle, now she urged me on by pressing back against me. Jen dropped to her knees to kiss me as my throbbing cock filled Danielle.

"I suppose you want some of his cock, too," said Danielle.

"Well yeah," Jen said. "I'm the only one he hasn't fucked yet."

I pulled my cock from Danielle, rubbing it over her ass.

Jen pulled down a cushion. "Move over, girlfriend," she told Danielle. On all fours, she looked back at me. "Fuck me," she said simply.

I pressed my cock over her, wetting her bikini with Danielle's juices. Now on her back, Danielle reached over and parted the bikini. She gripped my shaft, letting go as the head penetrated Jen.

She was gushingly wet, I rocked deep inside her with one push. As I filled her, Jen rocked her hips upward to meet my thrust. I yanked down the bandeau top and cupping her nipples. As her moans filled the air, Danielle pushed me to one side and circled Jen's breast with her tongue.

Her pussy gripped my shaft as I pumped her, I knew I was close to exploding again. I slowed my pace, feeling each inch as I pushed in from her pussy lips.

"Oooooh faster, faster," moaned Jen, constricting her pussy muscles to hold my cock.

"Baby, I can't hold out, where do you want my cum?"

"Cum all over her and see if Christy will lick it off," Danielle said. Her left hand covered Jen's clit, rubbing it as I continued to push.

"I want it all in my pussy," Jen moaned, "Fill me up."

I burst on the next thrust, cumming so hard I stopped pushing as Jen pressed up to meet me. Three spurts into it, I pulled out and jerked my cock over Jen's brown skin.

We had not stopped panting when Danielle reached around and scooped up the cum. After getting a mouthful, she kissed Jen.

I rolled over on my back, spent for the moment.

"Hey loverboy, what do you think Christy and Lisa are doing with your sister?" teased Danielle.
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