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The Guitar Player

Her first orgasm...ever.
He pushed his guitar out of the way and leaned over to kiss me as I sat on his bed. I pulled him to me, deepening our kiss, my tongue seeking entrance to his mouth. He pulled away just long enough to discard the guitar. He kissed me again and traced my curves with his fingertips, stopping at the hem of my sweater; then he slid his hands underneath. I pulled away and looked him in the eyes as I pulled the sweater over my head and dropped it on his bedroom floor.

He looked at me, his “Blanca”: fair skin flushed pink from blushing beneath his gaze, black lace bra, cupping full D breasts. His eyes traveled across my smooth white stomach to my black fitted skirt, black stockings, and black ankle boots with a kitten heel. He wanted me, but he still wasn’t sure I was ready for us to have a sexual relationship. Our age difference was always ever-present in his mind. It was my seventeenth birthday and I had only had sex once six months before. He was twenty-one and I knew he wanted it to be special and that he worried I would think that was all he was after, but I wanted to show him that I knew what I wanted.

I pulled him back to me and kissed him over and over as he relaxed again in my arms. His long hair cascaded around me and tickled my bare skin. Soon his hands were softly running over my flesh, giving me goose bumps and making my panties damp. He reached around to unhook my bra and fumbled for a moment before I released his mouth long enough to tell him the clasp was in the front. He promptly went back to exploring his mouth with my tongue.

He pressed me back against the pillows and looked at the clasp, but instead moved to my feet and unlaced my boots and placed them on the floor. Next he slid the zipper at my hip down and I raised my bottom as he pulled my skirt and stockings off altogether. He stood next to the bed and sucked in his breath as he took in the sight of me on his bed in nothing but black lace bra and panties.

He knelt next to the bed and unhooked my bra, pulling the lacy fabric back to reveal my large pink nipples. They puckered as the cool air hit them, and he took one in his mouth as his hand covered and teased the other.

I moaned softly against his neck, kissing a trail from his ear to his collarbone. He murmured softly to me to just lie back and let him take over, then he kissed me and slid his hand slowly from my breast down my stomach and into my panties. His fingers danced over my soft coppery pubes, softly caressing, traveling further south. He dipped a finger between my swelling lips and found me much wetter than he had expected.

I had my arms around his neck, still kissing him anywhere I could reach. He took my hands and raised them above my head, pressing them against the pillow and told me he wanted me to leave them right there. I looked at him through eyes glazed with lust and nodded my head while biting my bottom lip.

He tugged my panties off and watched me blush again as he took in my entire naked body. He moved back to my breasts, teasing my sensitive nipples until I was arching my back, silently begging him to touch my pussy again. He slid his index finger slowly into my tight opening and I spread my legs wider, my hips bucking upwards seeking more, arms still above my head. He worked a second finger into me and began to move his fingers in much the same way as he played his guitar.

I had never even imagined a sensation like it before and I found myself moaning and writhing under his adept fingers. He kissed me and sucked at my nipples, never ceasing the movement in my warm, wet pussy. I felt like I was floating on waves that grew bigger and bigger as he continued to strum my inner walls. Soon the waves were crashing in on me and I was exploding with my very first orgasm ever. His fingers slowed but didn’t stop as he brought me down from my peak and back to my senses. With long, slow, gentle strokes he eased me back to reality. He pulled his fingers from my body and softly petted my mound.

“You ok, baby?” he asked as I finally began to focus my eyes on him again.

I nodded my head and reached for him, hugging him close and kissing his face. There was a light sheen of sweat over my body and I shivered slightly from the coolness of the room. He climbed into the bed next to me, still fully clothed, and draped the sheet over us.

Still feeling a little glazed, I looked up at him and asked, “Don’t you want to…?”

He whispered, “No, baby, this was just for you.”

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