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The Flight before the Concert

A young RB star fucks a flight attendant during a flight to New York for a concert.
Jaden Dennis' hazel eyes glared out the window staring at the sunny blue sky. It was an awe inspiring to behold. Only at 35 thousand feet in the air could the afternoon sky look so beautiful. The twenty year old sat in first class on a plane flying to New York where when he dropped down as a part of the breakout R&B group B4L; he was performing at the world's famous Apollo Theater.

B4L's debut album Letters to Our Loves was #1 on the charts as was their hit single "Forever Love", a song that Jaden wrote himself. The past 12 months had to be the most exciting time of his life. This time last year he'd just graduated high school with a zest for singing and a notebook full of songs. Never in his wildest dreams would he have thought he'd ever have the chance to give his songs life. Now, he was the lead singer (and youngest member) of one of the most popular groups in the country.

Jaden's life had become centered on his career, but strangely he liked it that way. The first class flights, touring, lavish parties, the meet 'n greets with top celebrities... He loved all of it. No matter how strenuous things could get sometimes, but fame never came without some hardships.

Looking at his four band mates, Jaden found he was the only one in the band that wasn't asleep. He shook his head and laughed at them softly. Sure everyone needed to be well rested before going on stage, but that wasn't the reason they were all knocked out at the moment.

Just the night before, they had partied hard until about three 'o clock that morning. Jaden partied too, but remembered the six 'o clock in morning flight and called it quits around midnight. That's why he was up while the others weren't. Besides, how could he sleep? He was too excited. He always got like this before a concert. There was no greater feeling for him than being on stage. Well... other then sex. The group and their manager sat in the middle of first class. In front and behind their seats there was a velvet curtain giving them their own private section.

It was around 1:45pm in the afternoon and Jaden had been had been up since four-thirty that morning. He'd been signing autographs for fans from the time he made it to the airport to when fans pasted them on the plane on their way to the restroom. At the moment the fans had calmed down and with his friends sleeping he took this time to finish writing some new songs for the group to try out, but as his pen stroked the paper a craving began to plague him...a sexual craving. He'd been checking out this one female all flight long and he'd been contemplating talking to her or not. He pressed the call button for the flight attendant and glared back out his window.

A few minutes passed and a sweet female voice asked, "Everything alright, Mr. Dennis?"

Jaden turned his head and saw the beautiful woman who was the group's personal attendant for the flight.

She stood at about 5’5" in height with the skin color of chocolate mocha, short black hair done in soft curls and light brown eyes. She was the woman he'd been checking out the entire flight and how could he not? She was that sexy.

Even though she in a uniform she filled it out nicely with a curvaceous body that was accompanied by C-cup breasts and a nice bubble shaped backside that she unknowing teased him with itas it was covered a semi-long skirt.

He smiled at her, " me Jaden."

She'd been calling him Mr. Dennis the entire trip and even though he knew she was just being professional it was getting a bit annoying. Sure he was a celebrity (a new one at that,) but he was Jaden Dennis first before everything else.

"Okay, Jaden, what do you need?" she asked.

"Your name," he replied, "I told you mine."

The flight attendant couldn't help, but smile and said, "My name's Denise. Now what would you like Mister Jaden?"

He gave her a smirk at her slip-up, "Some company... I've got this empty seat right here..."

Denise thought a second and against her better judgment she sat down. After seeing the group on TV and now seeing them in person how could she or anyone else for that matter deny a request from any one of these guys? They were all sexy, but out of the five of them Jaden was by far the sexiest.

Jaden stood at 6’2" and 225lbs with black hair styled in ten individual braids, beautiful hazel eyes, and a honey brown skin tone.

Well... for Denise Jaden's looks were only outdone by how sexy his personality was. He was youngest of the group, but was the coolest of the five. The others were loud and outgoing (openly flirting and making passes at her) while Jaden was quiet and reserved. He let his actions (the looks he'd been giving her the whole flight) do his speaking for him. It obvious that he liked what he saw. Hell, if he had heat-vision he would have burned off her clothes.

It wouldn't have been a bad thing though because how fine Jaden was he could definitely get some of her pussy. She wasn't going to act like a star struck fan girl, though. At 23b years old she didn't have time for that but every time she caught him looking her way was like an electric charge to her womanhood. Now with him mere inches away from her, the young flight attendant was dealing with a pair of very wet panties.

"I really shouldn't be doing this," Denise said nervously, but her nervousness was truly out of fear that she might maul him. "I'm supposed to be working."

"You are working," Jaden said with showing his pearly whites. "You're servicing me, Denise."

"We're not supposed to fraternize. What if somebody comes by?"

"They'll probably just ask me for an autograph," he joked.

"How does it feel to talk to someone who isn't star struck?" Denise replied in the same joking tone.

"Feels good... I don't talk to a lot of females like this unless they're interviewing me," Jaden told her seriously, but it came off as another joke.

Denise laughed, "As you can see...I don't have time to get star stuck, Jaden."

Jaden gave an amused smirk. She wasn't like most of the girls he talked to and it made him want her even more plus she was definitely feeling him. He knew it and as much as Denise tried to deny it (in front of him)... she knew it too.

"That's what I like about you, Denise. You stay professional..."

"Is that all you like about me, Jaden?" she asked instantly, seductively and after the words came from her mouth she blushed heavily.

Denise realized she took their little flirtatious talk a step too far and at her words the R&B star gave a look as if to say... I like every part of you.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to take it there..." Denise said before her hand found her mouth.

Jaden cut her off in mid-sentence with a finger to her lips.


Denise's facial expression matched that of a star stuck groupie, mostly because his vocal tone, which was soft but commanding. The world around her slowed down as Denise watched as Jaden leaned in and she felt him kissing her lips. His kiss was slow and sensual as he sucked on her bottom lip. The world returned to normal speed as his tongue parted her lips and his tongue invaded her mouth. To her own shock, she wasn't trying to break away from him. Her tongue was fighting with his like two snakes. She let out a moan as the kiss intensified, but as quickly as it began, it ended. The singer and the flight attendant just stared at each other a minute. Both knew what the other was thinking. An erotic charge was crackling between them, but one of them had to set off the explosion.

"Let's stop playing, Denise," Jaden said with sexually yearning all through his tone.

"I've been feeling you the whole flight... and I know you're feeling me."

"I'm feeling you, Jaden, but my job..."

Jaden's finger silenced her for the second time, "Your job's to service me, remember?"

Knowing full well she couldn't deny him or her kitty's twitch, Denise nodded her head. Her pussy was on fire and it was clouding her judgment.

"That's what I thought," Jaden said with a smirk. "Where do you want to do this?"

Denise thought a minute and a light bulb went off in her head. The bathroom. The first class bathroom was larger and nicer than the one in coach. It could've easily fit as least three people inside with room to spare.

"Meet me in the bathroom in ten minutes," she whispered to him before returning to her post. A few minutes later Jaden appreciatively watched her ass switch as she headed to the bathroom.

"Damn Jay, you're that bored that you're talking to the help?" Jaden heard his manager AJ say from behind him as she woke up.

Luckily for him, his manager had only caught the end of his and Denise's conversation just the flight attendant left his side.

"Why don't you get some sleep, Jay? We've got three hours 'till we land."

Jaden looked at his watch which read, 2:35p.m and replied, "I'll take a nap, AJ, but first... I got to do something real quick."

Jaden stood up and trekked towards the bathroom, but AJ stopped him.

"What're you headed?"

"I'm using the bathroom," he said before continuing in his stride smirking at what he was about to do.

In a matter of seconds, Jaden made it to the bathroom and as soon as he closed and locked the door it was on.

His and Denise's lips locked in a feverish embrace as they enjoyed the taste of the other's tongue in their mouth. Denise relished in Jaden's warm, passionate kisses as his lips traveled from her mouth to her neck. Jaden hit the nape of her neck spending a wave of pleasure through her entire body. She moaned softly. Delighted with the response, Jaden nipped and licked the spot, all the while opening her shirt to expose her black bra. Denise's moans increased as his hands caressed and kneaded her breasts while throwing her head back to give him better access to her neck.

'Oh, he's so amazing with his hands', Denise said to herself, loving the feeling of Jaden's hands on her tits.

Even before his rise to stardom Jaden had much experience in pleasing females and he was about to show Denise just how skilled with the female body he was. He held her steady against the bathroom door and slipped his right hand down her skirt then into her panties. A smile appeared on her face as he felt how wet she was.

"Damn... you've been wanting this all day haven't you, Denise?"

"Mmm-hmm," Denise answered through a moan.

She allowed him to explore her slippery wet vaginal region with his slender fingers. It wasn't difficult for him to slide in two fingers instantly. Her hips bucked in rhythm with his hand, not missing a beat as he pushed a third finger into the love core. Her juices as were leaking out like a faucet.

"Ohhh...ahhh! Ooohhh shit!" She howled thrusting harder as he rammed his fingers in deeper.

"Shush...not so loud, girl." Jaden moaned, barely able to restrain himself from tearing his pants off and diving between her legs. "Damn this shit's so warm,"

"O- - Okay," Denise whispered softly fighting the urge to moan.

She truly couldn't help it though. Jaden's fingers felt too good inside her. He laughed, rubbing her clitoris lovingly. He knew he was giving it to her good and smiled at her pleasure pained expressions. He reached underneath her skirt and pulled a pair of black panties away off her, letting Denise step out of them when they reached her ankles. To make it even Denise unbuckled Jaden's pants and let them fall. She then gripped both sides of his boxers and yanked them down. As soon as she laid eyes on his nine inch manhood, Denise's clit throbbed with want.

Jaden took his dick in his hand and stroked it a bit, "You ready?"

"You know I am," Denise replied with a sexy smirk.

With that little exchange, Jaden took Denise in his strong arms and lead her to the bathroom wall opposite the door.

As they hit the wall, Denise spread her vaginal wings apart and watched as Jaden's member eagerly entered her. His caramel hardness was thick, hot and strong that she cried out in passion. Jaden kissed her to shut her up though. They kissed with hot desire as their hips pumped with powerful force. Each moaned softly, but both struggled to keep their exclamations check. Every so often one of them would yelp or scream almost giving away what was transpiring. Jaden loved the feel of Denise pussy. She was sopping wet.

He'd never been in a pussy this wet before. The sounds of his balls slapping against her seemed to echo off the walls, but Jaden knew it was just his imagination. He felt as if he was flying in and out of her with great ease due to her slippery nectar. It was an amazing feeling. Denise's legs hugged Jaden's waist tightly as she felt herself losing it and about to orgasm.

"Ooohhhhh, yes!" She exclaimed with a hiss as she creamed all over the dick inside her.

Jaden felt his own nut coming on and gave Denise his final thrusts until his thick jizzum flowed from him, coating her insides.

"Ahh fuck!" He groaned as his orgasm began to subside. "That was so good."

"So good," Denise said fighting to catch her breath. "We should get out of here before someone comes though."

Jaden nodded in agreement, "Yeah."

The two kissed a little bit more before getting themselves together. Moments later, Jaden was back in his seat amongst his band mates, working on new songs. All his band mates were finally up again and holding conversation. Looking at his watch, he saw it was three 'o clock.

"Damn Jaden... that was a long time in the bathroom. You okay?" AJ said as she noticed him not joining in on the talking.

"Oh, I'm fine just working on something," he explained.

"Okay, you ready for the Apollo tonight?"

"Yup, I can't wait, but for now I'm going to get some rest."

After his words, Jaden relaxed in his seat, curled up in a warm blanket, and drifted to sleep. Just then Denise came by on her way back to her post.

"Do any of you need anything?" she asked.

The band members that were awake all shook their heads and she went on her way. Coming to her post she found a folded piece of paper in her chair. Unfolding it to her surprise, a front row ticket for B4L's concert fell out. Her eyes then found the words on the paper which read:

"Dear Denise,

I had a great time with you and I'd love to see you again tonight. Hope to see you at and after the concert.

Jaden. x"

Denise smiled as she looked back towards B4L's private section with stars in her eyes. She'd just been given a ticket to one of the biggest concerts of the year, but as much as she relished about going to the show, Denise relished even more in the fact that she was going get to be with Jaden again.

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Posted 22 Jul 2012 04:22
great read! awesome job! good luck!

Posted 21 Jul 2012 12:03
Mile high sex...a definite fantasy! Loved it - nicely done!
Posted 18 Jul 2012 15:51
wow thank you love it & sexy ..beautiful
Posted 28 Jun 2012 06:04
Hot sex mile high style, I liked the development stage. Good work and good luck.
Posted 27 Jun 2012 09:16
Very well written. I love a good story line before it get's too heated. I like to know the characters. I'm excited for a second part and to see where Jaden and Denise go from here

Posted 27 Jun 2012 06:52
Excellent! Mile high club fun! This story is very hot!
Posted 26 Jun 2012 16:56
so hot, i have always wanted to have sex on a plane

Posted 26 Jun 2012 14:12
Very sensual, erotic and WOW!!! Loved it... Excellent creation..
Posted 26 Jun 2012 13:33
Now, that was one HOT First Class travel sexual experience! I liked the dialogue and chemistry between Jaden and Denise! It felt believable! Thanks for sharing and good luck in the competition!

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