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The Children of Freedom Chapter One

The Children of Freedom Chapter One

Rachael introduces Charles to a new lifestyle
Thwack! The golf ball made a hideous curve to my right. "Shit," I muttered.

"Damn it, man, when are you going to take a lesson?" My golf and beer buddy was laughing.

"Playing with you is like watching my kid play. For Christ sake, keep your head down. Pretend it's a woman's pussy. Keep looking at it. Why look up? Oh yeah, right. You don't remember what a woman's pussy looks like." He was not being all that good of a friend.

My golf and beer buddy was crude but amazingly accurate. I hadn't had a lot sex in the last two years. Not since my wife had run off with some long haired biker, younger, prettier and endowed with a cock only slightly smaller than his grand dreams of being a rock star. A year later she was back. The big cock and big dreams didn't pay very well and she always did love the easy life my money gave her.

"Go fuck yourself," I told her and meant it. Instead, she ran to a lawyer. Thank Christ for prenups and college buddies in the legal profession.

"I'll take our daughter," was her not very convincing threat.

"No you won't" said the judge. She was left with what she had prior to meeting me, big tits and an empty checking account.

Our daughter, ten when her mother ran was looked after by a live in nanny who actually did a much better job of bringing her up than her mother ever did. As much as I was sex starved, the nanny was off limits. Not only was she far too valuable around the house, she was fifteen years older than me and somewhat overweight and plain. Sandra also had a 'friend'. Her friend was about my age, not bad looking but she was as butch as they come. As long as they didn't fuck in front of my daughter Amy, I was okay with their orientation. But my buddy was right. I really had forgotten. No, not forgotten, but the memories were fading. Time to get back in the saddle, I thought. It was time to find a girlfriend and time to get laid.

A week later, having struck out at three clubs, the gym and the office, I picked up the phone and called Hidden Delights escort service. I had her come to a hotel room. No way was I going to fuck her at my house. She was okay, good enough looking, young, firm and juicy. But the sex was hardly inspirational. She sucked my dick, put a condom on me and assumed the position. "Anal is extra."

I passed on the extra and fucked her pussy doggy style. She did give me a few moans and groans, a "fuck me hard, big guy," and a few pelvic humps but when I came, she rather quickly accepted my cash tip, said, "That was great. Ask for me by name next time," and left. What I really needed was a girlfriend.

A 'professional introduction service' arranged for me to meet three divorced women. All were without sufficient alimony. The first was a full time university grad student who was working on her second PhD, this time in Women's Studies. She seemed angry that I was male. I didn’t get into her. I didn’t even get close.

The second was a medical doctor who specialized in gynecology. I hoped she might click, but she thought that sex was overrated and that the real joy in a relationship was in the meeting of the minds. She was alsointo yoga and pilates. I wasn't. And because of that, I didn't get into her either.

The third was a cop. She looked as tough as a bulldog. On our only date, she kept talking about all the ‘scumbag’ men she had arrested over the years. I didn’t even try to get into her. I declined to renew my $750.00 contract with the service.

The internet was fun. I was amazed at how many women were looking to 'Meet Guys to Fuck in Your City Tonight'. I fucked a reasonable number of them and thought that while the sex was much better than with 'Hidden Delight', it wasn't necessarily going to find me a girlfriend. Sex was sex, but girlfriend material didn’t seem to be available over the net. I poured out my sorrow to my golf and beer buddy.

"Jesus Christ man, you're getting more than I am. What's your problem?" He wasn't much help.

About a week later I was back on the internet. Having gone so long without much sex, I was making up for lost time. My rule was fuck her at her place or in a hotel. I didn't want Amy or the nanny to see a parade of women going in and out of my bedroom. So, if she had similar concerns, I paid for a room. Tonight, she must have had similar concerns. I moved around the hotels, hoping I wouldn't stand out. Tonight was a Friday night and I booked a room in a hotel across town. She was about five years younger than me, gorgeous, tall, slim, with small breasts and a reasonably tight abdomen. Her long black hair glistened with the look of salon attention. She wore an attractive black party dress and could fuck like there was no tomorrow. She was also articulate, intelligent and had a dry sense of humor. What was she doing trolling for sex on the internet? In the morning, over room service breakfast, I asked her just that.

"What are you doing trolling for sex on the internet?" was her reply as she finished her fruit salad and helped herself to some of mine. When we had met at the door of the room, she had said her name was Rachael. Her internet name was ' darkanddangerous'. After breakfast and more sex, I asked her what her name really was.

"Rachael. I'll never lie to you and if you lie to me, I'll cut off your balls." She said it in a perfectly matter of fact way, with only a slight frown on her face, before finishing off my fruit salad. Somehow, I thought it might be a good idea not to lie to her. So far I had not, but so far I hadn't felt the need. She wasn't interested in my personal life, at least not yet.

"I can do this again next Friday," she said as if talking about getting together for coffee. "Interested?" I was. "Give me your e-mail and I'll let you know where to meet me." I gave it to her and she was on her way out the door. Then she paused.

"I never did get your name." I blushed at that one. She was right. I hadn't yet given her my name. "It's Charles. But everyone calls me Smoke."

She looked a bit puzzled. "Why is that?"

"I'll pass for now," I said with a wistful smile.

She just grinned and said, "Okay, I'll find out later," and she was gone. I avoided the net for the week and concentrated on work and my daughter.

Amy, now twelve and going on seventeen, was a concern. Grade seven was supposed to be safe but she had a 'boyfriend'. The kid was a typical kid as far as I had been concerned but the nanny had her doubts. "That boy has only one thing on his mind."

"Well, what is that?"

"For the love of God, open your eyes. He only wants what's under her panties."


"God Damn right, I'm sure." Sandra was blunt but she was always right.

When I found them in her room, the X Box on and necking away, I was only a little bit angry. I was certainly necking when I was his age, but Amy was my daughter. I dragged him out of her bedroom, then out the door and tossed him out onto the lawn. "Next time you die."

There wasn't a next time. Amy wasn't all that appreciative of my efforts. "I'm not a kid anymore, daddy. And it's not like you've been sleeping in your own bed a whole lot lately."

I refrained from spanking her and just sent her to her room. Of course, she had her laptop, her cell phone and her now raging hormones. Sandra just smirked and said, "She comes by it honestly. All you can do is keep a lid on it. For now..."

I made it through the week. On Thursday I got am e-mail from ‘darkanddangerous’. 'Still want to fuck me?' I sent back, 'Yes.'

Keep it simple. That night I got 'I want your cell number.' I sent it and added, 'I want your ass.' There was no reply.

On Friday, about four in the afternoon, my cell got the text 'Ritz Carlton 1206 2 nights bring some dress clothes' and I smiled. This girl's got money. But then, so did I. After work, I went home and packed a small suitcase. Amy came into my bedroom and asked, "Another night for sex, daddy? What about my soccer game in the morning?"

I winced and not just about the ‘sex’ comment. I really hadn’t been spending enough time with Amy lately. I said, "I'll be there Amy, I promise." I packed a casual outfit for the soccer field, fully intending to keep my promise. Rachael was hot but Amy was my daughter.

The nanny just said, "She knows you're out on the prowl. Don't make her feel bad just because she is as well."

I thanked her for unnecessary advice and added, "No boys in this weekend, and keep it discrete yourself."

"You know I always do."

"Yes, you do," and I was thankful. I got in my car and headed for the Ritz.

I tossed my keys to the valet attendant and said, "I'll be in room 1206." I went to the elevator and got in. At the twelfth floor I got out and knocked on 1206. Rachael opened the door and I entered, grasped her in my arms, kicked the door shut and carried her to the bed. "God, I've been waiting for this," I murmured.

"So have I," she replied and locked her lips to mine. We fumbled with her clothes, a lovely skirt and blouse ensemble. I fumbled with her exquisite panties and bra, leaving on her garter and stockings. I fumbled with the condom and we fucked like two rabbits in heat. She ordered me to fuck her brains out, screamed my name again and again and came in a lather that would have made a porn star proud. I felt my very bones dissolving and spurting into her. Only the condom prevented her from feeling my semen drip from her vagina. It was one of the most primal and powerful orgasm I had ever had. If I could have, I would have chained her to the bed and fucked her for two days solid. As it was, it was a close second. The woman was really only interested in my cock, my stamina and my imagination. At least, that is what she led me to believe. It took a while to figure out what she really wanted.

We ate dinner in the dining room. She was far and away the most attractive woman there. Over dinner and wine she spoke of many things, trying to tease out of me just what kind of a guy I was. Remembering her threat, I either answered honestly or chose to pass for the time being. I did tell her about my ex, my daughter and the nanny. I did tell her I worked as an accountant. Not exactly a thrilling occupation but it paid well. She told me she was running her own art gallery, that she had a Masters in History and had specialized in the history of art at university. She was serious girlfriend material. She had never been married and was single for the past six months after living with her last boyfriend for several years. When I asked why the relationship ended, she smiled and chose to pass. Fair enough. If we got together I would likely learn the reason. For now, it didn't seem to matter.

Back in the room we had sex again, less heated but very sensual and erotic. She was truly gifted at pleasing a guy and I did my best to reciprocate. Her small breasts were so firm and sensitive after years of playing with the large, soft, unresponsive breasts of my ex. She seemed to appreciate the attention I gave to them and I was happy to give it. Gentle nibbling on them and her nipples made her moan with pleasure and she held my head tight to them. I wondered if her her ex-boyfriend didn't think her breasts were big enough. I thought they were the most precious breasts on the planet.

After two orgasms for me and I didn't know how many for her, we lay together, me on my back and her beside me, one leg over my hips and her head on my chest. "I really need a boyfriend. Do you want a girlfriend?" She played with my nipple and stroked her fingernail gently across it.

"Well... I...uh...well...that would work for me." Brilliant pillow talk wasn't among my best assets.

She smiled and looked into my eyes. "Tell me again."

I looked her in the eyes and said, "I would love to be your boyfriend." She was watching my eyes very carefully, trying to see any trace of deception. Seeing none, she closed her eyes, settled back on my chest and allowed herself to drift off. I mentally pinched myself. I was still there in the hotel room and Rachael was still lying against me. Where was this woman all my life?

We lay like that for a while and I drifted off. When I woke up, she was sitting in a chair, wearing the plush bathrobe that came with the room. A drink was in her hand. As she lifted it to her lips she licked them like she had licked my penis and sipped, all the while looking at me with bedroom eyes. Thank god I hadn't let myself get out of shape. She came over to the bed, letting her robe fall open. She truly was a visual feast. Even her skin was flawless.

"Go and pee while you still can. In a minute you'll have an erection and it will be difficult."

She was right. My penis was already swelling at the sight of her. I went to the bathroom, peed and gave my penis a quick rinse to remove the traces of dried semen that lingered from my last orgasm. A drink of water and I went back out into the room. She was lying on the bed, in a very sultry and provocative pose, one arm up behind her head, the other down on her vulva, one knee up and the other leg straight. Her gleaming black hair partially covered her to die for breasts. I started at her toes.

Fucking this woman was heaven itself. I was sure I could learn to love her. She let me demonstrate my idea of giving her pleasures and with my special finger massage to her G spot she came and came, until she cried, "Stop. You're going to kill me." I slowed down but didn't stop. When I entered her she pulled me to her hips, rocked with me and she came again. Then one more shuddering climax and she whispered, "I want you in my ass."

She turned over onto her knees to give it to me. She handed me the tube of lube and I applied some, gently worked in a finger, then two. With some lube on my condom, I put my penis to her asshole and taking my time, I felt her relax and I eased in, sighing in genuine delight.

I loved anal sex. My ex hated it. To have a girlfriend who asked for it was like icing on the cake. 'No,' I corrected myself. It was the cherry on the icing on the cake.

Her ass was deliciously tight but not difficult. It was like my penis was perfect for her ass. I slowly and gently stroked in her. Then I withdrew, just to feel myself enter again and then again. In less than a minute, I was gasping. Going in as deep as I could, I moved my pelvis against her ass and felt the climax start.

"Rachael, I'm coming in you. I'm coming..." and she squeezed down on my throbbing cock. I came hard, cum shooting out in spurts, having to overcome the tightness around me. I collapsed over her back and she lowered herself to the bed, taking my cock with her. I gave a few more pushes against her firm, round ass and then lay on top of her, letting most of my weight hold her down. Panting and spent, I slowly relaxed. We lay still for a few minutes. I reluctantly moved off, holding the condom in place, and rolled over. I melted into the bed and murmured, "And you think I'm going to kill you. I'm sure my heart almost stopped."

She moved over and looked down at me, a smile of pure happiness on her face.

"Thank you." I said and meant it.

"You're welcome," she said with a grin. "You did text me that you wanted my ass." She leaned down and kissed me. Her tongue probed and mine did as well. "Let's go to sleep now. I want you rested for tomorrow." In the bathroom, I took care of the condom, rinsed again, brushed my teeth and then returned to the bed. She got up to do what she needed to do and then crawled in and cuddled up close.

"You are a dream come true," I said. "And I really mean it."

"Shush. Go to sleep. We can talk tomorrow." I did.

In the middle of the night I awoke to the sensation of her hand around my fully erect penis. Moving the covers aside, she moved down and took me in her mouth. She gave me slow and luscious oral sex, massaging my shaft and worked her mouth and tongue on me until I started to tense and jerk. She kept her mouth over me, knowing I was about to climax and I let it happen. She let me come in her mouth. My ex never did. She swallowed a few times and waited for the spasms to end. She sucked me up and down, cleaning off all the semen and saliva. Moving back up and giving me a quick kiss, she said, "Go back to sleep. I just wanted to do that for you."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. Go to sleep." Again, I did. As I was drifting off, I said a silent thank you to whichever God had sent this woman my way.

I woke up, feeling very, very good about life. Rachael was still asleep. She was facing away. I got out of bed as quietly as I could, and walked around the bed, heading for the bathroom. She looked so beautiful. Her hair was splayed over her shoulders, one breast was partly visible and she was breathing slow and steady. I had never seen a more beautiful woman.

In the bathroom, I picked up the phone, and called room service for a pot of coffee. In the shower, I thought of how the day with her was going to go. Amy and her soccer game came to mind. I remembered my promise to my daughter. Her game was at noon, so I had plenty of time.

I heard Rachael's voice. "Water is a scarce commodity. Shouldn't we be showering together?" and she got in with me.

"I ordered coffee," I said and proceeded to soap her up.

"I called room service as well. When I ordered coffee they asked if we really wanted two pots of the stuff. I ordered breakfast for three. I figured you might be hungry. Hope you like scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, hash browns and fruit salad. No wait, I already know you like fruit salad." She smiled and let me wash her breasts.

"My daughter has a soccer game at noon. I promised her I would be there. The nanny will get her there and back, but I really should go and watch her play."

"Can I be there as well? I might as well meet her and your nanny. You do want to be my boyfriend, don't you?" She looked in my eyes again.

"Yes, Rachael, I do. Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

She hugged me, kissed me and said, "God, yes. Now, can I watch the game with you?"

I hugged and kissed her. "God, yes," I replied.

The extra food was a good idea. We were both famished. When breakfast was done, we looked at each other, paused for only a few seconds and we both raced to the bed. Robes went flying as we tumbled onto the bed, Rachael giggling like a schoolgirl. She pushed me down and then got on top, backwards, for some sixty-nine. We fit perfectly this way. She was just the right height to make oral love to my penis as I made oral love to her, no craning my neck to reach. Her ass, right above me was like two perfect orbs, her skin flawless, her scent like distilled lust. Her wetness, oozing out of her vagina was nectar.

She was seriously turned on. So was I. After several minutes we were both moaning and moving with each other. She was tilting her pelvis back and forth, rubbing herself against my face. She was fucking my face. Her hand was at my base, squeezing while her mouth and tongue serviced the rest of my cock. I felt her start to grind and knew she was close. The thought of her coming in my face made me start to throb and in a few moments we were both coming together. Again she kept her mouth over me and swallowed as she writhed in orgasmic pleasure. I tasted her orgasmic fluids as they squirted from her. I was the happiest guy in the world. There was a knock at the door.

"It must be housekeeping," I said. "I'll tell her to come back later."

"No, let her in."


"Yes, serious." I got up, pulled on my robe and opened the door. The middle aged woman said, "I can come back."

"No," I said, "come in." Why Rachael wanted housekeeping in the room was beyond me. The housekeeper entered and seeing Rachael in bed, said, "Good morning."

"Good morning to you too," was Rachael's reply. Rachael sat up naked and her breasts were on full display.

The housekeeper stared for a second and then said, "I'll start in the bathroom." She turned away into the safety of the unoccupied part of the suite. I looked at Rachael and my face said, 'What?'

"It's not like she hasn't seen tits before," she said and giggled again. "Come here into bed with me. Let's give her a show."

"Are you serious?"

"Very serious," and she moved the covers aside for me. I tossed my robe and got in beside her. She reached for a condom.

"No," was all I said.

"Yes," was all she said and I went with it. She sucked me to erection again and put the condom on me. Straddling me, she held my penis to her vagina and settled down over me. "Now, don't come too quickly or she'll miss it."

'Oh my God' I thought, 'what am I getting into?'

Rachael moved slowly on me, talking about things other than the fact that she was fucking me when the housekeeper in the bathroom. The housekeeper went out into the hall to get fresh towels, unaware we were fucking. Rachael had no covers on us at all. She was sitting up, her hands on my chest and rocking on my cock. "I really want to meet your daughter. Amy, isn't it? I hope we get along."

The housekeeper came back and went into the bathroom. I don’t know how she missed what we were doing. Half a minute later she came out into the room, looked at us and froze. "Maybe I should come back later."

"Oh no," said Rachael, getting off of me and exposing my fully erect, condom covered penis. "Make up the bed. We won't get in your way."

She pulled me up and taking me by the hand, led me to a chair. She bent over it, with legs akimbo and said, "Do you want to fuck me in the ass again?" The housekeeper hesitated, deep in thought and then started rearranging the bed.

"Oh Miss," said Rachael to the flummoxed woman, "Would you please give us that tube of lube? It’s on the night table. Yes. That's it."

The housekeeper brought over the tube, her eyes trying to look elsewhere than our naked bodies, but not doing it all that well. She glanced at Rachael, positioned for anal. She looked at me, erect and ready to ass fuck the woman in front of me. She went to hand the tube to Rachael, then blushed and gave it to me.

"Thank you," I said, trying hard to go along with Rachael's game. I applied some to my condom and some to her ass and guided myself to the waiting and willing target. With no finger play, it took a few moments for Rachael to relax her ass enough for me to enter.

"Ahhhh, that'd good," she said. "That’s right where I want it. There's nothing better than being fucked in the ass, first thing in the morning."

I started to stroke in her, feeling like both an exhibitionist and a fool. Rachael rolled her head and made a few excessive noises. The housekeeper was trying to ignore us but couldn't. "It's okay to watch," said Rachael. "We don't mind."

'This is too much' I thought. 'What is she playing at?' The housekeeper bit her lip and watched. I stroked in Rachael and then withdrew and re-entered a few times.

"Yes. Yes. Just like that. I love feeling your cock slide into my ass. Your incredible ass fucking cock, " and she moaned with excessive expression, rocking her pelvis up and down. She was working the scene like a porn star. She rolled her head again and looked at the now flushed and wide eyed housekeeper. "You can come closer. It's perfectly okay, isn't it, honey?"

'No it's not', I thought.

"Yes, come here and have a closer look."

She hesitated and then walked over and stood beside us. She looked at me. "Are you really....I"

"Yes, I'm fucking her in her ass. Look." And I leaned back and withdrew so she could see Rachael's ass. Then I put my cock to her ass and entered again.

"Holy shit," the woman murmured, forgetting herself in the moment and getting even more flushed. "I've never seen that before."

I pulled back, almost out and then stroked in deep. Back and forth, full strokes while Rachael kept up a chorus of exaggerated moans and groans.

"Oh my god, that feels so, so good! It’s so! Fucking! Good!" Then, looking at the housekeeper who was staring wide eyed, she asked, "Have you ever done this?"

The housekeeper blushed deeper and said, "Lord no. Never."

"Well, if you want, my boyfriend will do it to you, won't you, honey?"

'No I won't,' I mentally answered, adding out loud, "Absolutely. I'd love to," giving the woman a falsely sincere smile.

The housekeeper now looked alarmed. "I'll come back later." And she bolted out of the room. I didn't know if I was supposed to laugh or continue fucking Rachael in her ass. So I did both. She laughed as well and as she did, I could feel her muscles tighten on me with each burst of laughter.

"Oh my god, the look on her face, it was priceless," she said. "And you did beautifully. Just think of the story she's going to tell the others." And with that, she laughed again and I came in her ass. I was beginning to having serious doubts about Rachael.

We got ready to go and watch Amy's soccer game. I put on my casual outfit and Rachael put on jeans, a plain top and a light jacket. She now looked like a soccer mom. We drove to the soccer field in my car. On the way I asked, "Rachael, what was the show for the housekeeper all about? I really felt uncomfortable. I mean...was it really necessary?"

She paused a bit and said in a matter of fact tone, "Yes, it was necessary. I'll explain later." I was a little miffed that she had chosen to pass on the question but I felt she would be honest and I'd find out soon enough.

At the game, Rachael met Amy and my daughter seemed very cool towards my new girlfriend. Fair enough, I thought, it would take a while for her to warm up to what might be her new mom. Rachael was great. She ignored the coolness and acted like any soccer mom, cheering on Amy's team and shouting encouragement to my daughter. After the game, Sandra showed up to take Amy home, and Rachael introduced herself and squeezed Sandra's hand. That meeting went far better than the one with Amy. Sandra gave me a surreptitious 'thumbs up' and that, at least, made me feel better.

On the way back to the hotel, Rachael said, "Amy is going to resent any woman who tries to take the place of her mother. Tell her that I'm not going to try and do that. I want to be your girlfriend and she will have to accept that but I'm not going to try and push her mother out of her life. Tell her I'll try to be more like an aunt."

I wondered if I would still want Rachael in my life after the upcoming talk. So I just said, "I think you should tell her yourself. It will sound better coming from you than from me."

When we got back it was about two and we were both a bit hungry. We had lunch in the hotel restaurant and Rachael chatted as if we were going to be a couple for sure. She was talking about Amy.

"I don't have any children and I'm going to make mistakes. So help me out if you think I'm doing something wrong." Except for her desire to turn me into an exhibitionist, I thought Rachael and I might have a chance. When lunch was done, we went up to the room and I waited for her to make the first move. It didn't take long. She opened a can of diet soda from the mini bar and sat in a chair with her feet under her. I opened a can of fruit juice and sat in the other chair. She looked at me in a straight forward way and said, "Let me tell you a story." She took a sip of the soda and began.

"My boyfriend left me because he became unhappy with our lifestyle. As I'm sure you've noticed I have a very healthy sex drive. And I know that men think I look good."

'No argument there' I thought.

"About a year and a half ago, I got a very interesting e-mail. Someone had put my name forward as a possible member of an, an unusual club. Well, not a club, really, more of a society. It consists of a group of people who are um, very liberal in their views towards sex. Actually, it's really a sex society. We call ourselves The Children of Freedom. It has very strict rules which we don't need to talk about just now. But one of the rules is that membership is only open to couples. They don't have to be married, but a member must have a significant other who is also a member. Reggie, my ex was okay with this; we both became members and enjoyed our participation immensely."

She paused and her face took on a wistful visage. "I mean we really enjoyed the society, but six months ago, he found Jesus and that was that. No more um, fornication for him. He moved out, I was now single and my membership was in question. I was given three months to find a new guy but none of the ones I came up with were deemed acceptable by the membership committee. So I was out. If I find an acceptable and willing boyfriend, the two of us are in. I've been told by several members that they miss me and I even got a few leads on guys, but up to now, it’s been goose egg. When I first saw you last week, I thought you just might be the guy. So, what was the show for the housekeeper all about?" She paused, waiting for me to figure it out.

"You wanted to know if I would go along with something outside my comfort zone," I suggested.

"Smoke, you're a quick study. The Children of Freedom do a lot of things in full view of other members. You passed m y test and I admit, it was a tough one. You were willing to go along with me, even if it was against your instincts. If you want to be a Child of Freedom, modesty isn't a virtue. The sex you will enjoy is only matched by the thrill of performing and watching others perform. It's kind of like amateur talent night with a twist. No one cares if you can play the piano. They only care that you can play...period. I don't expect an answer right now, that is, unless you want to run. If you want to see what this is all about, I've got permission for the two of us to attend a party tonight."

I looked at her and asked, "You mean...a sex party?"

She just looked at me with a gentle but determined expression. "Yes. That's exactly what I mean."

So this was what it was all about. Rachael wanted back in to this society and saw me as her way to do that. "Rachael, you'll have to give me some time. I wasn't expecting this. Wow. I wasn't expecting anything like this at all. I mean...I never thought...and why me?"

She smiled. "Why you? Because you're fit, clean, healthy, intelligent, have a good career and because I'm reasonably sure you will give it an honest try before saying yes or no. That's what tonight is for, at least for you. There's going to be a get together at a member's house and for now, all you need to know is don't interfere in someone else's fun unless invited and 'no' means 'no'. No one is under any obligation to do anything. If all you want to do is watch, that's fine. But you have to understand that if you want to participate, you have to give in order to receive.”

She went on. “Selfishness is not a virtue either. For example, if an older woman asks you to have sex and what you really want to do is fuck the young hard body, word gets around that you don't share. Not good. Give and you will receive. Only look out after your own interests and you will find that the members will not like you. And if there are a few actual complaints about your behavior, you'll likely find yourself um, persona non grata. And that is something I would prefer not to happen."

I sighed deeply and sank into the chair. I was an accountant, a single dad and until recently not very sexually active at all. Now Rachael was proposing that I join her in a society of sex and not only watch others in their sexual pleasures but be willing to be part of the entertainment as well, with people I didn't know and might not find all that attractive to boot.

What would my golf and beer buddy have to say? 'Go for it, man! Fucking go for it!' came to mind.

"So tell me, at this party, just what exactly am I going to see?"

Rachael looked like I had just asked her to describe what she had just had for lunch. "Well, the usual, that is to say, couples doing their thing, threesomes, maybe a group grope, a lot of very happy and uninhibited fucking and more condoms and lubricant being used than you might expect at the Playboy Mansion. These parties at someone's house are for regular vanilla sex. That is, the really kinky stuff, serious bondage, role playing and such is played out at our play space, or at very select home parties which you don't get to go to until you have been accepted and um, gained some um, experience. There is, of course, an absolute requirement for complete discretion, no exceptions of any kind. And while we all know there is no such thing as safe sex, if a penis goes into someone, it goes in covered with a condom. Oral, fingers and toys are okay but a guy is wrapped. No exceptions.”

"Someone, as in?" I asked, wondering if gay was part of the equation.

She smiled again. "You really are a quick study. Yes, you may see the occasional penis go into another guy and you'll certainly see two or three women doing their thing but the rule is that if it makes you uncomfortable, you don't have to do it and you get to choose to watch or not. As a probationary newcomer, no one expects you to be a porn star. Actually, no one ever will but what goes around comes around. If you're willing to go outside your comfort zone, then you’ll be more likely to be successful in getting others to do the same with you. But that's down the road. Tonight is pretty much a smaller group of people doing what may be called old fashioned swinging. Except it all happens in one place.”

My head was already spinning. This really wasn’t what I was expecting. Rachael just carried on.

“Couples arrive together and leave together. If people agree to get together later, fine, but everything and I mean everything goes by mutual agreement. That's part of the freedom. If all you want to do tonight is watch, then that's okay. But if you agree to go with me, I suspect you'll do more than watch. How much more is entirely up to you. And by the way, don't go in expecting to fuck every female orifice you see unoccupied. Piggy wiggy behavior is not a virtue. Ask before you try anything. Asking doesn't have to involve words. A lot of communication tonight will be non-verbal. But if someone obviously doesn't want to play with you or is taking a break, respect that. Couples in The Children of Freedom range in ages. Don't ignore the older women. It's considered very impolite, as in very, very impolite. Even if all you do is chat and maybe flirt a little with the more mature ones, people will notice and appreciate that. Concentrate only on the bathing suit models and you'll be considered an ass. Not that there are a lot of bathing suit models in the society but you get the message."

Holy shit, I thought. Is this for real? There was one way to find out. "Okay, okay, I'll give it a try and see how it goes. Just don't abandon me. And, well um, if some guy wants you and I get pissed off...what then?"

She looked at me with a serious face. "Don't get pissed off. You may want to play with his wife or significant other. And if I want to play, don't get pissed off at me. Like I said, what goes around comes around. I know that if we go tonight, several of the men are going to want to, well, want to welcome me back. But don't worry. Things usually go slow to start. Keep your clothes on if you want. I will for a while just to let everyone know I'm with someone who needs some space. That is if you do need some space. The best advice I can give you is to go with an open mind, respect everyone and if you start, start slow and go slow. Some people might jump in like a kid in a candy store. Not good. And whatever you do, don't embarrass me. I don't mean by underperforming, but by looking possessive, squeamish or worse...disgusted. I don't think you'll see anything outrageous tonight, but if things work out for us, down the road you certainly will. Don't judge someone else's idea of a good time. Always think freedom and you'll do just fine."

"How outrageous," I asked.

She gave a wicked grin but said," First you walk and then you run. Outrageous is a state of mind. We all have our boundaries. But in the society, boundaries tend to keep moving forward. What might seem perverted to you today will be your eagerly sought pleasure tomorrow. But first things first, tonight you walk. If the society accepts you as a member, there are stages of activities but you will not move forward if you can't seem to handle things in an adult and mature fashion. Just keep remembering consent, respect and above all politeness for now. Down the road, if there is one, those ideas still apply but in very different ways. I wouldn't have asked you to do this tonight if I didn't think you could handle it. Now, if I may, I'm going to suggest we take a nap. It may be a long night."

"You expect me to be able to fall asleep right now?" I asked in all seriousness. "My mind is already going a mile a minute."

"Just chill if you can't sleep. Me, I'm going to catch some zees. If I'm still asleep by seven, wake me up."

Holy shit!, I thought, this is for real.

Rachael got out of all her clothes and crawled into the bed. After only a moment I did the same. She snuggled up and said, "Don't worry. I'll be there for you," and went silent.

Damn, I thought. How could she go to sleep? Experience was the answer. I lay back and tried to get my mind onto something other than the coming night. It was impossible. So I just tried to think of simple fantasy. I imagined I was in a threesome with Rachael and another guy and that I was completely okay with seeing her sucking the guy's dick as I fucked her from behind. Then I was in a threesome with her and another woman. Somehow I liked that better. I mentally forced myself to see Rachael being enjoyed by others, men and women, without feeling the slightest resentment. Soon, I found myself enjoying mentally watching Rachael being sucked, fucked and fucked some more. I was feeling much better about the coming evening.

After a while I was getting drowsy. Rachael was already sleeping soundly, her breathing slow and steady. I moved onto my side to spoon up to her and drifted off.

When I awoke, I had vague memories of dreaming about a circus of sex, all of the performers entering and being entered, painted ladies and a clown with a cock that would make a stallion feel inadequate. He put it in Rachael's vagina which magically grew much larger to accept it. Instead of moaning with pleasure she was telling the clown about Amy's soccer game. My golf and beer buddy was commenting on how much better I was at keeping my head down, while I was giving a silk stockinged grandma oral delights. The memories after that were a blur. Instinctively my hand went to my penis. I had a morning erection in the late afternoon. I gave myself a few strokes. Rachael was awake. "Don't," she said. "Save it for later."

The bedside clock said six. "Hungry?" Rachael asked as she sat up.

"No," I said. "Nervous." She gave my hand a reassuring squeeze, then got out of bed and headed into the bathroom. I watched her as she walked away. God, but that woman was beautiful. I thought of what she had said about the men who were going to welcome her back. I made a mental note not to get jealous, but caught myself. I was looking forward to some completely mind game free sex myself. I was certain that Rachael wouldn't be jealous. What goes around comes around, I remembered. Don't be jealous and no one else will be either. It sounded great in theory.

The shower was running. "Water is a scarce commodity," I said as I joined her.

Rachael ordered some dinner from room service. I was still too nervous to eat. "Tell me about the people that are going to be there," I asked.

She looked at me and started, "Being non-judgmental means I don't tell you what I think of them. I think you'll find them to be ordinary, everyday people, at least at first. All I can say is that there isn't going to be anyone there you need to worry about."

This to me merely meant that down the road, I might have to worry about someone. Accountants think of the future. I nibbled a few bites from Rachael's dinner. I felt like I did back in the seventh grade, trying to get up the courage to ask Susan Mills to go to the movies with me. But then I remembered that she said yes and in the darkened theatre, she allowed me to get a hand down her jeans, under her panties and give her what movement I could. I was stunned when she unzipped the jeans and my hand now was free to do better. I didn't have a clue as to whether or not she got off. But then, I didn't have a clue about what I was doing. I knew she had a vagina somewhere down there but exactly where and what to do with it was a mystery. As for her clitoris; I was a few years away from even knowing of its existence.

All I knew was that she seemed very happy to have my inexperienced hand under her panties. I had felt moisture but was unable to figure out why. She was trying to remain still and quiet but wasn't quite able to do that, giving out quiet gasps and small moans. After a few minutes she was squirming and holding her hand over mine, pushing me hard to her hidden delights. Then she jerked a few times, her teeth clenched and her breathing uneven, so I assumed in my very proud mind that she had gotten off. As we walked up to her door later, she pulled me into the shadows and planted her mouth over mine. She took my hand and guided it under her shirt and under her bra, putting it to her small but incredibly warm breast. Then with her hand down my jeans, she massaged my twelve year old penis which came to attention and was spurting in what was then an embarrassingly short amount of time.

Things work out, I told myself. I felt better. "A penny for your thoughts," said Rachael.

I realized I had been distant. Don't lie, I told myself. "I was thinking about the way things have a way of working out."

She gave me a kiss and said, "If you're not very happy when the night is over, I'll be very surprised."

"These things usually start around eight," Rachael said. "The hosts provide some munchies, soda and that sort of thing. Alcohol is BYOB, but I wouldn't drink very much. Just one or two early to take the edge off, but after that, stick to the soft stuff. I have a half of vodka. That is more than enough for the two of us."

She started getting ready by applying a touch of makeup and brushing her long hair until it shone. She put on attractive but not skanky lingerie and then a gorgeous silk blouse, a conservative skirt, stockings and attractive high heels. No jewelry I noticed. I thought it was rather tame for such an outing but then I remembered her description of the people I would meet as being every day and ordinary. I also thought that the clothes were not likely to stay on very long. I shaved again and used a bit of unscented deodorant. I got into my silk boxers, a crisp dress shirt and my newest wool dress slacks. I reached for my tie and then glanced at Rachael. "Sure," she said. "Class is always a virtue." A high priced sports jacket, my only Italian shoes and I was ready. Then I realized I hadn't put on any after shave.

As I picked it up, Rachael said, "No, Several people are sensitive to fragrances. And besides, clean skin smells better anyway." Then she went into her suitcase and took out a fresh box of condoms and a tube of lubricant. Then she said, in a matter of fact tone, "The hosts always have a generous supply, but it would be a real wet blanket if we ran out."

I must have looked like I was now very apprehensive because she quickly added, "Don't worry. We never run out... but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead." She smiled at me. I didn’t need to tell her that running out of condoms wasn’t my concern.

"You look good," Rachael said with a sincere and reassuring smile. "Perfect. Well dressed, well groomed and ready for action. That is, if you want any." She winked as she added the last bit.

"You look gorgeous," I said and was totally honest. "So tell me one thing." I went on. "Is there any particular etiquette I need to know about? Any sexual pecking order or things like that?"

She smiled and said," Well, there's certainly no hierarchy to the people who are going to be there. But it is considered polite to thank your hosts. And if the lady of the house makes any suggestions to you, try to accommodate her. It's what Miss Manners would do. And if she ever looks lonely, which I highly doubt will happen, make an effort to change that. She's a sweetheart. I think you'll like her."

We drove over in Rachael's car which I thought was a good idea. I probably would have run off the road. I was a bundle of nerves when we pulled up in front of a very ordinary middle class house in a middle class neighborhood. There were about four or five cars that looked like they were parked close by. I glanced at my watch. It was almost eight precisely. I took a deep breath and got out. Rachael had her purse with the vodka and the evening's essentials. She took my hand and we walked up to the door. As we got close I had the urge to bolt. Then I remembered Susan Mills. Things work out, I told myself. Besides, everyone is here for the same thing. Just don't make an ass of yourself I thought. Rachael rang the bell.
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