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The Game Was Up - Part Two

I have a job, I have that someone, But could I have comprehended what lay before me?
It’s Monday morning and I wake to the sound of my alarm going off. I have it set early to make sure I’m up on time. I know today is an important day. I make haste and get ready. The morning always comes too quickly and 6:30 am comes even more so then usual. I’m showered, dressed ready to go. I leave my apartment going to the lobby where my car is. I do a once over to make sure I have everything I need for the day. I’m ready to start my new job as head of security at The Dream.

I’m feeling a whole lot of different things right now. I’m feeling nervous, excited but mostly anxious about what my first day will bring. I remember I get to see Mia today. I don’t know if I want to try and get with her again or stay professional on my first day. I’ll see how it plays out when I see her. I pull into the parking lot which is nearly packed. I’m lucky enough to have my own parking spot in the staff bay. I grab my things and head into the casino.

I walk through the doors feeling a bit cocky. I must look like some hotshot staying here. I look around and see guests with luggage already to check in. I see Frank and Mia through the crowd. Neither of them sees me facing away from me. I make my way over to them trying to get by the guests.

“Good morning, Frank and Mia.”

“Good morning, Jackson. How are you this morning?”

“I’m feeling pretty good. I don’t have any worries.”

“That’s excellent. Mia, I believe you have some things for Jackson?”

Frank turns to look at Mia who is holding a card and a leather case.

“I do yes, sir. Jackson this is your I.D card. You can scan this and get into any doors in the building. In this case is a pair of handcuffs if you ever need to restrain anyone. We need you to keep these on you at all times when on duty.”

“Okay, thank you, Mia.”

I place the handcuffs in my back pocket and the I.D card in my top right hand breast pocket.

“Okay, Jackson, I wish you all the best for your first day with us. If you happen to have any questions you can talk to me or Mia.”

“Thank you, Frank. I will if need be. I better go get things moving. Thanks for the help, Mia.”

“You're welcome, Jackson.”

I turn walking towards the casino area of the building. I open the doors and set foot into the busy room. I see everyone exploring the new casino. It’s hard to believe the place was empty just days ago. I come up to the security doors and I pull out my I.D. I swipe the card over the scanner and watch it turn green. The door unlocks and I’m able to then enter the security center. I see every computer and CCTV screen has a person occupying it. I walk up the main floor of the center, heading towards my office. Each person I pass gives me a formal “Morning, boss or Morning, sir.” It’s a little odd to hear but nevertheless it makes me feel important.

I walk into my office, sit at my desk and look around taking in the view. It has a really cool looking glass desk with just a shiny glass top. I’m blessed with a top of the range computer. My office comes complete with a black leather office chair. The room itself is large; it has a small seating area. The filing cabinets and coffee machine even look nice in the corner. My office is closed off from the rest of the center by a glass wall, with a blind I can pull across if I want some privacy.

I start on my daily tasks knowing I have a time table to keep on schedule. I have access to every CCTV camera in this complex. It’s nice to be able to see everything that is going on. Even though I can see what's happening from here a large part of my job is to go and walk around. Especially at night when it's busy.

I work away on my computer for the better part of the morning. We keep a vault that our guests can store their valuables in. We’ll hold just about anything in there such as jewelry, cash, and credit cards - the whole nine yards. A part of my job is to record and document everything that comes in and out of the vault.

Once I have finished that task, I think to myself about how Mia looked this morning. I remember how great her ass looked. I can feel my cock begin to stir as I stand to close the blinds. I sit back down at my desk and feel myself growing harder. I know I don’t have a lock on my door but everyone must knock before they come in. There is a possibility someone might just walk in unannounced and knowing this turns me on even more.

I know Mia has an office on the top floor near Frank’s office. I also know there is a security camera up there. I log into the CCTV system and know having studied the buildings blueprints that it’s camera 072. I scan for the camera watching it pop up on my screen. I click it on and switch the camera to full screen. I see Mia standing at a filing cabinet. She is side on from where the camera is positioned and I can see her slim sexy figure. I can't help myself as I start to undo my pants. I pull my semi-hard cock out of its constricting prison.

I start to stroke myself slowly watching the screen. I absorb her amazing body. I can feel my cock grow so hard. She pulls the filling cabinet open further going onto the tips of her toes. I watch her stretch her body as I start to jerk faster. I let out an array of moans and grunts as I get closer and closer to an orgasm. I watch as she bends right over. I can see her perfect ass try and burst out of her tight outfit. I moan, trying my best to keep my voice down. I feel my orgasm ripple through me as I feel myself orgasm hard. I feel a rush like no other as I know someone could walk in at any moment. I move my hand at a slower speed feeling my orgasm pass. I just watch Mia thinking of what I’d like to do to her.

I reach into one of my desk drawers pulling out a box of tissues. I wipe my cock clean before putting it back in my pants. I don’t forget to clean up what’s on my desk. I watch Mia for a few more seconds before I close the CCTV down. I stand to go and do my morning rounds. It’s nothing to exciting just making sure everything is in place. However because the casino is so big it takes a good hour to do so. A part of me wants to go up to the roof. The only difference this time being is that I’m one of the few people allowed up there.

I finish my morning round and look at my watch. I see it’s just past 2:00 pm. I head towards the employees lounge and eat with some of the guys. We mostly talk about work stuff. It seems everyone is in an agreement that it’s running nicely. No hitches are a good thing in this line of duty.

As the day draws on I begin to start to feel more comfortable. I start to remember where places are and recognize faces and names. The casino starts to get busy and I’m to patrol the floors for the rest of the shift. I have an ear piece and radio allowing me to talk with the guys. They’re in the control center monitoring the screens. It’s a pretty quiet night so to speak almost boring but I find it enjoyable. I bump into Frank on the main floor.

“Hello, Jackson. How are things getting along on your end?”

“Good evening, Frank. It seems everything is going real well, thanks.”

“That’s great. That’s what I want to hear. I’m looking for Mia. You haven’t seen her have you?”

“No, can’t say I have.”

“Hmm, no problem, I’m sure she’s around here somewhere. I’ll see you later, Jackson.”

“You have a good night, Frank. If I see her I’ll let her know you’re looking for her.”

Frank disappears off into the casino. My watch beeps 10:30 pm and it’s time for a coffee. I decide to go to the casino's restaurant and get a coffee to go. I let the team know I’m headed for a break and go towards the elevators. I press the call button and the lift comes down. I step in and press the button for ninety-two. Floor ninety-two is where Frank and Mia’s offices are and, of course, the vault. Only a selected few are allowed up here. To get the elevator to go to this floor you need to security pin. The pin number changes every day at 12 noon, it’s one of my jobs to change it.

I step out and head towards the stairwell. I stop for a second hearing what sounds like moaning. I tip toe towards the corner of the corridor before looking around. I don’t see anything but make my way towards Mia and Frank’s offices. I don’t see anything but I still hear the moans and it sounds as though they’re coming from Mia’s office. I quietly go to the door, seeing it ajar. I peak in and see her leaning back on her chair. Her dress is hiked up to her hips, her panties down around her ankles. Her right hand down rubbing her clit in small fast little circles as her moans grows slightly louder. Her eyes are closed with her head resting back. She looks like she’s in heaven. She’s enjoying herself and I’m enjoying the show, maybe a bit too much. I refrain from walking in. She begins to push her finger deeper inside herself as she bites her bottom lip, thrusting faster now.

I reach down with my free hand and grip my cock through my pants. I want to moan out but resist the urge, not wanting to get caught by Mia. I’m not sure she would appreciate me spying on her. I pulse my hand gripping and releasing my thick cock. I can feel how hard I’m getting watching her fuck herself. Mia is going at it even faster now as she slides another finger inside herself. Her moans are so loud I’m afraid someone might hear her and come up to see what’s going on.

Mia starts to work and buck her hips on her hand as she grips her left breast with her hand. She still has her eyes closed as her moans tremble out. I can tell she is getting closer to orgasm. The look on her face is of pure pleasure. She’s right on the edge. She fucks herself a little faster now. Her pussy is taking her two fingers so deeply. She’s so rough with herself. She moans out hard suddenly.

“Oh yes! Fuck me like a good slut, Jackson! Give it to me!”

My jaw drops as she begins to orgasm hard. Her hand covered in her own juices. Did she just say what I think she just said? My mind races as my face glazes over with a look of being surprised, shocked and confused all at once. I know she will be coming out of the closet soon. I carefully walk away making sure she doesn't hear me. I try to tip toe with a hard on but it’s more difficult than I thought it would be. I reach the doors that lead up to the roof and swipe my I.D card unlocking it. I’m still a bit shocked at what just happened.

Did she really just moan that? I’m so going to get laid soon. I wonder if I should tell her anything about what I saw. A torrent of questions race through my mind. I can’t believe what I saw and heard. Mia looks to have a really tasty looking pussy. I stop for a second and take in my surroundings. I look on the floor and see a massive “H”. I must be on the helicopter landing pad. I see nothing around me other than the small building behind me where the stairwell comes up.

I walk over to the end of the pad. I see the lights start to come into view. I walk right to the edge and see the whole city before me. I can’t help but let out a “Holy cow!” as I beholds the view. It is incredible. I walk all the way around the pad looking down at the city below me. I spend a good five minutes staring into space. I just finish my coffee when the crackle of my radio clicks on and I hear one of my men yell out orders.

“We need security on the Main floor! I repeat we need security on the main casino floor!”

I drop my coffee cup and run down towards the elevators as quickly as I can. Thankfully the lift is still on this floor. I press the “one” to bring me to the ground floor where the casino is. I watch the screen count down as I listen to the music. It’s “Jim Croce – Save Time in a Bottle.” I find really unfitting to the urgent situation. It however doesn't stop me from singing along though. Once the lift gets to the ground floor, I squeeze myself through the doors rushing to the main casino area. I see three men fighting as well as two of my men trying to pull the apart. I hurry over and force the third man to the floor placing him in handcuffs. We restore order before leading the three of them to our holding room.

We question the three men while we wait for the police to show up. It turns out one of the men thought the other was stealing chips from him. The other guy tried to help break apart the fight only to make matters worse. The police come and take the men away. It’s now almost 1:00 am and the casino is still busy as ever. I have a talk with Frank and fill him in on what has happen. He is pleased with how it was handled. I carry on patrolling for the rest of the late evening until my shift ends at 4:00 am.

Once my shift is over I grab my things from my office. I walk out towards my car when I hear Mia’s voice behind me.

“Hello, Jackson.”

“Hey, Mia, what's up?”

“Nice take down earlier on, made me giggle.”

“Ha-ha. That's what I'm here for.”

“Have a good night stud and keep up the good work.”

“Thank you, Mia. You keep up the good work up on the ninety second floor too, won't you?”

I give Mia a wink before turning and leaving. I get into my car and drive home knowing I had a pretty damn good day. I can’t wait to head in tomorrow. I wonder to myself if Mia knew what I was talking about when I told her “Keep up the good work on the ninety-second floor too.” Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get into that tight pussy sooner or later. I get home and head straight to bed.

The next week and six days fly by and I had an amazing start to the job. Mia and I grew closer and even fool around a few times. No sex but there were hand jobs and blow jobs and over the clothes fondling. We are massive flirts with one another and we both love it. I just need to make the next move and fuck her.

I found myself getting better and better at my job at The Dream. Every day it came clearer to me what I had to get done and become more efficient. Before I knew it, opening night was here. I think to myself that I and the entire team are ready for it. It’s the grand opening tonight. I’m sitting here in my office doing my daily run down. We have been preparing in advance so we don’t need to rush at the last minute. I finish up my vault checks and get an e-mail alert. It’s from Frank.

Good morning Jackson.

I am afraid I have some bad news for you. I am sorry to say I have just fired Mia. I found her sitting in my office masturbating of all things. It was just not acceptable and I have to set an example being everybody here is new. So Mia is no longer my secretary nor is she working here. All her I.D cards etc. have been seized. She didn't take it well at all. She shouted and cursed at me mostly. I almost had to call security. She left peacefully eventually. This is really bad timing being tonight of all nights. So I need you to really be on form for tonight.

Have a good day. 


I can’t believe what I’m reading. Mia was the only chance I had at some action. I also kind of liked her more as a fuck buddy. I am able to somehow keep myself calm and carry out my duties for the day. The day drags on until the blanket of the night sits over the city. The casino starts to get busy. The time comes closer and I go with Frank onto the main floor. This is where I was to watch the casinos main statue being revealed. Frank hands me a glass of champagne and tells me to enjoy myself a little. How can I say no? I stand on the platform next to Frank as he gives his speech.

At the stroke of midnight I watch Frank reveal the amazingly detailed Chinese dragon statue. I can hear the band we hired for the night play music and the guests cheer and clap for the grand opening. We all raise our glasses and celebrate the official opening of The Dream. It has been an amazing night. I can start to feel a bit buzzed as I finish my second glass of champagne.

After drinking I feel the need to use the restrooms. I come back out of the bathrooms turning left the way I came in. I’m suddenly pounced and pushed against the wall.It’s Mia. Before I say anything she kisses me deeply, biting at my tongue. I’m able to break the kiss, a little bit shocked.

“Mia! What are you doing here I thought Frank fired you?”

“Hello, Stud. Yes, he did. I'm not working, I'm here as a guest. I just wanted to see you. Are you going to hold that against me?”

“Well, Mia, I'm flattered and all but I have to get back to work.”

“No you don't, you’re coming with me, slut.”

“Mia, I really would but I have a lot to do here.”

“Did I say you had a choice in the matter?”


“Then shut your slut face and follow me.”

She starts to walk holding me by the hand, pulling me along. She is being extremely dominant tonight and I can’t help but like it. We head to the elevator which is sitting there waiting for us. We step in and Mia asks me to enter the pin number. I do as she demands. I feel the elevator begin its climb up. All of the action is in the casino area and the rest of the hotel is like a ghost town. We get off the elevator on the ninety-second floor. She leads me towards Frank’s office.

She pushes through the doors and walks up a few steps into his office. Frank’s office is huge. It has really nice black marble flooring and the room is lit with LED lights. It has a nice effect off the floor. All his furniture is made in mahogany wood. Behind Frank’s desk is a large view of the city below us. It’s a one hundred and eighty degree view right over the city. It’s a breathtaking view.
I stand at the window admiring the view before I hear Mia. She beckons me over to where she is standing. She is standing looking at me holding onto an office chair. I walk over and go to sit.

“Not yet! Drop your pants first, whore.”

I drop my pants as I look at Mia. I wonder what is going through that sneaky mind of hers.


I sit down on the chair like she orders me too. I watch her reach into my pocket and pull out my handcuffs. She walks behind me and I turn my head to try and see what she is doing. I get a light slap to the face pushing my head back.

“Put your hands behind you.”

I have never done anything like this before I hesitate; which was a bad idea. I feel Mia’s hand grip my hair pulling my head back.

“Put your hands behind your back right this second, slut! You will do as I say, understand!”

“Yes, Mia. I understand.”

I feel the painful sting that shots through my head. I whimper. I put my hands behind me as she has ordered me to do. I feel the cold touch of the handcuffs around my wrists. She clicks them shut on my right wrist. I feel the tightness squeeze my wrist. She takes them around the pole that the chair is up against. She clicks them shut on my left wrist now. I’m now cuffed to the pole unable to stand or even move. I feel the excitement inside me grow as Mia wiggles from her dress. I watch it fall to the floor leaving her just in a bra and panties.

“Now, Jackson there is one thing you need to know about me. I am a very dominant person. This is why you are restrained to a chair and about to be fucked like the slut you are. You understand me?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Yes I understand what?”

“Yes I understand, miss.”

“Good boy.”

She drops her panties and bra to the floor and walks up to me. She pushes my legs together and steps over me bringing her pussy right to my face.

“Now eat my pussy like a good whore.”

She grips a handful of my hair again and pulls my face into her pussy. I don’t waste time and thrust my tongue into her. I can taste how wet she is already. I can feel the warmth of her flesh as I slide my tongue over her making her moan. I can feel her bare shaved pussy rub on my nose. I can smell her scent making me hungry for her. She starts to grind her hips hard onto my face. She gives no sign of giving me mercy. She uses my face as she grinds hard, using me as her own toy. I pull at my cuffs wanting to touch her. I want to be able to reach up and dig my fingernails into her flesh. She pulls at my hair harder rocking her hips further. I can hear the pleasure in her voice as she moans out.

“Mm, yeah. Eat that pussy like a good slut!”

Just hearing her talk like that encourages me more and I eat her pussy faster. I wiggle my tongue inside her, twisting it from left to right opening her up. She goes from pulling on my hair to pulling on the back of my head. I can feel drops of her wetness fall onto my lap as she starts to shiver. My face is buried into her pussy and I can barely breathe as it ripples and throbs on my face.

“Mm fuck yes! Just like that, slut! Eat my pussy!”

I feel her shake and explode on my face, her legs buckle slightly. She's almost sitting on me. She keeps my face pressed hard onto her pussy forcing me to lick up her juices. I love how she tastes and have no problem licking her clean.

“Mm, good boy, you did a good job.”

She lets go of my head releasing the pressure of the stinging I feel. I watch her step back off me spreading my legs and kneeling in between them. She gazes at my hard cock.

“Isn't someone a little excited?”

“Yes, miss, I am.”

She looks at me with a devilish grin bestowing on her face. She moves her lips to my awaiting cock. I feel her hot breath stimulating the head. It sends a warm wave up my spine. I feel her lips wrap around my shaft going in for a deep throat right off. She makes me moan out in pure bliss as I feel her suck on me. I love the way she looks sucking on my cock. The way she starts to bob up and down on my thick cock taking in as much as she can. I pull hard on my cuffs again wanting to touch her. She speeds up faster on me, her mouth works deeper on my shaft. She cups my balls and squeezes them gently in her hand. She begins to hum lightly and I can feel the vibrations shoot up my shaft. I groan out watching loving the way she works me. She looks up into my eyes and pops the head of my cock out of her mouth.

“Tell me when your close, slut. You just better not orgasm.”

“Yes, miss. Please don't stop.”

She begins to takes every inch of me back down her throat. She takes away the little mercy that was there. She starts to move up and down on my cock hard and fast. I can feel her tight throat trying to swallow my cock. She does so well not to gag as she takes me deep. I can feel her wet tongue rubbing on my shaft. It’s pushing me to the point when I can't take it anymore.

“Mm, Miss stop I'm close!”

She takes my cock from her mouth, a loud pop echoes. I can feel and see my cock pulse and throb so hard. I let the orgasm slip away from me. I groan feeling it subside.

“That’s a good boy. Now we are going to see how good you feel inside me. Aren't we, slut?”

“Yes miss, we are.”

“Good boy. You’re a fast learner. I like that.”

I watch Mia climb up on top of my lap once more. She has one leg on either side of mine as she lowers herself down onto my cock. She leans forward and kisses me on the lips. I feel her grip my cock and jerks it slightly. I love how Mia kisses. She kisses me and bites at my tongue gently. It’s really hot. As we kiss she raises up over my cock. She places the head of me at her lips. I feel her warm pussy radiate heat onto my cock. I can feel the wetness of the tip of me trickling down my shaft. She lowers herself in one long motion all the way onto my cock. We break the kiss and both moan out. She doesn't wait and starts bouncing on top of me hard. One of her hands grips my shoulder while the other one grips onto her right breast. I love the way they bounce up and down on her chest. This turns me on even more. I begin to buck as best as I can. I hear her moan out for more.

“Oh Yes! Fuck my pussy! Mm!”

I hear her moan out; it makes me so hot and full of lust for her. I can feel her finger nails dig into my shoulder as she bounces harder and faster. I can feel her pussy grip around my shaft as she nears her orgasm. I can feel her pussy ripple and throb around my shaft pushing me over the edge.

“Mm miss! I'm going to cum!

“That's it slut, I want you to orgasm so hard for me! Shoot your load right up in my pussy.”

She goes harder and faster as I buck the best I can up inside her. She is going so hard that it actually starts to hurt my legs. I’m far from caring as I reach the point of no return. I can feel myself begin to shoot my hot seed deep inside her. Her pussy grips me so tight; she begins to orgasm with me. We both cry out, our orgasms mixing together. Her finger nails dig deeper into my shoulder. The pain and pleasure mixed like a perfect cocktail.

Mia slows down sitting on my lap as I throb inside her. I can feel her pussy shiver lightly around my shaft. I can feel both our orgasms slow to a stop. She leans into kiss me softly before she climbs off me. She leaves me there cuffed to the pole still.

“Mm, Mia that was amazing.”

“It was wasn't it?”

I watch her in a lustful daze as she puts her clothes back on. She then walks over to a large framed picture on the wall.

“So what made you come back tonight then, Mia?”

“I just wanted to see you, for the last time.”

“What do you mean the last time?”

She turns her head and looks at me, I can see by the look on her face something is up. She moves her hands up to the framed picture and pulls it open revealing a safe hidden in the wall.

“Mia, what are you doing?”

She pulls a piece of paper from her bag, looks at the safe. She types in the code on the keypad. The safe’s screen flashes green and she pulls the door open. It has everything that we keep locked up in there. It has money, credit cards, jewelry, and even expensive items owned by Frank.

“Mia, how did you get that code? What are you playing at?" 

“Come on, Jackson. I was Frank's sectary for seven months. He himself trusted me with the code. You think I'm just going to let Frank toss me aside just like that. You know me better. I'm afraid Frank is about to have a very bad night, Jackson.”

She picks up her bag and shovels every last thing from the safe before closing it. She places the photo back. She then places the key to the handcuffs that restrain me on Frank's desk just in front of me. She gives me one last soft kiss on the cheek.

“Goodbye, Jackson.”

“Mia, don't do this, please.”

She walks to the steps leading out of Frank’s office. She turns and looks back at me she gives me a wink and leaves. I’m in shock and start to pull at the cuffs with all my strength. It’s no use. I’m stuck until someone finds me. I can hear people calling my radio looking for me. It’s out of my reach.

I’m left sitting there for three hours. I just wait for the inevitable moment when someone finds out what happen. To find me here sitting nude from the waist down handcuffed to a chair. I was just used by Mia. She just needed me to get through security. I was all but a tool in her master plan.

I’m found by Frank. He’s more confused than anything. He takes the cuffs off, traces of blood on my wrists trickle over my fingers. It’s from when I was pulling at them so hard. I explain what happened and he opens the safe to find it empty. Frank goes into a meltdown shouting at me. Making haste he calls the police. All he wanted was his money back. I’m questioned by the police once they arrive. Then I’m sent home by Frank.

It’s the following morning and I didn’t get any sleep. I’m just sitting on my bed thinking of all that has happened. I guess Mia was and is a heartless, emotionless ice queen. She never had any real interest in me. I hope this is a dream, or even a nightmare. All I can do is sit here, sit here and wonder why, why me? I’m still yet to know if I even have a job. I still await a message from Frank. A message regarding my place at The Dream, all I can do is hope.

I would like to thank Poppet for her support for this story.

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