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The Library Part 3

Kate and the librian meet outside the library and continue to have steamy sex
A few weeks later Kate was in the grocery store, doing a little shopping when she ran into him, well he ran into her shopping cart. There he was the librarian. Kate didn’t recognize him at first, he was not in his work clothes, and he still looked good. He was just as excited to see her as Kate was to see him. They smiled at each other. “I haven’t seen you at the library lately.” He said to Kate

“I have been busy, with my daughter.”

“I apologize for being so forward with that day. I didn’t know what came over me”. Kate felt the same way.

“I hope you are not staying away because of that.”

“No not at all, I have just been busy with things at home. I will be in soon.”

“I hope you will be. He really enjoy when you come in. It brightens up my days”

Kate blushed as they just keep smiling at each other, trying to figure out what to say. He noticed some of the items in my cart and asked “Do you like to cook?” Kate laughted, “I cook a little, not to much, especially on these weekends when my daughter is with her father. I just needed a few things for my weekend of movies curled up on my sofa. I am planning on having a lazy few days.”

He laughed “I know the feeling. I do that a lot when his kids were at their mothers too.”

They talked a few more minutes, he was funny and Kate was enjoying talking to him. He was nothing like Kate imaged a librarian to be like. Finally they both started to say they had to get going at the same time. They laughed again. “Would you like to dinner with me?” He asked. “I am going home to make sushi and would love for you join me.” Kate didn’t know what to say.

“I wouldn’t want you to go to any trouble.

“It would be no trouble. Please” he begged. Kate gave in. They exchanged numbers and he gave her his address. He told her to be there around 7.

So Kate went home, got all fixed up. She did all the primping, trimming and plucking. Put on a really sexy, but casual dress. Fixed my hair, put on some make up, a little more then she wore to the library, since it was nighttime. She put on a cute pair of sandals and headed over to his place. It was only a few blocks away and was very easy to find. He buzzed her in the gate when Kate got there, and Kate drove around to his apartment. He lived on the second floor. Kate knocked on the door, her stomach was in knots. He yelled for her to come in. Kate opened the door. His apartment was nice. Big leather sofa, big screen TV, you can tell a single man lived here, but it was not a bachelor pad. He had the table set, place mats, and cloth napkins, very impressive.

“I am in here,” He yelled from the tiny little kitchen. Kate walked over to it. He had on an apron, and was chopping away. He met her at the opening of the door, saying she looked very nice and gave her a kiss. It was short and sweet but it felt very nice to touch his lips again. Kate loved his kisses already. “Dinner will be ready in a bit” he said. He poured her a drink, and invited her go out on the balcony while the soup is cooking. “Everything looked great” Kate said as he took of his apron and showed her the way. He told her he cooked a Chinese soup and is making 3 kinds of rolls. “Sounds yummy.”

He led her to the small balcony that was connected to his apartment. It looked out over the back parking lot, and was very secluded. He had it fixed up just as nice as his apartment, with a little table and plants. The sun was setting and sky was dark so he put on the lights that ran along the railing and there was a little fountain the corner. It was very nice outside, there seemed to be a storm coming in. You could feel the breeze and the clouds were dark.

“Looks like rain” he mentioned.

“I loved the rain”

“Yes, me too,” he said with a smerk

They sat at the table and looked at each other and smiled. They talked, they laughed, they drank. They were really enjoying each other’s company. The weather was heading right toward them. A few drops started to fall from the sky. Kate was getting very excited. Kate had told him that one of her fantasies was to make love in the rain. He smiled “That just might happen tonight.” Kate felt a little tingle as he smiled at her and she couldn’t believe she told him that.

“Here, let’s go in and I can start on the rolls, stir the soup and freshen our drinks”. Kate wanted to watch him cook. She was fascinated by him. They stood up and he leaned in and kissed her. “I have wanted to do that ever since this morning at the store.”

“I was wanting you too.”

It was a nice kiss and got her a little excited. Kate wanted more, but he headed in to get dinner going. He got right to work on the rolls. “You must have done this before,” Kate said. He put everything so perfect on that wrapper. He rolled it right up, making it tight. He whipped those rolls right up. Kate was very impressed. He plated them. Just as he put the last one on the platter, they heard thunder, then rain hitting the windows. They looked at each other and smiled and ran for the door.

The sky had opened up and the rain was coming down hard. Kate was getting wet, just the thought that her fantasy just might come true, right here on this balcony. He was standing behind her and started to kiss the back of her neck. Kate got goose bumps all over her body. His lips on her wet skin felt so wonderful. The rain was falling hard and they were both getting wet. Kate turned to him, and they started to kiss. There they were in the rain, he reached behind her and unzipped her dress it fell to the ground. Then his shirt came off, next her bra, and finally his pants. They were naked on his balcony in the pouring down rain. Kate thinks she came twice already just from the excitement. He laid her down on the hard floor of the balcony, and came down over her. Kate’s pussy was very wet, and when he put the tip of his hard cock to it, it slipped right in.

Yes just as before, his hard cock filled her up perfectly. His cock felt so good going in and out of her. He was on top of her, shielding her face from the rain. Their bodies were touching at every point. He was heavy on top of her. Her legs were spread wide open and he was deep in her. Kate could feel his dick inside her. It felt like he was touching her stomach with the tip of his cock. He was so deep. Kate was groaning and moaning as he grinded into her. Kate’s clit was rubbing on his skin. Kate was filled with pleasure. The rain was coming down harder and harder, he was pounding her harder and harder. Kate couldn’t hold it in any longer. It was increditable, the rain, him, this little hide away. Her climax took over her whole body, she started to quiver. Kate’s clit and lips tightened up around his cock and he moaned. Her orgasm was intense, her leg trembled with excitement. Kate could feel the cum squirting out of her, dripping down her ass.

Kate could see in his eyes he was ready to cum. He started to make loud grunting sounds. He started to move faster, he was going deeper. He got louder. Kate got louder. Kate could feel his build up. Kate could feel his cock, so deep inside her. Her orgasm was still going. It was like it was hanging on for him. Finally, he trust his cock one more time deep inside her and exploded. His cock was deep inside her and Kate felt it release inside her. He grunted, again, and again, each time letting a little more out, pushing a little more in. The rain was still coming down around them. He laid next to her on the hard ground, they turned to each other and kissed. It was the most amazing experience Kate had ever had. It was better than any fantasy Kate could ever image. They laid there a while letting the rain fall on them. Letting their bodies recover from all the excitement.

They got up, their clothes were soaking wet. They were soaking wet. He went inside to get them a towel and she could feel the cold air come out of the apartment. He brought back a towel and said he turned down the AC. Kate picked up all their clothes. They dried off with the towel before going inside. She laid their clothes out on the back of the sofa. Her dress was never going to be dry. He said “let’s eat.”

They went to the table, still naked. He said “Sit down.” He served the soup and put the tray of sushi rolls on the table. Everything looked so good. Kate couldn’t believe they were at the table naked about to have dinner. Kate never felt comfortable naked in front of other people. Kate was a light off kind of girl. But sitting there eating California rolls and Chinese soup with him, naked, felt completely normal. They ate, they drank, and they laughed, all naked and it was the best dinner Kate had ever had.

After dinner, clothes still wet. He asked her to stay the night. Kate did. They went back to his bed room. They made love and fell asleep in each others arms. It was a wonderful night.

Their sexual connection was like no other one Kate ever had. They woke up once during the night and again in the morning and enjoyed each others sexual desires again. Each time felt more incredible then the last.

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