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Tell Her

Admit it!

‘Ok, make sure you text me you get to Ireland,’ I said to a teary eyed Anna as we stood outside the airport.

‘I promise,’ Anna spoke softly. ‘I’m going to miss you so much,’ she continued. Her face creased, eyes welled up, and her voice broke.

‘I'll miss you too Anna,’ I comforted her while putting my arms around her and holding her close. She buried her head into my chest and put a hand round the back of my neck drawing my head down.

We parted and Anna quickly grabbed her bag and walked into the airport.

I drew a long breathe in. An intense feeling hit me and I shuddered. I really was going to miss her.

12 months later.

‘So are you going to meet her then,’ Steve asked peering over the top of his pint.

‘You joking? She’s got a boyfriend mate, I can’t just turn up at her offices and say hello. He works there as well,’ I replied to Steve’s question as to whether I would meet Anna.

Anna had graduated with a 1st in Law and secured a pupillage contract at a prestigious chambers in London. I lost contact with Anna after about six months when she suddenly stopped answering my text messages, then one day I got a message saying she had met someone and that she was sorry but she had to move on. She sent her love and said I would always be special to her. Steve on the other had formed a solid relationship with Fiona. They agreed that when she came back to England they would give it a go. Her father even had secured him a job in the civil service on some ridiculous salary. They planned to get married in six months.

‘What about you?’ I asked Steve ‘I take it Fiona is going to met her.'

Steve looked into his pint glass.

‘Yes mate,’ He paused, ‘Look, I didn’t want to say anything but Fiona has arranged a night out for us and Anna and her fella tonight.’

Steve looked down like he had betrayed me.

I felt sorry for Steve; this wasn’t a nice situation to be in. He knew I had fallen for Anna in a big way and he knew this would be killing me.

‘Don’t worry mate,’ I said to Steve.

I picked up my pint glass.

‘Hey, I would like to propose a toast; to Anna and her shithead of a boyfriend. May he develop many tropical diseases and be eaten by rabid street dog,’ I mockingly announced in my best posh accent.

Steve laughed and raised his pint glass, mockingly bowing to me.

He placed it back down and looked me.

‘You’re going to be alright, yeah?’ Steve asked with genuine concern.

‘Yeah! Don’t be soft, c'est la vie,’ I said raising my glass again.

‘Ok mate, well I better go. I’ve got to get sorted for tonight,’ Steve said, standing up and glugging his last bit of beer.

He patted me on the shoulder as walked out the pub.

I made my way back home. I had been thinking about Anna all the way home. Thinking about her new boyfriend fucking her. I pictured Anna’s face full of pleasure and I could hear her orgasm over and over again. I felt sick.

‘Let it go, it’s been a year,’ I told myself as I grabbed a beer out of the fridge.

I flicked on the TV, closed my eye and drifted into a daze.

I pictured Anna in front of me. Her perfect body swaying from side to side. Her soft breasts moving in tandem as she danced for me.

‘I want you,’ I imagined her saying.

She turned around and bent down, flicking her hair back and looking over her shoulder at me. God she looked good. That cheeky smile, tiny nose, perfect hair and perfect eyes. I could feel a smile form on my face and I drifted further into my fantasy.

She turned back to face me, squatted down and started bouncing as if she was slamming into my cock.

‘Don’t you want to feel something inside you Anna?’ I didn’t say the words but my lips moved to form the sounds.

‘Would you like to watch,’ she asks, whispering. She wants me to say yes.

I nod. Anna pulls a dildo out from behind her back. She stands up and walks towards me. Her hips moving like waves. She bends down and looks into my eyes. Her perfect breasts hung down. I hold a hand out to touch her but she backs away and my hand drops back down. She slowly gets on all fours and places the dildo upright on the floor. I watch as she works her tongue up and down the shaft, covering the dildo in her saliva and turning her head sideways, kissing and hovering her lips over the tip. Her body slowly lifted up and down as she breathed and panted onto the rubber cock.

She picks up the cock and leans back knelling. She tilts her head back and slowly pushes the cock into her mouth. I can feel my cock is rock hard. Anna slips the dildo in and out of her mouth all the time starring at me.

‘Fuck yourself Anna,’ I plead.

She smiles at me, rotating her body so her ass is just in front me. I want to feel her skin. I want to touch her round ass. She slowly moves the dildo up her inner thigh, rubbing herself with the tip. I watch her pussy pulse as her crème begins to flow. She coats the head and slowly slides herself onto the dildo. Again she looks back at me. Open mouthed, breathing deep. Her forehead creases as speeds up and begins pounding the dildo into her wet hole. She started to moan in ecstasy and I could see she was going to come. Her lips swelled and her head crashed down on the floor. I watch her ass jerk around the with each involuntary movement of orgasm.

‘Oh my god, I love you Anna,’ I whisper out loud.

My trousers suddenly feel wet. Had I come? I didn’t care.

Suddenly my lap was cold, really cold. I snapped out of my trance and sat bolt upright.

‘Fuck!’ I shouted. I had in fact fallen asleep and let go of the can of beer in my hand. I dropped the can on the floor.

I stood up and put my hands over my head. My blood was pumping and my body was aching for Anna. Primal!..... I grew angry. I drew my foot back and hoofed the still half full beer can across the room. It shattered my mirror and I spun round. I punched the wall.

The next day. 1pm – Pub

‘So you going to ask me or not,’ Steve asked while passing me my drink.

‘Ask what,’ I replied, knowing exactly what Steve was talking about.

Steve looked at me and raised his eyebrows.

‘Ok, how was Anna?’ I asked.

‘She’s alright mate, her boyfriends a dick but she’s still lovely,’ He replied.

‘Why, what’s wrong with her boyfriend,’ I asked.

‘You know the type, typical public school boy, all tweed and rowing,’ Steve snarled.

‘Oh right,’ I said acting like I didn’t care.

Steve put his pint on the bar and coughed.

‘She still loves you mate,’ Steve said.

I held my arm steady as I took a mouthful of beer.

‘Don’t,’ I said firmly.

‘Seriously, you need to talk to her,’ Steve said, pointing at me. ‘I mentioned your name and her head snapped round so quickly I thought she was going to cripple her self.'

6 pints of confidence later

‘Fuck it, I am going to text her,’ I said full of meaning.

‘Do it mate,’ Steve encouraged.

Text message:


I barely got my phone back in my pocket before it went off.


We arrange a time and place to meet. The cocktail bar near Leicester square, 7pm tonight.

I sat in the bar nervously waiting for Anna to show. My palms were sweaty, my heart was pounding, my head was thick and my jaw was aching from grinding my teeth. I had only been there 15 minutes and I was already on my second cocktail. My stomach was turning and couldn’t stop tapping my fingers on the table.

Then I saw her. She walked past the windows of the bar. She moved in slow motion. She was exactly as I remembered her. Perfect!

She was wearing black knee high boots, tight blue jeans a white tight shirt and a black leather jacket.

She walked into the bar and caught my eye. I stood up. God I felt sick. She walked towards me with a huge smile on her face. I didn't know what to do. I held my hands out slightly as if to say, 'give me a cuddle'.

She accepted. She gently put her arms round me, slowly brushing her face against mine. I held her so tight. She smelt incredible, sweet and fresh. I went to let her free but she jerked her arms and made me hold her tight again. She rested her head on my shoulder. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to grab her, to eat her, bite her, fuck her, marry her!

I stepped back, she let go.We stood in silence as the world carried on around us.

‘I got you a drink,’ I said nervously.

‘Thank you’ she smiled, that fucking smile. Every time!!

Anna took the lead. We talked for hours, she explained everything that happened and why she didn’t want to lead me along. I got angry at times and she apologised to me but remained that she had told me she loved me and I ignored her. I apologised.

After what seemed like a gallon of alcohol. We decided to leave the bar. We stood outside not really knowing what to do. We looked at each other. Anna's face was sad. Her big eye's stabbed through me. I knew that look. We wanted each other again and I knew if I invited her she would come back with me.

‘Do you want to come back to mine?’ I asked.

‘YES!’ she replied in an instant.

We got a cab and went back my flat. We stepped out into the cold air.

‘Do you remember the last time we stepped out of a cab together?’ she said smirking.

‘How could I forget?’ I replied.

We walked into the foyer area of my building. The security guard was on a break. We walked into the elevator. We hadn't said a word. I was aching to touch her. She looked at me with her soft eyes. I couldn’t it hold in. I smashed my hand on the emergency stop and the elevator came to a stop. I didn’t even have time to turn around before she had grabbed me by my hair, thrust my head back and shoved her tongue into my mouth. This was lust, passion, anger, primal instinct. I grabbed her by her neck and pushed her back against the wall of the elevator. She was like a crazed animal. I pinned her arms up over her head and buried my mouth into her neck, kissing her hard.

‘Oh fuck,’ she gasped. I could feel her pulse racing in her neck.

‘Oh god, fuck me, fuck me now,’ she said while taking a swift bite at my bottom lip.

There was no foreplay this time. I pushed off her and she scrambled for my belt ripping it off and pulling my jeans down revealing my solid dick.

I returned the favour and pulled her jeans down to her knees. Her pussy was hot and the heat filled the small space around us. I could smell her and it was a real smell. The smell of a woman. I threw an arm around her neck and spun her round. She gasped and planted her palms flat against the wall and bent over. Her ass looked stunning, I wanted to plough my tongue in but I knew she just wanted to fuck!

She was panting like a beast. I was worried about sticking my cock in her without foreplay.

I needn’t have worried. As soon as my tip touched her pussy she gushed with liquid. She screamed as I slammed my cock into her mound. I grabbed her by the hips and pounded her and hard as I could. There was no looking back from her. She was hanging onto the hand rail for dear life as I pounded her pussy.

‘Oh fuck!’ she shouted, juddering.

She held her arm up to her mouth and bit down on her jacket. Her muffled groans soon turned into one long sound. She freed her arm.

‘I’m coming,’ she shouted.

Her face contoured and her teeth grinded together. I looked down to see my cock covered in white, creamy, frothy cum. I could feel her pussy muscles jerk and tighten as it closed round my cock. I was no where near coming. This wasn’t about me. I continued to pound her, holding my hand underneath her stomach so she didn’t fall. She was still flowing with cum when she started to orgasm again.

‘Oh yes, yes!’ She screamed, shaking her head violently from side to side.

She gushed again and I pulled my cock out. I wanted to taste it. I fell to my knees and buried my head into her drenched hole.

‘Come in my face Anna,’ I pleaded with her.

She reached under herself and started to rub her clit rapidly. I was licking and burying my tongue into her pussy.

‘Lick my ass,’ she ordered, to my surprise.

I needed no more telling. I had yearned to do this. I didn’t care! I straightened my tongue and made it as stiff as I could and stabbed it straight into Anna’s tight ass. She flicked her head up and yelped.

‘Yes, deeper, deeper, it will make me cum,’ She spluttered.

I opened my mouth and pulled her ass apart and drove my tongue as far as I could into her ass hole.

She squealed. She didn’t need to say anything this time. I could see her lips throbbing and her legs shake. I switched to her pussy and tongued her until she squirted into my mouth. She tasted like heaven, sweet and warm.

‘Oh my god,’ she panted. ‘No more’.

I stood up and helped Anna compose herself. She stood up and faced me. My mouth was dripping with her cum and I pushed my lips into hers. Every memory of the club came flooding back, the music, the heat and her wetness. Her big eyes pierced through me. Her bottom lip was hanging low and her smile melted me once again. She breathed into my mouth. Her eyes were a whisker away from mine.

‘I love you,’ she whispered. There was no bullshitting this time.

‘I love you too Anna, I fucking love you,’ I almost shouted.

She smiled and laughed between breathes.

We sorted each other out and I pushed the comms button on the elevator panel. The security guard was half asleep. He didn’t question me, he simply reset the elevator and up we went.

We were both still sweating and panting when we reached my door. Neither of us cared about a shower. We stripped off and got into my bed. No talk. We lay on our sides. Eye to eye until we could not keep them open and we both fell asleep.

I was awoken by the light coming through a small gap in my curtains. I turned my head. My eyes were closed but I could feel Anna’s breath on my face. I opened my eyes to see Anna’s eye glaring at.

‘Morning,’ I smiled, while stretching.

‘Hiya,’ she whispered. ‘Are you ok?’

‘I’m great, funny taste in my mouth, but great,’ I joked.

Anna’s nose fluttered with a giggle.

‘Oh my god, that was so…. I don’t know, intense!’ she said, while shaking her head.

‘Did you like it?’ I asked.

‘Which part?’ she asked.

I learned into her ear.

‘The part where I licked you ass,’ I said.

Her eyes widen and she took a deep breath in.

‘Will you do it again?’ she asked almost embarrassed.

‘What now?’ I asked.

She nodded.

I almost questioned Anna sanity. She’s got to be mad. No one this amazing can be this …… well, amazing!!.

She brought her face close to mine and her lips softly pressed into me and her tongue slipped into my mouth. Her eyes; which still floored me, were looking down under the covers. She was massaging my cock. Her simple request had got me excited and I leaned in closer breathing deeply into her mouth.

‘You want to do it don’t you?’ she whispered, slipping her tongue into my mouth again.

‘You want to lick my ass,’ she repeated while softly gripping my cock. ‘I want you to say it, look at me and say it’

Her eyes where bright and she was licking her lips and biting them waiting for me to say the words.

I leaned over and placed my fore head against hers. I closed my eyes and I whispered softly.

‘I want to lick your ass.’

‘Open your eyes,’ Anna replied. ‘Look at me and say it.’

She turned her head and I looked her in the eye.

‘I want to lick your ass,’ I whispered again.

I watched her face; she closed her eyes, smiled and opened her mouth taking a huge breathe in and pulling her body into me.

‘Say it again,’ she whispered into my ear.

‘I want to lick your ass,’ I said again.

‘Oh fuck,’ she sighed.

I could feel her grinding on my legs. Suddenly she flipped onto her front. I looked at her perfect frame. Her soft curves leading down to her hips. Her peachy bum rising as she grinded herself into the bed. Her head was on its side and she biting her bottom lip.

I claimed on top of her taking the weight on my elbows. I didn’t enter her. I sensed she didn’t want that.

I hung my head over her shoulder and she tilted her head towards my ear.

‘Can you feel how wet I am,’ she whispered.

‘Yeah I can feel it on my cock’ I replied.

She opened her mouth and let out a whispered moan.

‘Oh god’ she moaned turning her head into my ear again, ‘What did I taste like when I came in your mouth’ she asked, gently flicking her tongue on my ear and grinding her ass into my cock.

‘You tasted incredible, amazing!’ I replied.

‘Tell me how much you liked it, tell me you want to taste me again,’ she whispered pushing harder into my cock.

I softly placed my lips on her cheek. Hovering them just above her skin.
‘I loved it,’ I replied softly ‘I loved taking your cum in my mouth, I want to taste it again. I want you to cum in my face again.’

I watched her face as I spoke the words. Her face was reactive to every word, smiling or gasping when I told her want she wanted to hear.

Her ass was now pushing so hard against me that she was lifting me up.

‘I’m so wet, can you feel it?’ she asked me, curling her tongue along her lips.

‘Yeah it feels amazing.’ I told her.

'I want you kiss me. Kiss me everywhere. Tell me how it feels and how it tastes,' she said.

I didn't question her.

I started at her neck. Kissing her softly at first then pushing my lips in harder.

'Your skin is so soft, like silk. Your skin tastes sweet,' I said.

'Hhmmm that's nice,' she replied.

I moved down her back, I could see her breasts squeezed out the side of her body and I dragged my tongue towards the small exposed part of her breast.

'Smooth, soft. I can smell your perfume, its fresh and clean.' I whispered to her.

She took a breath in.

'Keep going,' she whispered softly. 'I want you to look at me when you talk.' Anna said positioning her head off to one side so she could look back.

I licked down towards her bum. Here perfect cheeks rippled slightly as I kissed, licked and gently bit them.

'Lick me,' she said. 'Look at me.'

I angled my head to one side so she could see me. I fixated my eyes on hers and slowly ran my tongue down the arch of her back and to the top of her bum. She lifted her ass slightly. I wet my tongue and ran it down the crack of her ass.

I stared straight at her.

'You taste amazing,' I whispered.

She smiled and pushed back against my mouth. I stiffened my tongue and allowed her to push back as hard as she wanted. My tongue slipped into her ass. Her face creased slightly and her mouth opened. She lifted her body up so she was on all fours. She looked back at me. I smiled and allowed her to take control. She slowly pushed back until my tongue was deep in her ass. I watched her face. Her jaw had dropped with a smile and she laughed with pleasure. She was pushing back slowly, arching her back and lifting her head with each push.

'Fuck, don't stop, don't stop,' she said planting her head into the pillows.

I carried on licking Anna until she dripping from her pussy.

'Taste my pussy,' she said.

I buried my head into her slit and lapped her juices as she watched. All the time telling her what it felt like.

'Oh fuck me, fuck me with your tongue,' she moaned.

My cock was throbbing now and I took it upon myself to start stroking myself.

Anna's eyes bulged when she saw and she started panting with lust. She turned around and assumed the same position as me. We were both knelt.

'Fuck, that looks amazing,' she said, breathing hard.

It was hot in my bedroom and the sweat from my face ran down my cheek. I was breathing heavily and I stroked my cock faster and faster. Anna's eyes were full of delight and they flicked back and forth from my face to my cock

She flipped herself onto her back and opened her legs.

'I want us to come together,' she said as she moved her hands down to her pussy.

'Come and lay on me,' she said.

I laid on top of her using one hand to support my weight the other worked my cock. Anna was fingering her wet hole and could hear her juices flowing and the sound of her fingers slipping in and out.

Her soft lips where pouting and her sweet breathe filled my nostrils.

'Oh god, kneel back up I want to see your cock' she said ploughing her pussy with her fingers.

'Stop. I want you to come on my tits,' she told me in a more excited tone.

I didn't stop and Anna's eyes were begging to see me explode on her incredible body.

She sat up and moved her body closer to my cock. the big eyes stared up at me as she took over. She rubbed my cock on her tits, her nipples were erect and I could feel them flick off my cock. We were both breathing hard and she widened her eyes and flicked a smile out the corner of her mouth. She continued to stroke my cock until I finally started to feel my cum rising to the surface.

'Are you going to come?' She asked excitedly.

'Fuck, yes I think so!' I said. My ass muscles tensed and I keep feel the cum shooting up from my balls.

'Yes im coming,' I strained.

'Look at me,' Anna said. 'Look at me.'

I looked at Anna as she pulled back and forth on my cock. Her smile getting bigger as my body became tenser. Finally I exploded. My juices firing onto Anna's breasts. She groaned, loving the sight of my cum drenching her breasts. She threw her head back and arched her back forward so every part of her chest was covered. She held my cock tight as I dropped my head.

Anna slumped forwards, her chest was dripping with my crème.

'Oh god, you make me want to burst' she said taking some of my juice on her finger and sliding it in her mouth.

'You taste so amazing,' she said breathing deeply rubbing the cum around onto her nipples.

I tried to hold myself up but I couldn't, that orgasm knocked me out and I flopped onto Anna. I could feel my own slippery oil draining down my side as it oozed from between our naked sweaty bodies.

I took a deep breathe.

'Holy fuck,' I burst out.

'That looked so horny' Anna said running her fingers thought hair.

'Shit....... I can’t move,' I said, my muscles had given up from the strength of that last orgasm and I couldn't move my body.

Anna gently kissed the top of my head. I Lifted my head and looked at her. Her nose stud twinkled and her lips looked moist. Our bodies moved in sync as the cum slipped around in between us. Her soft breathe on my face soothed me and I let out a deep sigh.

It didn't matter what she had done, who she had been with. She still looked beautiful, I loved her. At that moment, I would have fucking died for her.

Suddenly there was a buzzing noise. Anna snapped over as she looked over the bag on the dressing table. It was her phone. She looked at me. I knew instantly who it was.



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