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Sweet Trouble

In the summer heat, Katie's day takes a delicious turn when she meets a stranger.
Finally alone, Katie poured herself a glass of the champagne she had been serving everyone all afternoon. If the extravagance of the wedding was anything to go by, it must have been an expensive bottle, but she was no connoisseur. It tasted like fizzy wine, just like they all did.

Not that it wasn't refreshing. The cold drink and the cool air of the cellar were a pleasant escape from the heat outside. She looked at the hundreds of bottles on the racks that covered every inch of the walls and contemplated taking a couple. Each one was probably worth more than she was being paid for the afternoon.

Her musings were broken by the sound of footsteps on the stairs beyond the open doorway. She drained the glass quickly and began to lay out more on trays to take out.

A waitress came through the door. She was one of the hotel's permanent staff, dressed in a bland, white, unflattering uniform. Katie's own was nicer. The company she worked for catered high end events and sold themselves on delivering a more sophisticated and elegant service. Everything from the clothes they wore to the service staff themselves reflected that.

Her own dress was black to distinguish her from the wedding guests. Strapless, the bodice hugged her slim figure nicely, coming in at the waist, and the skirt was slightly gathered, ending above her knees. Different clients wanted different looks, and today all the waitresses were wearing their hair down, by request.

Katie's was honey blonde and hung just past her shoulders, shorter at the front, framing her features. She had deep blue, slightly feline eyes, today made up with black mascara. Her nose was small and slightly flat, her lips pink and full. Her favourite feature was her jawline, defined and elegant, curving perfectly to her chin.

At eighteen, she was the youngest of the girls with whom she worked. Most were taller than her as well, and all had bigger breasts; such was the preference of their employer. Hers were not even a handful, a fact that couldn't be disguised given the cut of her dress and lack of a bra. But she was charming and well spoken and had a knack for serving drinks whilst wearing heels, and that had gotten her the job.

Once the glasses were laid out, she filled each from the bottle she had opened and then lifted the tray expertly. As she left she smiled at the waitress who scowled back, clearly put out by the beautiful girls invading her space.

She could feel the effects of the champagne slightly, having eaten nothing since breakfast, but this wasn't her first time. She had done this job since she turned eighteen five months ago and, with the influence of the others, had quickly learnt the perk of the job and the accompanying requirement to build up a tolerance for drink.

She ascended the flight of stone stairs and crossed the almost empty reception hall. The hotel was in the countryside, an old manor house and estate. Katie admired the beautiful interior as she walked through, a high vaulted wooden ceiling stretching over long oak tables.

Two arched doorways were open on the long exterior wall and Katie emerged from one into bright sunlight and the heavy humid warmth of the summer air.

She stood slightly blinded for a second and raised the champagne tray to one hand while her eyes adjusted to the intense light. There were perhaps two hundred guests outside. The men, in the main, wore bespoke pin stripes or grey, many down to waistcoats, abandoning their jackets in the heat, each flashing some colour in their tie. Many of the ladies wore couture, more evidence of the wealth present. But despite the vibrancy, class and sophistication, all were put to shame by the bride.

She stood with her new husband on the other side of the courtyard, surrounded by guests, like a queen. Her dress must have cost a fortune, not that it seemed this crowd would have batted an eyelid at the figure. Pure white, strapless, it emphasised the shape if her waist, elegant folds of fabric rising to the neckline over her breasts, striking the perfect balance between class and sensuality. Unadorned, pristine white extended to the ground, cleverly displaying beautiful shoes with her motions.

Among them all were Katie's colleagues and friends, some with trays of hors d'oeuvres, others champagne flutes, each of them smiling and beautiful, as required. She made her way through the guests, meeting the eyes of those who looked her way, invisible to those who did not. Heat was rising from the cobbled stone of the courtyard. The guests were lucky to have areas of shade if they wished, but Katie had to move between everyone, the sun baking down on her. She could feel her lightly tanned skin begin to glisten with sweat within minutes.

She made her way up some worn steps to a raised stone balcony that overlooked the scene. It was covered by a wooden awning and the shade it cast gave her instant relief. She mingled among them there, politely smiling at the few that took drinks from her.

She cast her gaze to the end of the balcony and saw him. He stood arms crossed and sullen staring into the distance. He wore a light grey suit, white shirt, black tie and silver cuff links. His hair was a dirty blonde, shaved short.

He had the most incredible features she had ever seen. A hard jaw and chin, high cheek bones, and eyes the colour of slate shadowed by a strong brow. His nose was handsomely prominent and his mouth gave no hint of a smile.

Among the colour and opulence of the other guests he stood apart, stoney and intense. Katie stared at him. Broad shoulders, slim waist, he was not tall, but had magnetic presence. He looked at her.

She froze, realising she was staring, unable to look away. His grey eyes penetrated her and her pulse quickened.

Then his expression softened into a smile like she had never seen. Broad, wholehearted, eyes creasing at the corners so his whole face was smiling, his brooding intensity dissolved as if it had never been.

She could not help but smile back. Looking around at the other guests, none were looking at him. He beckoned to her and her heart leapt, before she remembered the tray of flutes balanced in her hand. Suddenly the sounds of the crowd returned to her and she glanced about and breathed again. Her cheeks flushed a little realising only now that all he wanted was a drink.

She walked towards him between a few other guests. All the while he held a smile. Katie never shied away from anyone's gaze. She composed herself within and locked her eyes on him as she moved.

She stopped close. He stood a couple of inches taller than her with her heels on, their faces only a foot apart. He glanced at the glasses and took one, quickly returning his eyes to hers. He took a sip of champagne but didn't break their gaze again, just looked into her.

She became aware of her breathing, heavy and deep. And she became aware that she was waiting there. He had his drink, he had gotten a smile from her, there was nothing else. She felt herself flush again as she opened her mouth to say something. Any reason she might have not to turn away. Nothing came. Just quiet.

He grinned again, looked about feigning suspicion and looked back to her. He leant in so that his cheek was inches from hers, his lips close to her ear.

"Will you get into trouble if you talk to me?" he whispered. She turned her head to meet his eyes.

"I don't know," she said, softly. "Will you get me into trouble?"

He smiled again at that, a flash of curiosity crossing his features. "Is that a request?"

"Perhaps," she replied, softer still, her eyes moving gently to his lips and back. The desire to kiss him was dangerously powerful. She was caught in a sublime moment, unable to commit, unwilling to break away, drinking in the sweetness of expectation.

"Girl." The shout from behind her broke the spell and she turned with a start. A man, tall, middle aged with dark hair stood amongst some other guests, shaking an empty glass at her. "Yes? Drink?" he said in a received accent, in the particularly patronising and humiliating way only a tipsy, upper-class prick can. It was followed by, "You pretty little twit," intended to be beneath his breath, receiving raucous laughter from his companions.

Katie was accustomed to such behaviour. Her new companion was not. His steely visage returned with a vengeance as put his hand on her shoulder, gently encouraging her aside, and stalked towards the man. He made as though he meant not just reach him but to go through him. She could not see his eyes but whatever showed caused the fool take a few clumsy backward steps before stumbling into a table. Glasses toppled and one smashed on the balcony floor. He stopped inches away from him.

She smiled quietly to herself, gently biting her bottom lip and admiring the crude chivalry. He glared at him. "Apologise," he commanded, his volume conversational, his tone intense. The older man looked embarrassed, but pride got the better of him.

"Piss off," he managed, in an attempt to sound unintimidated, and began to turn away. Her knight grabbed the man's jacket by the lapel, close to his neck, pushing him further against the table. There were gasps from a few whose attention had been drawn and an awkward silence began to descend.

She moved quickly and in a moment she was beside them, placing the champagne tray on the table. She could feel more than a few pairs of eyes on her. Deftly, she put her hand on the stranger's, easing his grip on the man's clothes, delivering a smile that both thanked him and told him to back down. Stepping between the two, she faced her insulter and smoothed his jacket. Keeping her eyes on him, she reached for one of the flutes and put it in his hand. He began to speak.

"You're welcome, sir," she interrupted, "Apology accepted."

She looked at him, daring him to pursue. This time he curtailed his pride and grumbled a reluctant, "Of course."

She took her stranger by the hand and led him away swiftly. His gaze lingered briefly on the group as he followed her along the balcony, squeezing between people as they turned their heads. The sounds of celebration resumed and it seemed not many of the guests had really registered the incident, but she kept their pace, feeling the eyes of those who had upon them.

They reached the wooden door at the other end. A red rope indicated that it was off limits, but she turned the cast iron handle confidently. It swung open on creaking old hinges. She stepped over the rope and pulled him after her. They went through and she closed the door quickly behind them.

She turned and leant back against the door, placing her hands against the old wood. Intensity had returned to his features, his grey eyes shining in contrast to the shadow of the dim hallway.

She let out a breath and smiled slightly. "That wasn't the trouble I had in mind," she said.

He moved forward quickly. A heartbeat later his hands were against the door, either side of her shoulders, and his mouth was on hers. She let out an involuntary moan that sounded like surprise and bliss. He tasted like champagne and the salty heat of the sun. She breathed him in, his cologne fresh and sharp mixed with masculine tones.

She put her hands behind his head and kissed him back deeply, opening her mouth and tilting her head before hungrily closing it on his lips again. He kissed hard and fast, like he couldn't resist her, and she felt the same yearning inside herself. Her pussy began to flow with her juices, the rate of her pulse making her feel that heart would beat out of her chest.

"What kind of trouble did you want?" he asked in a breathy whisper, pulling his mouth away from hers for a moment. He moved his hands to her waist and they held her strongly. She gasped with pleasure as he moved his mouth to the side of her neck, sucking gently just below her ear.

She put her hand on the back of his head holding him against her, enjoying the almost unbearably sweet feeling of his tongue on her skin. It sent electric shivers through her body and she got wetter still, pressing her hips against his, signalling the effect he was having on her.

"This is more like what I meant," she managed as he trailed kisses down her neck to her collar bone. His hands moved up her waist and stopped just below her breasts and pressed her against the door. He moved back to her mouth and pushed his tongue against hers. She licked it firmly and took it into her mouth, sucking on it before pressing hers past his lips.

He pressed himself against her and she felt his hard shaft through their clothes. Instinctively she ran her hand down his chest, feeling the toned muscles of his torso through his suit, and pressed her hand firmly against his crotch.

He moaned deeply into her mouth as she rubbed against his trousers, sucking on his tongue again, devouring his sweet lips. Her pussy was pulsing with desire at feeling his big hard dick straining through the fabric. She wanted him to fuck her right there. To have him lift her up and lower her dripping cunt onto him, his long thick shaft filling her up.

She began to feel for his belt so she could set it free, and his palms found their way over her tits, squeezing as they moved. He stroked the skin on her chest and began to slip beneath the top of her dress.

An outburst of laughter from behind the door brought them both back to earth as they remembered the celebration taking place just feet away. They stood staring into each other, his hand paused an inch from her nipple, hers motionless against his crotch.

"Come with me," he told her and pulled her with him before she could protest. Not that Katie had any intention of that. She was sure she was already missed outside, but this stranger had her so aroused there wasn't a chance she would turn back now. She needed him inside her.

The hallway was a staff access, narrow and poorly lit from small high windows. He led her quickly along it and opened the door at the end. They emerged behind the hotel bar. Thankfully, no one was manning it, and the few guests present at tables the other side paid them no attention. They walked out and he let go of her hand.

Crossing the public area, they went through an open door and emerged in the hotel reception. Still no staff were to be seen, each one apparently required to attend to the lavish event. He looked about briefly and brazenly walked around to the other side of the reception desk. He began to type something into the computer.

"What are you doing?" Katie asked him, apprehensively.

"Causing trouble," he said back, grinning mischievously. He typed something else in and then began searching. He disappeared for a moment into a back office. He reemerged with a key in his hand and chucked it to her. She caught it and turned it over. The fob had the number 176 on it.

Her heart began to race. This was risky. Fooling around in a hallway was one thing. Stealing into a room and fucking a stranger in it was something else.

He must have seen the hesitation on her face. He walked over to her and, without warning, pressed her up against the wall. Over her dress, he put his hand between her legs and squeezed gently. She let out a quiet squeal of surprise before closing her eyes as he began to rub, finding her sweet spot even through the skirt. She bit her lip, stopping herself from audibly moaning, aware of the proximity of other people just through the bar door but not wanting the feeling to stop.

As she placed a hand on his chest again, he whispered to her softly, his breath on her ear increasing the pleasure. "What's your name?"

She opened her eyes. "Katie..." she half moaned back, and then exclaimed, "Oh... fuck!" as he swiftly lifted her skirt and pushed his hand into her knickers. His fingers slid over her smooth mound and slipped between her wet lips, finding her clit swollen and wanting. She took hold of his strong shoulders to stop herself from collapsing as her legs turned to jelly.

"Tell me what you want, Katie," he said as he moved his fingers back and forth. She bit hard on her lip to stifle sounds of pleasure, grinding her pussy against his hand.

"I want you to fuck me," she managed, but it wasn't enough for him.

"Tell me how." With that, he pushed his finger inside her wet hole, pressing firmly as he moved in and out.

A high pitched moan escaped her and her hips began to move with him. She was desperate for him and this torment was unbearable.

"Fuck," she whispered again between heavy breaths, "I want to tear my clothes off right here. I want to be completely naked and get on my knees in front of you. I want to take your cock out and rub it against my lips. I want it in my mouth. I want you to put it in my wet cunt and fuck me until I cum."

He stopped his touching as suddenly as he had started it. "Come with me," he said smiling, and took her hand.

They moved quickly as he pulled her through the hallway and up the wide hotel stairs. They raced along under the old beamed ceilings, past the doors to the rooms the wedding guests would have that night. Excitement was coursing through her as she thought of this man stripping her and taking her hard.

She let him lead her through the building and up another flight. At the top was a shorter hallway with fewer doors along it, a sign that these rooms were bigger than the ones they had passed before. The largest door was at the end, ornately carved and housed in a stone archway. The flowers of the elegant tables either side told her what room this was. She ought to have felt bad about going into the quarters of the new bride and groom to fuck a stranger, but she was too far gone for that.

As they approached she saw the number 176, carved in the stone of the wall next to the arch. He put the key in the lock and turned it, opening the door.

The smell of flowers washed over her. Facing east, the room was warm but the windows on the wall opposite them faced away from the afternoon sun. They were high and slim, bright shards in the cream coloured stone.

The furniture was beautiful. At the centre, a luxurious sofa faced a large fireplace which was built into the same wall as the entrance. A low table made of white wood separated them. White curtains of sumptuous fabric hung from ceiling to floor, the ceiling itself an aesthetic masterpiece of ancient vaulted beams.

On the right hand side a double door stood wide open leading into the bedroom. To the left there was a closed wooden door in another simpler stone arch.

He locked the door behind them and immediately went to her. She put her arms around his neck as his wrapped around her body and she held herself against him, kissing him deeply. They pressed and slid their tongues into each other's mouths. She stepped out of her shoes, never letting her lips leave his, and now she was about six inches shorter than him.

He took hold of her waist firmly and lifted her. She moaned into his mouth as she wrapped her legs about him. He held her so that now she was above him, her hands on the back of his neck as she drew herself down to kiss him.

His hand went beneath her skirt finding the soft flesh of her ass. He gave a deep prolonged squeeze, pressing her into him, her pussy tight against his hard stomach.

She couldn't wait any longer. She broke their kiss and looked down at him as she took hold of the top of her bodice and pulled it down. Her tits were small and round and firm, her puffy nipples pale and pink against her light skin, a very faint tan line around them.

He looked at them for a moment, drinking in the sight. She stroked the back of his head, feeling vulnerable and intensely aroused at displaying them to this stranger. Then he nuzzled his face between them. His freshly shaven skin was soft and she pressed into him rubbing her tits against him gently. He moved his face with her chest and then placed kisses on the skin of each. He worked around her nipples and, before his teasing became too much, took one in his mouth and slid his tongue over it.

She watched him, her pussy tingling from the attention. Her nipple glistened as he moved to the other. This time he sucked harder, causing her to moan and let her head fall back. She held his head against her and felt her nipples harden at the pressure of his lips and gentle bites he gave them.

"You're making me so wet," she said to him before drawing down to kiss him again.

He began to move, carrying her across the room and through the double doors. "Good," he said between soft pecks, "because, I'm going to lick all that juice out of you."

"Oh fuck, yes. Please," she almost whispered, her forehead against his, staring into his eyes fiercely. "Please eat my cunt for me."

He threw her down on the four poster bed. The room was much darker than the lounge, the heavy curtains drawn against the sunlight.

He kissed her deeply again, pushing her into the soft white sheets. His lips moved to her neck and down to her chest, lingering again at her hard pale nipples. Then he stood. He took off his jacket leaving his grey waistcoat on. "Take off your dress," he commanded.

He watched as Katie slid the dress down her stomach and worked it over her hips, slipping it off her legs. Beneath, black lace knickers hid her sex. She lay back, arms above her head, the dress falling to the floor. She had one leg flat against the bed, the other bent at the knee, almost shyly leaning on the first.

He sat at the end and ran his fingers softly up her calf and then down the back of her thigh. She started to part them and his fingers stroked the inner sides, slowly working towards the lace between them.

Finally they reached her damp knickers and she sighed heavily as he brushed over her mound. He pressed his palm against her and she felt the cool wetness that had seeped into them.

He moved his hand away abruptly and took a firm hold of her hips. He rolled her onto her front and she squealed excitedly. She felt his fingers at her waistband and her pulse quickened even further.

He knelt behind her, his legs either side of hers. He leant forward and began to kiss the small of her back. As he moved his attentions further down he pulled down her knickers to reveal her smooth, firm ass. He kissed and licked her cheeks and she made contented noises, her hips moving gently with anticipation.

He straightened and pulled her underwear all the way down to her feet and onto the floor. Katie flushed with nervousness and arousal, knowing that he was staring straight at her wet pussy. Her breathing was deep and she was desperate for his tongue. Unsolicited, she bent her knee up beside her, opening her legs for him and lifting her hips. Her cunt was pink and glistening with juice, her inner lips protruding past her outer ones. She leant on her elbow and looked over her shoulder at him. She reached beneath herself and spread her lips apart, revealing her clit and touching it for him to see.

He waited, taking in the sight for a moment. An instant later he was between her spread legs, his hands on her cheeks and his tongue between her moist lips. She moaned loudly and pressed her face into the cotton covers as he licked and sucked on her labia. She spread them for him and he took the sign and finally his soft wet tongue was on her hard little clit. She moved her hips grinding at his tongue. She felt his whole mouth on her cunt, kissing, licking, devouring her. His pressure was strong, his rhythm hungry as he pressed his face between her cheeks, his mouth locked to her clit.

Her moans were more regular now, and answered by satisfied sounds from him. He began to make long licks from her clit, over her hole to the skin between her pussy and ass. She squeaked each time he got closer to her ass hole, but she wasn't about to stop him. She had never had a tongue there before but she would have let this man do anything to her.

As he pushed her ass cheeks apart, spreading her puckered hole, there was the sound of a handle being turned as someone tried to enter the room.

"Fuck!" she gasped, her heart in her throat. They both sat up and Katie darted for her discarded dress, pulling it up against her. He was at the double doors when the sounds of someone fumbling with a key reached them.

He must have seen the fear on her face. He reached for one door and pulled it shut. "It will be okay, Katie, I promise," he said sincerely as he pulled the other door, leaving it slightly ajar. Katie moved up to the door trying to step into her dress as she stood next to it, scared of what would happen next.

She watched him take a seat on the sofa and adopt a casual pose like he was supposed to be there. A second later the door opened. Katie recognised her straight away. In her beautiful white dress, the bride was unmistakable.

"You bloody bastard," she said, not loudly but angrily. She didn't even seem surprised that he was sitting there. She closed the door and locked it.

"You look beautiful," he said.

"Is that what you came to tell me, Ryan? That I look beautiful on my wedding day?" Seeing her closer than before, Katie saw that she looked to be in her late twenties, maybe slightly older than him. She had dark brown hair worn up in an elegant style that must have taken all morning to achieve. Her eyes were big and brown, her skin a lighter shade than his. She had delicate facial features, small and beautiful. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I thought you might change your mind," he said, his voice soft and deep.

"You're unbelievable," she seethed. "And what? You thought you'd lurk in my room? What are you planning on doing?"

"I wanted to see you. I knew you'd get sick of him soon enough and have to take a rest here. Or would you rather I'd come over to you while you were putting on your farce out there?" There was definitely bitterness in his tone. Katie's heart still raced as she wondered afresh who this man was. Ryan.

"You presumptuous prick!" she exclaimed, raising her voice. "I came looking for you. Everyone saw that little scene you caused. I had to come and find you before Richard did. At least you're predictable. This is the first place I looked."

"How is Dickie?"

"Don't you bloody dare," she pointed at him. She was very well spoken, her accent clashing with her tone and words.

"Is he enjoying the day? Are you? How many thousands did he pay for that dress?"

"Why now, Ryan?" she shouted, her eyes welling. "You're the one who left. You're the one that wrecked it all. Do you just like destroying things? Is that it? Is that why you're here?" Tears spilled down her cheeks.

He stood and shouted back. "You know why I left, Avril! You know I loved you still. It didn't take you long did it? Found yourself some rich twat to marry. I thought you wanted to do something with your life. With me. But it turns out you just went for the highest bidder, like a fucking whore."

She slapped his face hard. "Shut up, you bastard," she screamed at him. "You left me all alone. You hurt me, Ryan. I loved you with all my heart and you broke it." She paced about, her tears spreading makeup down her face.

"And now you're fixing it. Mending the holes with new rich friends and pretty designer dresses. How much did it cost? Your dress? All of this? How many nations could he have fed with the money he bought you for?"

"You think this is what I want?!" she screamed at him again, tugging at her dress. "You think any of this means anything to me?!" She snapped then. "This is what it means to me!" She hooked her fingers into the top of her the dress and tore at it. Ryan stood and watched as the seams split. "I never wanted any of this!" A final determined jerk and the dress ripped down one side. The fabric hung open across her, still attached beneath one arm, rent to the waist at the other, exposing her breasts.

They were much larger than Katie's. Perfectly shaped with big, dark pink areolas and nipples that pointed slightly upward, they were full and firm. Seeing her nakedness reminded Katie of how aroused she was. Avril was beautiful, with a waist as slim as hers, pale skin and sad eyes.

"Is that what you wanted, Ryan. Is that what you came here for?"

He said nothing else and approached her. She protested but he grabbed her wrists as she made to hit him again. He pulled her into him and kissed her deeply on the lips. She fought against him, but her mouth kissed back. She tried to pull away but he pushed her up against the door and kissed her again.

Holding her wrists above her head against the wood, he moved straight to her exposed nipples and sucked. Katie couldn't process the emotions she was feeling. Fear, shame, jealousy. And over them all, intense desire. Part of her was angry and part wanted to run, but more than anything she wanted Ryan to fuck this beautiful bride while she watched.

"No, Ryan, stop," Avril said more than once, but she did not fight him. He went back to kissing her lips for a moment, letting her wrists free. She put her hands behind his head. "I hate you," she said quietly to him before kissing him again.

He grabbed at the ruin of her dress and pulled it down over her hips. It lay in a white puddle of material at her feet. She wore pretty white knickers that were practically transparent, but they did not last long. Ryan pulled on them hard, tearing them off her. Katie moistened even further at the sight of this woman's vulva. Dark hair that was neatly trimmed covered her cunt, her pink slit visible beneath. Ryan knelt in front of her, pressing his face into it, his tongue darting in and out against the hood of her clit. He grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her against his mouth and she began to gasp and moan.

Katie knew what that tongue felt like. The memory of it and the scene before her were too much and she gave in. She let her dress fall back to her ankles and squatted with her legs open wide, her face close enough to the gap to see the whole of the other room. She realised that she might be seen, but the room was dark and Avril was focused on Ryan. She pushed a finger into her pussy, as her juices began to flow again.

As she watched she realised that she wished it was her mouth on Avril's cunt. She imagined the bride grinding her pussy against her tongue. Her fingers were coated in her juice and she rubbed them over her clit as the scene unfolded.

Ryan stood abruptly, leaving Avril weak-kneed against the wall. He pulled her forcefully into the room and pushed her onto the sofa. "Fuck yourself for me," he told her. She didn't hesitate. She leant back against the cushions and spread her legs wide, her lips separating, deep pink in contrast to her dark pubes. Her fingers went to her mouth and then straight into her dripping hole, two of them moving in and out of her as deep as they would go.

He began to undo his waistcoat as he watched. Her mouth was open and she moaned as she pleasured herself. He dropped the waistcoat to the floor and began on his shirt. Katie's juices flowed anew when he unveiled his body. The hardness she had felt through his clothes had hinted at what was beneath, but the sight went far beyond what she imagined. His chest was broad, big defined pectoral muscles spanning it. His stomach looked as solid as rock, gorgeous abs rippling down. And his arms were incredible. Strong and hard, she wished they were holding her again now. She sat back on the floor, her legs still apart, and copied Avril, pushing two fingers into her right wet hole. She bit her lip to stop herself from crying out.

As they both fucked themselves for him, he unfastened his belt and tugged at the button of his suit trousers. He let them fall to the ground. His cock strained against the white fabric of his underwear and he reached inside and took it out. He let the pants fall too and stood there for them to admire.

It was long and thick, the foreskin drawn back. The head was deep pink and glistened with his precum, the shaft rock hard. His balls hung heavy beneath it, moving as he stroked the shaft slowly back and forth.

He stepped towards the sofa and put a foot on it, the other remaining on the floor as he pressed the head of his throbbing dick against Avril's glistening pussy. He rubbed up and down between her lips and she removed her fingers from her hole. He lingered at her entrance for a moment before driving his length all the way into her.

He fucked her hard, pushing her legs back. Katie had the perfect view of his veined rod pounding in and out of Avril's hairy wet cunt. She was so close now, her fingers making quick wet circles over her hard bean. She wanted everything at once, needed Ryan's big dick in her pussy, in her mouth. She imagined him fucking her from behind while she sucked on Avril's big nipples and ate her out.

The bride was making high pitched moans as he drilled her, the sounds accompanied by his own deep, sexy noises. She rubbed her clit furiously as he thrust in and out of her. Suddenly he pulled out and she made a desperate, wordless protest, lamenting the new emptiness. For a moment he knelt before her, kissing her soaking lips and pushing his tongue deep into her vagina.

He stood again and slid her onto the floor, laying her head on the seat, her back against the front of the sofa. She continued the frenzied attention she was giving her sex as he resumed his position and thrust his erection into her mouth. The shaft shining with her sex juices, she licked at them hungrily as he slid in and out of her lips.

Avril's breasts heaved as she started to take deeper breaths. Her squeals were muffled by the fat cock in her mouth but Katie knew it was close. The woman's hand was frantic on her clit as she pushed herself over the edge, screaming again and again onto Ryan's dick.

As the intensity died, Ryan reached his own climax. Moaning deeply, he pushed further into her mouth and his cock pulsed, pumping her with his seed. It overflowed from her lips and ran down her chin, dripping onto her perfect tits.

That was enough for Katie. She wanted to suck the cum off his shaft and her nipples. Her arousal reached it's peak and her pussy throbbed as her orgasm washed over her. The feeling was so intense after the prolonged attentions of Ryan's fingers and tongue combined with her own. Her hips rocked in rhythmic motion and her back arched.

"Fuck!" she screamed, lost in herself.

Instantly, she came crashing back as she realised what she'd done. Avril's eyes fixed her straight away, Katie's freshly satisfied cunt on display through the gap in the door. She was frozen for a moment and then scampered out of sight, dragging her dress with her.

"Someone's watching us," she heard her exclaim, now out of sight.

"I know," said Ryan calmly.

"Fuck," she said again, but this time whispered to herself as she pulled the black fabric up her legs and body and over her little breasts. Ignoring her lost knickers she darted out of the room.

Avril gasped and covered herself quickly with a cushion. She stood, turning to Ryan and backing away from him. "Who the hell is she?" she screamed at him.

"I'm sorry," Katie blurted as she reached the door, turned the key and fled.

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