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The Bobbsey Twins

The Bobbsey Twins

Twin exotic dancers give me a private show and much more.
I had just moved to Miami from Detroit, and after spending the last twenty years in the cold and snow, I wanted to enjoy sunny Florida. I found a condo with a nice swimming pool and other amenities not far from the beach and moved in.

It was a Saturday afternoon, and I thought I deserved a break from unpacking and hanging pictures, so I changed into my trunks and headed for the pool.

As I arrived, I couldn’t miss all the fuss going on around two girls on the far side of the pool. They were gorgeous blondes with skimpy bikinis and bodies that would stop a freight train. There must have been six or eight guys hovering around them taking their picture, for which they enjoyed posing. They were eating up the attention, and the guys seemed to be delighted to be near them and having their pictures taken with them.

After almost twenty minutes, all the guys drifted away and left the girls alone to sun themselves, leaving me to wonder who they were that they should receive so much attention?

One of the guys who had taken pictures came over and took the chaise lounge next to me.

“Hi. I’m new here. What’s up with those two girls? Who are they?”

“Oh man, you don’t know? They’re the Bobbsey Twins! They’re the most famous exotic dancers in Miami!”

“The Bobbsey Twins?”

“Well, that’s their stage name. You know, when they perform. They won’t tell us their real names… I guess for privacy reasons.”

“And they live here?”

“Yep! They’re out here at the pool every weekend.”

“Wow! They’re certainly gorgeous!”

“You can say that again.”

That night I had been shopping at Best Buy and was walking to my car when I saw two girls trying without success to get a large flat screen TV box in the back seat of their sedan.

“Hey there! Need some help?”

One girl said, “Oh gosh! Thank you! I think we bought a TV that’s too big for our car.”

I took the box and tried for several minutes to maneuver it into the back seat and it just was not going to fit.

“Sorry girls, but I think it’s too big!”

“Oh dear! What are we going to do?” one girl said to the other.

For the first time I had a chance to look at them good and I recognized them as the Bobbsey Twins from my condo. I thought, “Wow, how lucky is this?”

I introduced myself and extended my hand, “Hi, I’m Bill. I live in the Summer Place condos. I’ve seen you at the pool.”

“Really? I’m Anna and this is my sister, Emma. Thank you for trying to help, but I guess we’ll have to pay for it to be delivered.”

“No you won’t. It will fit in my SUV just fine.”

“Oh gosh! We can’t ask you to do that.”

“You didn’t ask. I volunteered. I’ll pull up here next to your car and load it up.”

When we got back to the condos, I lugged the TV up to the second floor and put it in their living room.

“Thank you so much, Bill. You’re a life saver!” Anna said.

“And a money saver!” Emma added.

“No problem. Do you know how to hook it up now that you have it?”

“Well, no, but we’ll figure it out. I’m sure it has a manual.”

It was getting late, so I said, “Well, if you need help give me a call,” and I gave them my cell number. I was expecting them to call because I got the impression that they were clueless as to how to connect up an HDTV.

The next night was Sunday when my phone rang at around six.


“Hi, Bill. This is Anna… from last night… you helped us with our TV?”

“Of course, Anna! I bet you need help hooking it up.”

She laughed and said, “Yes we do. Would you mind? If you can get this thing working, we’ll fix you a nice spaghetti dinner.”

“Mmm! How can I say no to an offer like that?”

Connecting the TV was super easy for me. I’m an electrical engineer. And I guess the spaghetti was easy for Anna and Emma, because dinner was fabulous!

“More spaghetti? There’s a lot more.”

“No, no. I couldn’t eat another bite. That was the best spaghetti I think I’ve ever had. You two are marvelous cooks!”

Anna and Emma were wonderful girls. They were gorgeous and had the best bodies I’d ever seen, Playboy Magazine notwithstanding. But more than that, they were delightful to be with and to talk to. They seemed to know a little about almost everything, and I found myself wondering how I could have been so lucky last night at Best Buy?

Then Anna stood up and said, “Bill, have you ever seen our show?”

“No I haven’t. I just moved to Miami.”

“We figured that was probably the case, so Emma and I want to give you a private show.”

She took my hand and led me over to the sofa and had me sit down while Emma put an appropriate song on the stereo.

For the next twenty minutes, the Bobbsey Twins did their exotic dance routine, slowly removing their clothes, swinging each piece over their heads, then throwing it to the side. I was hypnotized by their beautiful bodies and how they moved. They knew how to entice a man, and I couldn’t hide the growing bulge in my pants and didn’t want to. I think they wanted me to become aroused, and I wanted to show them that I was.

Then when they were both completely nude, Anna came over and sat on my lap and gave me the first lap dance I’d ever had. She put her arms around my neck and straddled my legs and ground her shaved pussy into my bulge. Her pussy was wet, so my pants were soon soaked with her juices as well.

Then she kissed me deeply and whispered in my ear, “How would you like a nice blowjob right now?”

“I think you already know the answer to that.”

“Do you want me or Emma?”

“I want you both!”

“Mmm. We hoped you would say that.”

Anna slid to the floor, unzipped and unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off. The whole time, Emma was kissing my neck and shoulder and running her fingers through my hair.

Now my boxer shorts were all that remained and my cock was forming a large tent in them, which Anna slowly rubbed and squeezed, smiling up at me and biting her lip.

“Bill, your cock looks so ready!” She left my shorts on and pulled my cock out of the opening in the front, then pulled my balls out so that everything she wanted was available.

Anna leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth, sucking it down all the way. Then she licked it from bottom to top, finishing with a long sweep around the head with her tongue.

Emma had been patiently waiting her turn and now leaned over and took me into her mouth, bobbing up and down, allowing my cock to go into her throat all the way with each downward push.

“Mmm! God! I can’t take much of that!”

Anna asked, “Do you want to cum in my mouth now?”

“Don’t ask me to choose.”

Anna smiled and pushed her head down on my cock and licked my balls until I started to shoot my load. I reached out and held her head down until my cock was through. Emma was kissing me and sucking my ear lobe the whole time.

When my climax was over, I released Anna’s head, but she was in no hurry to pull out. She started to slowly bob her head on my cock in an effort to get every last drop of cum. Then she pulled back slowly, sucking hard all the way.

She licked her lips and said, “Okay, Emma. Your turn.”

The girls switched places and Emma started sucking my cock, which was quickly going limp.

She stopped, held it in the palm of her hand and said, “Oh look, Anna. It’s not in the mood anymore.”

Anna whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry, Bill. Emma has a nice remedy to fix that.”

Emma wrapped her long blonde hair around my cock and gently stroked it like she would a wounded bird. Then she put my cock in her mouth, hair and all, and started to suck deeply, drawing blood back into it. While she was doing that, she cupped my balls in one hand and rolled them around like two marbles, sending chills up my spine.

“Mmm, Emma! You’re fantastic!”

Anna whispered, “I told you her remedy was good.”

My cock started to grow again as she sucked and bobbed her head. Then she dried my cock off with a fresh handful of hair and plunged her head down on it again, letting it rub up and down on the back of her throat.

“Oh my God, Emma! You’ll make me cum again!”

She moaned softly and kept sucking me until I shot my second load of cum into her throat. Then when my cock was completely limp again, she crawled up on the sofa on my other side. Now I had a gorgeous nude blonde cuddled up on each side of me.

Six hours later, I woke up to discover that Anna and Emma had put a blanket over us and that we had all slept together all night on the sofa. Anna was lying with her head in my lap; my fingers were buried in her soft hair. Emma was asleep on my shoulder, snoring softly and sweetly in my ear. These two gorgeous twins were so precious and so endearing, that I just closed my eyes and tried to imagine how I would go on with my life without them both.

Emma woke up first and kissed my neck. “Good morning, Bill. I slept so well on your shoulder.”

I reached up and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face to mine and kissed her passionately. She responded with a deep tongue kiss.

“Damn! I have to go to work!”

Anna woke up and sat up rubbing her eyes. “Can’t you take the day off? I have some nice plans to have you inside me.” She started to stroke my cock, hoping to persuade me to stay.

“Me, too!” Emma chimed in. “I want your nice cock inside me.”

“Girls, believe me when I say that I would dearly love to take the day off and spend it here with you, but I have important stuff going on at work and have to be there.”

“When do you get home? Sunday and Monday are our nights off. Could you come back tonight?”

“Wild horses couldn’t keep me away.”

* * * * *

When I arrived at their condo, Anna and Emma were dressed in their Bobbsey Twins outfits – very short bra-like white blouses with openings in the front above their breasts, very short pleated plaid mini-skirts that did not cover the asses or pussies, and white stockings with ruffles at the top. Their long blonde hair was braided into pigtails. They were a very sexy sight to behold and I could see why they were so popular. My anticipation of what we would do together that night was overwhelming.

Emma said, “Hi, Bill. We’ve been waiting for you. I hope you’re ready for tonight because we’re really horny!”

I looked them both up and down and said, “You both are so gorgeous! I hope I can keep up with you.”

Anna kissed me, followed by Emma.

As Anna modeled her outfit, she bent forward to show her ass and said, “How do you like our outfits?”

“Wow! Very hot! Don’t take them off tonight. I want to fuck you just like that.”

“Mmm! I like it when you talk dirty,” Anna whispered as she put an arm around my neck and kissed me again.

Emma said, “Anna gets to go first. I’ll watch and take movies to post on the internet, if that’s okay. We make a lot of extra money on porn movies.”

“Really! I don’t know that I want myself out there appearing in a porn movie.”

“Oh, what we have planned won’t show your face. We thought we’d make you a porn agent who interviews girls who want to become porn actors. You make them perform with you while you video tape them. We can block out your face if you want.”

“Hmm. I guess I’ll do it. Do I need a script?”

“Well, just pretend to be a porn agent and interview Anna and have her do whatever you want. I have three cameras set up in the living room to tape everything. I’ll edit out anything I don’t want to use.”

“Okay.” My cock was already in control of my sensibilities. I wanted their bodies no matter what I had to do to get them.

“Great! Why don’t you sit in that chair facing the sofa? Anna, you sit on the sofa and we’ll start.”


“My name is Anna and I’m here to interview for a porn actress job.”

“I see. Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’m an agent for the porn industry and my job is to interview girls like you, make videos of how you perform, and submit them to studios around the world. Then if they like what they see they’ll give you a job.” I tried to sound like a profession porn agent, although I had no idea how one would talk or act.

“How much does it pay?”

“You could make as much as five thousand dollars a day.”

“Wow! That sounds good!”

“Let me ask why you want to be a porn actress?”

“Well, I love sex, all kinds of sex. And I heard the pay was good.”

“Do you give head and swallow?”

“Yes! I love giving head and I always swallow! Doesn’t every girl swallow?” Anna laughed and my cock was growing.

I moved over and sat down beside Anna on the sofa. “Let’s get started then. Give me a blowjob.”

“Okay.” Anna smiled and slid to the floor between my legs. She looked up at me with a sly smile as she unzipped and unbuckled my pants and pulled them to the floor.

“Ooh! Your cock is hard already.”

She pulled my cock out of my boxer shorts and put it directly into her mouth and started to bob up and down slowly. Emma moved closer with her video camera and got close-ups of Anna licking my cock head.

“Mmm. You’re cock is nice and big. I love a big one!”

She started to suck me and stroke me, not knowing how close I was to shooting off.

I said, “Okay, Anna. I’m going to fuck you now.”

“Okay. How do you want me?”

“Why don’t you lay down on the sofa. Leave that cute outfit on.”

I removed my boxer shorts and crawled on top of Anna when she lay down. We kissed like two sex-starved teenagers as she wrapped her legs around my waist. The fact that she was still dressed in that sexy mini-skirt and those white stockings was a tremendous turn-on that I wasn’t prepared for. Anna’s kissing was hungry, and I could tell that she wanted to fuck immediately.

“Mmm. Fuck me hard! Ram that big cock in me!”

She reached down and guided my cock to her wet pussy, and I pushed into her before she could remove her hand. I was aroused beyond belief, and I was about to fuck the most gorgeous blonde I’d ever seen.

“Mmm! All the way! Push it all the way in me!”

I rammed my cock deep into Anna’s body with the first hard thrust. She was wet and raised her hips to take me in as deep as possible.

“Oh, Anna! Your pussy is wonderful!”

“Mmm. And your cock feels so big inside me. Fuck me long and hard.”

We began a slow mutual thrusting as she locked her legs around my waist. I sucked her neck and shoulders and buried my fingers in her soft blonde hair.

Emma and her video camera were distracting. As Anna and I tried to enjoy our first fuck, Emma was moving all around us, getting shots from every angle, but her distractions did serve to forestall my climax. I was able to screw Anna for as long as I wanted without shooting off.

Emma said, “Why don’t you change positions now.”

Anna said, “Take me from the back. I love that position.”

I got off of her and had her bend over the arm of the sofa. This positioned her ass perfectly. My cock was still rock hard as I pushed it into Anna’s wet, swollen pussy. She looked back at me and moaned loudly.

“Mmmm! Fuck me good, Bill.”

I reached out and grabbed her arms and pulled her up off the sofa and started a hard-paced thrusting into her that soon gave her a great orgasm. She was groaning and almost crying in pleasure as her orgasm swept through her body.

“Ooh God, Bill. You’re so good! Fuck me! Fuck me! I’m cumming!”

As I approached my climax, I pulled out of Anna and had her kneel in front of me.

“Open wide. I’m going to fill your mouth with my cum.”

Anna put her head back and opened her mouth as Emma moved in for a close-up.

I stroked myself for a few seconds and began to shoot my load into Anna’s mouth. She stuck her tongue out and I filled it with my warm sperm.

“Mmm.” Anna moaned as her mouth filled and overflowed with my cum. It ran down her cheek and dripped off the tip of her tongue.

Emma said, “This is great, Bill.”

When I finished, I said, “Now show me how you can swallow it.”

Anna closed her mouth, swallowed hard, then licked her lips and opened her mouth for Emma’s camera to show that it was all gone.

“You’re good, Anna. I can probably get you a job real soon.”

“Thanks, Bill. I enjoyed that.”

“Cut!” Emma yelled. She had recorded our lovemaking and was apparently happy with the results.

Anna threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. “That was wonderful, Bill. I loved the way you fucked me. It was much better than I was able to show you. Emma and her damn camera are so distracting. I want to fuck with you without her around. It will be much better.”

“I agree. I felt more like an actor than your lover. I just wanted to enjoy you.”

“Maybe next weekend we can be alone together.”

“I’d like that.”

Emma came over and said, “You two were great! And, Bill, you did your agent job really well. I think I can post this in a couple of days.”

“I want to see it first.”

“Okay, Bill. No problem.”

* * * * *

The following Sunday afternoon, Anna came to my condo, and we made love for hours. She was completely insatiable and was ready to do anything I wanted to do. We would have great climaxes, take a short nap, then go at it again. Anna was a wonderful girl, wanting to please me in any way she could.

Later that night, Anna said, “You know, Bill, that Emma gave me a hard time about coming here. She said it was her turn to fuck you.”

“Well, I don’t want to cause problems between you two. Maybe I should invite her over, too.”

“Yeah you should next weekend. But I would love to keep you all to myself.”

“Really? I feel the same way.”

The next weekend I spent all day Sunday with Emma. She was a good lay, but was not as good as Anna. She just wasn’t the same Anna; not as loving and affectionate.

Anna and I know we have a special connection and are talking about marriage. I visit their club a couple of nights a week to enjoy their strip tease act. And I get a secret pleasure knowing that I have fucked them both, and the guys in the club don’t know it.

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