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Tell Sasha

You've done it again
“Just fuck off Robbie, just get out!” Sasha screamed.

I didn’t hang around.


I didn’t speak to anyone for the rest of the weekend. I turned my phone off, locked my doors and turned the telly on.

I continued my withdrawal for the rest of the week. There was work to be done but I wasn’t interested. Finally Friday came and I sat in my tiny office staring at the huge pile of accounts, risk assessments, recruitment paperwork, more accounts and files that consumed my desk.


Steve walked in.

“Robbie”, he said……”ROBBIE!”

I didn’t look at him.

“Yeah”, I spoke gently.

Steve walked in and looked around my office. There were old coffee cups scattered around and the mound of paper work which sat on my desk and Steve shook his head in disappointment.

“Look Robbie, I know you’ve been fucked about lately but you need to get your shit together” Steve said harshly, wagging a finger in my face.

“Don’t let them lasses get in your head”, he pleaded.

“Yeah”, I replied, not listening.

Steve shook his head again and walked out.

I turned my chair to face the window. I rested my heels on the radiator, sat back and watched the rain pour. The smells of London blasted though the small opening and small drops of rain splashed on the window sill. I ran the last two years over in my head. Anna, Gina, Cat, Sasha, Steve, Fiona, my work, my life. I sat like a statue, staring and dreaming open mouthed. This wasn’t a massive issue but to me; it was. Anna was still there, still floating in the background, and what of Sasha. Was she really in there or was she filling the gap that Anna left.

I shook off my mood, picked up coat and headed for the exit. I walked into the reception area on the ground floor and heard a soft but attention grabbing cough from the security guard. He looked up and gingerly pointed over to a figure in the corner sat on the reception sofa.

It was Sasha.

“Sasha?” I said, questioning her presence.

She turned her head to face me properly. She looked drenched, her mousey hair looked dark and her eyes looked red and swollen. Her little nose was red and her cheeks were flush.

I could see she had been crying. The last time I saw her she looked stunning and although she was teary eyed and full of pain; she still looked incredible.

She stood and walked towards me slowly. Her soft converse trainers were soaked, her tight jeans still had rain dripping from them and her tight hoodie was heavy on her small frame. Her hands were tucked into the cuffs of her sleeves and she was shaking. The sound of the rain thundered onto the glass of the building and I felt my heart start to beat with the rains rhythm.

She stopped just shy of me and looked up. Her eyes looked so innocent, like she wanted help, like she was reaching out to me.

“Sasha, what’s wrong” I asked, lifting her chin up with a crooked finger.

Her eyes welled and her pale lips looked cold.

“I’m sorry” She said fighting back tears and looking away from me.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have come here”, she spluttered, turning on her heels to walk out.

“Whoa, stop Sasha”, I grabbed her arm.

“What’s going on? Why are you crying?” I asked softly, trying to calm her mood.

She turned to me again, her face creased and her eyes poured with tears.

“It’s my Mom; she’s ……she’s died”.

Her words crumbled towards the end of her sentence and her American accent was lost in a sharp squeal.

I took a deep breath.

“Oh shit!, Oh god,…… I’m so sorry Sasha, how?”, I spoke with genuine sympathy, trying to look at her.

“Cancer!”, she gasped.

I grabbed her arm and spun her into me. She let go, her frame collapsed under me and I tried to hold her up. She coughed and spluttered tears and groans of shock.

Another cough from the security guard drew my attention. He walked over to a door just to the right of the elevator door and opened it. He flicked his head to tell me I could go through and I picked up Sasha and walked her towards the door. We entered into one the board rooms of a company located on the bottom floor. A huge dark wood table filled the room and was surrounded by large dark leather chairs. There was still the smell of coffee in the air and the steam from one of the kettles drifted around the room. The room was dark and I turned the main lights on. Sasha shielded her eyes and sat on one of the chairs.

She looked tiny sat in the huge chair. I could see the light was hurting her eyes so I turned all but one light off. The room was warm and a welcome comfort from the cold, chilly air of reception.

I pulled up a chair and sat in front of Sasha, elbows on my knees and arms hanging between my legs.

She sobbed gently and apologised again for coming to me.

“Don’t be silly”, I said, running my hand down her wet hair.

Her body started to calm and she pulled her tears back.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to feel……”, she stopped, wiping her cold hands across her eyes.

“What,…wanted to feel what?”, I asked.

She looked at me and placed her hands on mine. Her head tilted and she spoke softly.

“You” she said.

Her hands were freezing and I could see her lips quivering.

“Oh come here” I said pulled her off her chair and sitting her on my lap.

She drew her knees up and buried herself into my coat. I didn’t know what to say.

“Do you want to talk about your Mum?” I asked reluctantly and somewhat stupidly.

“No, no!”, she said, wiping her nose with her sleeve.

“Ok”, I said softly kissing her wet hair.

We sat in silence and I held her tight. The soft whirl of the air con wafted warm air around the room and I felt Sasha relax and her breath slow.

Sasha let out one long breath and sat up.

“Ha-ha, what am I doing?”, she said, her voice had returned and I her soft southern accent made my heart skip.

She flopped back onto me and looked up. Her sore red eyes had dampened slightly and her lips began to look plump and pink again. She didn’t smell of perfume, just the smell of her damp clothes and a faint smell of her hair spray filled my nose.

I looked back down and she raised a hand up to my lips. She pushed her hand round the back of my neck and pulled me down. My lips pressed onto hers and she moaned softly gripping my coat with her free hand. She opened her mouth and I felt and sharp breath bullet on my lips. I opened my eyes to see hers wide and darting from eye to eye. Her lip hung down and she pushed her body into me. Both her hands drifted up to my face and I brought my lips onto her bottom lip.

She moaned again and her arms dropped flat onto my chest. This kiss was soft but Sasha breathing was intense.

“I want you”, she whispered.

I hesitated and pulled back.

“Sasha, sorry but I don’t think….”

“Stop!”, she interrupted me.

“This isn’t about me grieving, you’re not a sympathy fuck”, she said seriously with no break in her voice.

She twisted her body so she was laid back with her bum on my groin, she was leaning back and she rested her head on my shoulder. Her breathing had slowed and her breasts moved up and down perfectly under her tight hoodie, her expanding chest forced blood into cock. I felt her lips move up my face and her hand move to the inside of my legs. My breathing started to quicken and I opened my mouth to speak. She stopped me before I could.

“I know you feel it”, she said “I know you feel it too”.

She was right, I did feel it, I did feel my heart jump and quicken and the deep rumble in my stomach told me I felt it too. She had me. She’d pulled me in, she’d poured herself into me.

“Yeah, I feel it” I whispered.

I didn’t see it but I knew a smile had formed on her face.

Her hands moved up to the belt of my trousers and she fumbled with the buckle until it opened. She pulled her head away from my face and I turned to her so I was looking straight into her deep eyes; which still held their innocence. Her hand shuffled further until she had undone my trousers and pulled my cock out. The feel of my cock made her push into me and she took a long deep breath as her tongue slipped into my mouth. Our eyes were still open as our tongues softly glided against each other and her hand softly rubbed my cock. She kissed my neck softly until she drifted down my body, pulled my trousers down as she went. She knelt down in from of the leather chair. Her eyes now looked void of shock and the soft burn which I recognised from the night we met had returned.

She stood my cock up and glided her soft wet warm tongue up my hard shaft until she reached the tip. Her tongue teased my helmet and her lips smothered over the tip. I arched my back as she opened her lips and let my cock slip into her wet mouth. The feeling was heavenly, like putting my cock into a vacuum of hot honey and crème. Her hand reached up to the table as her lips pulled away from my cock. She gasped and let out a sweet moan. Her head peeked over the huge table. I watched her stand up and walk over to the kettle. She poured some of the luke-warm coffee into a cup and then walked back. I smiled a confused smile as she took a mouthful of the coffee. She opened her mouth as if to cup the coffee in the bottom half of her jaw, she held my cock back up and buried her mouth back onto my helmet. Slowly she slipped back down my shaft until I could feel the warm coffee engulf my cock. My mouth opened and she looked up at me.

“Ha-ha, shit!, oh my god Sasha, that feels…fuck!”, I couldn’t find the words.

My lack of vocabulary only spurred her on and she slurped on my cock as coffee dribbled down onto my balls and down my legs. The warm feeling of suction pulled Sasha’s cheeks in and I pulled her hair away from her face so I could watch as her lips slipped up and down. Her eyes were closed and her head started to get lower and lower until I could feel my cock hit her throat. She slowed to a stop and then pulled up again; she repeated the action again until she had swallowed my entire cock. I gasped as I felt her throat close around the tip of my cock. The coffee in her mouth came pouring out as she ripped her head away in a huge intake of air.

Her eyes looked up at me as I twisted in the chair. She remained knelt, slowly rubbing my cock , taking the occasional gulp on the tip.

“Your cock taste so sweet”, she gulped taking me in her mouth again.

My head jerked to one side and my fingers gripped into the thick leather of the boardroom chair.

I saw a small table on wheels in the corner behind us. On it sat a large jug of water full of ice.

I pulled Sasha’s mouth off my cock and stood upright. I clamped my arm round her waist and smashed my lips into her; she grabbed my hair at the back and pulled my head back. She buried her mouth into my neck and could feel her hands grab onto my bare ass as my trouser fell round my ankles. I grabbed her wrists and pulled them back round. She fought back until I had pushed her back onto the table. I planted her hands flat on the table.

“Leave your hands on the table”, I stated firmly.

She bit her lip and nodded. Her eyes were wide and wild. The primal atmosphere of the dirty club flooded into the room and I didn’t want to let that go.

I stood in front of her. Her body was pulsing with adrenaline and breasts bounced as she breathed fast and deep. Her mouth was open and she was almost growling.

I walked forward and in one swift movement; unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down along with her underwear. She sat on the table, her hands were clamped down and she was now almost begging me to fuck her.

I smiled out the corner of my mouth and grabbed the jug from the table. I placed it on the floor next to me and knelt down.

I pulled her shoes and socks off and kissed her feet, she wrinkled her toes and I let her push her big toe into my mouth. Slowly I walked my tongue and lips up to her pussy. I opened her legs and she ran her fingers through my hair.

I felt her lean back onto her elbows and her legs clamped round my head as I blew gently onto her clit. Her legs were still cold but her pussy was throbbing with warmth. I let my tongue slip into her lips and I tasted her warm wet pussy. Once again her taste filled my mouth and I smiled as she moaned gently. I reached down and pulled a small ice cube out of the jug and put it in my mouth. I continued to tease her pussy with my tongue until I pushed the ice cube to the forefront of my lips.

I gently pressed the ice cube against her clit and her body twisted with shock. She moaned and one hand gripped onto my hair.

“Oh fuck”, she growled.

I balanced the cube onto my tongue and pushed it deep into her now dripping pussy. She slammed her hands onto the table and sat up straight. My tongue worked around in her pussy; swirling the ice around as she jerk and yelped. She gripped both hands on my hair and pushed her hips forwards until my tongue was as deep as it would go. She began to flood my mouth further and I had to gasp for air. She slammed my face back in and laid back. One hand still gripped my hair as she started to grind into my tongue. I couldn’t see her face due to her arching back and expanding breasts bursting from her chest.

“Jesus, oh Jesus!”, she quivered “Fuck me, fuck please”.

I pulled my tongue out of her pussy and pulled my head up. My mouth was dripping with juice and she bent down to lick my mouth, tasting herself. She shuffled forward so her feet were on the floor, she then spun round and bent over the table, pushing her ass high, letting my cock know she wanted to be entered. I looked down at her perfect ass as she put her head to one side on the table and reached up. I stopped for a second just to appreciate the goddess in front of me. Her smooth skin which covered her perfect curves and her soft ample breast that pushed out the sides of her body as they pushed in the table. Her mouth was open and I watched her mouth break into a soft smile as rubbed my cock against my pussy. I swirled my cock around her lips, sliding in and teasing her, she pulled a hand back onto my ass and pushed me forward until my cock stretched into her and filled her juice filled hole. She let go of my ass and grabbed her breast tilting her body off the table. I grabbed her hips and slowly but powerfully pumped into her. Each thrust brought an open mouthed moan; her eyes were closed; only flickering open when I pulled back.

I looked down to the jug on the floor and with a quick movement grabbed an ice cube and pushed back into her. I felt the heat start to rise off her body and I placed the ice-cube at the top of her spine. She didn’t flinch and continued to push back, slamming into balls as she moaned with pleasure. I moved the cube down her ass until it rested on her tight ass hole. I could see her eyes bolt open and her look shot back over her shoulder.

She gripped the cube trying to hold her concentration as I pounded her. Her head dropped several times until I slowed. She slowly placed the cube in the opening of her ass. She then put her hand back on the table and looked longingly at me. I speed up my rhythm as she started to gush with hot sticky fluid that encased my balls.

I placed one finger on the ice-cube and slowly pushed it into her tight ass. Her muscles tensed when the cold feeling pulsed into her, but she finally relaxed and my finger pushed deep into her ass. Her warm feeling at the top of my finger was cancelled by the cold of the ice at the top.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck”, Sasha gasped “shit that’s amazing, don’t stop!”

I pushed my finger in and out of her ass as my cock thumped into her pussy.

“I want you to come in my face” I stated.

She bit her lip and looked back her face continued to crease as her orgasm grew closer. She now couldn’t lift her head and she moaned and groaned telling me how amazing it felt.

“Oh its cumming, quick! I’m going to cum” she panted.

I pulled and finger and cock out and fell to my knees. I pulled at her hips and pushed my tongue back into her pulsing pussy. Her body jerked and jolted as her lips and muscles contracted and tightened.

She finally let go with a huge deep growling moan and she flooded my mouth with cum. I almost choked and had to swallow quickly to stop myself coughing. I gasped for air as she pushed back onto my mouth releasing more juice. Her body juddering as she let out continual loud moans until she finally collapsed back onto the table.

I put one hand on her back and dropped my head. I was drawing deep breathes while cum dripped off my chin. Sasha was panting with high pitched moans as she lay motionless on the table.

I flopped back on the floor of the boardroom staring up at the ceiling. Sasha was trying to pull herself off the table. She tried to put her weight on her legs but they kept giving way and giggled.

“Shit, I haven’t cum that hard before”, she said softly still laughing.

The gravity of Sasha’s situation hit me and I watched her nervously just waiting for the death of her mother to hit home again. Sasha sat on the chair just next to where I laid.

We finally gathered our wits and sorted ourselves out. Sasha stood in front of me and sorted out my tie staring up.

“What are you thinking?”, she asked me, her beautiful eyes looked normal again, perfect!

“I’m thinking about you”, I answered.

She smiled and pulled me in. She kissed me softly and placed her forehead against mine. Her eyes opened and she spoke softly.

“Say it”.

I took a breath and my eyes closed involuntarily. I knew what she wanted. I knew what she wanted to hear and I knew it was true.....Fuck it!

I lowered my head, my lips touched hers and I spoke.

“I love you”.

She let a little puff of giggle out of her nose and smiled.

“I love you too”, she replied and held my face with two hands.

She pulled back.

“Whoa!, shit!”, she smiled.

“My hearts pounding…., Ha-ha I love you”, she said almost like it was the first time she had ever said it.

“Oh my god! is the first time, that’s it”, I suddenly thought.

“Have you ever been in love before?”, I asked.

She looked at me.

“No”, she said, shaking her head.

I smiled and took her hand.

“Come on, let’s get a drink”.

We walked out into the rain and looked into the wet streets of London.

My phone buzzes.




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